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  1. Help in reducing laptop temperature

    Had a laptop a few years ago. Cleaned it up whenever temps rose and always did the trick.
  2. setFlagTexture issues

    Sorry mate, that is what i meant by saving. This is how you should be doing it. As far as i know, and I'm sure someone could explain it better, when you run it from the editor it creates a temporary mission file that looks for links (with things like pictures) in the documents/arma 3/missions folder. So, when another client looks for those files on their computer they don't exist. The same thing happens to me when i test stuff across my LAN and I'll do one of two things. I'll either ignore it because i know why it's happening, or i create the correct folder path on the other PC and copy the file into it.
  3. setFlagTexture issues

    Don't run it from the editor. Save the mission, exit back out to the main menu and host a server.

    I think it's best left to the mod team that came up with it. Don't forget, this is just YOUR opinion. In my opinion, it wasn't so ground breaking, and i would prefer that Bohemia continue to focus on the core military/combined arms simulation, rather than cater to a single mod. And from what i saw when i gave it a go, the amount of empty servers far outweighed the populated ones.
  5. RHS Escalation (AFRF and USAF)

    Hello guys. I have a bug to report. I placed a M142 HIMARS with just the driver to check things out, and it turns out that when occupying the commanders seat I could select between my primary weapon and pistol and fire both while turned in.
  6. Mission name issue

    If binarized it'll load faster. If unbinarized you can edit it to you hearts content in a text editor, even to the point of breaking your mission, so be warned.
  7. Left Hand Weapon Script

    On top of that, initPlayerLocal.sqf runs for each player, so you shouldn't be using BIS_fnc_MP, which is outdated anyway (see remoteExec). Just run the sqf as it is from initPlayerLocal.sqf.
  8. This sounds exactly like you don't have a map in your inventory. The player doesn't always start a mission with a map, and it's usually intended. For example, the Escape missions don't give the player a map at the start of the mission, and so when the player tries to open their map they get that message. Edit: try creating your own scenario and just place a soldier down then edit their inventory to make sure they have a map on them. Then, run the scenario and see if you can see the map.
  9. [Release] ExplosiveBreaching

    Got through a few things over the weekend while narrowly avoiding coming here to ask for help, and discovered a problem or two too add to the list. Unfortunately, reality required tending to so I didn't get through as much as I'd hoped. However, here's a bit of a progress video anyway, showing how the dialog works: Dialog Progress (1:06):
  10. Download loop after 1.84 update

    I know the pain, my internet is horribly slow. Dumb question, I know, but do you have enough space on your drive for it?
  11. Download loop after 1.84 update

    Which is a good thing. I'd be surprised if this didn't fix it, and was going to be my suggestion anyway.
  12. [Release] ExplosiveBreaching

    Individual charge detonation through the GUI is in and working, with a couple of cosmetic issues concerning the GUI to iron out. After that I've got a list of about half a dozen things to fix/reimplement before i put out the new version. edit: work tomorrow, so progress will probably slow down until next weekend.
  13. You may be missing setCurrentWaypoint at the end.
  14. [Release] ExplosiveBreaching

    My efforts to move the handling of breaching charges and their effects into a new system has gone very well and as far as I can tell bug free (famous last words?). Along the way there have been some other minor changes that I'll list with the next release. However, a major change is the move away from relying on the action menu for everything, which will allow for charges to be managed far more easily for the end user. Below is a screenshot of a dialog I've been working on to help handle the charges. Two action menu commands are all that is used now (one to bring up the dialog, one to set the charge in the required position). Upon opening the dialog, the left menu will appear. Clicking on "Individual Charges >>" will bring up the right menu. A red button means that action is unavailable, a grey button means that action is available, and available actions turn green when hovering over them. *In this situation, I've only placed a single bomb onto a door (the Door0# and Wall0# are scripted in for sizing adjustments for now). So, because there is no bomb on any walls, "Detonate All Walls" is unavailable. "Attach Charge" is also unavailable because cursorObject isn't returning a breachable surface (it's returning the explosive charge I placed). p.s. I hate dialogs