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  1. Robustcolor


    Thanks @phronk. What's does the -1 do when using it in this context?
  2. Robustcolor


    Just a quick question here, is there any different in using floor vs round here? Also, what's the difference in using this above vs this below with -1? What does the -1 do with count. (round (random (count _allBushes -1)));
  3. Hi, is there a way to make the image fill the black box that shows when using a hint with image? Not talking about the regular hint shadow. As of now it fits perfect with the width aspect but there's some black window under the image making it look wierd between picture and text. Using width = '' or height = '' does not affect picture size. hint parseText "<img size ='8' img image = 'pictures\missionImages\missionImage.jpg'/><br/><br/><t size='1'>Search and Destroy</t>";
  4. Hi, is there any way of fecthing different soundfiles attached to the speaker _x command? I mean, using different mods like SOG have new voice lines and i would like to use the voice lines attached to the unit. My goal is to be able to do something like this below with the attached accent/soundfile for the specific unit. [_unit,[selectRandom ["ThrowingSmokeE_1","ThrowingSmokeE_2","ThrowingSmokeE_3"],250,1]] remoteExec ["say3D"];
  5. Robustcolor

    Soldier Tracker ( Map and GPS Icons )

    Hi @kibaBG, fn_quickSilver have setup his script to calculate the zoom with ctrlMapScale on the map and adjusting the texts/icons with the result number. What you can do is set it to 0, maybe not the best way but it works. Find and change this inside the script _ms = ctrlMapScale _m; to _ms = 0;
  6. Try deleteVehicle _para instead of detach.
  7. Robustcolor

    HandleDamage Event Handler Explained

    Hi @gatordev, the exitWith will not return the modified _damage to the EH when exiting from the main scope. Try a different approach with a ifThen or a call{} before using exitWith. this addEventHandler [ "HandleDamage", { params ["_unit", "_selection", "_damage", "_source", "_projectile", "_hitIndex", "_instigator", "_hitPoint"]; private _previousDamage = [_unit getHit _selection, damage _unit] select (_selection isEqualTo ""); // if selection is empty then it's overall damage private _newDamage = _damage - _previousDamage; call { if ("glass" in toLower _selection || "window" in toLower _selection) exitWith { (_previousDamage + _newDamage * 0.1) }; (_previousDamage + _newDamage * 0.7) }; } ];
  8. Robustcolor

    Arsenal camera angle

    Hi @dupa1, use this in initPlayerLocal.sqf, play around with the numbers to change the angle. Remember that this will be overwrited with the new camera angle you set with the mouse inside the arsenal when you exit it. So if you want to reset it to the angle from the script use a arsenalClosed EventHandler. BIS_fnc_arsenal_campos_0 = [5,170,18,[0,0,0.85]]; [missionNamespace, "arsenalClosed", { BIS_fnc_arsenal_campos_0 = [5,170,18,[0,0,0.85]]; }] call BIS_fnc_addScriptedEventHandler;
  9. this addEventHandler ["HandleHeal", { _this spawn { params ["_injured", "_healer"]; private _damage = damage _injured; waitUntil {(damage _injured != _damage)}; if (damage _injured < _damage) then { _injured setDamage 0; }; }; }];
  10. Well the thing is, handleheal never triggers if someone heals you even if both has the EH. The EH only works for the local player starting a self heal or healing an AI. There is no effect in MP between players when im testing it, Injured or healer is either the player or an AI, never another pllayer starting healing others. So my question is, is there a solution for this?
  11. Is there something similiar for multiplayer? Since handleheal only triggers for local player and AI interactions, not when healing other players.
  12. Question, when searching in player inventory for items that has a specific string in them, in this case mine and then removing only one of it. Is this the right approach? First code i select all items with mine then removing one of it (seems unnecessary to select all when only one is needed to be removed) , second code is more of a BOOL but works for some reason. Is there a better way of doing this? player removeItem selectRandom (items player select {"mine" in _x}) player removeitem selectRandom items player in ['mine'];
  13. Anyone figured this out how to remove a specific magazine? Since magazinesAmmoFull gives an ID with toFixed 0 but when using removeMagazine it just deletes a random magazine one. Example; toFixed 0; _magazines = magazinesAmmoFull player select {_x select 1 isNotEqualTo 18}; {player removeMagazine _x select 0} count _magazines;
  14. Robustcolor


    Nothing changed from your code, just wondering if it's suppose to look like this in first person view.
  15. Robustcolor


    Asking because it seems like all holders shows the backpack under the feets in first person view. Is there a work around for it?