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  1. beno_83au

    action on dialogs

    addMagazines If you're using more than a couple of commands though you really would want to run a script. It's easier to read and edit then.
  2. beno_83au

    [Release] ExplosiveBreaching

    For anyone looking at this, all problems were solved via PMs once _indicator was defined: nul = [_indicator] execVM "MIL_ExplosiveBreaching\initialiseServer.sqf"; became nul = [true] execVM "MIL_ExplosiveBreaching\initialiseServer.sqf"; 👌
  3. beno_83au

    Filter Servers By DLC

    DLC vehicles i think are locked, so if you try to get in one it'll just bump you back out. Going by memory here because it's been a rare occurrence that i haven't had a DLC, but i think you can still get into cargo seats. A way around not being able to get in DLC vehicles is to get scripted into a position, but this will still display the ads for buying the DLC. DLC weapons are entirely usable, but will periodically popup with their respective ads. So, what's happening is that you actually have the DLC items, you just haven't paid for the right to use them. I really like this approach as it doesn't fragment the community. We can all still play together regardless of what DLCs we have (with the exception being terrains, you need those). Again, memory....... I'm sure someone will correct me if I'm wrong.
  4. beno_83au

    [Release] ExplosiveBreaching

    @JanningsPost your init.sqf, initServer.sqf and onPlayerRespawn.sqf here, just use the spoiler and code tags for each to keep it tidy.
  5. beno_83au

    Can't play game

    Very the game's files through steam. Usually solved most problems.
  6. beno_83au


    Vigor forums. This part of the forums is to do with BI web pages.
  7. beno_83au

    Realistic repair script

    Coming from another thread, it's an MP scenario. Either way, if used in an SP environment, initServer.sqf will still run as the client is still considered to be the server/host, kind of similar to a hosted MP setting I guess. Edit: More correctly though: initServer.sqf - runs on the server only (which is also the player in a hosted MP or SP game). initPlayerLocal.sqf - runs on all client machines. init.sqf - runs on all machines. This is ignoring headless clients though, I can't remember if there's any differences with them, but I think they also act like clients in this case.
  8. beno_83au

    [Release] ExplosiveBreaching

    Creating an initServer.sqf wouldn't itself stop anything from working, and i doubt there'd be any conflict between MIL_ExplosiveBreaching and zlt_fieldrepair as I'm pretty careful to prefix everything that could cause a conflict (don't prove me wrong 😬). So there'd have to be something else at play here. BUT, to be on the safe side you can always remove the initServer.sqf and see what happens with the field repair script. If it still doesn't work, then that's a good indicator that your problem lies with the field repair or how you're trying to use.
  9. beno_83au

    [Release] ExplosiveBreaching

    Possibly, what's gone wrong with your init.sqf?
  10. Could be colour filter/option that either of you have applied that's made the difference.
  11. Well, my previous post pointed out that remoteExec is superior to BIS_fnc_MP, then i pointed you in the direction of one of the best collection of tutorials to be found anywhere, and even gave you the page to start looking at to learn how to do what you're trying to do properly. The next post was advice on being more succinct when asking for help on a forum, as this thread is now bloated with information that doesn't really help the initial problem. As for claiming I'm trolling instead of helping, like i said, there plenty of posts already out there that you could've gone through to find a solution. That being said, starting your own topic is not a problem. Filling it with constant updates and ignoring the help i attempted to provide, is. I'd say that's contributed to the lack of help you've gotten from anyone else, as these forums certainly aren't dead..... And i don't have notifications on for this thread. Just tried to help out and got called a troll.
  12. Word of advice: don't update a forum topic every hour or so as you encounter minor problems and work out the solutions. There's probably too much back-and-forth from problem to solution to next problem for most people to read through and provide help. This kind of posting seems like it belongs on a blog or some other personal platform, not a forum. You'd be far better off exhausting your knowledge/ability and available resources (including searching for posts to do with your problems, cause they're out there), then coming here to ask for help. Unfortunately at this point i think you've effectively flooded your own topic.
  13. Use remoteExec in preference to BIS_fnc_MP. As per one of the comments on the wiki: "Executing commands/functions via remoteExec is more faster than using BIS_fnc_MP" Also, the first sentence on this page - http://killzonekid.com/arma-scripting-tutorials-locality/ - is pretty important. You'll want to get your head around the rest of that tutorial.
  14. beno_83au

    [Release] ExplosiveBreaching

    Most likely it's because you haven't added it to onPlayerRespawn.sqf
  15. beno_83au

    Mod Launcher/Manager?

    Can't you just use the vanilla launcher that comes with the game? It'll recognise non-steam workshop mods, and you can then just add certain/all mods to different mod packs and run them easily without the need to manually set -mod= shortcut parameters for all your mod sets.