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Found 12 results

  1. Gunter Severloh

    Mission name standard

    --- Mission Name Standard --- by Celery I credit and dedicate this thread to Celery and his ideas for the Mission naming standard. His former Mission name standard threads can be seen here Arma 1 and here Arma2OA I had the idea to bring the thread over to the Arma3 section and organize it for the community, adding some separations, text, and format, all content is that of Celery's. ================= About This sticky is for everyone who is making multiplayer missions and I ask you to read and follow the standard for the convenience of the whole multiplayer community. The mission name matters because missions are listed in alphabetical order on a server. There are hundreds of missions out there and many servers have a huge amount of them so keeping things tidy helps everyone pick the mission they want to play with less trouble. The mission name is written in the editor in the same window where you set the weather and time conditions. ============ Example Here is an example of your everyday mission name following the standard: CO 06 Kill the AI The name specifies these parts: game type maximum number of players mission name Below is a more complicated name, showing more pieces of information should the need arise: FDF CTF@ 24 Flag Rambos v1 beta The name specifies these parts: mod tag game type addon tag maximum number of players mission name version of the mission PLEASE NOTE: Mission names are written exactly like in the examples, underscores for spaces and (only) lower case are not used. The mission name is only a piece of data inside the file and it doesn't give any trouble to upper case and space allergic systems that try to open them. Read about filenames near the end of this post. Specific instructions for naming your mission begin here --- Mods, Leagues, and Squads --- If the mission requires a mod (not individual addons), it should be stated at the start of the mission name to tell the players that the mod should be loaded if they wish to play the mission. It should be written first to make it easier to either browse or skip the mod missions depending on if you can or want to play them or not. An example of a mod mission name: ACE CO 30 Domination Leagues and tournaments need a tag to tell their missions apart from public ones. If the league or tournament uses addons, the tag should be placed like a mod tag at the beginning of the name. If the league's missions are also meant for addon-free public play, the tag should be placed after the game type for easier browsing. Two examples of league mission names: ECL C&H 34 Metal Rain CTF -Gc- 50 CAYO V1-06beta A squad or mission making team tag can also be used. In that case the tag can be either after the game type or after the mission name. If you're only making a single mission and not a series of missions of the same game type, it's best to leave the tag after the mission name for easier alphabetical browsing. A tag after the game type serves to list all missions of the same series together. Two examples of squad mission names: CTF [MCY] 60 DOUBLE BLOW v03 DM 10 VODKA! [MCY] v1.10 --- The addon (@) tag --- The @ sign helps the server admin and joining players to see that they must have the unofficial addons the mission requires to play (not included in the vanilla game, expansions or patches). If the mission is made for a mod, a mod tag will suffice to tell everyone that they must have the mod. However if the mission uses an addon that the mentioned mod doesn't include, the @ sign becomes necessary again. The tag is attached to the end of the game type with no spaces. If you want to specify which addon is needed, you can mention the addon's name next to the mission name. Mission using an unofficial addon: A&D@ 16 Addon Wars v666 Mission using the FDF mod: FDF CO 08 Russian Hell Mission using the FDF mod and an addon not included in the mod: FDF TDM@ 12 Wanzer Fight v2 Mission converted to use an addon: DM@ 10 VODKA! (Sergei's M4 pack) --- Player amount --- The two digits before the mission name give away the maximum amount of people who can play the mission. Spectator slots should be left out of the count so players won't be confused when they don't get to play in the actual game after all. The number always has to be written with two digits unless the