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Found 19 results

  1. SOLDIER TRACKER by QUIKSILVER v2.5.0 CREATED: 8/08/2014 UPDATED: 26/02/2018 A3 1.80 Download (GitHub) VIDEO: IMAGES: DESCRIPTION: A system for showing Soldier, Vehicle and Group information on the Map, GPS and HUD. PURPOSE: Designed for scenario designers to have a powerful, high-performance and highly flexible solution to presenting player, vehicle and group information on the map, GPS and HUD interfaces. FEATURES: FUTURE DEVELOPMENT: INSTRUCTIONS: PERMISSIONS: SUGGESTIONS / FEEBACK / BUG REPORTS: KNOWN ISSUES: CHANGE LOG: THIRD PARTY CREDIT: DONATE: DOWNLOAD LINK: Download (GitHub) Cheers! :)
  2. Is there a way to skip a conditional to avoid negative numbers? _balance expected: _A = 20; _B = 10; _balance = _A - _B; // results 10 _balance reality: 😅 _A = 20; _B = 60; _balance = _A - _B; // results -40 A lazy solution: _A = 20; _B = 60; _balance = 0; if ( _A > _B ) then { _balance = _A - _B } else { _balance = _B - _A }; // results 40 always Show me what you got...
  3. Hi, I know that you can force a player to walk by using forceWalk, but i'd also like to know if it's possible to force other paces onto the player. combat pace, run, sprint namely. I cannot find a similar command for these paces. A lead I was following would be to detect the keys set for toggle on these settings and emulate their input, but I don't know if it's possible to emulate key input from a script.
  4. black_hawk_mw2_87

    Force Groups Spawn

    Hello to everyone from the community! 🙂 I would like to ask for a script that: - creates groups of units by force (from sqf file) and WHEN a trigger is activated and its condition is met. My idea is to: 1.create a group in the EDEN editor and give the unit a callsign X (for example); 2.force spawn the same group when a condition is met in my trigger (it must not exist until this moment, OR be invisible); 3.use the sqf file to check if the ENTIRE group is eliminated and forced respawn it again; 4.have another script from another trigger which could stop spawning the group when another condition is met (for example a visible timer reaches 0 second - such scripts could be used when the player awaits reinforcements and must hold a position for certain time). Here is everything again: [trigger is activated and spawns the X group] ---> [the group is eliminated - checked by the sqf file that also spawns it again] ---> [use a no matter what condition in a 2nd. trigger to stop the respawn /a timer is preferred/] Thank you for the help in advance and cheers! Edit: additional question - can I use multiple groups named X_1, X_2, X_3 etc. and also use multiple sqf files with similar names that work as the first file, only for the next X groups that follow? 🙂
  5. MartinWuzHere

    Task Force Phobos

    TFP -Task Force Phobos- is a semi-realistic milsim community. We are currently looking for players who enjoy a laid back expirence, in contrast to hardcore groups. some pros of this unit include 1. No paperwork. You will never have to fill out any forms. Just join the discord (will be linked) and join the BI group (will also be linked) and youll be good to go. 2. 13+ age restriction. this is much lower than many groups, id dare go as far as to say we really dont have one! (just please, try to be mature!) 3. MULTIPLE OPS during the 7 day period. 1-2 ops during the week, plus fri/sat/sun ops every weekend! 4. Minimal training required. youll pretty much just prove that you know what youre doing for your desired role. 5. Absolutely no IRL or arma exprience required. 6. We use TFR/TFAR. This requires TS3, but if you dont have it and are willing to use it, we can def help you through the process of getting it set up! Training- Friday, before operation TFP uses a dedicated server to ensure quality of gameplay, as well as an immersive modpack. Unit members are not required to attend every op, though at least one a week would be great. If anyone has any questions at all, feel free to Dm me, friend me on steam/discord, etc. Have fun and happy Milsiming! Cpl Martin TaskForcePhobos Rep Adv Recce Marksman TFP Discord: https://discord.gg/UMA8Tp TFP BI Group: https://units.arma3.com/unit/taskforcephobos
  6. What I want: So I'm making a mission where you start of by entering Arsenal. While you are in arsenal a timer ticks down and when it gets to 0 you get teleported away into the air. Before this happens I want the players to be forced out of arsenal so that they don't start free falling with arsenal open or (due to the fact that they should not take any damage until they have landed) can fidle with the arsenal while the mission is playing. When teleported into the air I want the player to not be killable. Once the player lands (either faceplant into the ground or by landing with a parachute) the player should then be able to take damage. What I got: All players get forced into arsenal in the begining and there is a timer ticking down. If you exit the arsenal you get a black screen telling you that the game is still preparing and that you can re-enter the arsenal with a button click. Once the timer runs out the players get teleported and enters free fall where he/she has access to a parachute. What I've tried: For forcing out of arsenal? Nothing cuz I can't find anything else than adding arsenal on google. For detecting if landed: getPos of player in Z axis, and it worked, unless you land on a roof. detect stances such as prone, crouch or standing. Did not work and got called while free falling. some weird hasLanded thing that most likely is only for helis/planes So again, what do I need help with: A way to detect if a player has landed, aka stopped freefalling and is not parachuting. A way to force the player out of the Arsenal.
