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  1. [MP] MIL_SniperHuntDM

    Thanks @GEORGE FLOROS GR. This is my first stand alone mission released, although I've been dabbling, slowly and ever more competently, since OFP day 1. I think it's a bit of a niche scenario so i guess I'll see how well it's recieved. I usually only make private coops so I'm interested to see how it holds up to a wider audience.
  2. [MP] MIL_SniperHuntDM

    Download: MIL_SniperHuntDM - Dropbox/Steam Workshop/Armaholic Description: MIL_SniperHuntDM is a 2-4 player, sniper versus sniper deathmatch, playable on a number of different maps. Play for the long game and try to hunt down your enemies while keeping them guessing, or set up a short match through customisable lobby settings. This is built for a dedicated server with custom difficulty settings (listed below) in order to achieve the difficulty I was going for. It will work fairly well on a hosted server, but there was only so much I could do to force difficulty settings that I recommend to be used on a dedi. MIL_SniperHuntDM is intended to be difficult, and while taking your shot is still a critical part of the mission it is only a small part. I've tried to build this mission to require the player/s to put a lot more effort into some of the other aspects of "sniping" (navigation, judging distance, cam & concealment) while at the same time requiring them to out-think and out-hunt their enemies. MIL_SniperHuntDM has been ported across 18 maps (listed below). If there are any map requests let me know, as I made it fairly simple to set up on other maps. *** One MAJOR point to note - I wanted this to be all about the hunt. So, depending on the customisable settings used at the start of the mission this could just descend into a boring camp-fest (I've created adjustable player markers to alleviate this). The mates I tested this with didn't camp (most of the time). We "hunted" each other down, and it was fun with plenty of tension. Features: - Dedi/Hosted server support. - Player markers, adjustable through lobby params, to indicate enemy positions that: - Can have an inaccuracy applied to them. - Can increase in accuracy over time. - Optional weather settings, including snow in place of rain on arctic maps. - Credits to "IndeedPete & KokaKolaA3" for snow scripts. - Randomly assigned gear (equipment/weapons). - Arctic, desert or woodland. - Limited ammunition (2 x mags per weapon). - Randomly spawned quad bikes (small chance for Hummingbirds). - Custom kill/death & disconnect messages. - No rangefinding. - Spectator slot. - Easily adaptable to other maps. - Supports vanilla, RHS, CUP & Massi NATO SF and Russian Weapons. - Added ability for users without mod to still play by giving them vanilla weapons. - However, mod weapons won't be visible to non-mod players. - Support for a headless client. - Offload handling of vehicle spawns (handled by host on a hosted server). - More of a learning point for myself. Supported Terrains: //Small - Bukovina (CUP) - Nordkvingo, Norway - Proving Grounds (CUP) - Shapur (CUP) - Utes (CUP) - Winter Town //Medium - Bystrica (CUP) - Chernobyl Zone - Chernobyl Zone (Winter) - Gorgona - Kolgujev (CUP) - Santa Catalina Island - Southern Sahrani (CUP) - Stratis - Takistan Mountains (CUP) //Large - Esseker - G.O.S. Koplic //Extra Large - Bornholm, Denmark Dependencies: - Terrains for the non-vanilla maps. - For mod weapons, either: - RHS USAF - CUP Weapons - Massi US SF & Russian Weapons Install: Add all the SniperHunt_DM mission .pbo files to your MPMissions directory. Dedicated Server Difficulty Settings: - https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/server.armaprofile - Add/amend the custom difficulty class of your server profile. - https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/server.cfg - Add/amend the following line in your server config file. Media: As these we're WIP videos, there's a bunch of bugs. So, never mind the confusing markers....... First playable tests, 4 different sessions (9:47s): Second playable tests, 2 missions, 1 as spectator and 1 drawn out mission (10:53s): Third/final test, 1 mission with a different and fairly vocal group. Also the first time I get killed playing this (8:47s): Known Bugs: - Players used to sometimes spawn in rocks, and markers sometimes didn't function correctly, and vehicles sometimes exploded on spawn. I applied changes to fix all these issues and haven't seen any repeats of them since but if they do still occur, please let me know. If anyone finds any problems please let me know. Thank you.
  3. [Release] SleepingAI

    Update. v2.1: Added - Option to set rotation of AI on an object to account for the possibility that an object's "north point" would mean that the AI would end up sleeping perpendicular to (across) the object (Updated "To Use" and "Examples" in OP). Added - Shooting mats and LoW stretchers to predefined bedding (Updated "Features" in OP).
  4. [Release] SleepingAI

    A quick update/request. It seems (obvious now, I guess) that some objects will cause an AI to orientate themselves perpendicular to a custom (user selected) object. No doubt this is due to the object's N/S/E/W orientation not being intuitive. So if anyone comes across any of these objects before I update it, can you please let me know what object? Mainly for curiosity's sake.
  5. American Military Forum - US Navy Might be worth asking here for any links or references to aircraft carrier markings.
  6. Use assignAsCargo first, then orderGetIn to have them board the vehicle. To get them out at the other end use unassignVehicle.
  7. [Release] SleepingAI

    Update. v2: Rebuild of the original function. Please see OP for info.
  8. [_player] spawn MTS_fnc_callSearchHelo.sqf; To: [_player] spawn MTS_fnc_callSearchHelo; Plus: file = "functions\clients"; Needs it's file type (e.g. clients.sqf).
  9. Updated. v1.10: Fixed - ACE3 interaction menu was adding extra actions after respawning. It should be safe to run it in onPlayerRespawn.sqf if the mission needs to be compatible for both ACE and vanilla play. Thanks again for the heads up.
  10. Thanks. Off the top of my head I could probably add a variable to the ACE3 check that returns true or false depending on if it has been run already.
  11. I'll give it a go. If i get it sorted I'll still maintain a scripted version though to allow it to be used in a vanilla environment. Plus, it's basically compatible with any launcher. You just need to know the classname of the ammunition you want to use it on.
  12. Updated. v1.9: Added - ACE3 compatibility. Added - Custom coloured icon for ACE3 interaction menu. Again, any bugs/suggestions/requests please mention them. Most of the updates have been because of community input.
  13. Units

    setSkill There are a few sub-skills in there that you might able to use.
  14. Adding compatability with ACE3: Tomorrow night I'll make sure it's all good to go and release it.
  15. Holy cow. And right at the end of the description. I even read it twice to be sure because i thought there might be some restrictions with MP.