mission actually has 100 slots or more. If the amount is lower than 10, a zero is written as the first digit so that the alphanumeric order is not confused. --- Game types --- The following abbreviations are used: CO - Cooperative (only AI opponents) DM - Deathmatch TDM - Team Deathmatch C&H - Capture and Hold SC - Sector Control AAS - Advance & Secure CTF - Capture the Flag RCTF - Reverse Capture the Flag Combi - Combination of C&H and CTF C&K - Capture and Kill CTI - Conquer the Island A&D - Attack & Defend Obj - Objective (Co-op style mission with PvP element) RC - Race FF - Flag Fight TFF - Team Flag Fight E&E - Escape & Evade VIP - VIP Protection/Assassination RTS - Real Time Strategy RPG - Role Playing Game Misc - Miscellaneous (unique concept not fitting in any category) If there are game types that aren't listed here, don't be shy to mention. Multiplayer Game Types - Arma 3 Wiki https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/Multiplayer_Game_Types --- Version --- A version number is completely optional but highly recommended to better recognize possible different versions of the mission at first glance. The format of version numbering is free as long as it's consistent with other versions of your missions to make it easy to see which one is a more recent version. --- Filenames --- Although the mission name is the most visible part in Armed Assault, you should not forget about the significance of the filename. When managing missions on a server, the missions show with only their filenames in the ftp program and that's why it's smart to extend the naming format there. There are some differences, though. 1. Use underscores (_) in place of spaces ( ) 2. Don't use periods If you have a period (.) in the name of your mission, leave it out. If the version number uses a period, replace it with a hyphen (-) in the filename. Examples of filenames: ctf_gc_50_everon_v1-06beta2.Chernarus.pbo dm_16_vanilla_v1-03b.utes.pbo --- Ending words --- This standard's purpose is to make everyone's browsing easier and faster both as server admins and as players joining a game. Selfish naming policies such as adding special characters or brackets at the beginning of the name to make your mission show at the beginning of the list only disrupts the system so I ask you to have the willpower and discipline to follow the standard, no matter how special you think your mission is. The standard is open for changes as long as it contributes to its purpose or if there is a mistake somewhere in the current edition of this post. ==============
  2. When you group units together into a squad, they adopt a default name, usually along the lines of Alpha 1,1. This is the name that shows up in the character select lobby when hosting a server. I know you can change the role description of the squad by going into it's attributes, and the name change is reflected in the editor. But their name stays as the same default in the multiplayer lobby, Alpha 1,1. Is it possible to change their name so it appears different there too?
  3. Hi all, I encounter a problem with JIP players for a name tags script. When a player do JIP the name tags of currently connected players aren't shown until they respawn once. But after one respawn from other players the script works correctly even if the JIP player do JIP again. I tried many ways to find a solution but for now I'm still stuck with this... init.sqf : [] execVM "scripts\nameTags.sqf"; initServer.sqf : waitUntil {time > 0}; arrPlayers = []; initPlayerServer.sqf : _player = _this select 0; waitUntil {(!isNull _player) && (_player == _player)}; waitUntil {time > 0}; waitUntil {!isNil "arrPlayers"}; _playerID = "playerID" + "_" + (getPlayerUID _player); arrPlayers pushBackUnique _playerID; publicVariable "arrPlayers"; [[_player, _playerID], { params ["_player", "_playerID"]; missionNamespace setVariable [_playerID, _player, false]; _player setVehicleVarName _playerID; }] remoteExec ["spawn", 0]; initPlayerLocal.sqf : _didJIP = _this select 1; waitUntil {(!isNull player) && (player == player)}; if (_didJIP) then { { //waitUntil {alive player}; waitUntil {(!isNull player) && (player == player) && !((lifeState player) in ["DEAD", "DEAD-RESPAWN", "DEAD-SWITCHING"])}; _playerID = "playerID" + "_" + (getPlayerUID player); [ [player, _playerID], { params ["_player", "_playerID"]; missionNamespace setVariable [_playerID, _player, false]; _player setVehicleVarName _playerID; } ] remoteExec ["call", remoteExecutedOwner]; } remoteExec ["spawn", [0, -2] select isDedicated]; }; nameTags.sqf : if !