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  1. For example: AI has sawn-off shotgun in backpack. What would I place in a trigger's On Activation to equip the shotgun?
  2. Seem to have fixed it. Problem was the On Activation script. This limited number of spawning enemies in an unintended way, so it's replaced with...
  3. I want the trigger to always activate when there are less than 10 Blufor in area. Problem is, Blufor has to leave and re-enter the area for the condition to work; for example, trigger activates one time when 1 Blufor is in the area, and that 1 Blufor has to re-enter the area to trigger it again. Trigger Blufor Present Repeatable - Yes Server - Yes Condition: this && count thisList < 10; On Activation: []execVM "MoreSoviets.sqf"; //MoreSoviets.sqf
  4. New UI might be a bit much for me. That would work. But what about "attaching" tickets to unique player ID after they choose a slot? For example, player would be restricted to spectator upon losing 3 of 3 tickets and can no longer spawn in any multiplayer slot.
  5. I could be wrong but I'm not sure if jwllorens and I have quite the same issue. I want to remove multiplayer slots in the lobby screen once tickets are exhausted. For example... Alpha 1: Medic Machinegunner AT Specialist Problem: (1) Player selects Medic. (2) Spawns and dies 3 times, depleting 3 out of 3 tickets. (3) Is restricted to spectator with the respawn button reading "Respawn Disabled", but... (3) Clicks escape, abort, and returns to lobby screen. (4) Is able to select Medic again and has 3 fresh tickets.
  6. It works! Thanks! //Blufor Present Trigger On activation field: []execVM "MoveAttackPoint01.sqf"; //MoveAttackPoint01.sqf
  7. Currently using createVehicle to spawn an object under certain conditions. I'm wondering how to create a variable name once it has spawned.
  8. I just tried playing the broken version and did not receive a new .rpt file, and I don't know which of the older .rpt files are related to that mission. On a good note, 11 of us managed to complete the unbroken version last night.
  9. Started rebuilding from scratch, testing every couple of minutes. Got to the point where everything was almost as it was when I first made this thread, then the respawn error appeared after placing about 30 mines in the editor. I reduced the number of "PMD-6 anti-infantry mines" (from the Iron Front mod) to 10, now everything is working perfectly. Tested several times by repeatedly increasing and decreasing the quantity of these mines. Respawn consistently becomes disabled at around 30 mines. Worth noting that I never added script to these mines, nor were they near anything spawn-related. Very strange.
  10. Deleted everything pertaining to respawns for both AI and humans. Deleted all playable units. Then added 1 playable Blufor infantryman, and a Respawn Position module... Name: FRONT Type: Infantry Side: Blufor Show to: Only the side Notification disabled //description.ext Got the same result. Black map screen with respawn button disabled. Mission files: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1ixcB6EqD2FkH5vLFbbHovz053OL7ND6q
  11. Right, but why would adding inventory items, creating extra spawn positions and extending respawn time, totally disable ability for players to spawn? The weirdest thing is that these spawn/inventory scripts worked in several of my ops, INCLUDING this one (played through to the end last night with 10 people). Loaded it up today, increased the number of hostile/friendly AI, and we're now faced with the black screen / respawn disabled button.
  12. Are you sure? This is the mission.sqm from fresh download of very same map, before I started editing (very short):
  13. Unbinarised https://drive.google.com/open?id=1NmTeormP5j3KPYU0LTH6BIgOusmy33VC