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  1. The comma was a typo it is removed. i will put together a video for you to see when your "on duty" again happy Easter to you .
  2. @Rydygier when i give my player 3 AI units by making a trigger to join him, the AI will not AUTOexit on touchdown or rappelle. All 3 are synced to the module,and made playable thru the function addSwitchableUnit _soldier (_soldier replaced with units name) You have given me the script to make Player get the HAS function later in game, and that works fine for player, do you think i only need to make a new trigger with this : HAS_myUnits = [player1,a12SL,a12J,a12M]; nul = [] spawn {waitUntil {time > 0.1};{_x setVariable ["RYD_HAS_canCall",false,true]} foreach HAS_myUnits;}; {_x setVariable ["RYD_HAS_canCall",true,true]} foreach HAS_myUnits; in my first trigger i only have: HAS_myUnits = [player1,]; nul = [] spawn {waitUntil {time > 0.1};{_x setVariable ["RYD_HAS_canCall",false,true]} foreach HAS_myUnits;}; // Play3r
  3. what do i have to type in a triggers COND field if i want to check if a player picks up a map the "item_itemmap" from the game. i want to have the player finish a task when player picks up the map. thanks Play3r
  4. just posted to follow you guys work, since i think this is some awesome work, and a great idea. 👍👍
  5. Play3r


    Look at this to understand AddAction https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/addAction radius: Number - (Optional, default 50) 3D distance in meters the unit activating the action must be within to activate it. -1 disables this radius
  6. this looks like a great thing to have in game
  7. I think you need to go to this when it is about the script version
  8. Did you get it to work ??
  9. https://www.dropbox.com/sh/z9p756lnxygop0v/AAAEb36jDOVjXs4vob_5j1gCa?dl=0 Just found this over TeamViewer on my pc at home. just copy it into your game folder and you have a briefing that shows pictures.
  10. https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/Briefing.html Have you looked at this page. maybe you can make it work this way.
  11. Have you DL the init file that is with the video from his dropbox. It tells you what to put inside the init file. Instead of calling it player local init.sqf just call it init.sqf..
  12. Got to wait till Sunday just went on a holiday for the weekend will be back Sunday evening.
  13. Hmm weird I used it just yesterday and it works fine for me, do you get any error or what happens..