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  1. How can I make the windows and tires of a vehicle to be bulletproof? They should be able to handle about 6 bullets or so and then be destroyed if more are fired against either the windows or the tires.
  2. In Greece Easter is on the 16th of April but for other countries it is about a week before. Due to that the release will happen earlier. Easter Egg Hunting even if indoors. Go Go Go! Included so far : 30 different Easter egg textures 30 pickable Easter egg versions 2 Static Easter eggs which are custom texture applicable 4 different bowls and baskets for the eggs 6 different bunnies including chocolate and artistic ones 2 broken egg parts that are custom texture applicable 2 bases for the eggs 9 Easter decorations 3 pickable Decorations versions 1 Shelf Furniture for Easter Eggs 1 throwable explosive Egg 1 throwable explosive chicken 4 Good Rabbit hats 1 Bad Rabbit hat 3 Wearables for bunny hats 10 Easter Weapon textures 3 vehicle Easter textures Installation how to : If downloading the file directly just swipe it in the launcher addon section. All done! QA : Q: How often will updates come out? A: If able we will add a Pickable Easter egg that can be painted. Suggestions also welcome. Q: Has this addon been tested? A: Many times in the editor. Q: Has this addon been signed? A: Yes it has been signed. Q: Where can I find the items in the editor? A: The classnames are such that using the term Easter will show all items. Website Sublink: here . Steam Link: here . Direct Download Link: here . Gallery :
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    Easter Pack

    Easter Egg Hunting was not supposed to be like this. Why are people battling each other while throwing explosive chicken? Strange world 🤔 Changelog: Added 2 Easter Decorations Added 1 big Easter Egg that can have its texture changed Added 3 wearables for the rabbit masks Added 10 Easter Weapon textures Added 3 Easter textured vehicles Added throwable explosive chicken due to request
  4. If following the Greek Voiced Campaign Defying the Odds and are worried about even minor spoilers please read no further. Thanks!
  5. [WIP] Christmas Pack v 2.9 Included so far : 1 Drivable Sleigh 1 Boatable Sleigh 14 Christmas Songs 3 Wearabe Beards 10 Food Items 1 Merry Christmas Sign 3 Large Christmas Decorations 5 Wearable Christmas Hats 6 Wearable Snowmen Hats 1 Wearable Turkey Hat 2 Christmas Hats (Items) 5 Christmas Socks 5 Wearable Christmas Sweaters 3 Wearable Snowmen Uniforms 9 Christmas Presents 2 Christmas Pickable Presents 2 Wooden Sleds 2 Snowmen 7 Toys 4 Christmas Trees 18 Christmas Balls 2 Christmas Stars 2 Decorative Christmas Candy Canes 9 Christmas Candles 2 Christmas sleighs 4 Christmas reindeers 4 Christmas polar bears 4 Christmas penguins 4 Christmas plates 4 Christmas cups 1 Set of Christmas utensils 1 Christmas Wine Bottle 1 Christmas Wine Bottle Screw 1 Christmas Wine Bottle Cork 1 Christmas Wine Glass 1 Throwable Christmas snowball 1 Throwable explosive snowball 2 Snowball Launchers: (awaiting feedback. We might make enhancement changes to them.) 1 Lamp with 2 Switches: (switches can be used with addAction scripts and the hideObject command) 4 Christmas Lights with 4 frequency versions each: (WARNING only 6 can be seen flashing at the same time) Christmas vehicle textures for the M-ATV, the MH-9, the AH-9, the Huron, the AH-99, the UH-80, the BTR-K, the Tempest, the Zamak, the Hemmt, the SDV, the Armed Minigun Boat and the Stomper. Christmas weapon textures for the MX SW 6.5mm, the MXC 6.5mm, the ACPC, the Vermin .45ACP, the MK 20 Plain, the SDAR, the MK 20 GL, the TRG 20, the RPG32, the P07 the MXM 6.5mm, the M18 ABR 7.62mm, the M320 LRR .408, for the Zubr .45, the PM 9mm, the TRG-20, the Titan MPRL plus its Compact edition. The ability to create Snow Structures such as Snow Castles! Installation how to : Just extract the file and insert the addon in your Arma 3 directory. After that just load the addon via the Arma 3 launcher. If you cannot see the addon just swipe it in the launcher addon sections. All done! QA : Q: How often will updates come out? A: No more updates are planned for 2021. Merry Christmas! Q: Has this addon been tested? A: Many times actually in the editor. I have seen Arma open up so many times in the past few days. Aaaaaaa! Q: Has this addon been signed? A: It has indeed. The key for servers is also included in the file. If something is missing please let me know. Q: Where can I find the items in the editor? A: The classnames are such that using the term Christmas will show all items. The weapons are found in the virtual arsenal. Download link: Website SubLink: here . Direct Download Link: here . Steam Link: here . Changelogs: Some pics of the objects created so far : Hope you like the above guys. Any comments and feedback will be appreciated! First addon so hope its of Arma 3 class
  6. There will be no more Christmas Pack updates in 2022. More are however planned for 2023 . Two days before Christmas. We hope you have an amazing time, would like to thank you all for the amazing motivating support and to wish to you and to your families a:
  7. Update 2.9 bringing two new features: The Christmas songs can be found by placing a trigger and going to the music tab. They are really nice and you can check them out here as well:
  8. Update 2.7 bringing 9 Christmas Snow Castle Compositions in the Christmas Pack itself thanks to help via the forums. Thanks again! If there are any sort of issues with the compositions please provide feedback. Thanks. Enjoy!
