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  1. Hi guys and sorry for the long silence. I needed to get over a death of a near relative so I stopped working on anything for a long time, but now I recovered somehow from the loss and started again. I have split up the imaginated campaign into smaller parts to ensure its finishing in a reasonable timescale and the first mission of the cold war part is now nearing its completion, with only the audio for the conversations needs to be inserted and some little improvements as a result of feedback from testers. As it was rightfully critizised it is difficult to form a team if you have nothing to show for... Now the first mission is at about 95% complete, so it could give you an impression of the kind of campaign I´m creating. As the mission is part of an upcoming campaign I´m not releasing it on the workshop as a standalone. The story is already set up and checked by a veteran so that it is "realistic" and believeable, as well as I´m in a continuous exchange with him when I´m planning the missions in detail and also when deciding things in the mission. For now it is focused on a Bundeswehr infantry draftee. But I'm thinking about including some tank missions, if it could fit the storyline... Also there will be a special forces plot, but that would be at a later time as that happens parallel to the actions of the player, but he didn't know about it. East Germany attacks West Germany (yes the basic setting is like in the GM campaign, but the reason for the attack as well as the storyline are completely different). This campaign focuses on strong immersion, decisions of the player that alter the direction of the campaign (participating in recce operations or being evacuated with different following missions for example), a no failure style of playing (if a task is failed the campaign is continued in a different way instead of simply retrying the mission), believeable and "realistic" story (in quotation marks as no game could be completely realistic) and characters with a backstory and a reason to do what they do. If someone wants to play it to experience it and decide, if you eventually want to contribute, simply PM me and I will send you the mission file.
  2. Due to a hardware crash all mission files are gone, so I need to start all over again... But with the knowledge of the first try I´m confident that I will be able to remake the lost missions quickly...
  3. In the last weeks I planned the general layout of the campaign, detail planned the first and second chapter of the campaign and started to build it. I found out that it works best for me when I plan about 75% in advance (general flow of the mission and cutscenes) and plan the remaining 25% on the fly. I've been thinking about this rough campaign course: The part in the current time where the grandpa calls the player is already created technically but for now lacks atmosphere because I wanted to have it work first and then add atmospheric things. There is only one mini mission missing, which is the bridge between the current time and the past. The second part (Start at home in West Germany not far from the border, the player is drafted for basic training and Player goes through basic training) is already planned out: I´m enhancing the immersion parallel to the creation of the missions to mix up the work and variety it to prevent loss of interest due to being annoyed. I would also finish creating parts one and two (as part one are 2 complete missions I have both workflows together) and when they are finished I will create the remaining parts one by one to not have everything begun and nothing finished... Questions: Do you guys like the general direction of the campaign? I would be happy to have help with creating missions, are you interested? Also if somebody is good at creating an immersive environment I would be very happy to have your help. Are there mods that have house interior like kitchen or bathroom stuff to design the houses realistically as it always annoyed me that the vanilla houses had no bathrooms? I hope you guys like it, I will continue the (sadly slow) work on it and if you have advice I would also be happy to incorporate it. Greetings
  4. Hi, I have another question, this time more specific to the editing part. When I create a conversation I currently do that with this vanilla Conversation system like the manual conversation example. Do you guys have other recommendations how I could better create conversations or is that the best way? @poolpunkI just saw that my answer to your text is hidden for some reason. Hopefully they unhide it fast.
  5. Thank you for that, for some reason I didn´t see that yesterday. Not knowing about that approach I continued to write the script. Feedback is as always welcome. I translated it online because I write it in german so if something is hard to understand just ask. It also isn´t finished by now...
  6. Thanks for that quote and the links. i already knew them, but not the quote. the links might be useful👍🏻
  7. It is already in the works. Currently I´m writing the part about the basic training in the army so it would be helpful if some german soldiers could talk about the parts that would be interesting for learning the mechanics of the game (like shooting drills) or something that would be useful later in the campaign or in the offline life (like navigating with compass and map or only with the starmap). I read on the official Bundeswehr website about some of the parts that are taught but it is very brought... Also if veterans from other militaries or even @A. Arescould talk about their experiences would be interesting. I will do that when I have expanded it a littlebit more. By now it is basically what I have wrote in the spoiler on top with some clarifications...
  8. Thanks for your reply. The problem in germany is that the leftys in the politics want to abolish the german military and want to form a EU-army. Also they work against proper equipment and training for our forces which leads to widespread unhappyness in the army when they need to go to battle with sub-par equipment or need to request american CSAR-helicopters because the german army does have CSAR-personnel, but no suited helicopters... Another example, the KSK special forces didn´t have the best available NVGs so their operations are severely more difficult than the need to be. There are every week interviews with soldiers from every kind of branch from regulars to SF soldiers that are not happy. I didn´t experience any hate or being unwelcome everywhere in europe and didn´t ever read something that german armed forces aren´t welcome somewhere in europe. The only criticism I read in the past years from outside germany was from Trump who wanted more military spending.
