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  1. @STyx2909 Ul your mission so others can try to see if we have the same issue
  2. https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1682280809&searchtext=mgi Take a look at this mod on SW
  3. Maybe this one can do it for you:
  4. Play3r

    Add HALO to Mission?

    Try this mod. https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1682280809&searchtext=mgi or maybe this found by a simple search in the forum..
  5. Have you tried to download the tool from the link on GitHub?? //PLay3r
  6. Play3r

    Preloading images

    I use this to make my jpg to paa. https://paa.gruppe-adler.de/ // Play3r
  7. take a look at this page for the HAS. you can have the HAS module sync later in game so the players only have it when you want to, i have used the idea in a SP game i made. Then the players don't have it at the beginning of the game. I know it is in the Script forum but it is the same solution for the module, maybe you can use it in your mission..
  8. sry as i read you first post it was for a SP mission did not see anything about a MP game, my bad. 🙂
  9. You can also just use the Modules in the Game and then sync them when you need them. yoursupportrequester synchronizeObjectsAdd [yoursupportprovider] SupReq Transport. i put this in a ACT on a trigger. you just have to name the Transport module Transport and your SupportRequester SubReq. and all you need to do is sync the Requestermodule to the player.
  10. Hey GOM I found this in my old script files maybe this can help him also: GOM_fnc_chopperPickup = { params ["_unit","_chopper"]; _unit setVariable ["GOM_fnc_pickUpChopper",_chopper]; waitUntil {time > 1};//put your condition in here to make the chopper move towards the player _chopper move (_unit getPos [50 + random 50,random 360]);//this will move the chopper near the player within 50-100m waitUntil {_chopper distance2d _unit < 300}; //now the player can throw a smoke to mark the landing area hintC "Throw smoke to mark landing area!"; _unit addEventHandler ["Fired",{ params ["_unit", "_weapon", "_muzzle", "_mode", "_ammo", "_magazine", "_projectile", "_gunner"]; if (toUpper _ammo find "SMOKE" >= 0) then { _unit removeEventHandler ["Fired",_thisEventhandler]; hint "Smoke out!"; _chopper = _unit getVariable ["GOM_fnc_pickUpChopper",objNull]; _wait = [_unit,_chopper,_projectile] spawn { params ["_unit","_chopper","_projectile"]; waitUntil {vectorMagnitude velocityModelSpace _projectile < 0.01}; hintC "The Chopper will land now!"; //spawn landing pad at smoke position and make chopper land _pad = "Land_HelipadEmpty_F" createVehicle getPosATL _projectile; _pad setPosATL getPosATL _projectile;//just in case... doStop _chopper; _chopper land "GET IN"; waitUntil {_unit in crew _chopper}; //cancel the landing _chopper land "NONE"; _chopper move getPosATL _chopper; sleep 5; _chopper move [0,0,0];//position where the chopper should move to } } }] };
  11. Here is it from my DB. https://www.dropbox.com/sh/v8f56gvf98ugfru/AAC0MnhtXJLsLwPK1xr8o8zha?dl=0
  12. Play3r

    GF Fog Script - Mod

    No he won't since he has not been online since sep 2020 due to some illness, so i don't think he will be back online. But i do know that someone has tried to collect all his scripts and saved them on a new DL link, but i can't find the page right now.
  13. can it not be done by a foreach command like (_x setdamage false) foreach thislist inside a triggers ACT With BluFor present and set to repeat then just place a trigger that covers the area just an idea have not tested it.
  14. I guess it is made.. Quote from the first post.. " Of course, as I'm scripting also for my mod: MGI Advanced Modules, I added a Rearm Module enabling more possibilities: - You can easily choose different units (to be upgraded perhaps); - When your AI rearms, the secondary weapon (if any) is refilled in tube (so 1 shot). The AI receives up to 3 first aid kit and hand grenades or smokes. The AI grabs also up to 6 grenades for GL if any. - the rearm and switchweapon vanilla actions are replaced by animations (same ones) and custom scripts avoiding vanilla inventory (too many mags, no grenades, poor fak) "