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  1. Or this one maybe as a condition: nameofplayer distance nameofconvoy > 500; Since if the player comes close the convoy should by all means see him.
  2. X35 Jets

    So a while back the new unit X35 Jet has been introduced. Sounded cool so I upgraded it to its highest possible level. A disaster! When using them they proved to be worthless. They were literally falling like flies. So maybe they need a re-balance or am I using them wrongly? Although after the latest re-balance system all units started to be destroyed too easily making attacks not worth it like at all. Used to win 3 out of 4 battles and now I win 1 out of 4 if I am lucky that is. Hmm..
  3. Suggestion

    And the ability to share battle reports in the alliance chat please.. Plus alliance battles! Like 1 vs 1 player 2 times and the alliance with most wins, wins the battle.
  4. ^^ true. It's just that many people cannot find the editing forums since there is no such section in the Main Arma 3 Forums subsection.
  5. [WIP] =ARC= Farkhar Valley

    Oh, no go then :) Because that is about 20 giga of mission requirements. Anyways thanks for the prompt reply.
  6. [WIP] =ARC= Farkhar Valley

    Hi there, so this map seems really awesome! but I checked all the posts and could not find if there are any addon dependencies. Hope there will not be any!
  7. It will be something like this: [west, "HQ"] sideChat "I am talking to you."; Whereas the condition of the trigger can be: nameofplayer distance personwhospeaks < 5; Answers to editing questions can be found via youtube videos or via the editing forums too.
  8. So I have tried googling and such but I have yet to find an answer to my question. Is there any chance of having new animations in-game? Because even simple animations are non existent like a unit clapping or yelling and such. It would be really nice for mission makers if crowd animations were existent for example. We would create better environments and make story driven missions making even more feasible. I mean I tried finding animations cheering the players who arrive and I could not find like one such animation. The LOW DLC should alone have some. Civilian casualties and their actions in times of war, how can we depict them with no appropriate animations? So even if there are no such plans please keep the question as a request because if after the Tanks DLC the game stops having serious updates it would be a minus not to have a few more animations.
  9. ASR AI 3

    Two questions please: 1.]Since the ASR AI 3 addon makes AI units communicate with each other is there a way for AI units to make use of mortar teams? Anything as such planned or something? 2.]The AI uses its new functions like finding cover in all maps right? Not just in vanilla maps. Maybe it has already been answered but searching 105 pages is too much.
  10. [SP/COOP-(1-8)] Miraculous Delivery

    Armaholic link added.
  11. [SP/COOP-(3-10)] Rebelism

    Armaholic link added.
  12. [SP/COOP-(1-16)] Debatable Bravery

    Armaholic Link added.
  13. Forum score? There is no forum score as far as I am aware but anyways. Was not quoting you my friend. You solved your isse and that is good news. I was just quoting Grumpy Old Man in case he had another argument against the use of modules. Thought you had logged off. In any case, I shall depart from your post since you so wish.
  14. Well don't know how to use them so I have always used modules. I believe modules also help the missions be playable after Arma 3 updates too. And missions of mine can indeed be tiring to create but they have no issues afterwards and can be managed by my short scripting skills anytime. Also they do have much more than simple kill all enemies tasks
  15. Would greatly advise to use modules when creating any kind of tasks. Lots of scripting is avoided and for me at least it is much more simple. All the needed modules are in the intel subsection of the modules section located in the eden editor.