(hasInterface) exitWith {}; MISSION_ROOT = getMissionPath ""; KK_fnc_trueZoom = { ( [0.5,0.5] distance2D worldToScreen positionCameraToWorld [0,3,4] ) * ( getResolution select 5 ) / 2 }; fnc_nameTags = { #define LIMITDISTANCE 2000 #define NAMEDISTANCE 250 #define ICON_sizeScale 0.75 idNameTags = addMissionEventHandler ["Draw3D", { { _unit = (call compile _x); if (!(player distance2D _unit > LIMITDISTANCE) && alive _unit /*&& player != _unit*/ && !isNull _unit && (vehicle _unit == _unit || (vehicle _unit != _unit && effectiveCommander vehicle _unit == _unit))) then { _distanceUI = round (_unit distance vehicle player); _icon = "pictures\WEST.paa"; _textSpaced = 0.0062; _targetPosition = _unit modelToWorldVisual[0,0,2]; _playerPosition = positionCameraToWorld[0,0,0]; _distance = _targetPosition distance _playerPosition; _fov = call KK_fnc_trueZoom; _dir = _targetPosition vectorDiff _playerPosition; _playerDir = _playerPosition vectorFromTo positionCameraToWorld[0,0,1]; //_cross = (_playerDir) vectorCrossProduct (vectorUp player); _cross = (_playerDir) vectorCrossProduct [0,0,1]; _drawUpNormal = vectorNormalized (_cross vectorCrossProduct _dir); // CHECK INJURED private ["_icon"]; if (lifeState _unit == "INCAPACITATED") then {_icon = MISSION_ROOT + "pictures\INJURED.paa"} else {_icon = MISSION_ROOT + "pictures\WEST.paa"}; // ICON _uiScale = (0.55 / (getResolution select 5)) * ICON_sizeScale; _iconSize = (1 - ((_distance / LIMITDISTANCE) * 0.7)) * _uiScale * 1; _drawUpIcon = _drawUpNormal vectorMultiply ((_textSpaced*2.8) * _distance / _fov); _drawPosIcon = _targetPosition vectorAdd _drawUpIcon; drawIcon3D [_icon, [1,1,1,1], _drawPosIcon, _iconSize, _iconSize, 0]; // NAME private ["_drawPosDist"]; if (_distance <= NAMEDISTANCE || {cursorTarget == _unit}) then { _drawUpName = _drawUpNormal vectorMultiply ((_textSpaced*2) * _distance / _fov); _drawPosName = _targetPosition vectorAdd _drawUpName; if (damage _unit > 0 && player getUnitTrait "Medic" && !(lifeState _unit == "INCAPACITATED")) then { drawIcon3D ["", [1,1,1,1], _drawPosName, 0, 0, 0, (name _unit) + " (" + (str (floor((1 - damage _unit) * 100))) + "%)", 2]; } else { drawIcon3D ["", [1,1,1,1], _drawPosName, 0, 0, 0, name _unit, 2]; }; _drawUpDist = _drawUpNormal vectorMultiply (_textSpaced * _distance / _fov); _drawPosDist = _targetPosition vectorAdd _drawUpDist; } else { _drawUpDist = _drawUpNormal vectorMultiply ((_textSpaced*2) * _distance / _fov); _drawPosDist = _targetPosition vectorAdd _drawUpDist; }; // DISTANCE drawIcon3D ["", [0.8,1,1,1], _drawPosDist, 0, 0, 0, format ["%1 m", _distanceUI], 2]; // VEHICLE if (vehicle _unit != _unit && effectiveCommander vehicle _unit == _unit) then { _drawUpVeh = _drawUpNormal vectorMultiply ((_textSpaced*4.6) * _distance / _fov); _drawPosVeh = _targetPosition vectorAdd _drawUpVeh; _veh = getText (configFile >> "CfgVehicles" >> (typeOf vehicle _unit) >> "DisplayName"); drawIcon3D ["", [0.443,0.776,0.443,1], _drawPosVeh, 0, 0, 0, _veh, 2]; }; }; } forEach arrPlayers; }]; }; fnc_toogleNameTags = { if (!isNil "idNameTags") then { systemChat "Name tags desactivated"; removeMissionEventHandler ["Draw3D", idNameTags]; idNameTags = nil; } else { systemChat "Name tags activated"; [] call fnc_nameTags; }; }; waituntil {!isnull (finddisplay 46)}; (findDisplay 46) displayAddEventHandler ["KeyDown", "if ((_this select 1) == 219) then {[] call fnc_toogleNameTags}"]; Thanks to Whalenator for his multi-line with drawIcon3D ! Rather than using allPlayers command to get all connected players in order to draw the name tags, I used an array if string with the UID of each players broadcasted by the server. Normally the problem come from the initPlayerLocal.sqf where a JIP player ask all other clients thier UID and player object. Here is a sample mission for testing : nameTags.VR.pbo To activate/desactivate the name tags use the WIN LEFT key.
  4. For a campaign I'm working on I want to add a bit of detail by giving the characters vests with their names on them like the kerry vest. However I don't know how to go about doing this. I found the nohq and co vest .paa files but I'm not sure what to do with them. Also, would I be able to add these to both the carrier rig for NATO and CTRG as well?
