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  1. I'm assuming he used getArray.
  2. beno_83au

    Arma3 Videos

    When escaping is the only thing stopping you from finishing an Escape mission:
  3. beno_83au

    Steam Achievements

    I believe some of the achievements are meant to be hidden/secret or whatever. Not sure which one's are, but I think it's only a couple.
  4. Ok, solid input though. Poor AI fella is only doing what he's been programmed to #aiLivesMatter
  5. beno_83au

    Mexican Conflict Mod

    Considering the last post on this was about 8 1/2 years ago and the OP hasn't visited the forums since then, I'd ballpark the answer as no.
  6. beno_83au

    JBOY AI Scripted CQB Path

    That looks pretty good for a first cut. Teams would be a sight to see.
  7. Please include alternate shoulder shooting for shoulder controlled weapons, alternate hands for hand guns, leaning (including from different positions), "pie'ing" a room (i.e. incrementally clearing it from outside the room), grenades into rooms on contact, high/low ready positions for weapons to avoid AI lasing everyone, ummmm, i could think of some more later, and have that by the end of the day, maggot. Gogogogogo Ohhh, and try not to die attempting to get this all working.
  8. beno_83au

    Virtual Arsenal is not working

    I had the same thing happen recently too. I can't even remember what i was trying to do, but I'd copied and pasted some example code i found on the forums to work through some stuff and i couldn't get it to work. But, if i typed it out manually (all in notepad++) exactly as it already was it'd work. Lost a lot of time on that.
  9. beno_83au

    arma 3 full sellout

    I thought it was good, i bought everything.
  10. I used something very similar to find door positions for my explosive breaching. I think the only difference is I adjusted the resulting position to suit my needs. Sorry I couldn't have helped sooner. Unfortunately this was something I couldn't get.
  11. Uhhh, nuts. Thought this was a release and got a bit excited. Gonna have to follow it now and bide my time. Keep up the good work.
  12. Hmmm, maybe dipping into some forbidden conversation here so without going into detail, wouldn't any hack need to use/apply the game's commands to do anything? It feels a bit ignorant i guess but I genuinely don't know.
  13. I thought that from your OP you were trying to do something where you don't want your intended targets shooting at you until you fire at them, meaning you intended to fire at them. So yeah, @Grumpy Old Man is right in that regard as his solution will have anyone near become hostile when you fire. You could use something along the lines of Grumpy's solution but instead of a "Fired" event handler on the player you could put a "Dammaged" event handler on the traders.