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  1. beno_83au

    Kujari: PMC ops

    This is looking pretty good. Can't wait to get a few mates on and have a go at it.
  2. beno_83au

    Is it me...?

    Self report and put your reason in, it gets the mods attention.
  3. From memory, nothing. I don't think they have any physx. Either setPos them onto the ground, or maybe attach them to something affected by gravity, like a can of food.
  4. Decent structures do it for me. Recycling the old ones just doesn't get the same results in my opinion. Nothing wrong though with including them in the mix, but it's great seeing new maps with a wider variety of buildings beyond the standard vanilla/CUP ones.
  5. beno_83au

    TrackIr Helicopter view 3rd person

    You can set the key binding in the TrackIR software.
  6. I think the only way this may be possible is to move the AI in question into their own group and run a loop that uses https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/forgetTarget to "hide" the player. Might take some experimenting to get an acceptable outcome.
  7. beno_83au

    WHY is this Profilename topic so complicted?

    Unfortunately, you can't change your main profile name. Not sure why, but it's how it has been since the dawn of time. I usually name my Windows profile the same as I would I most games anyway, so that works out for me. Restarting your computer shouldn't be wiping a profile. If it was I'd say you've got a problem with Windows or another program in that case.
  8. @zagor64bz right: https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/setVehicleRadar
  9. Hello, I'm trying to spawn a working SAM network using the R-750 and S-750. Placing both units in the editor and flying around get's me shot down. Fantastic! But when I try to spawn them in via .sqf it doesn't work so well. I can get the R-750 to track me but the S-750 just sits there doing nothing. Is there something I need to do to activate a data link between them after I spawn them in? So far I've been testing this with: t1 = "O_Radar_System_02_F" createVehicle [13363.1,2998.56,0]; createVehicleCrew t1; t2 = "O_SAM_System_04_F" createVehicle [11889.9,2775.91,0]; createVehicleCrew t2; Thanks. edit: Checking with vehicleReportRemoteTargets and vehicleReceiveRemoteTargets returns true for the radar reporting and the SAM receiving. double edit (FTW): Got it. I was under the impression that the R-750's radar would be turned on by default but the object/crew spawn with the behaviourMode at "CARELESS", meaning no radar. So forcing the radar on works. Cheers anyway.
  10. He probably didn't tell you you're in the wrong section because it's far more succinct to just post a link directly to the forum where this topic would be better suited.
  11. I believe the reason it doesn't exist in the editor like it used to is because of MP compatibility. I don't really know why it was though, I'd only be taking educated guesses.
  12. Would this not be better? https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/setFriend
  13. No, but I've linked the below topic of a way to run the editor CAS module through a script, and as far as I know it has done what it's supposed to do (no one has complained of it not working recently anyway):
  14. A couple of days ago I made a VERY quick and dirty video to show someone what I was trying to explain to them, because they couldn't figure out bombing with LOAL. So long as your target is being lased, either by you if your aircraft is equipped for it or someone else with a designator, just release when the CCIP is over the target. The closer the better.
  15. beno_83au

    Use Map Flags To Teleport To A Position

    Good stuff @zagor64bz, the end of the day got the better of me.