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  1. Seperately can you not make them target wherever they are to fire and after they are all in position tell them all to fire together? It should work 👍 EDIT: That is via a radio trigger script. Did not see you want the module.
  2. In general with objects even when static or without simulation I tend to get low FPS when too much are present near each other. Even with like 5 AI in the area. As for AI if you want to avoid spawning and scripting them you can just disable their simulation, hide them in clever places and enable it manually once it is the right time. That way there can be some very cool battles even in CQB without traumatizing the computer and letting lower specs be able to cope. And you avoid the possibility of players seeing enemies spawn and such. Once I was driving fast so enemies were appearing out of nowhere and pretty much ruining the experience.
  3. If I may, weird situation we got here. Clearly its no copyright and do you really monitor all addons to check them and accuse so rapidly? How could you understand it was so similar to your Raphale model anyways? Because its the same plane so there would be similarities anyhow. Also this one: nobody would download a whole addon for a texture. And nice seeing so many 3 edge faces from blender ported to Arma. even with simple objects Arma constantly asks to triangulate and such. Experience I suspect. Yes you are the only modder but the above false accusations should not be a reason to discontinue anything. Although I don't think that was a main reason. If upgrading anything you can just include them in this addon so as for no more dependancies to be created for missions. Anyways some great experiences have taken place with HAFM. We would not have Greek armed forces in Arma otherwise. Hope you do not abandon the addon. Thanks for everything whatever your decision 👍
  4. Maybe you can use: if(!alive SB && alive NameOfYourUnit ) then {west countSide (getPos SB nearEntities 10) >0}; that way if your unit is dead the trigger will not be activated. And if you are looking for a whole script this will do:
  5. Yeah then music will not work. Just in case you need it any other time the music part is found by double clicking on the trigger and there is a submenu towards the end which has a music tab. Open the tab find the name of the song and all good. For a sound the above should work. In general I rarelly use the say3d because the same track as a sound plays in a much lower volume that if i include it as music. Really strange.
  6. simple way that should work, condition: this && !alive intel
  7. Have not tested it with a sound, only with music a while back, but when repeatable is on and there is no sleep (length of sound) to the trigger it is a question how it works in the first place. Oh and if willing its easy to do this via a script. EDIT: and when using not present I prefer using a faction that is not present in the mission. Just to be sure it works 👍
  8. JohnKalo

    Mod backpacks appearing at feet?

    Have seen that before when making headgear for one of our addons. In my case it was all about the addon config and model sqfs. The game would not place the hats in the headgear section and it would be in their belly. It would just not follow their head. So if the backpacks also have such an isssue and dont work when you equip them ingame then its the addon to blame imho.
  9. JohnKalo

    Wanted level system

    These can help too: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1613643117
  10. JohnKalo

    Wanted level system

    You can unpbo the mission and find where the script is: If you want to change the script however you will need permission from the author. Have not seen a case where permission was denied to be honest. Unless its some sort of paid script I guess.
  11. JohnKalo

    Wanted level system

    You can check how the one included in this one works: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=905143979
  12. JohnKalo


    And in general if you want a cool intro you can use this:
  13. Here you go 👍
  14. JohnKalo

    What exactly do savegames save?

    From experience when you load you start at your last location but the tasks are again completed once you load. Its like the game is running the scripts all over again from the start. So when you load sometimes it works sometimes it does not.
  15. A static ship or even submarive with interiors would be really nice for missions. Oh and as an addon exclusive: like the ones lifeguards should have. Instead its just a small boat designed to drown both the handler and the victim. Lol
  16. https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2492941015&searchtext=
  17. JohnKalo