  7. Detachment One is a North America based Arma 3 unit based on MCSOCOM Detachment One. We are extending an invitation to skilled personnel interested in running operations of the following types: Direct Action Special Reconnaissance Special Activities The atmosphere at DetOne is more relaxed, as we have all been a part of previous milsim units. No need to report in, finish statements with “Sir!” nor address members by rank. We have a Teamspeak 3 and Arma 3 server and primarily use TS3 and Discord for communications. Events/Operations The main operation takes place on Saturdays at 9PM EST Other events and training may take place weekly or as determined. Our servers are online 24/7 with the exception of maintenance, so our members can additionally gather/play at any time. https://youtu.be/nAIed1M4a9g Requirements: Minimum age of 18 Teamspeak 3 with Microphone Fluent in English Arma 3 installed Good overall fit for the unit Open Roles: Direct Action Element Member SARC – Special Amphibious Reconnaissance Corpsman Aviator, 1-160th SOAR The unit also has a “Fires Element,” where members can serve roles of: Machine Gunner Infantry Assaultman Mortarman Candidates will undergo an Initial Skills Assessment covering the followin criteria before acceptance: Land Navigation Radio Communication/TFAR ACE Advanced Medical Skills Room Clearing/CQB and POS ID ACE Explosives Further skills on the individual and team level may be trained and developed after entrance. To join or if you have questions, please message one of these members: Bezaleel DareThrylls Arondight Join us on Discord! https://discord.gg/S4NSw8J
  8. EN FRANCAIS : LA QUICK REACTION FORCE RECRUTE ! La QRF recrute des personnes motivĂ© voulant s'investir et devenir de vĂ©ritable soldats au sein d'une unitĂ© dynamique et rigoureuse voulant vivre des expĂ©riences inĂ©dites de simulation militaire ! MAIS QU'EST CE QUE LA QRF ? La QUICK REACTION FORCE(QRF) est une unitĂ© de simulation militaire française sur les jeux vidĂ©os multijoueurs "Arma 3" et "Squad". La simulation et le rĂ©alisme sont la conduite de notre unitĂ© pour pouvoir se rapprocher autant qu'il est possible du rĂ©el.Nous basons notre unitĂ© sur l'armĂ©e Française de nos jours. Le systĂšme de hiĂ©rarchie, le systĂšme de grades, les mĂ©dailles et les procĂ©dures de combats etc... ont Ă©tĂ© adapter aux jeux vidĂ©o. Lorsque vous vous engager, vous commencez en tant que soldat de 2Ăšme Classe et entrez dans un cursus de formation ou vous ĂȘtes entraĂźnĂ©s par nos instructeurs qui font de vous de vĂ©ritable soldats de la "QRF", lors de cette formation initiale vous apprenez l'ensemble des compĂ©tences nĂ©cessaires a un soldat pour pouvoir remplir les diffĂ©rentes missions. Si vous recherchez un nouvel aspect du jeu vidĂ©o et une expĂ©rience totalement inĂ©dite au plus proche de la rĂ©alitĂ©, rejoignez la QUICK REACTION FORCE. LES CONDITIONS : - Pouvoir parler français - avoir 16 ans minimum - possĂ©der un micro et un casque - Pouvoir se libĂ©rer une a deux fois par semaines 2100h - 2300h le lundi et jeudi LES LIENS : - En savoir plus : http://qrf-reality.fr/about/ - Discord : https://discord.gg/GMaPBUu - Site web : http://qrf-reality.fr/ - Groupe Steam : https://steamcommunity.com/groups/qrf-realit RESPECTUEUSEMENT, CNE DIMITRI K. STARLIGHT COMMANDANT D'UNITE 1ERE CIE QUICK REACTION FORCE ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ IN ENGLISH : THE QUICK REACTION FORCE RECRUITS! The QRF recruits motivated individuals willing to invest and become real soldiers in a dynamic and rigorous unit wanting to experience unprecedented military simulation! BUT WHAT IS QRF? The QUICK REACTION FORCE (QRF) is a French military simulation unit on multiplayer video games "Arma 3" and "Squad". Simulation and realism are the driving of our unity to be as close as possible to the real. We base our unity on the French army nowadays. The hierarchy system, the rank system, the medals and the fighting procedures etc ... have been adapted to video games. When you commit yourself, you start as a 2nd class soldier and enter