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  1. Thanks for the answer, sorry for the late reply, but this one makes I work just great. Thanks for all your help.
  2. @LSValmont Thanks it did the job. @gokitty1199 also thanks to you for the script. And then again it does't game is over if OpFor kills a civilian also, does any one have a idea how to do so the game don't stop if OpFor kills a civilian?
  3. Hmm if i kill a BluFor the End for Civilian is displayed. it shows up also if i kill a civilian. i have changes it a little.. Description.ext
  4. Thanks for the script, Will test it now..
  5. i have this script that i want to use for Civilian and Blufor. But i have just found out that if a OpFor killes a civillian it ends the mission also, i just want to have it end the mission if BluFor (player) killes a civilian. if i want the mission to end if i kill a Blufor soldier what do i have to change in this script this script ends the mission if any blufor dies, how do i make it so only the mission ends if it is the BluFor (player) that killls a BluFor Regards Play3r
  6. I have just tried the mission and the game froze right after the countdown for Respawn. i had to ctrl+alt+delete to get out of the game. This is my error message.
  7. i just went up to (taskcompleted t7) with no problem on a empty map just to try it out..
  8. if you put one in at a time first : this && (taskCompleted t1) and se if that work you can then ad another this && (taskCompleted t1) && (taskCompleted t2)... to see which one there is making the error.
  9. Play3r

    Creating a QRF

    Maybe this one can help you?
  10. Hi @johnnyboy i am trying your path script. I have a problem with the replay of the path i have made, i can record one but when i want to play it in game tru editor i don't have the option to do so. i have used a map called Pulau by Temppa. the path is made relativ to house, but i did not use the front door but a side door. The building i have used is this one "Land_Hotel_02_F" and i have used the entry on the left side (looking at the frontdoor) If you have the map it is the house at Grid 050062. MyPath : i have watched your video a lot of times and i cant make the AI use the path.
  11. Play3r

    [Release] SleepingAI

    HaHa why did i not think of asking you Beno, to make it work with a Task. I have made a trigger over the bed and when the unit is out off the trigger the task module makes it completed, but i can see if you put it inside the AddAction it is more simple. I think i will try this in my mission. Thanks black_hawk_mw2_87 for asking the question Thanks Beno for answering
  12. Play3r

    [Release] SleepingAI

    I can say it works like a charme, i have just changed the "(_target distance _this) < 3" to "(_target distance _this) < 2"
  13. yep it does.. Thanks for the help to @wogz187 , @GEORGE FLOROS GR and @gc8
  14. Wuhuu got it working. by using the HeliFULL variable.
  15. @wogz187 The heliFULL = 1 is a good idea will try that. The heli is far from players so they will not hear it.