    Temporary damage

    Or to avoid sleep which might still make them take damage you can place a distance between the platform and the chopper condition too. Just in case the chopper takes some time to take off and blows up in the process.
  18. The classic Arma issue where yout have to put safety triggers to be as sure as possible that the mission will work 😂 Just to mention that two groups forming might be because the SL has killed friendlies. As safety triggers you could use the above to get the SL out of the vehicle and a condition stating if alive units of group distance SL too much for too long && units in non combat mode then just clear their waypoints, throw them into the zamak and place the waypoint again or have a waypoint to get in the zamak and then one to move to their destination. All of this as long as they have not arrived to needed position. The above conditions will become incative once they arrive. Sounds not needed but with simple conditions you can many times make some cool stuff that override the casual bugs and glitches.
  19. How could they propose something for Greece's army? The only thing we can spend on is 50,000 euros for one single professor toilet in our public university for example. When you could not even pass the hallway containing the students toilets due to the smell. Or a million for security upgrades on the universities online features while they warn about possible viruses being included in their services. You want to download an exercise ... well it might have a trojan horse as a gift. The only times when our army is upgraded is when politicians steal money from the country's funds. LIke the german submarines that could not float or the other choppers some of which could not even fly. If it was not for all the μίζες we would have one of the strongest armies on earth.
  20. JohnKalo

    sidemission reveal enemy position

    Yep that is correct 👍 No worries! We can try another method too. When placing the marker make it an empty one. Then instead of hiding and showing it use: "NameOfMarker" setMarkerType "Warning"; that ^^^ will make the "invisible" marker be visible and then you can use this if needed: "NameOfMarker" setMarkerColor "ColorBlack"; It can be ColorGreen or ColorRed and other colors as well. As for the type of markers when you place a marker in the Eden editor going over the marker at the menu on the right will show the marker names. So as for you to find the one you are looking for. Good Luck!
  21. JohnKalo

    sidemission reveal enemy position

    This in your init.sqf should do the trick [] spawn { while {not isnull NameOfUnit} do { "NameOfMarker" setmarkerpos getpos NameOfUnit; sleep 0.5; }; }; The sleep 0.5 can be changed according to how often you want the marker position to be updated. And for the hide show function these should do: ["hide", ["NameOfMarker"]] call BIS_fnc_showMarkers; ["show", ["NameOfMarker"]] call BIS_fnc_showMarkers; in the init.sqf or the initPlayerLocal.sqf or a trigger or wherever needed. Cheers from you Greek neighboors! Pizza and Spaghetti 🥂
  22. JohnKalo

    playMusic occasionally working

    Maybe try merging your mission with a new empty one to see if it fixes the issue. It is weird that nothing plays because the outro is at the end anyways so really weird. Although not the first time a trigger does not work and writing the exact same thing to a new trigger fixes the issue 👍
  23. JohnKalo

    playMusic occasionally working

    If its vanilla content does it not play via a trigger? It should be listed in the trigger music section without no additions to the mission. Apart from that do other music parts play?
  24. In Greece Easter is on the 2nd of May but for other countries it is about a month ahead. Due to that the release will happen earlier. Easter Egg Hunting even if indoors. Go Go Go! Included so far : 30 different Easter egg textures 1 Static Easter egg which is custom texture applicable 4 different bowls and baskets for the eggs 6 different bunnies including chocolate and artistic ones 2 broken egg parts that are custom texture applicable 2 base for the eggs 3 Easter decorations 1 Shelf Furniture for Easter Eggs Installation how to : If downloading the file directly just swipe it in the launcher addon section. All done! QA : Q: How often will updates come out? A: If able we will add a Pickable Easter egg that can be painted. Suggestions also welcome. Q: Has this addon been tested? A: Many times in the editor. Q: Has this addon been signed? A: Yes it has been signed. Q: Where can I find the items in the editor? A: The classnames are such that using the term Easter will show all items. Website Sublink: here . Steam Link: here . Direct Download Link: here . Gallery :
  25. JohnKalo

    Easter Pack

    @johnnyboy Wow that is cool! Never thought a snake skin would match an egg so nicely 💎 💎💎