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  1. beno_83au

    Fast Roping for any helicopter

    Duda's Advanced Rappelling allows you to define origins. Though in not sure how well it works alongside ACE.
  2. There's also this, that plus straight into the module and let's you choose your aircraft and weapons:
  3. beno_83au

    ARMA 3 Warlords

    Do you just want to use the sound files in your own mission, or are you trying to meet the person?
  4. Ok, remember kids, it's a bad idea to maintain two copies of things, then make changes on the second copy and not move those changes into the main copy....... I knew I'd already accounted for distance and deaths somewhere 🙄 I updated the other post with (what should be) the correct code: https://forums.bohemia.net/forums/topic/229717-pistols-playactionnow-grabdrag/?do=findComment&comment=3411854 Sorry!
  5. Yeah no worries 👍 let me know if there's any other issues
  6. Ok, use this in your init/onRespawn then: player setVariable ["MIL_playerIsDragging",[false,objNull]]; _idDrag = player addAction [ "<t color='#C6E32E'>Drag unconscious player</t>", { private _casualty = cursorObject; player setVariable ["MIL_playerIsDragging",[true,_casualty]]; player setVariable ["#rev_enabled",false]; nul = [_casualty] execVM "dragging\dragUnconscious.sqf"; }, nil, 10, true, false, "", "(lifeState cursorObject == 'INCAPACITATED') && ('unconsciousrevivedefault' in (animationState cursorObject)) && (lifeState _this != 'INCAPACITATED') && !((_this getVariable ['MIL_playerIsDragging',[false,objNull]]) select 0)", 1.5 ]; _idDrop = player addAction [ "<t color='#C6E32E'>Drop unconscious player</t>", { private _casualty = (player getVariable "MIL_playerIsDragging") select 1; private _drop = [_casualty] execVM "dragging\dropUnconscious.sqf"; waitUntil {scriptDone _drop}; player setVariable ["MIL_playerIsDragging",[false,objNull]]; player setVariable ["#rev_enabled",true]; }, nil, 10, true, false, "", "(lifeState _this != 'INCAPACITATED') && ((_this getVariable ['MIL_playerIsDragging',[false,objNull]]) select 0)", 1.5 ]; Added a line to change the #rev_enabled variable.
  7. Ahhh I see...... yes I'll do something about that.
  8. What do you mean exactly? Because if either player dies then the casualty should automatically detach.
  9. Put the contents of addAction in initPlayerLocal.sqf If you can't get it going though I could tidy it up into a proper release tomorrow though, complete with logical instructions even 😁
  10. I did this from scratch recently, and it wasn't easy. The big problem was when a player didn't have a primary weapon equipped, and even then I came across problems with multiple muzzles (like grenade launcher attachments), especially with the 3GL and part-full mags. But on the end I got this: Basically, execute the code under add addAction on each player, then add the other 3 files into a folder called "dragging" in your mission folder. Rough instructions, i know, but i never got around to fully testing it in a natural MP environment. I did test it functionality over a LAN host with 1 other connected client and it worked fine, and I grabbed a bunch of code from some of my other stuff that I know works over a dedicated server. So hopefully it runs the way it's intended to. Let me know.
  11. beno_83au

    Relative Direction

    Check the commands nearestBuilding and getDir.
  12. beno_83au

    Arma streaming is divided. Should it be?

    The whole "I thought this was dead" and "I didn't know you could do this" crowd sound to me like the people that got arma just to play life servers to be honest, and so have little idea of what the game can actually do. Which is no skin off my nose, they're allowed to play what they enjoy. I'm just not into that sort of thing. But on the streaming categories, wouldn't it just be easier for people to stream under the base, and simple, title of ArmA3? Ohhh, and to be fair to the aforementioned crowds, I can now sink the USS Freedom, and that's something I KNEW couldn't be done in this game 😁 There's always something new to discover.
  13. Speaking specifically to the alternative syntax, look at the description and look at the examples of it's use (#3 and #4). All the parameters must be contained within an array: createVehicle ["2S6M_Tunguska", getMarkerPos "marker1", ["marker2", "marker3"], 0, "NONE"]; And while markers, placement and special are optional, you have to include them if you want to use one of the later variables. So you can't leave out placement and then include special. E.g: ["2S6M_Tunguska", getMarkerPos "marker1", "NONE"] - NO ["2S6M_Tunguska", getMarkerPos "marker1", [], 0, "NONE"] - YES So your code would need to look like this: createVehicle ["Land_Balloon_01_air_F", getMarkerPos "b_1_1", [] , 0, "CAN_COLLIDE"]; You can also put it all in a forEach loop: { createVehicle ["Land_Balloon_01_air_F", getMarkerPos _x, [] , 0, "CAN_COLLIDE"]; } forEach ["b_1_1","b_1_2","b_1_3","b_1_4"];
  14. @beebah with a bit of effort (and some "UserTexture10m_F") you can make your own Chinese aircraft carrier: p.s. Please go easy on Google Translate, I hear it's not the greatest at what it does 😄 although I'd be interested to see how right/wrong the jet blast translation is lol.