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  1. Max Melee Weapons

    Great stuff Max! Would love to see a Machete added. Would be great for Tanoa cane field workers and jungles. Keep up the great work.
  2. JBOY Dog [Updated v1.3]

    That sounds promising. There's a percent chance that when attacked by a dog, AI drops their weapon, so that is probably what happened to the dude. If he had a secondary weapon, he would have pulled that to fight dog after dropping primary. And dogs randomly choose near humans (and rabbits, chickens, snakes) to attack. So you could have had 1 dog attack you and 3 attack the AI, or 4 attacking the AI and zero attacking you depending on luck. But after killing a human target, dogs look for next near living human to attack, until no near humans left. Once all near humans are dead (I think default distance is 75 or 100 meters...), then they stop attacking, and the pack resumes roaming to random positions (until they sense more near humans to attack).
  3. JBOY Dog [Updated v1.3]

    Do you ever see AI firing on attacking dogs? If not, there may be a problem that I should investigate. Note: Attacking dogs should be near the attacked AI before they before AI starts firing at dogs.
  4. JBOY Dog [Updated v1.3]

    In my sample mission, dog packs attack AI, and AI fights back. I'm buried on a work deadline right now, and can't delve into this for a day or two. Try changing side of AI to see if they attack them.
  5. Thanks EO. I did create a new profile and no luck. Its annoying, but I've moved on and not worrying about this any more, and using my workaround.
  6. This is a great thread and its fun to hear how everyone approaches scripting. I've been a programmer all my adult life. In work, I'm much more disciplined and usually pseudo-code in high-level English and do a module breakdown before I start coding. But Arma scripting is fun and creative so I'm much more chaotic. For missions, I write up notes for a progression of tasks, character dialogue, events etc. But as I actually build them, Arma limitations or new ideas tend to radically change the whole design. Like others, I keep a running to-do list of which 10 to 20% ever actually gets done. And many scripts and missions evolve just because I have a funny or strange idea. Property of Mabunga mission evolved because I wanted to see AI drive boats on the swampy Lake Limni on Altis, and it pissed me off that they couldn't. JBOY Dog evolved because I love dogs, and I was sad that they were useless in vanilla Arma. Other scripts were inspired by monkeying with atttachTo and setVelocity (birds of prey, fish jumping, flying chickens, burning barrels, Tanoan longboat, etc.). I support all the good advice above (debug function for toggling display of script variables, organizing scripts logically in folders, descriptive variable naming, version control, etc.).
  7. No, my old windows 7 machine died. I got a new PC with Windows 10 pre-loaded. Thanks for your reply John!
  8. I'm playing some Steam MP missions on a self hosted Lan server. After hosting and playing the mission a few times, some missions will no longer load. They are listed in the host mission screen but when you click play nothing happens. This is happening since I recently switched to Windows 10. This fixes the problem for me: Go to this directory: C:\Users\<your Windows user name>\Documents\Arma 3 - Other Profiles\<your Arma player name>\Saved\steamMPMission, and delete the folder that that corresponds to the mission you are playing. You can then select and run the mission again in a hosted MP server. Any idea why this happens? Is there a permanent fix? Why does Windows 10 suck so bad?
  9. My profile won't load. I really could use some help

    I switched to Windows 10 recently (old pc died), and I have similar problems. I get a profile error when trying to play missions. If I try and run a Lan server and play a Steam downloaded mission, I click on the mission and nothing happens. I can play vanilla content missions though. I've put all my custom missions in my missions folder so at least I can edit my missions. Any ideas on how to fix this? EDIT: By switching to using the Administrator Windows 10 account, my profile now appears to be working, and I can play Steam downloaded missions via MP. I fugging hate Windows 10. My default account had many issues (couldn't run firefox browser, couldn't run CMD.exe, and more). By switching to Administrator I appear to be operational now.
  10. I like it...good idea. Why not spawn partially submerged sometimes? Make the player work for his loot sometimes.. :)
  11. Sounds super cool VD (can I call you VD? haha). Keep up the great work man. I look forward to to seeing your end product.
  12. Infantry paradrop

    Welcome to the forums dude. A simple google search for "Arma 3 paradrop script" provides many options. Here's one:
  13. If you don't have to use tpw_air, I think you could use UnitCapture to record the flight using first aircraft, and use UnitPlay on a different aircraft. You could also fly one aircraft super high up so player can't see it, and attach desired aircraft low so its visible for the fly by. Or you simply use setVelocity like I did in my JBoy Fly in Formation script. Good luck bro. Let us know what you settle on.
  14. Thanks Phronk! Great info here (I use attachTo alot). As always, your closing statements on your videos crack me up.
  15. [SP] Sniper At Sea

    Looks interesting with a lot of attention to detail. Congrats on publishing it. I can't tell if all the units on the trawler are statically attached or not, but it is possible to have units move on board the trawler if you do this: attach pallets at deck level (just below so you can't see them). place unit on pallets, set their direction and give them a walking animation loop. When they reach their destination, you turn them around and walk them back. It can take a lot of work, so may not be worth it to you. Also, you can have the trawler move by attaching it to a zodiac, and giving the zodiac driver move commands or move waypoints. No matter what, this looks really cool!