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Found 8 results

  1. Download: MIL_DominationDM: Dropbox/Steam Workshop/Armaholic Description: MIL_DominationDM combines deathmatch gameplay with domination point scoring. There are a number of role specific classes to pick from, each with their own strengths and weakness. Kill players or try to stay alive in one of the score zones to earn points. Full description of mission features and available roles are within the mission briefings and are summarised below under spoiler tags. Features: Scoring: Roles: Missions: MIL_DominationDM consists of 6 missions currently, with 1 more being tested and another 2 planned. Currently: - Altis - Urban - Tanoa - Jungle - Ihantala - Forested homestead - Stratis - Container yard - Livonia - Forest valley - Malden - Desert battlefield wreckage Being tested: - Winter Ihantala - Swampland Planned: - Anizay - Urban/Industrial - Anizay - Urban Dependencies: Mods required are RHSUSAF, RHSAFRF and CUP Terrain - Core. Individual missions may require DLC or mods for access to their related terrains. Install: For the Steam Workshop, subscribe to the above linked collection or the individual missions. For all else, download the MILDominationDM.rar file and extract the missions to your ArmA3/MPMissions folder. Difficulty Settings: Most options have been accounted for by mission scripts, anything else can be setup by the host. However, FOR MINES TO WORK AS INTENDED their detection needs to be turned off either in player profile settings (DETECTED MINES) if running hosted MP, or server difficulty settings (detectedMines) if running a dedicated server - https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/Arma_3_Difficulty_Menu. Otherwise, the red triangle will still end up appearing around the mine. Media: Promo (3:05s): Known bugs: Hopefully none, I think I've nailed everything down. BUT, let me know please. Credits: @HallyG for his kill feed script and his openness to it being used and edited (I do plan on adding my changes to the thread) - https://forums.bohemia.net/forums/topic/204483-code-snippet-kill-feed/ @Larrow for his workaround for selecting briefing subjects - https://forums.bohemia.net/forums/topic/224393-selectdiarysubject-help/?do=findComment&comment=3368667 @aliascartoons for his fantastic dust storm script - https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=800771522 And the community in general as a good reference point, as always. If anyone would like to see this on another map/specific location let me know. Change log:
  2. Hello guys ^^ My Idea is to create an Arma 3 Team-Deathmatch Server like the old Academy TDM server. I would create many features myself that it is also a unique server. Please vote in the poll what you think. Thank you all ^^ Have a nice day ^^
  3. beno_83au

