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  1. if you make the LOAD Wp to a HOLD and the make a TRIGGER with skip WP when your HVI are inside the Boat in the TRIGGER also make the HVI leave your GROUP and they join the Guys in the boat. To delete your boat and units just put a trigger on the map and put this inside the ACT field : {deletevehicle _x} foreach crew (thislist select 0); deletevehicle (thislist select 0); and set the trigger to repeat. And make a WP for the boat inside the trigger area..
  2. @Gunter Severloh sorry i did not write where i got the error, but yes it was in the Launcher when i started up the game with the mod enabled . I did not know about the green ribbon since i have never look at the mods in Launcher, i do just load them and that's it.
  3. thanks for the reply @Rydygier I have not used HAS for a long time i was starting on a new mission and wanted to use HAS again with a SP game. i have tried some of my old missions with HAS and it is the same message i get. but let hope @Gunter Severloh knows the answer..
  4. Hey Gunter & Rydiger i get a error when i use the MOD i get a Prober signatures not found for C:xxxxxx @Hermes Airleft Services Mod v1.91\addons\ryd_har.pbo. Test FAILED i have tried to uninstall the mod and get i again but still the same error.. anything you guys can do or is it at my end.
  5. Play3r

    I need help in a HALO script

    Take a look at post number 3 there he talks about MP. And in post 4 you get the answer for MP game, I made it work in MP.
  6. Play3r

    I need help in a HALO script

    I must say that i am not a pro scripter at all but i have been using this for my Halo missions. Maybe this you can give you a clue to what you can do and then just Spawn a Heli at players position as the first marker for ambientFlyby and the just have another somewhere on the map. i guess you have to use the GetPosATL https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/getPosATL Or this one does it for you [getPosATL player, getPosATL "lastmarker" , 400, "NORMAL", "B_Heli_Light_01_Armed_F", west] call BIS_fnc_ambientFlyby;
  7. Thanks for this @pierremgi It works, and for sinking the Sub i use a titan launcher or any other missiles the player can find, Thanks Pierremgi for your help and patience. @killzone_kid I understand want you wanted to do by sending me to the Wiki pages you wanted me to read about it and let me try on my own, but the reading and the trying did not make it work for me since i didn't understand the code, i think you had it the same way when you started with arma, i'm just a 49 year old noob in arma that like to play in the editor and try to make some missions for myself, and if i like them i put them away in a safe place so i can have some fun with them later, a lot of the things i do in the editor is done by trigger or anything like it, but i like to read on the wiki and learn things but i am not that god at understanding all the paramters and the commands. I don't have anything against your way of answering in this forum i guess you had to find out all by yourself when you was starting to script.
  8. Thanks guys for the help but i'm dropping the idea since i can't get it to work. after speedboat setdamage 1; write: proteus spawn { _sub = _this; _timer = diag_tickTime; while {uiSleep 0.5; diag_tickTime < _timer + 30} do {_sub setVelocityModelSpace [0,2,-10]}; deleteVehicle proteus}; That linie would not do the trick or a least i don't know how to. My problem is that the submarines is attached to the speedboat and i hoped that the detonation on the hull of the submarine was enough to damage the speedboat so i could use the EH Explosion but that can't be done with my knowhow
  9. @pierre MGI and @killzone_kid Thank you for your help with this problem, but is look like the blast won't go true the submarine so it hits the speedboat. I have tried with just the boat and there i can hit approx 3 mtr from the speedboat and it sinks fine, when i add the submarine nothing happens the submarine just keeps rocking in the water. So i guess there has so be added another parameter like a distance to the blast from the boat, but that is way over my knowhow. But thanks for your help, it was a success for me i did learn something.
  10. Thanks @pierremgi So i did understand it right, i just didn't know that i had to type SetDamage 1 and not just the % i wanted it to damaged. Am i right that i can type >params["speedboat"] < instead of _veh if i want to?
  11. @killzone_kid I just want to learn some small scripts so I start with some simple ones. Normally I would just not do the thing I want to do with this script. But thanks for your time and guides , I will try to see if I can get I to work.
  12. I'm sorry Killzone_kid i have looked at the page you link to, but i don't understand it. Do i have to set something up in my INIT or somewhere else, i have tried to put a <_> infront of the speedboat and the Damagenumber but that don't work for me, Do i have to define the speedboat's variable somewhere , and what example of the 10 do i have to use.
  13. Hi @killzone_kid if i want to add a EH til the speedboat so if i fire a Titan missile at the submarine how can i do that. i have found this one : this addEventHandler ["Explosion", { params ["_vehicle", "_damage"]; }]; i have named the submarine "sub" and the Speedboat "speedboat" just to keep it simple. i have tried to put the name of the speedboat in the _vehicle and i want the damage to be 1. like this : >> this addEventHandler ["Explosion", { params ["speedboat", "1"]; }]; << but i get a error about a local variable in global space, can you help me to see what i do wrong
  14. Thanks for the links but I want to make the game with no mods, but I will have a look at them.
  15. Hi every one. I am trying to make a HMS Proteus move by using the AttachTo command. i can attach it to the Speedboat minigun.(BluFor) But my problem is that the Proteus is turned 180 degrees to the SpeedBoat so the Submarine is sailing backwards. I have tried to read about the SetPos but i don't understand how to set the sub accordingly to the SpeedBoat's direction. if anyone can tell my how to do it i will be glad.. // Play3r