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  1. Robustcolor

    How can I simplify this script?

    @pierremgi Thanks.
  2. Robustcolor

    How can I simplify this script?

    How does this work if the timeMultiplier is set to example 12? Do i need to lower the number to achieve a transition of 1800 seconds? timeMultiplier = 12; 1800 * timeMultiplier = 21600 150 * timeMultiplier = 1800
  3. Robustcolor


  4. Robustcolor


    Anyone else having the issue if you have 2 not full magazines and 1 full in inventory it won't removeMagazinesGlobal or addMagazines but will still add one player addMagazine [_mag,_remainingShots]; It's works when having 2 not full magazines only in inventory or more then > 3.
  5. Hi, is it possible to move or delete a created guard point? Using the same command just creates multiple guardPoints. createGuardedPoint [east, getMarkerPos "Marker1", -1, objNull];
  6. Robustcolor

    Help with array.

    Is it possible to store positions inside the array with apply {getMarkerPos _x} when the array looks like this? _markers = [["1",["m1_1","m1_2"]],["2",["m2_1","m2_2"]]]; Because this will be in a loop and it will fetch the position again for each check.
  7. Hi, I'm trying to have an array with editor placed map markers inside. My goal is to have main markers attached with sub markers, something like below. Tips? _markers = [["1",["m1_1","m1_2"]],["2",["m2_1","m2_2"]]]; _target = selectRandom _markers; /example/ _target = ["1",["m1_1","m1_2"]]; From here, i can't seem to fetch the positions of the markers. _mainTarget select 0 gives me "1" but i can't use getMarkerPos on it. Same here, _subTargets = _target select 1; selectRandom _subTargets; _subTarget gives me "m1_1";
  8. Robustcolor

    hint with linebreak/column

    Thanks! This worked great with using pushBack / array. hint (format ["Remaining units\n%1", _aliveUnits joinString "\n"]); Question, is it possible to add color to the header text with above code?
  9. Hi, how can i make a array with units showing up as a column/linebreaks with the hint command? This code below shows everything in a line. _aliveUnits = []; _aliveUnits pushBack (allUnits select {alive _x}); hint (format ["Remaining units %1", _aliveUnits]);
  10. Hi, is it possible to remoteExec a serverRestart command to an connected headless client? I tried this. if (!isNil "HC") then { "PassWordServer" serverCommand remoteExec ["#serverRestart",hc]; [“#serverRestart “] remoteExec [“serverCommand "PassWordServer"”,hc]; };
  11. Hi, i'm using this code that stanHope posted in the forums to define arrays for arsenal. My question is how would one check if the gear that is listed in the array is equipped on the player closing the arsenal? And if the gear equipped is not listed then remove it from the player. This is for MP. //Define what's allowed _allowedItemsArray = []; _allowedWeaponsArray = []; _allowedBackpacksArray = []; _allowedMagazinesArray = []; //Initialise Virtual Arsenal on _arsenalObject: ["AmmoboxInit", [_arsenalObject, false, {true}]] call BIS_fnc_arsenal; //Add allowed equipment to that Virtual Arsenal: [_arsenalObject, _allowedItemsArray, false, false] call BIS_fnc_addVirtualItemCargo; [_arsenalObject, _allowedWeaponsArray, false, false] call BIS_fnc_addVirtualWeaponCargo; [_arsenalObject, _allowedBackpacksArray, false, false] call BIS_fnc_addVirtualBackpackCargo; [_arsenalObject, _allowedMagazinesArray, false, false] call BIS_fnc_addVirtualMagazineCargo
  12. Robustcolor


    Yes, seems to only occur when making alot of moves upon landing. I removed these lines from the code below and the problem seems to have stopped. detach _whs; _whs setPos (_unit modelToWorld [0,-2,1]); if (!isNull _whs) then { detach _whs; _whs setPos (_unit modelToWorld [0,-2,1]); _unit action ["AddBag",objectParent _bpk, _bpktype]; sleep 2; deleteVehicle _whs; }; _unit removeEventHandler ['inventoryOpened',_unit getVariable 'lockInv']; } else { uisleep 2; _unit allowdamage true; };
  13. Robustcolor


    @pierremgi Everything seems to work except the re adding of the backpack upon landing. I used this script on the new dlc SOG, backpack landed on the ground next to the player then disappeared.
  14. Robustcolor

    help with displayEH

    Good idea @pierremgi, but without a waitUntil {inputAction "LeanLeft" == 0} or something else makes it possible to spam the code by pressing the key several times. A regular sleep makes it wierd and the inputAction seems not work inside the EH. player setVariable ["leaning",false]; (findDisplay 46) displayAddEventHandler ["KeyDown", { params ["", "_key"]; if ((_key in actionKeys "leanLeft" || _key in actionKeys "leanLeftToggle" || _key in actionKeys "LeanRight" || _key in actionKeys "LeanRightToggle") && (player getVariable "leaning" == false)) then { Something happens. player setVariable ["leaning", true]; }; }]; (findDisplay 46) displayAddEventHandler ["KeyUp", { params ["", "_key"]; if ((_key in actionKeys "leanLeft" || _key in actionKeys "leanLeftToggle" || _key in actionKeys "LeanRight" || _key in actionKeys "LeanRightToggle") && (player getVariable "leaning" == true)) then { Something happens. player setVariable ["leaning", false]; }; }];