    [MP] MIL_SniperHuntDM

    Download: MIL_SniperHuntDM - Dropbox/Steam Workshop/Armaholic Description: MIL_SniperHuntDM is a 2-4 player, sniper versus sniper deathmatch, playable on a number of different maps. Play for the long game and try to hunt down your enemies while keeping them guessing, or set up a short match through customisable lobby settings. This is built for a dedicated server with custom difficulty settings (listed below) in order to achieve the difficulty I was going for. It will work fairly well on a hosted server, but there was only so much I could do to force difficulty settings that I recommend to be used on a dedi. MIL_SniperHuntDM is intended to be difficult, and while taking your shot is still a critical part of the mission it is only a small part. I've tried to build this mission to require the player/s to put a lot more effort into some of the other aspects of "sniping" (navigation, judging distance, cam & concealment) while at the same time requiring them to out-think and out-hunt their enemies. MIL_SniperHuntDM has been ported across 18 maps (listed below). If there are any map requests let me know, as I made it fairly simple to set up on other maps. *** One MAJOR point to note - I wanted this to be all about the hunt. So, depending on the customisable settings used at the start of the mission this could just descend into a boring camp-fest (I've created adjustable player markers to alleviate this). The mates I tested this with didn't camp (most of the time). We "hunted" each other down, and it was fun with plenty of tension. Features: - Dedi/Hosted server support. - Player markers, adjustable through lobby params, to indicate enemy positions that: - Can have an inaccuracy applied to them. - Can increase in accuracy over time. - Optional weather settings, including snow in place of rain on arctic maps. - Credits to "IndeedPete & KokaKolaA3" for snow scripts. - Randomly assigned gear (equipment/weapons). - Arctic, desert or woodland. - Limited ammunition (2 x mags per weapon). - Randomly spawned quad bikes (small chance for Hummingbirds). - Custom kill/death & disconnect messages. - No rangefinding. - Spectator slot. - Easily adaptable to other maps. - Supports vanilla, RHS, CUP & Massi NATO SF and Russian Weapons. - Added ability for users without mod to still play by giving them vanilla weapons. - However, mod weapons won't be visible to non-mod players. - Support for a headless client. - Offload handling of vehicle spawns (handled by host on a hosted server). - More of a learning point for myself. Supported Terrains: //Small - Bukovina (CUP) - Nordkvingo, Norway - Proving Grounds (CUP) - Shapur (CUP) - Utes (CUP) - Winter Town //Medium - Bystrica (CUP) - Chernobyl Zone - Chernobyl Zone (Winter) - Gorgona - Kolgujev (CUP) - Santa Catalina Island - Southern Sahrani (CUP) - Stratis - Takistan Mountains (CUP) //Large - Esseker - G.O.S. Koplic //Extra Large - Bornholm, Denmark Dependencies: - Terrains for the non-vanilla maps. - For mod weapons, either: - RHS USAF - CUP Weapons - Massi US SF & Russian Weapons Install: Add all the SniperHunt_DM mission .pbo files to your MPMissions directory. Dedicated Server Difficulty Settings: - https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/server.armaprofile - Add/amend the custom difficulty class of your server profile. - https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/server.cfg - Add/amend the following line in your server config file. Media: As these we're WIP videos, there's a bunch of bugs. So, never mind the confusing markers....... First playable tests, 4 different sessions (9:47s): Second playable tests, 2 missions, 1 as spectator and 1 drawn out mission (10:53s): Third/final test, 1 mission with a different and fairly vocal group. Also the first time I get killed playing this (8:47s): Known Bugs: - Players used to sometimes spawn in rocks, and markers sometimes didn't function correctly, and vehicles sometimes exploded on spawn. I applied changes to fix all these issues and haven't seen any repeats of them since but if they do still occur, please let me know. If anyone finds any problems please let me know. Thank you.
  4. Description: Hello Folks, this is my first release so be kind to me if u find bugs or such stuff. I made this with the help of George Floros, so thnx a lot to him! "Ravage Ruha - Deathmatch Survival" is a simple Deathmatch mode with survival elements for up to 12 Players on the little and very beautiful Map Ruha. The goal is to survive against roaming Renegades and Zombies (and also Players, if u want to play in Multiplayer) in an endless Survival Deathmatch mode. The map is spiced up by some random events to get some more action and looting options for the players. It contains Airdrops and Crashsites which are marked on the map for every player, so some nice shootouts should be on the agenda! I made this for fun, to share and also just for me to relax while i kill some bandits after a hard day at work :) Scripts i´ve used so far: GF_Cargo_Airdrops, Crashsites_GF, Earthquakes_GF, Ravage_Status_Bar_GF, Killfeed_GF They are all slightly changed a bit by me with the help of George. Known Problems: Sometimes Markers for Airdrops dont show of correct Features: - Play in Single or Multiplayer mode - Survival Elements - Hunt Renegades, Zombies or Players (the area is high populated by infected Renegades!) - Loot Airdrops and Crashsites for better gear(marked on the map) - Random Player Spawns - Survive the harsh environment Installation:Place the mission file in the MPmissions folder inside your Arma 3 installation. Your ArmA3 installation should be in yoursteamfolder/steamapps/common Mods you need: - Ravage - CBA_A3 - CUP Weapons - Cup Units - Cup Terrains - Core - Cup Vehicles - and for sure Ruha Other recommended Mods: - JSRS Soundmod - Dawn of the Dead: Infected Skins Addon You can download it here: (Just right Click, and download it) https://www.dropbox.com/s/707vrcyxfscd1t7/RavageDeathmatchSurvival.ruha.pbo?dl=0 and also at the Steam workshop https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1376397783 If u want to play Singleplayer just host it on LAN Feel free to tell me if you find any other Problems/Bugs in the Mission, i will try to fix it! Here are some Screenshots: I hope you will enjoy it! Thnx to all CptStampede
  5. Hello, I am looking for a SIMPLE score system that I could use in my Deathmatch maps. I wan't no "kill streak", no "best player" of what so ever, just a simple score system that could collect the amount of kills that a player is getting and that will stop the game when limit it reached. I guess you can do this with "eventhandlers" but I'm clearly not an expert in Deathmatchs so ... Please help me :)
  6. officer_d82

