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  1. Hello Guys. I 've created a mission with an intro video for it. No problem i set up the init.sqf with " []execVM"Video\VideoForIntro.sqf";" and of course a folder for the "VideoForIntro.ogv". It played fine when i started the mission. My problems are: First one, i couldn't create a button for skipping this intro video. The second one is that during the intro exhibition i can access my player, 'though i can't see it, if i hit the "I" key (inventory) i can see my inventory. I can`t think of a way to stop this from happening. I found some hints for the first problem, but i'm probably doing sth wrong because i couldn't make them work. https://forums.bohemia.net/forums/topic/143857-intro-skip/ https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/BIS_fnc_playVideo - missionNamespace setVariable ["BIS_fnc_playVideo_skipVideo", true]; For the second problem, i have to confess that i just don't have the slightest idea where i should start from. Thanks for the help. Hud
  2. Sounds like a good idea. I'll try to do that. Thanks again.
  3. Hi Sarge. Sorry for pestering you. Suppose i want to give different loadouts to some units. I mean, for a sharpshooter a special kind of rifle and so on. Would that be possible? I tried using SetUnitLoadout : "O_Sharpshooter_F" setUnitLoadout [removeAllContainers _x; removeUniform _x; removeBackpack _x; "V_ARCunis_ARCTech_bduAOR2"; "Avest2"; "B_CAF_CADPAT_Carryall_TWD"; "16Rnd_9x21_Mag"; "16Rnd_9x21_Mag"; "130Rnd_338_Mag"; "SmokeShell"; "SmokeShellGreen"; "Chemlight_green"; "H_HelmetB"; "G_Tactical_Clear"]; But it didn't work. I also tried the way i've read in this forum - https://forums.bohemia.net/forums/topic/187312-spawn-unit-with-custom-gear/ - _first_unit = (units _enemy1) select 0; _x forceAddUniform "V_ARCunis_ARCTech_bduAOR2"; _x addVest "Avest2"; _x addBackpack "B_CAF_CADPAT_Carryall_TWD" _x addItemToVest "16Rnd_9x21_Mag"; _x addItemToVest "16Rnd_9x21_Mag"; _x addItemToVest "130Rnd_338_Mag"; _x addItemToVest "SmokeShell"; _x addItemToVest "SmokeShellGreen"; _x addItemToVest "Chemlight_green"; _x addGoggles "G_Tactical_Clear"; It worked, but all my units (10 units) got the same stuff. Any idea? Hud
  4. Hi again Maff "Sarge". It's worked perfectly. Thanks for this little coding lesson and for having taken time to share your coding skills with me, and of course, with all the Arma community. Thanks to this i was able to implement the script a little bit and the final script is that: // Save as HuntPlayer.sqf in mission folder - Where mission.sqm is. // Run from On Activation in trigger: execVM "HuntPlayer.sqf"; // Spawn FIFTY East units on marker "MARKER2" - You are a brave warrior, my son! _Enemy1 = [markerPos "MARKER2", EAST, 50] call BIS_fnc_spawnGroup; _Enemy1 setCombatMode "RED"; _Enemy1 setSpeedMode "FULL"; _Enemy1 allowFleeing 0; _Enemy1 deleteGroupWhenEmpty true; _isHunting = [_Enemy1, Grizly] spawn BIS_fnc_stalk; { removeAllContainers _x; removeUniform _x; removeBackpack _x; _x forceAddUniform "V_ARCunis_ARCTech_bduAOR2"; _x addVest "Avest2"; _x addBackpack "B_CAF_CADPAT_Carryall_TWD"; _x addItemToVest "30Rnd_65x39_caseless_mag"; _x addItemToVest "30Rnd_65x39_caseless_mag"; _x addItemToVest "30Rnd_65x39_caseless_mag"; _x addItemToVest "1Rnd_HE_Grenade_shell"; _x addItemToVest "1Rnd_HE_Grenade_shell"; _x addItemToVest "1Rnd_HE_Grenade_shell"; _x addItemToVest "16Rnd_9x21_Mag"; _x addItemToVest "16Rnd_9x21_Mag"; _x addItemToVest "1Rnd_HE_Grenade_shell"; _x addItemToVest "1Rnd_HE_Grenade_shell"; _x addItemToVest "SmokeShell"; _x addItemToVest "SmokeShellGreen"; _x addItemToVest "Chemlight_green"; _x addItemToBackpack "30Rnd_65x39_caseless_mag"; _x addItemToBackpack "30Rnd_65x39_caseless_mag"; _x addItemToBackpack "30Rnd_65x39_caseless_mag"; _x addItemToBackpack "30Rnd_65x39_caseless_mag"; _x addItemToBackpack "1Rnd_HE_Grenade_shell"; _x addItemToBackpack "NLAW_F"; _x addItemToVest "130Rnd_338_Mag"; _x addHeadgear "H_HelmetB"; _x addGoggles "G_Tactical_Clear"; }forEach (units _Enemy1); { _x setSkill ["aimingAccuracy", 0.85]; _x setSkill ["aimingShake", 0.40]; _x setSkill ["aimingSpeed", 0.75]; _x setSkill ["reloadSpeed", 1]; } forEach (units _Enemy1); // Tell _huntGroup to stalk / hunt player / players group. _isHunting = [_huntGroup, group player] spawn BIS_fnc_stalk; // Debug hint to let you know if it has worked or not. // This could / should be removed when you know it works. if (_isHunting) then { hint "Player is being stalked!"; } else { hint "Something has gone wrong!"; }; I know that "my implementation" it's not pretty because i had to repeat codes when adding Ammo to group units. I mean, doing something like this: repeting 3x _x addItemToVest "30Rnd_65x39_caseless_mag"; instead of just writing _x addItemToVest ["30Rnd_65x39_caseless_mag",3]; It was showing errors that i wasn't able to find out what it really meant. We know there's a long way for me to go when it comes to writing scripts, but with your help, i was able to create a group "on the fly", Setbehaviours, change its loadout and setskills. Thanks again Hud
  5. Hi Maff. Thanks for the help. Actually it worked perfectly I'd say. Now one more question: Suppose i wanted to add these lines to your script: _huntGroup setSkill ["aimingAccuracy", 0.85]; _huntGroup setSkill ["aimingShake", 0.40]; _huntGroup setSkill ["aimingSpeed", 0.75]; _huntGroup setSkill ["reloadSpeed", 1]; _huntGroup deleteGroupWhenEmpty true; how would i do it? I've tried but it returned error all the times. Hud
  6. Hud561