  9. In WW2 there were also traumas from fighting but the soldiers were left alone to either commit suicide or get help outside of the military. I´m very happy that the armed forces help their soldiers to adjust to civilian life after their service and help them with psychological help during service. But that´s only my opinion. Do you really experienced Remnants of War as boring? Interesting, I have never before thought about it that way or read about someone thinking that way. To your third point. There are so many campaigns out that all have a superhero that is fighting against superior enemies and wins. Apart from that not being very realistic I have never played a single campaign apart from ROW that focuses on the consequences of war on men and countries which I think is sad and missing. I don´t want to do something that already exists but to do something new that is worthy of play. Greetings
  10. Thank you for that points, it is so helpful to get these hints and tips from this incredible community! If I made the campaign so that it is enjoyful for me it would include some missions where you´re on an Afghanistan style map, patrol to a village, talk to the Mayor and then walk back without much combat. I really like these "boring" mission in which nothing happens for an hour, then a few insurgents fire on you and hell breaks out. In summary really realistic missions... But as I know that likely not many people would like them I attempt to hold such missions to a minimum. As one of the missions that the players hopefully remember for months I have invisioned the escape at night without any tools. I didn´t know what to say besides a very big thank you for that offer, I will definately come back to that! I already think about how I could include the greek military into the story to honor your contribution visually ingame. I think that in the coming days I will attempt to include more details into my campaign script, so that with every new writing there will be even more details in it. Also I think that I attempt to write resumes for the main protagonists of the story. Again thank you very much for that!
  11. I‘m not wanting the campaign to be anti military as the military is already too much critizised (here in germany) whatever they do, even if it is right. I want to shift the focus to what war does to a soldier, what the long term effects of war are and how soldiers struggle after life in the military. I‘m happy that you like the story! If anybody go against the story I‘m willing to listen to what they don‘t like, maybe that could be changed. Also if somebody could help with the story or simply has a wish what should be included, I‘m willing to listen as well.
  12. Not all should be anti-war. My idea is that as a young man during basic training the player character is excited to go to war and serve his country, also he is a career soldier that dreams of being a general sometimes and have a safe job. With seeing bad things in combat and the lacking psychological help from the armed forces his opinion on war changes over time. I didn‘t like the death of cancer end either but that was what came to mind when thinking about death for a general. Maybe with some time between the end of his military career and the final end he could die a natural death. Regarding why it haunts him that was just an idea why he left the military to go to a remote and lonely island, maybe we could find a better reason. In movies generals are often depicted as if they didn‘t care how many casualties they have as long as the objective is accomplished. I want to turn the attention on a more human side of war away from movie heroics to the consequences of a decision like joining the military. Kind of like Remnants of War. First everything goes well, the player character is a war hero and gets to the KSK, but then the negative sides kick in and it goes downhill.
  13. Yes, I played Old Man for a short time, then I wasn´t immersed and enjoyed anymore and quit it. You are also correct that your points are great for creating the immersive environment in the mission. But as said my main problem isn´t in the editor, it is the Storytelling because I´m really bad at that and can´t get my ideas compiled into one campaign script which I then could work into the editor...
  14. As said writing a good and gripping plot is my problem as I´m very bad in it. The mission I create for example didn´t have that great of a story, but a few optional objectives that could help with completing the main objective and with doing those you could help the civilians. Also I try to make it immersive and realistic, what isn´t that easy as I sadly wasn´t able to serve my country and therefore have no first hand knowledge about life in the military. Okay maybe making something great were the wrong words. What I mean is a campaign that is interesting, immerses and entertains the player. Also it has plottwists (like a suprising attack that ruins your own attack). I want the player to identify himself with the character and understands his motivation and feelings behind his actions. It would be also great to use some more recently introduced features like the Laws of War in the campaign to, in the best case, educates the player about the IHL in an interesting way. What I had planned for and then scrapped as I couldn´t write an interesting story was the following. What do you think about it, does this very raw story has the potential of being worthy to produce and could it make fun? And I still hope that a better storyteller than me could work out a good plot that then could be realized.
  15. The storytelling is the biggest problem, I´m sadly not that good on that. My strength lies in the Editor and in my ideas that could be brought to light with a good storyteller. That´s exactly why I first thought about a joint effort to create a community campaign. Also I think that if I preset a scenario some would step back as that would be something they didn´t like. It is intended to not be my favourite setting and plot, but what´s most liked in the community as such a long and immersive campaign is impossible to create alone, or if done alone would take ages to complete.