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  1. Trying to have a soldier called AA_01 unholster/switch to a rocket launcher that's on his back. He isn't carrying a primary weapon or sidearm. Tried these in unit init and init.sqf: AA_01 action ["SwitchWeapon", AA_01, AA_01, x]; /// x = numbers I tried from 0 to 16 AA_01 action ["useWeapon", AA_01, AA_01, x]; AA_01 selectWeapon "CUP_LAUNCH_IGLA"; Found this but I don't understand what to do with the info given: https://forums.bohemia.net/forums/topic/181067-how-to-find-weapon-index/
  2. Decided to define the variables separately rather than using an array and it works. Thanks again!
  3. Thanks that helps! It was meant to be the variable of the created unit.
  4. Trying to spawn a group of units with each unit having a variable name so I can do stuff like give each a unique loadout after spawning. Everything seems to work, until the last line of the below script "removeUniform SpawnSoldier_02;". I receive an error "error removeuniform: type string, expected object".
  5. Lineman

    Best AI Mortar Script?

    How would this be adapted for multiple spotters sharing the same array of artillery pieces? Could I simply group units to the spotter and they would share info? Or put the execVM in multiple units?
  6. Trying to create 27 shells. 1 at 2-4 second intervals. Instead, all the shells seem to land at once and this error message appears: My script: Reference: https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/BIS_fnc_fireSupportVirtual
  7. For example: AI has sawn-off shotgun in backpack. What would I place in a trigger's On Activation to equip the shotgun?
  8. Seem to have fixed it. Problem was the On Activation script. This limited number of spawning enemies in an unintended way, so it's replaced with...
  9. I want the trigger to always activate when there are less than 10 Blufor in area. Problem is, Blufor has to leave and re-enter the area for the condition to work; for example, trigger activates one time when 1 Blufor is in the area, and that 1 Blufor has to re-enter the area to trigger it again. Trigger Blufor Present Repeatable - Yes Server - Yes Condition: this && count thisList < 10; On Activation: []execVM "MoreSoviets.sqf"; //MoreSoviets.sqf
  10. New UI might be a bit much for me. That would work. But what about "attaching" tickets to unique player ID after they choose a slot? For example, player would be restricted to spectator upon losing 3 of 3 tickets and can no longer spawn in any multiplayer slot.
  11. I could be wrong but I'm not sure if jwllorens and I have quite the same issue. I want to remove multiplayer slots in the lobby screen once tickets are exhausted. For example... Alpha 1: Medic Machinegunner AT Specialist Problem: (1) Player selects Medic. (2) Spawns and dies 3 times, depleting 3 out of 3 tickets. (3) Is restricted to spectator with the respawn button reading "Respawn Disabled", but... (3) Clicks escape, abort, and returns to lobby screen. (4) Is able to select Medic again and has 3 fresh tickets.
  12. It works! Thanks! //Blufor Present Trigger On activation field: []execVM "MoveAttackPoint01.sqf"; //MoveAttackPoint01.sqf