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  1. The quick and the dead around these parts.
  2. getText (configfile >> "CfgVehicles" >> _building >> "DisplayName") So, getText (configfile >> "CfgVehicles" >> "Land_i_House_Big_02_V1_F" >> "DisplayName") is returning "House (Big, White)".
  3. MODS: CUP, Anizay, Duda's Advanced Rappelling
  4. beno_83au

    The Puzzler!

    There's setDate. It's local, so you can fiddle with it to get some kind of a darkened tunnel effect. This question has been raised before though and I don't think there was a better way to do it, and haven't seen any other solutions elsewhere.
  5. beno_83au

    Arma stutters consistently

    We're you running out of space on the SSD? Although I've got less than 15GB free on my SSD and it's fine.
  6. Amazing!! I love that you left that chat message in haha! But for the love of god it's not Beano, it's Beno. As in, Ben-oh 🤪 I've only ever heard one other person call me that and it was some old dude about 20 years ago in a Delta Force clan I was in. But he was a bogan and it sounded sooooo bad 😆
  7. beno_83au

    Detach helicopter

    Did you try the second suggestion I gave you?
  8. beno_83au

    Detach helicopter

    I remember in VBS the Australian carrier had this problem. I think I attached some concrete blocks to it just barely below the deck's surface and ran with that for what I was doing, but that was ages ago now. Another way though that may do the job is to use isEngineOn: waitUntil {isEngineOn _helo}; sleep 30; //allow the heicopter time to power up detach _helo; Maybe combine that with some AI commands like flyInHeight to get the desired effect, and edit the length of the sleep as you need.
  9. beno_83au

    Completely no sound

    You know, I've only ever had channels swap, and only a couple of times in ArmA (that I can remember/was aware of). I thought there was a specific headset that I'd seen people having issues with a couple of months ago though that I think was solved.
  10. beno_83au

    Completely no sound

    There's a type/brand of headset that causes problems. Can't remember the name, but doing a search of the forums for your headset might help.
  11. beno_83au

    Forum Home Page Not Logged In

    Thanks @Janez. OP is updated with your handy tip.
  12. Not sure that removing credits from people's work would be greatly appreciated, nor generate much help. And to be honest, I don't even notice any of the credits from mods/missions that have been placed into the briefing. They're usually in their own category and out of the way.
  13. beno_83au

    [Release] SleepingAI

    Ok @Play3r, I'm going to assume that at some point you've (unintentionally?) edited MIL_SleepingAI\initSleepingAI.sqf, because on your mission line 9 of that file has an incorrectly written forEach loop. It's missing the { } that should contain the loop. Just re-download the function and copy it into your mission over the one that's there (incase there's anything else I missed). I checked the dropbox and armaholic downloads and they're both correct. Also (and an error on my part), when using addActions the condition line needs to be a string, not code which is what I had in the example I gave you. So, the unit inits should look like this: this addAction [ "<t color='#88B985' shadow='2'>Wake Up</t>", { params ["_target","_caller","_actionID","_arguments"]; nul = [_target,"Auto",true] spawn MIL_fnc_WakeUp; _target removeAction _actionID; }, nil, 6, true, true, "", "(_target distance _this) < 3" ]; @johnnyboy Don't forget, ArmA 3 has no females so your creative options might be a bit one-sided. Coincidentally, both people in the photo in the OP are males, and on that night out they seemed to have made it work for them 😆 (one of them was a real creepy dude.....).
  14. When you spawn a new thread, you need to send the local variables with it: [this] spawn { params ["_var"]; //code this will now be defined as _var in the newly spawned thread.