a training course or you are trained by our instructors who make you real soldiers of the "QRF", during this initial training you learn the set of skills necessary for a soldier to be able to fulfill the various missions. If you are looking for a new aspect of the video game and a completely new experience closer to reality, join the QUICK REACTION FORCE. CONDITIONS : - To be able to speak French - be at least 16 years old - own a microphone and headphones - To be able to free one to twice a week 2100h - 2300h on monday and thursday CNE DIMITRI K. STARLIGHT COMMANDANT D'UNITE 1ERE CIE QUICK REACTION FORCE
  9. Hi, I'm trying to prevent players from force respawning when waiting for a revive (using the vanilla revive). To do this I'm trying to stop them from using the enter key or middle mouse button. I can stop the enter button, but the middle mouse button is eluding me. This is the code I'm using: _idKey = (findDisplay 46) displayAddEventHandler ["KeyDown","if ((_this select 1) == 28) then {true}"]; _idMouse = (findDisplay 46) displayAddEventHandler ["MouseButtonDown","if ((_this select 1) == 2) then {true}"]; Now, in testing I got a return (_this select 1) of 28 and 2 for "KeyDown" and "MouseButtonDown" respectively, but when I apply that to the EH as I have done above, only the enter key is stopped. How do I stop a player using their middle mouse button (without disabling user input)? Edit: Worked it out, relevant post/s are below but here is the solution (big credit to Larrow for a step in the right direction): #include "\a3\functions_f_mp_mark\revive\defines.inc" nul = [player] spawn { params ["_unit"]; while {true} do { private ["_actionID"]; waitUntil {lifeState _unit == "INCAPACITATED"}; _actionID = _unit getVariable [VAR_ACTION_ID_RESPAWN,-1]; [_unit,_actionID] call bis_fnc_holdActionRemove; {SET_FORCING_RESPAWN(_unit,false)}; }; }; Add this to the initPlayerLocal.sqf and the option to force respawn will not be present for an incapacitated player. Or, better yet, use this updated code from Larrow: player addEventHandler["Dammaged",{ params ["_unit", "", "_damage","","_hitPoint","_source"]; if ( alive _unit && { _damage >= 1 && { _unit getVariable ["#rev_enabled", false] && { _hitPoint == "Incapacitated" && { _unit getVariable ["#rev_state", 0] isEqualTo 2 } } } } ) then { if ( vehicle _unit isEqualTo _unit ) then { _nul = [ _unit ] spawn { params[ "_unit" ]; waitUntil{ !( _unit getVariable [ "#rev_actionID_respawn", -1 ] isEqualTo -1 ) }; _actionID = _unit getVariable [ "#rev_actionID_respawn", -1 ]; [ _unit, _actionID ] call BIS_fnc_holdActionRemove; ["",false,_unit] call BIS_fnc_reviveOnForcingRespawn; _unit setVariable ["#revF", false, true]; waitUntil{ !( lifeState _unit == "Incapacitated" ) }; _unit setVariable [ "#rev_actionID_respawn", -1 ]; }; }; }; }];
  10. I have run into a fairly frustrating problem involving AI helicopter pilots and squads attempting to board helicopters. The situation is as follows: I have a helicopter with its engine on waiting on the ground. Then, I order my squad members to board that helicopter, but as soon as I do the helicopter takes off, goes to about fifty meters, and then lands again to allow my squad members to enter. This also occurs with editor-based waypoints. As soon as an AI squad activates a 'Get In' waypoint, the AI flying the helicopter shoots up into the air and then lands again. Is there any way to force the AI helicopter to not do this, and stay on the ground instead? I have tried everything from synchronizing load and get-in waypoints (with a condition to wait for the units to get in), using disableAI "ALL", disabling the simulation of the helicopter's pilot, placing an invisible helipad directly under the helicopter, etc., but nothing works. Note that it is necessary for the helicopter's engine to be on to achieve the necessary effect as this takes place during a cutscene. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
  11. For example: AI has sawn-off shotgun in backpack. What would I place in a trigger's On Activation to equip the shotgun?
