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  1. Ask your question in this tread don't start a new one with a question when the tread isn't closed. Cheers play3r
  2. Play3r

    Overview picture won't show.

    Your loading.jpg is inside the image folder inside your mission folder right??
  3. Great script have been looking for one like this for my POW mission..
  4. Play3r

    JBOY Napalm FX

    Absolute a masterpiece once again JohnnyBoy Thanks alot
  5. I guess he means that you have to make a trigger for all Ai units (AIsoldier_1, AIsoldier_2, AIsoldier_3) Cheers
  6. try to put it inside the trucks INIT not the units or WP Maybe that will work.
  7. my problem is that the player is in a boat and can go to shore where he wants, and the ammobox is inside the boat so the player has to take it out of the boat, that's why i need it to spawn where the player is.
  8. LOL why did't i see that error. It is for SP Thx Pierremgi
  9. Hi all you great helpers. If i want to add some : ammo, backpacks, weapons, googles, uniforms and more into a spawned ammobox. i have tried this LL_BoatBoxLand = createVehicle ["rhs_7ya37_1_single", position player, [], 0, "NONE"]; clearItemCargo LL_BoatBoxLand; LL_BoatBoxLand additemcargo ["30Rnd_556X45_Stanag, 5"]; i don't know if i use a wrong command. Cheers Play3r
  10. My game i SP, i will try to move it a bit forward on the boat.
  11. I have a spawned boat that i spawn a ammobox (rhs_7ya37_1_singl) and i attach the ammobox to the boat, but if i sit in the boat i 1' person the box disappear but if i look thru 3' person the ammobox is in the boat. can anyone help me to find out what i can do so the box is visible i 1' person also Cheers
  12. Any chance of a no ACE script ?
  13. Thx @Gunter Severloh did not know that.
  14. @GEORGE FLOROS GR any chance you can help with this. @Ravenger2709 next time ask in the release tread then the creator will be able to help you.
  15. I believe you can use !player in thislist.