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  1. I think they want to make use of a shortcut button to make it easy to do, as they have to do it across a number of object from the sounds of it. In that case, unless there is an Eden addon that caters for that, you're just going to have to do it manually (or by script).
  2. Launcher - Lost Favorites

    Please don't.
  3. Mission won't load in editor

    So what are the classnames it says you're missing?
  4. Helicopter tactics and technology

    Probably this, but in swarms of things.
  5. 88th Clan

    Sorry, didn't make that connection. But then, when trying to quote your post and edit the quote, I was furiously trying to edit YOUR POST..... A string of early morning starts will do that to a person I suppose.
  6. arma3 is so sick

    But then: Little bit contradictory of yourself. I only have a measly 5,300 hours in ArmA 3, and literally ZERO training/qualified learning in programming languages, with everything I know being self-taught or researched, and .sqf isn't as hard as you're making it out to be. I'll agree with the title of the post though, ArmA 3 is definitely sick. I love it.
  7. 88th Clan

    Gonna go out on a limb and say that it's the skull at the bottom of the picture that was used by the SS, which would explain the complaint.
  8. Happy Birthday!

    If it's free I'll take it. Not that I'm desperate or anything.. ehem.
  9. Happy Birthday!

    Operation Flashpoint - the game I always wanted Delta Force to be. Been a solid run since playing the demo mission that very first time, and still gonna buy into the next iteration.
  10. I believe you can just report your own thread and ask for it to be moved.
  11. Can't Create a Player Name / Profil

    You can't change the default name, so you'll need to make a new one (as above).
  12. Slow soldier

    Haven't noticed a thing with regards to movement. Two decent points here that's worth backing up:
  13. Action: Eject The example being: _unit action ["Eject", _vehicle]; So _targetTruck player isn't returning a vehicle, it's trying to return a vehicle and player, which is incorrect. Either use: _targetTruck OR vehicle player The point above about the double and single quotes is also worth taking note of.
  14. Download: MIL_CAS - Dropbox/Armaholic Description: MIL_CAS is a simple script to allow a mission designer to use the vanilla CAS Module in-game via scripting. All this does is perform the required actions to properly call BIS_fnc_moduleCAS. Best suited for ambience, the strikes shouldn't be relied on for 100% accuracy. Features: - Position and approach heading can be defined. - Plane and type of CAS to be provided can be defined. To use: - Copy the file MIL_CAS.sqf to your mission folder. - Run the script using: - nul = [_position,_direction,_vehicle,_type] execVM "MIL_CAS.sqf"; - _position - array - position for CAS to strike - _direction - number - direction for the CAS to approach on - _vehicle - string (optional) - default: "B_Plane_CAS_01_F" - classname of the plane to fly CAS - _type - number (optional) - default: 2 - type of CAS to be used - 0 - Guns - 1 - Missiles - 2 - Guns & Missiles - 3 - Bomb - Examples: - nul = [getPos player,240] execVM "MIL_CAS.sqf"; - Wipeout will fly in for a "Guns & Missiles" run. - nul = [getPos player,240,"RHS_A10",3] execVM "MIL_CAS.sqf"; - A-10 will fly in and drop a single bomb. Credits: - This uses the vanilla function BIS_fnc_moduleCAS for the actual CAS. All I did was make an easy way to launch it from a script. Media: Everyone knows what CAS is all about, but here is all four types being called in anyway (0.52): If anyone finds any problems please let me know. Thank you.
  15. You can create the trigger locally to each client: createTrigger. In this case, take note of the makeGlobal parameter.