  12. Hi all, after the long time I am releasing a new addon. Here is Qinetix Czech Air Force Hind Tigers which contains four versions of Hind Tigers of Czech Air Force 221st Helicopter Squadron. These machines you can know from NATO Tiger Meet. For example the newest one is Hind Alien Tiger. It's just retextured Hind from CUP. You can see screenshots and download the addon on Steam Workshop. This addon requires CUP Vehicles.
  13. I tried googling this and I came up with this code here: p1 action["eject", neo_1]; But when I do that nothing happens, the player doesn't eject out of the plane, I then was looking at the wiki and found a getOut action, but when I did that, it caused the player to actually like climb out of the plane and not be ejected from the ejection seat? So I am asking here how to do this, since all the things I've found online were the code similar to above but that doesn't seem to work, maybe some things changed with the new jets update DLC thing? since when I found this code that was back like a year ago?
  14. Hi all, I have been running into a strange issue recently. I use a Logitech Force 3D Pro to pilot planes and helicopters in the game, I had no issue for a year and now I experienced something pretty anoying. I accidentally disconnected my joystick while being in game and Arma 3 does not recognize it anymore... I have tried reinstalling the drivers, the game and changing USB port (3.1, 3.0 and 2.0). But nothing changes, when I try to refresh the controller section in the game's settings nothing appears. I have checked the Controller Settings of Windows and it appears to be working. So if anyone could help me getting it to work it would be very kind, because as for now I am a bit stuck... Alexandre SARWA PS : I apologize for all the langage errors, English is not my natal langage
  15. The North Atlantic Expeditionary Force Strong Alone, Stronger Together Introduction The North Atlantic Expeditionary Force is a fictional unit, depicting a permanent and independent military under NATO. With this, we see it fit to vary the equipment used by the Unit from operation to operation, allowing for a varying experience in each of our campaigns. Campaigns consist of story-driven experiences; with realistic military briefings, multiple objectives and varying squad setups. Members that are not in active leadership positions are able to select different roles during each operation (subject to training and competency), to allow for a varying and challenging experience for all. Training will be supplied from basic, up to and including specialisation or leadership trainings. Training & Operation Every Saturday we will have a main/campaign operation where every member is expected to participate in. Being capable of selecting various roles instead of forced in a locked position we thing may increase the fun experience in a actual Arma 3 Milsim unit. All Operations will have a dedicated Zeus team that will oversee the operation progress and communicate between the members/zeus team to increase effectiveness and realism into our operations. Every Sunday we will have a training mission ready for all members that wish to specialise in a certain role or complete their cadet/soldier training. In every training mission we make sure that our members know the basics of being a soldier in our unit. Explaining several subjects and discussions amongst cadets we ensure that communication between eachother is vital. Hierarchy & Structure In every unit we must of course utilise a military ranking system, as most units just generally pick their countries hierarchy, we chose to make our own one, a combination of ranks between countries we see this fit because of our unit's theme. We also utilise multiple components inside the unit, ranging from armoured warfare, Air Combat, Infantry Elements, Long Range weaponry and Support Units, combining all these elements will surely create a ultimate experience of realistic combat. Links NAEF Website NAEF Discord NAEF Arma Clans NAEF Steam Group Teamspeak 3 (
