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  1. @engima mate, I just wanted to say a huge "thank you" for this script! It is indeed amazing. And with some "basic" level scripting, mission makers (even noob ones like myself here) can fill the cities/towns on their missions to give a really nice tone of immersion! Thank you again mate!
  2. Would it be possible to have a brief explanation on how to set up a TvT match with this mod with different weapons for each side/team? A small video or a comment here would be really appreciated! Thank you in advance and thank you for this amazing mod mate! :) Cheers :)
  3. Although this is an old post, I will leave my comment here in case someone will check it out. I believe that you should use "FlashDisk" in items _unit; Or you may want to use the [object, item, searchCrew] call BIS_fnc_hasItem; And @Harzach i did the same mistake and I spent more that 5 hours of testing to see what I was doing wrong! Thanks mate
  4. Although this topic is pretty old (about 4 years old!), I have the same issue. The problem is probably what @Midnighters actually said. The loadouts are defined before the objects. Supposedly there is a condition that you can set when you define the class of the respawnInventory using the "show = " but this one doesn't seem to work either! Although I found that on BI's wiki about respawn! IF I find anything I will let you know! I case you have found a solution to this one, please, let me know. Cheers
  5. @Larrow LOVE YOU... I know that this post may be pretty TOO OLD but... Still it was extremely helpful! Appreciated!
  6. A. Ares

    Community Campaign

    @padi mate, we can talk if you want but keep in mind that I haven't been deployed in a combat zone. I can help you with the training part (I have served as a drill sergeant and 2nd in command in a training company)! Although keep in mind that there are many videos that you can take some ideas about training and at least basic training is pretty common in most military formations! But still, I am here for whatever you may need me! You can reach me here: Discord: A. Ares#3160
  7. A. Ares

    Community Campaign

    @padi mate, I do like these kind of missions but at the same time I totally understand why some (not to say many or even the majority of the) players won't like it! I believe though that these kind of missions have a really nice place in campaigns! They tell the part of the story that cannot be told otherwise. They let players and people see a part of the story that most of the time is realistic (since no story is ONLY war, except maybe the 41st millenia... FOR THE EMPEROR! 😛 ) and at the same time are more casual and a good break. There is always a catch though! They may get boring! So, my recommendation for these (something that I am thinking to do with my paranormal/post-apoc campaing) is to keep them short, really short... something like: maximum 10 minutes of patrolling before you reach the village elder and speak with him, speak with him for about 2-5 minutes with info and details that players will be able to remember and follow (or it would be good to give all the details from the conversations into a "intel log" on the map), RTB and on the way back let the ambush take place but again do not overdo it! Keep in mind thought that the whole patrol route must have a lot of details (things like civilians with animation, civilians moving around moving them with triggers (maybe), possible distance fight sounds, small events, checking on civilians etc) that need a lot of time and effort to make (although I believe that they deserve all the effort and time) and do NOT forget the saves (I would quit the whole campaing if I had to play again the patrol from the beginning cause I died from the 2nd bullet on the ambush). My preference is to have many small missions (my campaing will have small encounters with a squad sized enemy force every time or something like that, especially since players will have to play with AI on their team instead of other players, with an objective or things like search this for that and the seach process actually will be something that players will have to do.) with an objective (somebody mention something about making an objective arcady or extremely realistic (I prefer to get closer to the latter)) and small encounters that do not take ages to get resolved! Give players chances to win but do not make it really easy! (except if the story is your only goal on your campaing but as I said, "PLAYERS want to PLAY...") "Hub missions" are a good example of non-fighting missions that players get to do things, "take a break" from combat and even decide things which actually brings me to my last recommendation about this kind of missions! These missions can give you a really good situation to make decisions that players have to make. For example, if they reported an IED or helped civilians on their patrol, did they provide medical assistance on an injured civilian that they found when they were on patrol towards the mayor? If yes next mission will be mission 5 if not next mission will be mission 6 or the conversation will change (your imagination is the limit), hub missions can have a similar thing, players will have to choose 1 out of 3 missions and depending on which one they chose, the rest of the campaing will continue accordingly! Keep in mind that making all these options and possibilites needs a huge amount of effort and time (having small and intense missions (like some of the first missions of the official ArmA 3 campaign) can help out with the effort and time though) but I believe that the outcome will be really nice! Think about the 2 or 3 first APEX protocol missions, not too big, with combat in mind but some dialogues every now and then! Also, do not forget that you can make new versions of your campaing, add new missions, evolve it, change things, update them and continue the story as you see fit by updating the steam workshop campaing! And again, IF you can think of any way I may help you, just please let me know! Take care and ArmA as much as you can!
  8. A. Ares

    Community Campaign

    Hey there @padi, and the rest of the guys! I would say, as an ArmA 3 player, that you can start to work on your campaing and see how it goes! Trial and Error some times is the best way! Your story is not bad (although I believe that in the process of making the whole campaing, you will have to put in there a tone of details) and although I do not really like this kind of stories, I would definitely give a try to your campaing! I strongly believe that if YOU like your story, then you can make it happen! Some people talked about optimization and they are 110% right! As a campaing maker (so in an extend a mission maker) you should consider all the technical and gameplay issues that you may encounter in all your campaing missions! About technical issues like scripting, mods etc. as somebody said, the community is (thankfully) FULL of people that (generously) share their hard labor without any copyrights or even asking for credits! You can use all these but do NOT forget to thank all these guys that make ArmA 3 community so GREAT! What I would recommend at least as a start is to make the campaing (and your missions) the way you would LOVE them to be and the way you would LOVE to play a mission! And after that, consider what problems and issues other players may encounter or if you give enough info and choices to somebody that have no idea about the story you have in your mind as a whole! And of course do NOT forget that PLAYERS want to PLAY, so... give them some missions that they will remember for months! I am Greek, I have served as a Cadet officer and 2nd Lt. in Greek infantry and have been through BASIC SF training and served as a Platoon Commander in a Greek Rangers Company. I would love to provide any help you may need, be it voice acting, mission making ideas or editor help, tactical advices or military stories, translations for localizations and what else you can imagine!
  9. @zagor64bz alright mate... I believe that scripting has way more potential than modules (although modules may be faster and easier some times). I try to learn the basics on scripting these days so, it seems that the potential is really high! Although locality and scripting for MP (JIP in mind) some times is a huge pain in the @ss but I take it slow! Now for EH, I believe that they have to be added on every client with a "remoteExec" otherwise they won't be able to execute if the locality of the object change or the commands are have a local effect! But, as I said, I am still a noob and I cannot really confirm that! 😛 Cheers mate. P.s: I would love to take a look at your campaign!
  10. A. Ares

    Intel items

    @hridaysabz mate, just to let you know, ACEX now have some really nice intel objects that you can use to give and share intel to your players. They are inventory objects too and the info that you put on them is persistent no matter what happens to them (picked up, change hands etc.)!!
  11. @zagor64bz mate, just saying that ACEX now have some nice intel objects that can be picked up get into inventory, give them to another player or get retrieved from a body and still contain the same info. Haven't checked it yet but I believe that even spawn them and script the whole text and/or images on them is not so difficult!
  12. Hey @zagor64bz I believe that this will work but, I am not 100% sure if this syntax will work for MP! And because I am a noob, where are you going to add the EH for this to work?
  13. As @Larrow said... And IF I AM NOT MISTAKEN, the trigger will evaluate the condition that Larrow said in specific time intervals so, when this will be true, the task will be assigned!