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  1. Play3r

    You've played to much Arma when:

    you have played to much Arma when the first 4 letters you put your fingers on when you get to work is WSAD.
  2. Have a look at this on YT..
  3. Well Feuerex has been working on the detection of dead bodies. i know the video is from 2017. but maybe someone can get something out of it.
  4. I believe that you have to use this command: player switchmove "AmovPercMstpSnonWnonDnon"; To reset the player.
  5. @Rydygier This is great, i have just tried the mission from DB and it look awesome, Thanks for your time. The COND that the heli have to be within 120 Mtr from the marker is something i had not thought could be a solution. i would just had made a trigger and had the heli fly thru it to activate the trigger, that is now put in my small script page. Cheers Play3r @Rydygier After i have played around with your script i found out that if i just make a heli with AI only they don't land on the marker only if i play as one of the Ai it will land any chance i can change something so i can have two helis land in my intro ?? Found the solution just had to change this not (player in _heli) To this ! not (player in _heli) Then heli1 with only AI in it will land on the marker.
  6. Thanks @Rydygier. All I want is a fast landing when player is flying in to the Mission area at the start of the game, so my plan was to make the heli make a fast handing and then shut off engine, I was thinking about putting it inside ACT in trigger so when the heli comes inside it starts to decent and land, at the marker that is placed on map. The pilot is ai but in players group, but I guess it doesn't matter.
  7. @Rydygier can your script be activaded in trigger so the heli make a quick landing, i want to use it for a intro to my sp mission. Cheers play3r RYD_HAS_AutoGuideB = { if (RYD_TI_ControlTI) exitWith {}; params ["_heli","_lvl","_var","_refPos","_tol","_vMpl","_frc"]; private _vel = velocity RYD_HAS_Chopper; private _lvl2 = (getPos RYD_HAS_Chopper) select 2; private _vel0 = random ((random (2 * _var)) - _var); private _vel1 = random ((random (2 * _var)) - _var); private _vel2 = random ((random (2 * _var)) - _var); private _dst = _heli distance2D _refPos; if (_dst > _tol) then { private _vect = (position _heli) vectorFromTo _refPos; private _spd = ((_dst - 1) max 1) min 10; _vel0 = _vel0 + ((_vect select 0) * _spd * _vMpl); _vel1 = _vel1 + ((_vect select 1) * _spd * _vMpl); }; _heli setVelocity [((_vel select 0) * _frc) + (_vel0 * (1 - _frc)),((_vel select 1) * _frc) + (_vel1 * (1 - _frc)),((_vel select 2) * _frc) + ((_vel2 + ((((_lvl - _lvl2) max (-(_lvl2 * 0.5) max (-2 min -((_lvl2^0.6)/3)))) min (((_vel select 2) max 0) * 1.1)) * _vMpl)) * (1 - _frc))] }; Not 100% realistic in terms of aerodynamics, but IMO tolerable. Example call: [RYD_HAS_Chopper,0.5,0,RYD_HAS_clickedPos,2,3,_frc] call RYD_HAS_AutoGuideB; RYD_HAS_Chopper - your chopper. 0.5 - target altitude 0 - some randomness factor RYD_HAS_clickedPos - a position to touch down at 2 - miss spot tolerance (if above this number of meters, will adjust horizontal positioning along with altitude 3 - descent velocity multiplier _frc - a number between 0 and 1 - how fast current velocity is turned into target descent velocity (smoothness). It should be called constantly (say in the waitUntil loop with 0.1 sleep or maybe even per frame, although that may be too fast) till heli is and as long should stay "landed". Example from HAS context (no for standalone usage!): _frc = 0.9; waitUntil { sleep 0.1; _alive = (alive RYD_HAS_Chopper) and {(canMove RYD_HAS_Chopper)}; if not (_alive) exitWith {true}; if not ([] call RYD_HAS_ifChopperReady) exitWith {_unable = true;true}; if (RYD_HAS_FastRoping) then { [RYD_HAS_Chopper,_minLvl,0,RYD_HAS_clickedPos,2,1] call RYD_HAS_AutoGuide; } else { [RYD_HAS_Chopper,0.5,0,RYD_HAS_clickedPos,2,3,_frc] call RYD_HAS_AutoGuideB;  _frc = (_frc - 0.025) max 0; }; ((((getPos RYD_HAS_Chopper) select 2) < (_minLvl * 1.1)) and {((RYD_HAS_Chopper distance2D RYD_HAS_clickedPos) < 4)}) };
  8. thanks i can see i was going in the right direction but had it set up wrong. thanks for showing me.
  9. Thanks will have a look and see if i can understand anything from it, i'm just a 50 year old guy with bad english understanding. But will give it a go.
  10. I have been reading about the Description.ext on the wiki and i was thinking if it is possible to change the OnLoadMission text, to something random. Like ; _OLM = random ["The enemy has 12 helicopters","The enemy is a full Battalion of SpeOps","You have only what you can find on what you kill"]; onLoadMission =_OLM; i know this is not the right way to do it since it does not work for me, does anyone know if it can be done. all i get is the '_OLM' on my screen not one of the lines. cheers
  11. Any chance to get access to your Google Drive. We have to request it true Google
  12. Play3r


    then he has taken the wrong ones to start with..to bad for him LOL I will try the script.. Ps. sorry @Casio91Fin for taking over your tread.
  13. Play3r


    Hi Dedmen if i just want to remove ANY magazine that the player has over 10 then how do i remove it, since i do not know what weapon the player want to use in game for my SP game. I did look at the RemoveMagazineGlobal on Wiki but is says that you have to type the name of the magazin, i am planning to to use RHS mods for my game , but the player can also use vanilla weapons, so how can i check to see if player has more than 10 magazines anytime in game , this counts for west only, what the player puts inside his backpack does not count. Play3r.