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  1. ASR AI 3

    While in ASR all works awesomelly I would like to ask, Does the presence or absence of scopes on weapons affect the AI accuracy? Because one could argue that AI armed with non scoped Apex AK-47s were too accurate although quite far.
  2. CfgRadio not found

    https://forums.bohemia.net/forums/forum/154-arma-3-mission-editing-scripting/ Much more help can be found if the thread is there ^^^.
  3. Video Formats Implementation

    Did not know that to be honest. Seeing free software like AVC offer multiple video formats I never thought there would be extra fees. Hmm.. wonder what other companies use for their high quality videos.

    Well maybe you can ask other Ship add-on developers how they made their ships work. Cooperation can be very profitable at times.

    This looks like a really nice addition to Arma already. Since you will continue working on it for months it should turn out to be great. I can already think of many mission implementations if all ship features work nicely
  6. VCOM vs ASR

    Have not tested VCOM but ASR I use in all missions. The AI is really good and I especially like how groups work together so as to defeat us players. The way they flank and all. Adrenaline levels go high when you cannot know from where the AI will attack. Before ASR it was a simple head on attack. Nothing much to that. Oh and how they use smoke and grenades too. EDIT: I use ASR in MP primarily.
  7. So in my WIP campaign there are videos I use in a variety of places. For those of you who do not know only .ogv formats are permitted in Arma. When it comes to showing videos on in-game screens such as tvs there is no problem but when it comes to showing videos as intros the quality is not good. It is watchable but not good. So as far as I can understand the reason why only .ogv formats are used is due to size? but maybe that should be up to the editor. If his mission is big in size or not. So why not let mp4 video formats be used? Much better quality and the format people tend to use for videos.
  8. [SP/COOP-(1-4)] Defying the Odds

    Was hoping there would be two mission releases in Christmas but I had to update some missions due to add-on updates and reach the final stage of all Chapter 1 missions. Due to that: Naturally if you have any recommendations about the Campaign creation feel free to share them. The story is pretty much set but it may change if we cannot implement it in the Arma engine.
  9. Compilation List of my GF Scripts

    Seems like a good part of an intro when someone wants to include a detailed description of the situation ^^^
  10. Bored:/

    @DanielMurphy Dude you serious? I used to log in once a day for like 3 minutes total. And if I did not attack I spent about 20 seconds daily. Nowadays I log in like once every 2 or 3 days for a total of 3 minutes. There is nothing to do in the game. Who spends more time in AMO?
  11. Live feed control (LFC)

    And maybe you forgot the server named item. I have used this script recently and it all works fine. Just in MP only one player can see the screen at a time. The addAction on the screen only works for the player activating it. The rest do not even see the blue screen anymore. Unless they press the addAction for them. Some sort of locality issue as it seems. @HazJ Thanks for checking it out.
  12. [SP/COOP-(1-4)] Defying the Odds

    Thanks George! You really do give a motive to Arma 3 content creators. With all the support and such. Anyways 2019 coming in fast ... And there cannot be a New Year with at least one new mission! Episode 05 - Flaming Rain RELEASE! In this episode having to keep the Chain in good enough condition was by no means calming! We had to change our strategy multiple times, use scouting techniques while also keep the enemy units seperated and busy. Our Explosive Specialist and Marksman surely played the most significant roles. The ES by using his LMG to clear the way and the MN by keeping the enemy busy via simultaneous attacks in a variety of sectors! As always we hope positive or negative feedback will make its appearance! And if you want to share your mission experiences too please feel free to!!!
  13. [SP/COOP-(1-4)] Defying the Odds

    After many updates to already released missions ... Chapter-01 has reached version v2.0!!! Changelog available in the first post: PLEASE if any glitches or bugs are found feel free to report them here or via mail through the website Contact form. If you have any other sort of suggestions please describe them. Happy Holidays everyone!!!
  14. I remember using the above in one of my missions and as I recall it only fully worked when I placed the command in a trigger. Using it in the init.sqf for some not specified reason did not work
  15. Shooting down missiles is surely possible since it is done in the Hellenic Armed Forces Navy add-on: There you can take down missiles with both bullet fire and missile to missile fire.