  9. @RCA3 THANK YOU VERY MUCH ☃️ I had to try it and it worked. It finally worked! I will use the method for the existing and all the new one.... oups once the update is ready!
  10. Hey guys trying to implement a composition into the Christmas Pack addon but all efforts failed. Unless the objects have no pitch or roll [angles in Y,Z axis] I cannot make the Composition be added. https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/Eden_Editor:_Custom_Composition My config code: class CfgPatches { class GE_ChristmasPack_Compositions { units[] = {}; weapons[] = {}; requiredVersion = 0.1; }; }; class CfgEditorCategories { class GE_Christmas_Compositions // CfgGroups NATO { displayName = "Christmas Compositions"; }; }; class CfgEditorSubcategories { class GE_Christmas_SnowCastles // CfgGroups Armored { displayName = "Snow Castles"; }; }; class Cfg3DEN { class Compositions { class GE_Christmas_Composition_Castle_01 // one class per composition { scope=2; path = "\Christmas_Compositions\Snow_Castle"; // pbo path to a folder containing header.sqe/composition.sqe files side = 8; // 0 opfor, 1 blufor, 2 indfor, 3 civ, 8 Empty/Props editorCategory = "GE_Christmas_Compositions"; // link to CfgEditorCategories editorSubcategory = "GE_Christmas_SnowCastles"; // link to CfgEditorSubcategories displayName = "Snow Castle Part 01"; icon = "\A3\ui_f\data\map\markers\nato\b_inf.paa"; // left side icon in groups list useSideColorOnIcon = 0; // 1 == icon is always colored in faction color }; }; }; The Snow_Castle folder is the one having the two copy pasted .sqe needed. The thing is no error or anything. Just no composition present in the editor. What am I doing so wrong ?
  11. @RCA3 Thank you very much for the detailed reply! Once able I will use your advise. Glad you enjoyed! Merry Christmas!
  12. class CfgPatches { class GE_ChristmasPack_Compositions { weapons[] = {}; requiredVersion = 0.1; requiredAddons[] = {"Walls_static"}; units[] = {"Christmas_Small_Box_Static", "Christmas_Small_Box_Short_Static", "Christmas_Medium_Box_Short_Static"}; }; }; Copied the addon name from the header.sqe file from the Documents/Composition folder
  13. Did not work. Added both sections no error no compositions. Has anybody managed to make what the wiki says work is also a question. Maybe it needs a change.
  14. Yet another small update following Composition Creators requests!
  15. Thanks for sharing, I will add and check 👍
  16. Than you very much! Gladly the Sleigh Boat was able to be completed in time along with the rest. Some features will not be able to be implemented this year but that is good news in a way. We will have more to work on for next year! Oh and there is a new small update. Version 2.4, enjoy
  17. Thanks for the reply, tried that but nothing happened. It is strange because I changed the path to one that does not exist, I placed Snow_Castles but it did not report an error. The .pbo is there the config is there but nothing happens. BUT if I change this: class CfgPatches { class GE_ChristmasPack_Compositions { units[] = {}; weapons[] = {}; requiredVersion = 0.1; requiredAddons[] = {}; }; }; it reports an error about the requiredAddon line. No other .pbo reports it. So I just erased it and the error stopped. I have it as in the first post.
  18. Under high pressure due to time constraints a new update has been released bringing the Christmas Pack to version 2.3 ! The Snow Composition can be found in the Steam Link in the Christmas Addon Collection. If able all those compositions will be added to the Christmas Pack main addon. So many hours and still no luck because we cannot add the pitch and roll of objects.
  19. Disabled all other addons and the bug still remains sadly. Sorry for the late reply but I was busy. All pool lifeguard licenses have been revoked due to a change in the law. Have to do everything again. So much for the spent money. Cannot wait for the same government to be elected again. Woohoo. Ok thanks. I will just wait because I am making a mission that needs both turrets functioning A Vietnam style without the expensive DLC.
  20. Glad to see the addon being updated! We have however encountered a bug. The right turret of the Huey is not working. It is stuck firing at the front and cannot be moved. The left one is working fine. Also if our army has such a version a Huey with some passenger seats and missiles along with a turret for the pilot would be awesome.
  21. You can just use the doTarget and doFire commands but one thing that is weird is how does the enemy AI follow their move waypoints while there is a friendly helicopter chasing them? Unless the driver is in careless mode they should just be driving right and left without any logic path. You must have already checked it out but a Combat mode could help for the killercommando group. Best of luck 👍
  22. Another update has arrived due to amazing feedback and requests! Changelog incoming:
  23. Just a small notice : there are small updates that take place without their details being posted due to super time shortages. The links however are updated and are all up to date. Firstly the direct download link and immediately after the steam link is updated for practical reasons. Latest patch notes: For requests and feedback please use, from fastest to slowest method, the direct contact link via the GreekEditor website, steam and then the forums. Many thanks for all the feedback and awesome ideas! Sadly we cannot implement them all but all of them were/are being worked on as far as our abilities allowed/allow us.
  24. Major Update has just arrived! There are multiple additions to the Christmas Pack bringing it to version 1.7! The Changelog is as follows: Please note that from all ideas and suggestions there is one that we have not managed to implement in the addon. We tried, failed and we will hopefully succeed including it in the future. Stay tuned!
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    Publishing a Mission

    and you publish is it as private so only you can see it. Then via steam you do whatever changes you want in the description, the images, the links and everything else. Once its okay you make it visible to your friends or to the public too.