  5. https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/addAction actRevive = player addAction [format [localize "STR_action_revive", name cursorObject], { [cursorObject, (_this select 0)] spawn Haz_fnc_revive; }, [], 0, false, false, "", "_this distance cursorObject <= 4 && cursorObject getVariable [""isUnconscious"", FALSE] && !(cursorObject getVariable [""isBeingRevived"", FALSE])"]; Something soo simple...
  6. Currently using createVehicle to spawn an object under certain conditions. I'm wondering how to create a variable name once it has spawned.
  7. Can someone please help me on the below: The script is working correctly bar one thing. When the marker is added to the map I want it to have in brackets (Marked by <playerName>) however currently it just adds "CAS Target (Marked by any)" Can someone explain why the name command is not returning the name of the player? I have in the Init box of the unit in the editor: nul = [this] execVM "scripts\add_markcastarget_action.sqf"; This is add_markcastarget_action.sqf _currentPlayer = _this select 0; _playerName = name _currentPlayer; sleep 10; fnc_addActionMP = { private["_object", "_screenMsg", "_scriptToCall"]; _object = _this select 0; _screenMsg = _this select 1; _scriptToCall = _this select 2; if(isNull _object) exitWith {}; _object addaction [_screenMsg,_scriptToCall]; }; [_currentPlayer, "<t color='#f20000'>" + "Mark CAS Target" + "</t>", { titleText ["Click to mark CAS Target location.", "PLAIN"]; openMap [true, false]; _attachedTo = (_this select 0); ["mk_cas", "onMapSingleClick", { titleText ["", "PLAIN"]; _markerName = "CASMARKER_" + (str _pos); _marker = createMarker [_markerName, _pos]; _marker setMarkerType "hd_destroy"; _marker setMarkerColor "ColorRed"; _marker setMarkerText format["CAS Target (Marked by %1)", _playerName]; ["mk_cas", "onMapSingleClick"] call BIS_fnc_removeStackedEventHandler; true; }, [_attachedTo]] call BIS_fnc_addStackedEventHandler } ] remoteExec ["fnc_addActionMP"];
  8. Hey guys, I am currently working on a mission where I want to use the respawn menu from the MenuPosition template in Description.ext. It works basically but when I add coustom respawn positions they are displayed with a generic name created automatically by the game, e.g.: "near Lavalle". The main issue I have is that I want to label a ModuleRespwnPosition_F with a coustom name like "HQ" but it displays two spawn locations in the menu. One is the spawn with my coustom name and another duplicated one with the generic description, mentioned above. Unfortuneatly creating a classic map marker with respawn_west is not solving the problem either. Do you know what happens here? I couldnt find any help how to turn those generic respawn names off. Thank you! Description.ext: respawn = "BASE"; respawnDelay = 3; respawnButton = 1; respawnOnStart = 1; respawnDialog = 0; respawnTemplates[] = {"MenuPosition","Wave"}; disabledAI = 1; showSquadRadar = 1; joinUnassigned = 0; disableChannels[] = {0,2,4,3};
  9. A recurring problem that i seem to run into is I don't know how to use group names as group names when writing scripts. Let me explain: In the eden editor, I have set the name of a group; by opening the interface for the group (double click on the icon above group leader) and entering something in the 'callsign' field. However, if I now go to write a script that requires the name of that group, i can't seem to format it in such a way that the command will accept the name I have inputted. For example, here is a snippet from the mission: _group = "R Rustam 1 - Alpha"; _leader = leader _group; _passangers = _group - _leader; _leader assignAsDriver qrf_w1; {_x assignAsCargo qrf_w1} forEach _passangers; _group orderGetIn true; What i can't get to work is the leader command, because no matter how I format the group name it doesn't seem to want to accept it. I believe the following has been tried without success: _group = "R Rustam 1 - Alpha"; _group = "Rustam 1 - Alpha"; _group = R Rustam 1 - Alpha; _group = Rustam 1 - Alpha;
  10. Hi. How can I get the "in-game" name of objects? (for example instead of the long and weird name you get by "typeOf" for HEMTT you actually get "HEMTT") Edit: I just realized it's called "displayName" of a unit!
  11. i cant find out how,,,,someone help meh
  12. Hi, i want to find out vehicle weapon/magazine classnames in order to be able to change the armament of them. As far as i remember there was some kind of command for that, but i am not sure... And no, i cant use the wiki because i am talking about modded content.