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  1. Cytech is looking beautiful guys. Greatly looking forward to it! Just sprinkle a few head crabs around and give me a crowbar...
  2. johnnyboy

    [WIP-SP campaign] TIER 1: Shadow warriors

    Great news brother. Time to increase your caffeine consumption big-time!
  3. while {true} do { playSound3D ["a3\music_f_mark\music\leadtrack01_f_mark.ogg", r1, false, getPos r1, 10, 1, 50]; sleep 30; // Change this to however many seconds the sound file is. };
  4. Glad to help. Congrats on fatherhood by the way! In one of the last updates to JBOY Dog I had AI Controlled dogs switch to next AI in group if owner killed. If last AI in owner group killed, maybe switching them to feral would be easiest.
  5. Hi guys. I think LSValmont is busy with fatherhood, so we can't blame him for not jumping on this! 🙂 But I think I solved it. In both of these scripts: vDogPatrol.sqf and vDogFeral.sqf, comment out the line shown below, and add the next two lines: //_virtualTarget setObjectTextureGlobal [0,""]; _y=0; {_virtualTarget setobjecttexture [_y,""];_y=_y+1} foreach getObjectTextures _virtualTarget; I think the ARMA upgrade must have added more textures to the units, so just replacing the first texture no longer made the unit invisible. The code above replaces all textures, so the upside down target unit is invisible. Try it out.
  6. That is sweet Zagor! Glad to see you are back at it.
  7. Try AssignAsCargoIndex on unit before giving them the 'getin' command, and I think they will play the animation, and move into desired position in vehicle.
  8. johnnyboy

    [sp_camp] Dark Tides

    I can't see any of the pics either. I'm using Brave browser. Looking forward to this release!!!
  9. Congrats on the release bro. I am a fan of your work.
  10. My main man EO is recognized on official Arma Twitter thread!!! 😎👏🍹
  11. Looks like a postcard. Beautiful. I want to live in that cabin. Might have to patch the roof though.
  12. Great job dude! I miss Mike though, I hope he is ok.
  13. johnnyboy

    Patching bad Stairs

    Hey madrussian, long time no chat, I hope you are doing well. 😉 Empty quotes will set the texture to transparent. This is how I completely hide a zodiac in JBOY_LongBoat: zodiac1 setObjectTextureGlobal [0,""]; Edit: Another suggestion would be to use pallet or plank objects. Both are walk-able but not hide-able via setObjectTexture (I've tried in the past). But you can set them just below the stair surface so not visible, but still should prevent falling through. I've used palettes as a floor in a burned out CUP bus object before using this technique. Or the plank you could use as visible, and us players will assume the home owner repaired his shitty stairs with a plank.
  14. Lookin' awesome as usual EO! You might have to make a new orange one to match California now. That state is burning up and looking freaky. So glad I moved out 3 years ago. San Francisco today: