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  1. Hello everybody. I've created some houses of my own (as 3D object) and I'd like to know if it's possible to place it on to the scenario map and make it interactive. When i say interactive i mean open doors and so on as we normally do when playing the game. If possible, how can i do it? Thanks for the help.
  2. Hello everybody, I've created a scenario and when it came to testing it i noticed that during combat, including CQB, that AI seems to be stunned with my player presence or better off, AI soldier stand in front of me as a kind of dumb not even trying to shoot at my player. Some of them do it, but it only happens after 5 or even 10 seconds later. So my question is if there's a way of making AI react more responsively and agressively. I already tested allowFleeing, i set their "skills" to 100% , changed their stances to "combat" but with no positive results so far.
  3. Hello everybody. Does anybody know what could be the issue with the task order assignment? I mean, I set task_1 and just after this task is completed it'd probably come task_2 and so on. Well, that'd be the normal sequence. But that's not what happens. Suppose i've created 6 tasks and when i'm still playing task_1, it appears on my screen that task_4 has been created. I set triggers with trigger owner, most of the tasks are to kill or destroy specific items or soldiers, SetTaskState set to completed. Tasks are linked to Player, sinc'd to SetTaskState and also sync'd to the previous task trigger. So, What am i doing wrong? Thanks for the help.
  4. OK. I downloded Flaming_Rain Lythium Campaign and extracted the House Patrol pbo file . Just a question: can i use it for placing OPFOR , BLUEFOR or any other faction unit? I mean, can i use it for example, for placing an OPFOR defending unit inside a building while i invade the city ? I read the script, but i only understood it partially. Btw, thanks for the free mission/campaigns. Edited: I already found the answer. Excellent! Run smooth and by the books! Thanks for the help and the script.
  5. Hello everybody, Once again, sorry for taking too long to answer. Well, PIERREMGI was right. Triggers were firing at start. The mistake was in the way i was setting the trigger conditions.The only thing i didn't understand was the fact that i set triggers to "owner only" and they were firing without owner presence in its radius. Well, the important is that they're working properly now. Actually, I have to confess that i still get confused with some triggers conditions. JOHNKALO, i've saved your script. Btw, i liked both yours and PLAY3R script mainly becausethey allow you to set task priority 99,98, 97. I'v been using many types of "small scripts and commands" in triggers and units like hideObjects, parachuting, rapelling, setFuel and so on, just to make the mission more realistic, but i've not been able to find a script to create CQB. Does anybody know a way of creating a script for that? Thanks for the help
  6. I just can't tell that for sure but the triggers are very simple and most of the time refers to !alive sb/sth and most of the time they are trigger owner. I tend to create "trigger owner" just to make sure only "main Player" will be abe to start them. Now, for me to assure that "trigger owner" will work exactly this way, this is another matter. Do you think it's not enough to make sure a trigger will not start before the order?
  7. Thanks for responding. Actually, my tasks are listed as tsk1, tsk2 and so on. I decided to do it that way for the simplicity when looking for a specified one. I already did the way you said, i mean, de-syncing and re-syncing. Nothing happened.
  8. Btw, i forgot to show the line 57. Thisis ist: "Take Control of COMM Towers and Set Prisoners Free",""], Civ1, "Created", 96, true, "default", false]
  9. Thanks for the video PLAY3R (Sarge). It's been very helpful. I tried to adapt it to may needs, but i noticed that it was created for MP Scenario scripting and i don't know exactly what do i have to do to set it up to SP. I still have to test it for all the 6 tasks, but i notice that all task are visible on the map. I tested the first task and it went well so far. There's an error at the beggining of the game. I had a picture of this, but i couldn't insert it into the post. This way, I'll show the script itself. Init.sqf _myTasks = [] execVM "scripts\initTasks.sqf"; initTask.sqf /* [owner, taskID, description, destination, state, priority, showNotification, type, visibleIn3D] call BIS_fnc_taskCreate Parameters: owner: Task owner(s) Boolean - true to set task of all playable units Object - set task of a specific object Group - set tasks of all objects in the group Side - set tasks of all objects of the given side Array - collection of above types taskID: String - Task ID Array - In the format of [task ID, parent task ID] description: Array - Task description in the format ["description", "title", "marker"] String - CfgTaskDescriptions class name, if empty string is used then CfgTaskDescriptions is searched for a class matching the tasks TaskID destination (Optional): Task destination Object - Use objNull to set no position Array - Either position in format [x,y,z], or [object,precision] as used by setSimpleTaskTarget command state (Optional): Task state String - can be one of following: "CREATED" "ASSIGNED" "AUTOASSIGNED" ("ASSIGNED" when no task is assigned yet, otherwise "CREATED") "SUCCEEDED" "FAILED" "CANCELED" Boolean - true to set the task as current priority (Optional): Number - priority. When a current task is completed, system select a next one with the larges priority >= 0 showNotification (Optional): Boolean - true to show notification (default), false to disable it type (Optional): String - task type from CfgTaskTypes, if not defined, type "" is being used visibleIn3D (Optional): Boolean - true to make task always visible in 3D (default: false) */ //Diedushka_Kill_Major_Tvsakhy_and_Terrorist_Nyeh_Khun //Diedushka_Kill_Olyevich_and_Destroy_Enemy_Weapons //Diedushka_Take_Control_of_COMM_Towers_and_Set_Prisoners_Free //Diedushka_Eradicate_Enemy_Presence_and_Kill_Major_Nikolay //Diedushka_Kill_Major_Castillo [Diedushka, "tsk1", ["Kill Major Tvsakhy and a terrorist known as Nyeh Khun. Destroy Weapons. Camp position uncertain, but according to our intel it's on position 113014 surroundings.", "Kill Major Tvsakhy and Terrorist Nyeh Khun. Destroy Weapons.", ""], weapon_1, true, 99, true, "Kill", true] call BIS_fnc_taskCreate; [Diedushka, "tsk2", ["Kill colonel Olyevic and find out what are the enemy plans. LZ on position 120097. He's Position now is 120085. It's a COMM Tower with some small houses under it. Caution on getting in the area. Minefields detected.", "Kill Colonel_Olyevich and Destroy Enemy Weapons.", ""], weapon_2, "Created", 98, true, "Kill", false] call BIS_fnc_taskCreate; [Diedushka, "tsk3", ["Enemy is trying to embark a shipment of weapons. Prevent this from happening.", "Destroy Enemy Weapons Shipment" , ""], wpn1, "Created", 97, true, "Destroy", true] call BIS_fnc_taskCreate; [Diedushka, "tsk4", ["OPFOR is holding prisioners in a COMM facility on position 110114. Invade, take control of the position and set prisoners free. Hold control until american troops get there. LZ on 107101. Brazilian and american troops will meet you at the LZ.", "Take Control of COMM Towers and Set Prisoners Free",""], Civ1, "Created", 96, true, "default", false] call BIS_fnc_taskCreate; [Diedushka, "tsk5", ["Your mission willl be eradicate the enemy presence in a Village on position 038134. It's near CampRenmants surroundings. The village was taken 24 hours ago by enemy. Important: Kill Major Nikolai. Safe LZ on position 033128. Keep a low profile.", "Eradicate Enemy Presence and Kill Major Nikolay" , ""], Major_Nikolay, "Created", 95, true, "default", false] call BIS_fnc_taskCreate; [Diedushka, "tsk6", ["Your target is Major Castillo, an important officer who has contacts with weapons dealers that have been supplying enemy forces for around 3 years. According to our intel, he's in Sosovu Island at this moment. You'll have to move your troops to Ile Doen Island, on the northwest of Sosovu. You gonna jump on boat assault to get to the island. Make no fuss and keep a low profile to prevent him to scape. Good luck.", "Kill Major Castillo" , ""], 029092, "Created", 94, true, "Kill", false] call BIS_fnc_taskCreate; T1 = false; T2 = false; T3 = false; T4 = false; T5 = false; T6 = false; [] execVM "scripts\taskMonitor.sqf"; T1, T2 stands for trigger 1, 2 - this part is not in the scripting Now follows the taskMonitor.sqf _run = true; _notifyT1 = true; _notifyT2 = true; _notifyT3 = true; _notifyT4 = true; _notifyT5 = true; _notifyT6 = true; While {_run} do { if (T1 && _notifyT1) then { ["Tsk1","SUCCEEDED", true]call BIS_fnc_taskSetState; _notifyT1 = false; }; if (T2 && _notifyT2) then { ["Tsk2","SUCCEEDED", true]call BIS_fnc_taskSetState; _notifyT2 = false; }; if (T3 && _notifyT3) then { ["Tsk3","SUCCEEDED", true]call BIS_fnc_taskSetState; _notifyT3 = false; }; if (T4 && _notifyT4) then { ["Tsk4","SUCCEEDED", true]call BIS_fnc_taskSetState; _notifyT4 = false; }; if (T5 && _notifyT5) then { ["Tsk5","SUCCEEDED", true]call BIS_fnc_taskSetState; _notifyT5 = false; }; if (T6 && _notifyT6) then { ["Tsk6","SUCCEEDED", true]call BIS_fnc_taskSetState; _notifyT6 = false; }; sleep 15; if (T1 && T2 && T3 && T4 && T5 && T6) then {"You got it!" call BIS_fnc_endMission;}; }; This is the error that appears at the beginning of the game: '... ])})],[[],""]]; private _dest + |#|param [3,(if ((missionNamespace getVaria....' Error type Number, expected Array,String,Object File A3\functions_f\Tasks\fn_taskCreate.sqf [BIS_fnc_taskCreate], line 57
  10. Hello everyboy. Sorry for taking too long to answer. I only got weekends to deal with scenarios. Actually, this is my first scenario, but i studied a bit before trying to create it. I decided to do it SP just to learn how things work before creating a MP scenario
  11. Hello. Is it possible to add more options for the helicopters list in the virtual transport support. I mean, the game without mods presents for example Huron as an option. Now, after having installed some addons this option is not available anymore 'cause others choppers are in the 9 options list for picking. Is there a way of increasing these options or something like that? This is my first scenario and i'm not very much used to scripting, even though i got some, very useful btw, from your forum. I've decided to create a SP scenario for a start. Thanks