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  1. ❤️ Unit parachutes (working fine): NonSteerable_Parachute_F Steerable_Parachute_F Doesn't work (anymore?): B_Parachute <---------------- No visible parachute and whoever is using it will get stuck in the air. (???) B_B_Parachute_02_F <---------------- No visible parachute and whoever is using it will get stuck in the air. (???) B_I_Parachute_02_F <---------------- No visible parachute and whoever is using it will get stuck in the air. (???) B_O_Parachute_02_F <---------------- No visible parachute and whoever is using it will get stuck in the air. (???) blablabla_example_invalid_classname <---------------- No visible parachute and whoever is using it will fall down. Vehicle parachutes (working fine): B_Parachute_02_F <---------------- This one is exactly what I was looking for. I_Parachute_02_F <---------------- This one is exactly what I was looking for. O_Parachute_02_F <---------------- This one is exactly what I was looking for.
  2. Included the line below (already in the main post) setting a good delay to avoid at most (without losing the feature) that pop-up with a lot of info when we hover a variable with the mouse. "editor.hover.delay": 2500 // default is 300.
  3. What's Zeus airdrop parachute classname? By the way, even checking the "config" prompt in-game, I couldn't find any clue about this huge static chute classname. Looking only at the official Arma 3 content, I got only the small one (Steerable_Parachute_F). I have checked the A3_jets functions to figure out some but nothing was found. If you can explain how works your investigation to find this kind of asset, it would be very much appreciated. EDIT: the answer is "B_Parachute_02_F" This effect happens when you, in-game, drap a vehicle and drop it in the air with Zeus allowed.
  4. HOTFIX! Main post updated! Sep, 18th 2023 | v5.1 Fixed > CRITICAL > In CSWR v5.0, all AI groups were stuck after the first waypoint to be completed; Fixed > Hold > In CSWR v5.0 the tracked-vehicles accidentaly stopped to execute correctly the hold-maneuver; Improved > Performance > BIS_fnc_spawnGroup method has been replaced by a saver server performance method; Improved > Performance > BIS_fnc_spawnVehicle method has been replaced by a saver server performance method; Improved > Paradrop > Paratroopers are executing the paradrop with much more space among each other (visual realistic); Improved > Paradrop > Paratroopers are regrouping with their leaders after the landing and before the first mission move on the field; Improved > Loadout > Paratroopers can receive helmet and nightvision customization separately from the regular faction loadout; Improved > Vehicles > Now it's possible turn off the Electronic Warfare Resources for vehicles of each faction in fn_CSWR_management.sqf file; Improved > Vehicles > UAV vehicles are blockers too if around the helipads if some helicopter will spawn; Documentation has been updated.
  5. The script and its information in the main post have been updated! Sep, 13th 2023 | v5.0: Added > All factions can spawn helicopters (cswr_spawnheli_faction_1); Added > All factions can be spawned by Air Paradrop, including vehicles (cswr_spawnparadrop_faction_1); Added > Special customization for AI units executing the Air Paradrops; Added > Exclusive Spawns for helicopters have automatic insertion of helipads (ON/OFF); Improved > Each spawn-point-type has a list of AI group-type allowed to spawn there; Improved > Hold-move markers now delete all small stones around them to preserve tracked-vehicles maneuver integraty; Improved > Loadout customization received deeper and friendly debug messages; Improved > Vehicles will spawn facing super accurate the same direction set in their spawn-markers in Eden; Fixed > Main CSWR script folder name on GitHub was accidentaly named as .VR instead of .STRATIS; Fixed > A faction group shouldn't spawn in another faction spawn-points if the Mission Editor would force it; Fixed > If snipers didn't find out spots to prone, the WATCH_MOVE wasn't restarting properly; Fixed > Since the last update (v4.5), loadout customization stops to recognize the "removed" instruction when in lowcase; Fixed > Debug > Hold-move should have [1800,3600,7200] as minimal range of time, and not [1800,7200,10800]; Fixed > Debug > Watch marker minimal range should be 1000, and not 500; Documentation has been greatly updated. Now there are Paradrop spawns for soldiers and vehicles: And another news is the possibility to spawn helicopters. The light classes will fly by default at 150 meters high. The heavy classes will fly over 300 meters: Enjoy!
