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  1. Underwater Creatures

    Don't think such a mutant fish exists but maybe this one can be ok?
  2. First and foremost there are editing forums located here: https://forums.bohemia.net/forums/forum/161-arma-3-editing/ And if you are looking for subs how about this one:
  3. Potential new player with questions

    And we should mention armaholic. Along with steam it's where addons, scripts, missions and much more are stored. @KeyCat ASR AI3 was the answer for us. Other such addons exist too. Before the addon I was once flying a chopper at 180km/h, 2 km off the enemy base, and I was headshotted with one bullet by a non scoped ak47. Skills!!
  4. Which to take ??

    All DLCs are worth taking. If not able I would not buy Carts, Laws of War and Tac Ops Mission Pack DLCs!!
  5. Potential new player with questions

    Well you guys can simply play missions with Instant Respawn when you start playing and then move on to missions which have no respawn at all. That way you will learn by trial and error techniques. Most of the things you will learn in a few hours. The rest you will need a few days to get used to. To master all it will take much more time. Yet again it depends on the missions you play. Others take 30 minutes while others take, not even the editor knows how long! That can mean hours upon hours. Even real pilots have been impressed by how realistic controls can be. Personally I do not know about planes but choppers are really nice. They have features such as increasing throttle makes the nose go down or coming close to the ground has other effects and such. Plus the damage models are impressive. Your main or tail rotor can be destroyed and you will have to land the chopper via auto-rotation or other means, it depends on the damage. The enemy might also cause a fuel leak and RTB (returning to base) can be needed, if possible. When not having the DLCs, not sure, but I believe the advanced flight models are not available. You can try them in the editor. Using them in a mission however will mean advertisements will show up. Not good like at all! About that AMD hardware issues have been reported but you got NVidia so it should be ok. Not Very High graphics but High ones yep. You can host games on your computer, you just press a button, and you can also host dedicated servers which I do not know if it is easy to do. @CaptainDawson Generally speaking if you have players to play with, with whom you are close, Arma 3 will be an amazing game. Either you want to laugh or go fully serious you can have both. You might need guidance as to addons, so as to greatly enhance your gameplay, but that is also easy. Most players have got them. And buying a bundle with all DLCs is recommended. When there are sales that is.
  6. Arma - Arma 2 campaign in Arma 3

    @oljo01 Nope! You have to make the campaign from scratch in order for it to work.
  7. Bored:/

    @mad_cheese About base attacks nowadays just use chopper drones and emps. Using them is 95% win no matter what. If you have levelled those units and supports up that is. You can even gain 3 stars sometimes. And when the player revenges with choppers and you revenge back, a parody takes place because it can go on forever. And about res really weird that we have had an upgrade for storage and not for res buildings since to fill storages you need weeks. Like trying to upgrade any high levelled buildings. You need way too much time. About coiners yes. There must be people spending hundreds of $$$ because they cannot have reached such high levels so soon. Started playing the game once it was released and I have yet to come close to those guys. Luckily units cannot be upgraded further so no matter your level you cannot have stronger units.
  8. Vidda

    Thanks! Please keep in mind however that if missions are created for the map, after it's initial release, it can be problematic if addon dependencies are later added. Your work of course, just mentioning some editors reservations.
  9. Vidda

    Seems like a great map is on the way and as far as I have understood this map will have no addon dependecies? If so and possible it would be nice to include such information in the first post because I had to scroll through six pages in order to find out.
  10. [COOP-(3-6)] Radiation Havoc

    Armaholic link added.
  11. Ghosts Wanted.Malden Brought to you by HelicopterEnthusiast and zigTtzag(zTt) When ghosts are desired, Savior Ghosts guns are fired! 1.] Hypothesis: Malden is held by CSAT forces. Forces which have drained the islands supplies. Whatever food or water they need for their army they confiscate from the locals. The locals are therefore starving. Starvation has caused them to want to rebel. Why have they not then? General Tahir Al Kazat is the answer. Tahir is stationed in Malden and is tasked to suppress the local population. He does so by torturing and slaughtering entire families! No more than a few days have passed when he even amputated all members of a family. That was a family of four that tried to take back their food that was confiscated So Tahir Al Kazat needs to be eliminated! A spy was recruited but following an act of treason he was captured. Now he is held somewhere around Le Pessagne and Vigny. A place where Tahir is also stationed. A perfect opportunity for Special Forces sniper team Savior Ghosts to act. A few hours ago you have parachuted without being detected near Vigny. You are to save the hostage and also eliminate Tahir Al Kazat. 2.] Important details: a)In MP when 2 players take part in the mission, one of you should be the SURVIVOR and the other should be the LEADER of team GHOSTS WANTED. b)Patrols, units placements along with ammo and weapon placements are all RANDOM. Due to that the mission has high replayability. c)The survivor may start in 3 different locations. To change that location you can teleport using an IV Stand located next to you when the mission starts. d)Each location has a RIDDLE to solve in order to get out. e)A Flanker is a heavily armed unit supporting the Sniper and Spotter. f)You should NOT DISABLE AI units that are in ANY team. Those units should exist for your convenience. g)The sniper team can activate HARDCORE mode where if the survivor dies it will be a mission failed. To activate there is a satellite dish with the appropriate action at the start of the mission. h)Respawn:Instant 3.]Requirements: 3.1]Players' skills: Serious combat and sniper abilities plus basic organizing skills. 3.2]Technical: a)Arma 3 Apex b)Marksmen DLC c)CBA - http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=18767 d)ASR AI3 - http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=24080 4.]Bugs: 4.1]Minor: None 4.2]Serious: None 5.]Installation: Just copy the pbo to your Arma 3 directory. Place the .pbo file at the mpmissions folder. 6.]Website SubLink: here 7.]Direct Download link: here 8.]Armaholic link: [WILL TAKE A WHILE] Your feedback about things we can improve or things that we should keep is really important so you providing it would be great. If any of you wishes to reconstruct the mission or use part of it please ask permission and mention us in your credits. Enjoy
  12. (WIP) Ruha terrain

    Hmmmmm...... Map addon dependencies please? That is which addons are needed.
  13. User Mission Request Thread

    @Valken I can offer you mission Miraculous Delivery. WebSite sublink here or if you prefer the forums here. @jevuner Yep, I got some. You can make your choice in our WebSite here. Or you can search in the forums for my posts. Kinda hard. Hence the WebSite whose forum post is: @zagor64bz A true fact that most people do not understand how hard it is neither how many hours it takes in order to make like one mission.
  14. [COOP-(3-6)] Radiation Havoc

    You are welcome. Hope you guys greatly enjoy it!
  15. GreekEditor Website Updates

    Following new mission releases the new subpage Malden has been added to our website!