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    Write to RHS with that error..
  2. Play3r

    Making AI forget you

    Nm @ZaellixA Nm = Never mind. I wrote my answer in the wrong topic 😁
  3. Well i could just have told you where to look for the trigger height, but i was sure you did know where to look. And you have tried to look in the ESS_Launch file. but glad that @Enigx did explain it better then i did.
  4. any chance you have tried to lower the height of the trigger ? so the trigger is like 500 X 500 X 25
  5. Just use _plane setfuel 0 And when you want it to move just use _plane setfuel 1
  6. Did not understand that you wanted it to end when the officer was dead and you had to go to a trigger. My bad.. but then @Schatten post is the best solution.
  7. ConD : !alive officer1 then set the trigger up for END game, then the game will end when officer1 is killed.
  8. i have tried this Code for a SP i'm making for a friend, he normally use crossair but i want him to try it without it this time. My problem is that it also removes the Task Icon in game when i use it. it also removes the option to use the scroll menu if i want to put down a satchel in game, but what i can understand by reading on the Wiki https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/showHUD it is normal that it disappears, BUT is there a way i can keep the Menu and the Task Icon and remove the Crosshair with a script, i do know that my friend does not remove it by himself. Does anyone have a idea how to make a workaround? This is the Script from the Wiki showHUD[] = { true, // Scripted HUD (same as showHUD command) let it to true true, // Vehicle + soldier info false, // Vehicle radar [HIDDEN] false, // Vehicle compass [HIDDEN] true, // Tank direction indicator true, // Commanding menu true, // Group Bar false, // HUD Weapon Cursors <---- here false // HUD Squad Radar (not yet) };
  9. @Maff I have not changed anything in your script, so all i needed was to remove the two ( ) i had around the units Huntgroup, or do i just have to remove the _ in HuntGroup. just so i understand this hole Global/ Local Variable thing. Cheers Play3r
  10. @Maff Hi Maff i have used your script to Spawn a group of 10 to hunt the player. But my player is good at his game so he often makes it to the Choppa and flies away in to the sundown, but the spawn group will keep coming at him so even if he flies to the other end of the map they come to get him in the end, and as that nice guy i am going to help him a bit and kill the rest of the group, but since my thunder bolts are missing the guys in the group, do you then have a way of writing my out of the problem, Maff ? cheers Play3r
  11. @Gunter Severloh Sync a Task State to the task for the rescue and the sync a Trigger to the Task State and set the Task State to Failed. in the Cond inside trigger you write !alive pow1. So if the Pow1 dies then task fails. That how do it in my missions.
  12. thanks for the reply, will try to work something out.
  13. @Rydygier Any chance to get this the EN version in a word kind of format that can be printed out ?