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  1. The Ancient Ruins is brilliant man. I'm working on a big Voodoo King minion rally scene, with torches etc., kind of fits with this. Consider using the bamboo pole for the torches, as they are more primitive looking. Moving stone walls is a great idea. Might have to borrow it. :)
  2. Since you don't have enough to do...another suggestion is to place small physics enabled objects on some of the perimeter objects (walls, vehicle wrecks,) and tables. These would be canteens, food boxes, pumpkins, cans, etc. And use setMass to reduce their mass. When hit by a stray bullet, the objects fall over or fly (and the reduced mass makes them move further when hit). This makes firefights more kinetic and exciting. And pumpkins explode nicely. I like to place these near stationary AI units or near cover the player is likely to use, to increase the chance of the objects getting hit in a fight. I also fortified the roofs of some tin shacks in my Property of Mabunga mission, and placed units on top. These might be another good camp variation for you. You can see this fortified shack roof in these two script videos: JBOY Move Collection of Objects JBOY Up/Down The shack has a ladder attached, so roof is accessible to player also. OK, I promise to stop bothering you man! And you won't hurt my feelings if you don't use any of this stuff. Just throwing out ideas. BTW, When a satchel is placed in that fortified shack and exploded, all the roof stuff flies, and looks awesome.
  3. He does not attack "closest units". That would cause the "attack friendly" problem way too often. Attack works 2 ways: 1) If Boomer has just detected an enemy (he stops and growls), then player can issue the attack command without looking directly at a unit, and boomer will attack the detected enemy. Player does not have to see the unit to be attacked in this case. This will never be a friendly unit he attacks. ...or... 2) Player looks directly at a unit (or at ground very near unit), and dog is ordered to attack that unit. I play tested the Tango missions 100s of times, and only very rarely did I accidentally order him to attack a friend. This discussion makes me think I should look at this logic, and change it to always attack detected enemy (if there is one) before choosing option 2 (attack unit looking at). This should reduce chance of accidentally attacking friend. BTW: I have a friend who was a prison guard with a dog. He told a story where other guards had a prisoner in a room that was crazy on drugs and went berserk. There were 3 or 4 guards fighting him, and my friend's dog was straining to get in the fight, but he wouldn't let the dog go. The other guards later asked why he didn't let the dog attack, and he said the fight was too crazy and there was no way to control who the dog would attack. He was afraid for the safety of the guards in this case.
  4. I'm glad you finished. Regarding the "bug", I've known about the issue for awhile, and haven't decided whether its a "bug" yet. Just like a player can choose to be a renegade and shoot friendly units, a player can choose to order his dog to attack friendly units (and pay the price for it).
  5. Hi Gunter. I appreciate your compilations and contributions to the community man. Regarding your questions, I guess its all personal preference. But here's mine... I personally prefer a bit more realism, and would rather not have a mobile respawn and for sure not a mobile arsenal. I guess mobile respawns for really large geographic areas are good though, as no one likes driving 10 minutes to get back in the action. I personally like Group Respawn for one player. It gives you more lives, but is realistic as once the team is dead its over. And you can add an AI revive script so player can get team mates back in action (I use this in my Last Tango in Tanoa missions so AI critical to story don't get killed off, but there is still a penalty that they go down in firefights and are no longer able to support you until revived). I'm not sure how to go about that, but isn't that how the Tanoa campaign works? You can wait for revive or choose to respawn back at respawn point? That all sounds viable to me. Once again I do prefer Respawn to Group. But its harsh when all playable slots filled with players, and once you're killed you are out. Good luck man. I look forward to seeing your mission.
  6. Is that all? Don't be so lazy dude. Show some initiative! Don't forget to sleep bruder!
  7. This sure is progressing fast. I love the variation in the camps. Since you are adding boats, here's two more JBOY scripts to consider: JBOY Longboats - converts static long Tanoan boats into drive-able boats (and can also have static weapons mounted on them). I like them because they have a much more insurgent or survival feel to them. JBOY Boat Random Patrol - Use if you want patrolling boats or ambient moving boats. For your purposes it would probably need to be edited to despawn when player too far away. These boats can cruise for hours without getting stuck. This isn't a boat...but what survivor doesn't like the comfort of sleeping next to a highly flammable barrel of fuel? JBOY Burning/Exploding Barrels - Great chain reaction happens if there are multiple barrels clustered together. Near units catch on fire and run screaming. A truck loaded with barrels is really fun to light up...
  8. Hi @SlovakianLynx. Glad you liked the chase. That is exactly the feel I was going for, and I used a 70s song by Isaac Hayes (same guy who did the song Shaft). Regarding the bug: Yes I should fix that, thanks for reporting it. I think it only happens if player is looking directly at one of his team mates when player orders the attack. Usually, right after Boomer growls because he detects the enemy, if you order attack he will go for the enemy he detected. Its a bug with my dog script in general, and not this mission in particular. I hope you still finished the mission? There is a good final scene that advances the story for the next mission. Hopefully your last autosave is right before entering the cane field. You should be able to restart clean from there (unless you gave the attack order before the auto-save). If you gave the attack order before the auto-save, cancel the attack by ordering him to Stay or Heel. I should boost the volume on those. Maybe in next release of jboy dog.
  9. Hey VD. I think the command menu problem (showing dashes with no text) is probably caused by you not having the stringtable.xml file in the main mission directory. The code is looking for translated language strings to put in the menu and not finding them. Take a look. Thanks.
  10. Good idea loopdk! The script in top post is now updated so they only turn on flashlight if time is < 6 or > 19. Thanks to @GEORGE FLOROS GR for the solution.
  11. Good idea. Default of 70 meters is way too far for camps IMO. Player could never get anywhere near it. Eventually I should make wind direction and rain affect detection, but who knows when/if I will ever get around to that.
  12. @Vandeanson I keep seeing the black and white dog. I'm guessing you want random dog types for your spawns. Here's how to do it: _randomDog = selectRandom ["Fin_blackwhite_F","Fin_ocherwhite_F","Fin_tricolour_F","Alsatian_Sand_F","Alsatian_Black_F","Alsatian_Sandblack_F"]; _dog = [_handler, _randomDog, (_handler modelToWorld [3,4,0]), false] call JBOY_dog_create;