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  1. Alittle question about... missions

    You could start with https://forums.bohemia.net/forums/topic/190820-thegens-guide-to-mission-campaign-making/, but it'd be worth grabbing a campaign of Armaholic or Steam that's well made and pull it apart to see how they've done things and learn from their example.
  2. What were your results when you tried it?
  3. Maybe a little bit late to the party, but I just had a thought to achieve the same thing and got it working. Steps I took were: 1. Create a .sqf in your mission (e.g. links.sqf) with a copyToClipboard of your link: copyToClipboard "https://youtu.be/2ZpStHUFQ-4"; 2. Declare the .sqf in your description.ext: class CfgFunctions { class MIL { class Common { class links {file = "links.sqf";}; }; }; 3. In your diary record include the command <execute expression='code'>text</execute> in the same way that you'd use a marker link as part of a sentence or something else: bla bla bla <execute expression='nul = [] spawn MIL_fnc_links'>(Copy YouTube link to clipboard)</execute> more bla bla bla I hope that is easy to understand. I'm running on a full day after very little sleep last night, so if the explanation is a bit off please let me know and I'll fix it up, because I got it working for myself pretty easily.
  4. I found that working with synching waypoints in the editor changed with Arma 3 or Eden editor (can't remember which) and i could never get them to work as easily as i had in the past, but that may have just been me . So since then I've stuck with code to manipulate them.
  5. Try lock to prevent anyone getting out until you want them to, and setCurrentWaypoint for the waypoint issue. Both of these can be easily used within the editor from trigger and waypoint activations.
  6. How to get custom outfit?

    I can't remember exactly, but i know that you couldn't see what uniforms were unlockable and what rank you needed. I was at almost lvl 70 and usually ran around in the press uniform, but that was on an old profile. At a guess, it might've been around lvl 50 that it unlocked.
  7. How to get custom outfit?

    Level up.
  8. Advanced Rappelling

    I am consistently getting an error that I have not been able to reproduce under similar, or any, circumstances. Three errors in the .rpt to be exact with the second one repeating as I'm on the rope: _bottomRope 13:24:06 Error in expression <evice, [-0.15,0,0], _bottomRopeLength];_bottomRope allowDamage false;_topRopeL> 13:24:06 Error position: <_bottomRope allowDamage false;_topRopeL> 13:24:06 Error Undefined variable in expression: _bottomrope 13:24:06 File \AR_AdvancedRappelling\functions\fn_advancedRappellingInit.sqf [SA_fnc_advancedRappellingInit], line 382 _topRope (shows an error the entire time I'm on the rope) 13:24:07 Error in expression <ecendSpeedMetersPerSecond);ropeUnwind [_topRope, _decendSpeedMetersPerSecond, _> 13:24:07 Error position: <_topRope, _decendSpeedMetersPerSecond, _> 13:24:07 Error Undefined variable in expression: _toprope 13:24:07 File \AR_AdvancedRappelling\functions\fn_advancedRappellingInit.sqf [SA_fnc_advancedRappellingInit], line 495 _topRope (after getting off the rope) 13:52:26 Error in expression <r allowDamage true;};};ropeDestroy _topRope;ropeDestroy _bottomRope;del> 13:52:26 Error position: <_topRope;ropeDestroy _bottomRope;del> 13:52:26 Error Undefined variable in expression: _toprope 13:52:26 File \AR_AdvancedRappelling\functions\fn_advancedRappellingInit.sqf [SA_fnc_advancedRappellingInit], line 573 This doesn't occur in SP, but does in hosted MP (unsure on dedi). The mission starts with: AR_DISABLE_SHOOTING_OVERRIDE = true; AR_SUPPORTED_VEHICLES_OVERRIDE = []; The helicopter being rappelled from has just come out of a BIS_fnc_unitPlay and is positioned about 10m above a Concrete Block, then: AR_SUPPORTED_VEHICLES_OVERRIDE = ["B_Heli_Light_01_F"]; publicVariable "AR_SUPPORTED_VEHICLES_OVERRIDE"; is run to allow players to rappel. No other variables are being changed and the rappelling is all done by mouse wheel. This occurs for both host and connected clients. I'm sorry I can't provide more details, and it seems like it is a once-off thing after doing all I could think of to reproduce it. Has anyone else come across this?
  9. Can't access ArmaHolic ?

    Clear cache, cookies, all that business and try again.
  10. Blackfish

    The king of all adolescent arguments. How can one not take this seriously?
  11. Arma3 Videos

    Trying to test run a new scenario built around a CQB shoot house environment is difficult to do when the hired help isn't much help (sorry for the voice, I'm crook):
  12. enableReload Not Working?

    Well, that stops the keyboard or mouse wheel from being used to reload quite nicely, and give me another page to bookmark - inputAction. However, once empty, the "Reload xxxx Magazine" command comes up, which can be scrolled to (I assume this is part of the weapon config, but I have no experience with configs). Also, you can still drag a mag from the inventory into the weapon so that'd be another thing to account for when a simple solution prevails. My need was to have everyone at unload onboard a helo/car on the way into a range complex, then action up once they're within the "range boundary". The simple solution is just to addMagazines at the right time - keep it simple stupid, right?
  13. I just tried to have a go of enableReload to prevent a player from reloading, but there seemed to be no effect (empty mag or remove mag and still I could reload). A quick Google search pointed me to here. Is this is still the case, or is there something else at play here? Should I tag someone from BI to jog their memory perhaps?
  14. Are you talking about the vanilla launcher? Because it certainly does support mods from anywhere.
  15. I believe the creator removed it. I can't remember why, but it'll be in this post somewhere. It is still up on armaholic though so you could get it from there.