    Scenario Update

    Thanks for helping Severloh. Be sure I will. Hud
  7. Hud561

    Scenario Update

    Thanks for helping Severloh. Be sure I will. Hud
  8. Hi I've been trying to create in a SP mission a situation like this: my group just after having completed a task is chased by an enemy group. I want to create a group (by script or trigger) and make this group chase me, knowing my position at least 1k away. As everybody notice, I'm not a coder or a script creator if you prefer. I always try to use the simplest commands or even small scripts to do the job. This way, I've tested many small scripts and command lines, but it seems all of them were created for groups that have already being placed on the scenario previously. In my case, as I said earlier, I want to create the group (by script or even by trigger) in the instant the trigger starts (execVM "xxx.sqf") and this group must get my position and start chasing me. Here is the main problem. How to combine these scripts so that it creates the group and make this group knows instantly where I am and start chasing me. The one bellow I liked most because it's simple, creates the group, and give me the chance to pick the units i want to be chasers: Group_Name = [getMarkerPos "MARK1", EAST,["O_Soldier_SL_F","O_Soldier_F","O_soldier_M_F","O_Soldier_AR_F","O_medic_F","O_Soldier_LAT_F","O_Soldier_TL_F","O_Soldier_LAT_F"]] call BIS_fnc_spawnGroup;" The problem is that it uses a "Marker" as its primary objective rather than chasing me. I tried to change "getMarkerpos into "move getpos player", but it didn't work. I also used the following script with the "call BIS_fnc_spawnGroup" above in another sqf file and in a trigger too. It seemed to have accepted (not sure if this really happened) part of the script, seeing that some units did chased me, but some just keep on standing there. _null = [] spawn { while {true} do { {Enemy_Alpha move getposatl Grizly; --- i also used getpos player Enemy_Alpha setCombatMode "RED"; Enemy_Alpha setSpeedMode "FULL"; }; sleep 5; }; }; I also liked the one bellow, it's simple, but it only creates one unit, not to mention that these units, as the previous scripts, have as main objective to get to the marker and not necessarily chase me. Group-Name = creategroup east; enemy1 = Group_Name createunit ["O_Soldier_SL_F",getmarkerpos "Marker3",[],0,"form"]; enemy1 domove (getmarkerpos "Marker_4"); I tried to make modifications as changing "getmarkerpos into "getposatl" or "getpos player", but it didn't work either. The next, as the first one, creates the group, but besides not giving the chance to pick the units I want, it also has the same problem as the others when it comes to knowing my position and chase me. Enemy_Alpha= [getMarkerPos "MARKER2", EAST, 50] call BIS_fnc_spawnGroup; -- but they only appear on the map and keep standing there and sometimes go to someplace else. If somebody could give me a hand on this I'd appreciate it. Hud
  9. Hud561