    Utes Battlefield

    WELCOME TO UTES BATTLEFIELD Utes Battlefield is a DeathMatch / Player vs. Player / Player vs. Ai / survival game mode. The objective is to gear up as fast as possible and survive as long as you can. No mods required. Only requirements are Arma 2, OA, BAF and PMC FAQ: Q. Rank system? Is this COD? A. Not a really, but you do get perks with your increasing score. Basically you spawn with better gear. Q. How do you get a gun? A. Weapons are found in one of three places, first in ammo caches that are marked on the map and randomly spawn in areas, or second, inside and outside buildings, and third, from supply drops that occur every once in a while. You can also find them on dead players whose bodies have not yet been looted or despawned. Q. Can we have fun with vehicles? A. Yes, there are all types of vehicles placed on the map, each of them with a build-in repair system (use scroll wheel on them when damaged) and a respawn when destroyed function. Vehicles will respawn to their original locations. Q. Are medics essential? A. No, everybody is able to fully heal themselves. Only after you get hurt, will you be able to use a medkit. The option will be available with mouse scroll wheel. You can get new medkits from marked boxes, dead players or medical tents/vehicles. Every player can only hold a max amount of 3 medkits. Q. Why can't I get inside a vehicle with someone else? A. The game mode is set to Death Match, which basically means everybody is your enemy. Arma game mechanics don't allow you to get inside a vehicle which is being controlled by an alive enemy. Q. How do I use the missile strike function? A. You need a Laser Marker with batteries to target something. Then you can call in the strike. Laser markers can be found in random building spawns or in some boxes. Q. Why is there a poop function? A. To stop people camping in air vehicles or somewhere in the sea (you can not poop inside a vehicle or over water). You will get notifications telling you the condition of your belly. Once it tells you : You really need to poop now!, then you only have 60 seconds left before death. It also has a nice side effect giving you 0.05HP back. Credits *Random weapons spawn - by Ed! *Mission Settings - by Sinky *Simple Vehicle Respawn - by Tophe *Simple Vehicle Repair - by Demonized and app0815 *Launch Missile - by Kylania - edited by SUICIDAL *Rank System - by Officer_D *Build Cover - by SUICIDA - edited by Officer_D *Lootbox Drop - by Officer_D - fixed by Dima *Ultra Simple Patrol Script - by JW Custom *Vehicle Flip Script - by GeneralCarver *DynamicWeatherEffects - by Engima of Ostgota Ops *Wasteland Object Spawn - by [404] Deadbeat, [404] Costlyy, [404] Pulse *R3F Logistic - by madbull *Everything else are inspirations and edits from other scripts
  7. Ive edited some old Celery (Mika Hannola) his old jet rage. they are now ww2 on eden and abel (good old ofp). i just need some testers and , well you know (you should add this or that) or (your mission sucks). what ever. So mission is !!! you fly around and shot everyone else for 30 min see who has high score. server info: THE WAR ZONE ip port 2302 Mods Used On Server @cba_a3 @cup_terrains_core @cup_terrains_maps @cup_terrains_cwa @rhsafrf @rhsusaf @rhsgref @ifa3lite extra mods usabale but not needed @dynasound @arma enhanced movement server only mods (for all) no need to install @advancedurbanrappelling
  8. INTEGER DEVOURER PRESENTS VERSION: 0.10 – WHAT TOOK SO LONG EDITION OVERVIEW BATTLE CARS is a 16 player Deathmatch that focuses on vehicular combat with unarmed vehicles. Players choose one of several spawn points, jump into a car and find a weapon. Weapons are randomly acquired by driving over floating orbs scattered around the playing area. Perfect for people yearning for some less than serious fun in the spirit of Twisted Metal/Interstate 76/Vigilante 8. Get it now on: STEAM WORKSHOP ARMAHOLIC FEATURES VEHICULAR COMBAT with your favorite Sport Vehicles! TURBO BOOST your way around the battlefield!*Special thanks to ProGamer: http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=24049*We are not responsible for any deaths caused by flying cars 11 RANDOMIZED WEAPONS of varying degrees of usefulness!Titans/Mortars will probably kill you more than your enemies. SPECIAL POWERS New power: UAV Bomber VEHICLE SPAWNER at the central spawn point!Special thanks to Tonic: http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=23020 PROTECTED SPAWNS to save you from dying immediately!Protected from shots/explosions, but not being run over VEHICLE HOP/FLIP ​Base flip script is in; only works on totally flipped cars. Special thanks to Iceman77: https://forums.bistudio.com/topic/157916-vehicle-flip-script-to-share/ MISSION PARAMETERS to customize your experience!WOW! BUGS, ERRORS, AND MORE! Experience the pains and struggles of a novice mission maker! COMING SOON ADJUSTABLE VEHICLE TURRETSOnce I figure out how to edit that IMPROVED VEHICLE HEALTH/ARMORSee Above VISIBLE WEAPONS ON VEHICLESee above MORE LOCATIONS!Kavala? Who knows! A HUD NON-COPYRIGHT SOUND EFFECTSPlaceholder sound effectsWeapon Pickups: Metal Slug series Invulnerability Powerup: Super Mario Brothers Nothing Powerup: Willy Wonka and The Chocolate Factory KABOOM! Powerup: The Price is Right Lightning Storm Powerup: Dragonforce - Fury of the Storm Time Freeze Powerup: Jojo's Bizarre Adventure BALANCING! PROPER SCORING SYSTEM TEAMS BETTER CLEAN UP SCRIPT MORE RAMPS CURRENTLY KNOWN BUGS/ISSUES Driving over the BONUS ORBS sometimes does not trigger the script.Depends on speed and position of vehicle. May have to extend the size of the trigger Hints show for all players Possible mismatch between sound played and item received for other players? Random inconsistent local variable errors!