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  1. yes i know was not to make it look like it was only you, but at the time i wrote the reply i was on my phone and just wanted to make a quick reply and just didn't get back to when i go home, Sry
  2. The most simple support script/mod is imo Hermes Air Services by Gunter it on the work shop as a mod or a script in this forum.
  3. @gc8 i have just played around with you breachcode and if i use a Claymore at the frontdoor,m then all the doors will open. Is there any way to stop that ? even the doors on first floor.. The AT only open one door, are there any chance that if you use a AT it won't work. if i use a sniper rifle from 150 mtr i can open a door with one shoot, can there be a kind of min distance from the door that you have to be in to make the breach work. // Play3r
  4. I hope someone can help me, i have a BlackFish (Armed) that is placed in editor, i have given it some Wp thru editor and the last WP is a Loiter, where the player is the gunner and after player is done killing OpFor units i want the BlackFish to RTB, if i just use a Trigger with SkipWayPoint (setup right). Then the pilot in the Blackfish does not fly according to the LoiterWp setup. So i was wondering if there is a way to AddWayPoint like you do to a Spawned unit/group. if i use this way : WPHeli = Heli addWaypoint [getmarkerpos "ReturnGunHeli", 0]; WPHeli setWaypointType "GETOUT"; WPHeli setWaypointSpeed "NORMAL"; WPHeli setWaypointBehaviour "SAFE"; WPHeli setWaypointFormation "LINE"; The BlackFish Pilotgroup is called heli with the command: this setGroupId ["Heli"]; Or i have used this one also in the Groupleaders Init Heli = group this; But somehow i can't get it to work, does anyone have a idea on how i can get it to work.. I don't know if i have set it up the right way // Play3r
  5. yes i have [HVT] join GroupNull. But how do i delete the rest of the group when he leaves P3R_Attackgroup =[getMarkerPos "MARK1", WEST, ["B_Patrol_Soldier_TL_F", "B_Patrol_Medic_F", "B_Patrol_HeavyGunner_F", "B_Patrol_Soldier_AR_F"] ,[],[],[],[],[],340] call BIS_fnc_spawnGroup; this is my Code.
  6. i want to delete a group that i have spawned in with the BIS_fnc_spawnGroup, my problem is that i can not use a trigger to delete the group, the group have a HVT that i need to use when the group is deleted. i have tried to look at the Wiki but can't find anything about it. // Play3r
  7. Play3r

    Realistic backpacks

    looking good, but it would be great if you have to put the backpack down on the ground before you can tranfere things from it to your west. That would make it more realistic.. // Play3r
  8. https://discord.gg/QtFxFhck Take a look at this maybe they can help you
  9. You can place a trigger, give it the size and then, you just place down the unit inside the trigger area and then place some markers inside also, then you sync the unit to the markers and he will start randomly on any marker.
  10. Maybe this one can help you:
  11. yes i have 2 invisible helipads 1 for each heli. after my first post i have tried to replecate my setup and now i don't have the transport problem. only the Cas problem. the player is synced to the module and the module is synced to the two helicopters..
  12. https://ibb.co/Dr6b9jC this is where i cancel the CAS https://ibb.co/nRYjbvt This is where it lands after it is canceled.. it is way of base.