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  1. There are editing forums here: https://forums.bohemia.net/forums/forum/154-arma-3-mission-editing-scripting/ This might help by the way:
  2. Underwater arma

    You have just reminded me of the masochistic process involving the creation of a whole underwater town for a mission of mine!!! The view distance along with the AI behaviors underwater caused MANY hours having to be spent mission here if interested: https://forums.bohemia.net/forums/topic/212610-spcoop-1-4-nautilus-sabotage/ or here: https://greekeditor.weebly.com/nautilus-sabotage.html
  3. @mlamp89 It depends on how the mission has been created. How the tasks are assigned and such. Seeing however that this mission has some heavy randomization, in MP many things do not work like in SP. That means that the mission might have to be constructed from the very beginning. Although the later, you can unpbo the mission, open the mission via the eden editor, place a second playable slot and export it as a multiplayer .pbo file. It should not cause any devastating issue. Although it is Arma 3 editing sooo Oh and you can change the mission but you cannot repost it if not with a permission by the author.
  4. (Coop 1-5) Virus X - Antidote

    @jts_2009 No worries! Feedback usually is about posting bug reports (nice of them to do so so as for us to fix them) so not having feedback is not necessarily a bad thing
  5. @kastellorizo Knew it was close to Turkey, did not know it was that close! Nicely done on the hike! although you did get a liiittle bit tired @_SCAR Is there any mission surrounding Kastellorizo island please?
  6. Using google translate can help. For radio sounds you can use in a unit's initialization this sideChat "what you want them to say"; and then this one who says it say3D name of sound file or simply add music files in your description sqf and call them via trigger or script.
  7. Help for my mission

    https://forums.bohemia.net/forums/forum/154-arma-3-mission-editing-scripting/ that is where this post should be You can try to set the boat's driver's behavior to careless. This is his initialization: this setBehaviour "CARELESS"; You can move the disembark waypoint away from the beach and try if that fixes it. Even if it is far off the AI uses to reach the beach before the passengers disembark. As for the cliffs you need maybe you can create some by placing rocks in the Eden editor.
  8. Module: Sites

    @donnyx1x Depending on what kind of site you want you can also use scripts like this one http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=23003#comments which needs a small fix that is described in the post's comments. If you just want AI units to occupy buildings this one might help http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=26343 and in general there are more scripts and such which can relatively easily be used. @fn_Quiksilver True but gladly there are addons like ASR AI3 which truly enhance AI units.
  9. Hello far more experienced scriptwriters, I have a problem I am making an MP mission where I want the INSTANT respawn to be disabled via an addAction. The respawn I use is the in-game one. The one you add via the Multiplayer middle top section. The reason why I want this is so as not to have 2 separate missions with respawn enabled in the one and disabled in the other. So is this possible?
  10. GreekEditor Website Updates

    While missions are Work In Progress the website has been updated. Some of the changes: 1.]There is now a How a Mission is Created section in the home page. 2.]It is now easier to view the missions' details. 3.]A mission slideshow has been implemented in the home page. Feedback along with recommendations is always welcome
  11. @nomadd Nice one! Indeed their loadout is their own choice. Maybe there were specific gear you gave them at the start of the mission. True, vanilla AI tend not to heal themselves. AI addons change the way the AI behaves. AI units now use different strategies, they have more realistic shooting accuracy, they rearm when they are out of bullets, they use turrets when available, they use smokes and grenades and much more! After using addons the AI was greatly enhanced and that is why all my missions have it as a dependency. Tweaking the enemy AI's gear is a smart choice. The thing is that without using addons which have multiple times tested their tweaks it can be tricky to tweak their skills directly. And there is an Extra Armor setting ingame. You can disable it if not already done.
  12. Well have you used simple methods to counter the problem? You can: 1.]Equip the enemy AI with vests that have less ballistic protection. 2.]Equip your players with heavier weapons. Some weapons can easily one shot enemy units. 3.]Consider the fact that fellow AI members many times have to be ordered to heal themselves, otherwise they do not till they die. 4.]Use AI addons who creatly enhance AI. We use the ASR AI3. More exist though. 5.]Equip your players with heavier armor. 6.]Equip enemy units with weapons that do far less damage. 7.]Alter the AI's accuracy. Maybe AI units are too accurate. And if those are not enough I believe damage eventHandlers exist which control how much damage a unit can take.
  13. So this sounded like a really cool script but trying it out caused me not to use it. Because: 1.]Visiting a town's location in Malden and returning back without leaving the town made the placed furniture change. The shop used to have laptops and then the owner started selling plants 2.]Seeing the shop from a distance meant no furniture. Coming in closer made furniture appear. 3.]Some furniture were floating out of buildings. Even the shop sometimes had the laptops stuck into walls along with the office desks. 4.]Vehicles that used to be in garages stopped being there once you returned back to their previous location. Is this just me or are these known issues because reading the thread's posts didn't show any such issue to be known. Hope this script does work eventually because you would really save editors a lot of time. Mods used which might cause an issue: CBA, ASR AI3 All tests were made via the Eden editor. I was trying to implement it in a WIP mission of mine but no luck sadly.
  14. Couple of problems.

    It is really nice for new players to be able to handle the high leveled ones since that way they do not have to play for months so as to be able to be competitive. A lack in such a thing has destroyed other games since they were not New Players Friendly. It is true that 12 choppers accompanied by various supports are no longer as effective. They are brought down easily. Just like tanks or jets or pretty much everything. One thing I have noticed according to alliance members is that the latest rebalance has greatly helped people leveled 150-200 but has made battles useless for higher leveled players. It is something widely known as it seems judging from the fact that the number of attacks nowadays has dropped way down. As it seems upgrading defense buildings makes a base non enterable and attacking itonly means a rank downgrade. Gladly updates may take months but as it seems they are planned so we can just wait. For a rebalance and for the ability to share battle reports in the alliance chat plus simple and non time consuming alliance battles!!
  15. Or this one maybe as a condition: nameofplayer distance nameofconvoy > 500; Since if the player comes close the convoy should by all means see him.