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  1. Nice that you put it in the mod also.. great work that you two have made.
  2. The trigger solution somehow not always work. my trigger is this: cond: {_x inArea thisTrigger} count allMissionObjects "#explosion" > 0 Act: Subtask setdamage 1; Subtask is a variable that see if trigger is fire so the SubTasktrigger succeeded can fire and nothing more.. The sub is in the water and i have made a trigger that is the same length a the sub + 10 in each end, the trigger is 25 width and is 150 high but it will not fire every time i try the task. The EH i have never used before and i don't know where to put it Is it on the sub ? that gives me a error something about a global variable on a local something if i put inside the trigger nothing happens?? any idea what i do wrong..
  3. I want to check if a player has detonated a DemoCharge_f close to the vanilla SubMarine so i can finish a task. I have done it once where i used a gamelogic to see if player did it to a gastank, but i can't find that old mission anymore. Anyone got a idea how i can solve this BIG problem for me. 🤔
  4. {_x action [“Eject”,vehicle _x]} forEach units group player; Do you mean this ??
  5. Transport Unload WayPoint can do it for you..
  6. Play3r

    Cutscene Animation Help

    Start by giving the AI a name (tut) put down a trigger and in COND you put : TUT in ThisList inside OnACt you put TUT SetDir 90 That will make TUT turn 90 degrees and keep walking.
  7. Play3r

    [Release] SleepingAI

    @beno_83au Thank you for your help so i can make this work for me. Yes i may have deleted the two {} but how i do not know. perhaps when i wanted to understand the script i can have done it. 🤔 it works like a charm now, and the AddAction works great also👍 @johnnyboy all it is going to be in that mission is pillow fighting..
  8. Play3r

    [Release] SleepingAI

    Hi beno. https://www.dropbox.com/sh/hcfmdry42n1ebwd/AABI45NnRVZ6tmUWGk-gT4ZVa?dl=0 Here is my try mission for the SleepingAi, it is just vanilla on Tanoa 3 units (unit1,unit2,unit3) and player and 3 Land_Stretcher_01_olive_F can you tell me what is wrong with this setup. I get a error in initSleepingAI.sqf line 9 Something about _X variabel and _units. I have only this in my Init.sqf: nul = [[unit1,unit2,unit3]] execVM "MIL_SleepingAI\initSleepingAI.sqf"; and my units have the addaction : this addAction [ "<t color='#88B985' shadow='2'>Wake Up</t>", { params ["_target","_caller","_actionID","_arguments"]; nul = [_target,"Auto",true] spawn MIL_fnc_WakeUp; _target removeAction _actionID; }, nil, 6, true, true, "", {(_target distance _this) < 3} ]; Cheers Play3r
  9. Play3r

    [Release] SleepingAI

    I still get some errors when i start up the mission..
  10. Play3r

    [Release] SleepingAI

    then i did remember wrong was sure that i needed the <"> around when it was text, will give it a go
  11. are there anyway that some one can help with the scanning of buildings any program to get or something i have a laptop just standing on my table?? Maybe i can start it up and check some building if any one can tell me what to do.
  12. Play3r

    [Release] SleepingAI

    Hi Beno i get a error in the InitSleepAi.sqf when i want to try the sleep script. it is something i line 9 and my line 9 is like this {nul = [_x,_otherBeds] call MIL_fnc_StartAsleep} forEach _sleepingUnits; and in my INIT.sqf i have put this one _units = ("unit1","unit2","unit3"); nul = [_units,_otherBeds] execVM "MIL_SleepingAI\initSleepingAI.sqf"; What have i done wrong?
  13. Play3r

    [Release] SleepingAI

    Hey Beno thanks for the help on making it to a AddAction for the wake up: this addAction [ "<t color='#88B985' shadow='2'>Wake Up</t>", { params ["_target","_caller","_actionID","_arguments"]; nul = [_target,"Auto",true] spawn MIL_fnc_WakeUp; _target removeAction _actionID; }, nil, 6, true, true, "", {(_target distance _this) < 3} ];
  14. i want to make a intro to my SP game, is there somehow a way to disable players mouse and key input, and the enable them again when the players character is finish with the animations that i want it to play.