    Scenario Update

    Hi. thanks for responding and I apologized for not responding earlier. Well, Probably something like that. It says it's missing some kind o ammo. Sometimes, depending on the scenario, it says it's missing some kind of weapon or even a weapons scope. I'll try to find the weapon that is causing this error and delete it from the scenario and place a new weapon or ammo. I just hope it works.
  10. Hi everybody, Is there a way of updating scenarios created in Arma 3 older version to version 1.98 version? This also includes the older CUP version to the new one. I've not been able to open my scenarios since I updated Arma to "Old Man". Every time I try to do it the scenario opens empty and inform that is missing something.
  11. Hello everybody. I've created some houses of my own (as 3D object) and I'd like to know if it's possible to place it on to the scenario map and make it interactive. When i say interactive i mean open doors and so on as we normally do when playing the game. If possible, how can i do it? Thanks for the help.
  12. Hello everybody, I've created a scenario and when it came to testing it i noticed that during combat, including CQB, that AI seems to be stunned with my player presence or better off, AI soldier stand in front of me as a kind of dumb not even trying to shoot at my player. Some of them do it, but it only happens after 5 or even 10 seconds later. So my question is if there's a way of making AI react more responsively and agressively. I already tested allowFleeing, i set their "skills" to 100% , changed their stances to "combat" but with no positive results so far.
  13. OK. I downloded Flaming_Rain Lythium Campaign and extracted the House Patrol pbo file . Just a question: can i use it for placing OPFOR , BLUEFOR or any other faction unit? I mean, can i use it for example, for placing an OPFOR defending unit inside a building while i invade the city ? I read the script, but i only understood it partially. Btw, thanks for the free mission/campaigns. Edited: I already found the answer. Excellent! Run smooth and by the books! Thanks for the help and the script.
  14. Hello everybody, Once again, sorry for taking too long to answer. Well, PIERREMGI was right. Triggers were firing at start. The mistake was in the way i was setting the trigger conditions.The only thing i didn't understand was the fact that i set triggers to "owner only" and they were firing without owner presence in its radius. Well, the important is that they're working properly now. Actually, I have to confess that i still get confused with some triggers conditions. JOHNKALO, i've saved your script. Btw, i liked both yours and PLAY3R script mainly becausethey allow you to set task priority 99,98, 97. I'v been using many types of "small scripts and commands" in triggers and units like hideObjects, parachuting, rapelling, setFuel and so on, just to make the mission more realistic, but i've not been able to find a script to create CQB. Does anybody know a way of creating a script for that? Thanks for the help
  15. I just can't tell that for sure but the triggers are very simple and most of the time refers to !alive sb/sth and most of the time they are trigger owner. I tend to create "trigger owner" just to make sure only "main Player" will be abe to start them. Now, for me to assure that "trigger owner" will work exactly this way, this is another matter. Do you think it's not enough to make sure a trigger will not start before the order?