  16. The Opposition Force (OP4) is a Synergy - Focused CLAN with a strong foundation in discipline. We Currently Play: Planetside 2, PlayerUnknown Battlegrounds, Battlefield 1,Squad, and Black Desert Online. We have a Command Structure/Hierarchy, 'regulation' infantry behaviors, and rules that are strict by most Clan’s standards. We are a Clan/Family before anything else and would love for you to be a part of it. We're looking for members who're here to join our gaming family and not just the game we're currently playing. We make the decision to play/focus on a game, as a clan and we suggest you join with an “i'll play whatever the group plays” attitude/willingness to try new games. The way we communicate and conduct ourselves is with the fullest intent to win. We are forgiving and accepting of new players with honest and an enthusiastic interest in the clan,it's members and it's activities. We DO NOT tolerate insubordination, that will result in a ban or exclusion from Clan activities. Our main hours of operations are 9 PM – 12 AM EST or longer. We use the GroupMe mobile app to coordinate meetings and speak to each other throughout the day. We offer Training, an understanding environment , a mature environment, objective based gameplay, tactical precision, and lols....lots of lols. Mature individuals, 18+ No Exceptions You must be willing to take on our structure. You must be an Individuals with thick skin. You must have a willingness to play needed roles and classes, and in squads with more than 4 members In OP4 you must follow the Squad Leader’s orders, no matter what. They are never to be second guessed. We have an after action for that. Discord and willingness to communicate are MANDATORY. You must have time in your schedule; please do not join OP4 if you know you have a 3 month vacation coming soon. We prefer for our players to be active. You must be willing to hangout and communicate when you are online, This may entail analyzing video clips simultaneously as a clan and providing constructive criticism. Created in 2010, The Opposition Force prides itself as a mature community with both semi and fully-active gamers, spanning multiple games. We own our own Private Subreddit to relay information quickly, and host our own Teamspeak server. OP4 schedules daily events including training, and we have several videos to guide recruits along. Saturdays are always a free social day. The Opposition Force is not an elitist outfit. Rude and unbecoming behavior (racism, name-calling, threats, etc)are not tolerated here and never will be. Respect for one's opponent is just as important as respect for one's team. In OP4, we have our faults, and we focus our energy on learning from those faults to better ourselves and give us the edge in combat. -Forsosh, Leader of OP4 JOIN OUR DISCORD IF YOU'RE INTERESTED (Recruiters will be on after 9PM) : https://discord.gg/x4uB7Hx
  17. With the results of my poll in, the server has been configured and launched. It is an Invade and Annex on the Tanoa map, with the mods being RHS: Escalation and Task Force Radio. If you want, you may also load in with ShackTac Interface but that's optional. I hope we get some people on and enjoying everything I have to offer. Feel free to use the TeamSpeak as well. Server: Teamspeak: And if you really feel so inclined, you can join the Arma 3 Unit that I'm starting up. Task Force 121 -> https://units.arma3.com/unit/jsoctf121
  18. "ÎƓÎƾÎâ€șΩÎ Îâ€șΑΒÎ‱" WHO ARE WE? We are Task Force Spartan, a realism, military simulation unit. We are a small Task Force group who cares and always willing to help and look out for each other. WHAT DO WE OFFER? Tactical Combat Realism US Military Ranks Modpacks Teamspeak 3 Server Training ENLISTMENT REQUIREMENTS Atleast 15 years of age Must have Teamspeak 3 Must own an original copy of Arma 3 Must be mature Must have a mic HOW TO ENLIST To enlist send an e-mail to alexandros.mirza@gmail.com with the following: Name Age Location Choose a unit and up to 3 Specialties UNITS TO CHOOSE FROM 1. Infantry - "Sword" Specialties: Rifleman Grenadier SAW Gunner Explosive SPC Missile SPC Combat Medic 2. Airforce - "Spear" Specialties: Rotary Pilot Fixed Wing Pilot 3. Armor - "Shield" Specialties: Tanks Artillery --General Alex Torvalds
  19. Hello dear community, In steam library i made launch options for arma3 as follows : -nosplash -nologs -useBE -nolauncher. That is usual way how i start arma3, from games library in steam. But now i want to use some mods and i would like to start it from arma3Mods shortcut placed on desktop and only want it to start with BIS launcher now so i can select mods i want to play with. Can i make arma 3 launcher to start without editing launch options in steam library, so i don't need to add or remove always that parameter -nolauncher when i want to play with mods? Is there -forceLauncher parameter, something like that? I hope i made myself clear, if not please ask for more input. Thanks SOLVED EDIT: in C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\SteamApps\common\Arma 3 there is arma3laucnher.exe, problem is solved