  6. thy_

    Parachute classname

    Hey you from the future, if you are like me that want the parachute (activated/opened) classname itself = "Steerable_Parachute_F" And even more options: Almost 10 years later 😉 Cheers.
  7. Guys, dudes, folks, Can you help me to make my function a little bit more elegant to save server performance? I feel my snippet is not even a good way to do this: I want to call a function that will check an array of a couple of classnames (it should be only vehicles BUT mission editors can make mistakes). So, to verify this, the function will analyze if each classname corresponds to some of those object types. Calling: _itShouldBeOnlyVehiclesClassnames = ["B_G_Offroad_01_armed_F", "B_Soldier_F", "B_Heli_Light_01_dynamicLoadout_F"]; _isValid = [_itShouldBeOnlyVehiclesClassnames, ["Car", "Motorcycle", "Tank", "WheeledAPC", "TrackedAPC", "Helicopter"]] call TAG_fnc_is_valid_classnames_type; if _isValid then { /* a lot of things happen! */ }; The function itself: TAG_fnc_is_valid_classnames_type = { // This function checks if each classname in an array is one of the classname types allowed to be valid. // Returns _isValid. Bool. params ["_classnames", "_allowedTypes"]; private ["_isValid", "_classnamesOk", "_classnamesAmount", "_eachAllowedType"]; // Initial values: _isValid = true; _classnamesOk = []; // Declarations: _classnamesAmount = count _classnames; // Main function: { _eachAllowedType = _x; { // If the classname is an allowed type, include this valid classname in another array: if ( _x isKindOf _eachAllowedType ) then { _classnamesOk pushBack _x }; } forEach _classnames; } forEach _allowedTypes; // If there's difference between the size of both arrays, it's coz some classname is not an allowed type: if ( count _classnames isNotEqualTo count _classnamesOk ) then { // Update the validation flag: _isValid = false; }; // Return: _isValid; }; Small challenge: Print out an error message indicating exactly which classname(s) is/are not part of the "allowed type of objects".
  8. @jandrews one of your requests is done! Enjoy! The script and its information in the main post have been updated! 🙃 Sep, 5th 2023 | v4.5: Added > Now the spawn points can be triggered by Timer delay, Trigger delay, and Target delay; Fixed > Occupy and Hold debug messages had a wrong trigger for the minimal value message alert; Fixed > When using Occupy-move the units had their speed behaviors badly replaced by the waypoint speed (always as "normal" instead of editor choices); Improved > If Occupy or Watch moves are used with vehicles (not allowed), now the vehicles and their crewmen are correctly deleted, leaving a warning message for the editor; Improved > Many debug improvements to fn_CSWR_population.sqf feedbacks and auto-fixing; Documentation has been updated (Tomorrow, actually)! Aug 2023 / @aldolammel / thy 😜
  9. I am on the road now. Sunday or Monday i will check it out! Thanks, @Larrow!
  10. Hi there. Kind of basic stuff but my brain today is not hooking me up: I need to verify possible inexistent objects in an array: // Soldiers that Editor has been dropped and named through the Eden: _targetsOnEden = [varname_1, varname_2]; // Loop for check if some soldier doesn't exist: { if ( _x isEqualTo objNull ) exitWith { systemChat "One or more soldiers don't exist" }; } forEach _targetsOnEden; But the error prints out saying "Error undefined variable in expression: _x" for some reason. All I need is to print that systemChat out without any game errors on screen.
  11. @Harzach I am developing a new feature for the CSWR Script where it will be possible to SPAWN new AIs when one or more triggers are activated in-game. Also, the feature will bring another method to SPAWN new AIs through target elimination. That's why I need that snippet.