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  1. johnnyboy


    I just discovered this...man I really dig it. So many great ideas and features to spice up firefights. Definitely gonna take it for a spin. Is it a good thing or a bad thing when a civvy calls you a carpet muncher? I'm a little confused on that point. This stuff is really worth the effort dude, thanks! Tanks leveling fortified buildings Civvy reactions Panic AI firing RPGs out windows Skill adjustments Adjusted camo for trees, shade, buildings And so much more!
  2. johnnyboy

    JBOY Longboat [Release]

    Hey @Blackheart_Six. After thinking about this a bit more, once you have found an EOS spawned assault boat, you could do something like this (where "spawnedBoat" is an EOS spawned boat object that has a spawned crew): _units = crew spawnedBoat; {_x leaveVehicle vehicle _x;} foreach _units; _d = [spawnedBoat,"B_T_Static_AT_F", _units] execvm "Scripts\JBOY_LongBoat.sqf"; You need the units to exit the vehicle, so my script can assign them to the allowed slots in the Longboat (because some of the assault boat positions are locked in LongBoat because the positions do not look right in Longboat.). I can imagine two potential problems though: 1) Spawned boat has more crew than is allowed in Longboat. You might have to modify my script or the above snippet to delete a few crew members. Maximum is 3 units for longboat without a mounted weapon. Or 4 units for longboat with a mounted weapon. 2) Does EOS also give spawned boat crew move waypoints? Will those still work after we force units out of boat and back in? Hopefully their waypoints still work after they are remounted in the hidden assault boat.
  3. johnnyboy

    JBOY Longboat [Release]

    Hey Blackheart. I'm pretty sure you can make it work. You just need to detect the spawned boats, and then run my script on them. I am not familiar with EOS so I don't know how to find his boats.
  4. johnnyboy

    [Release] MIL_Mirror

    G'day and good on ya mate. Here's how goko does broken glass effects if you want to add that in. https://github.com/the0utsider/ballistic-impact/blob/master/addons/goko_BI/functions/fn_particleEffectsOther.sqf
  5. johnnyboy

    Creating particle effects on hit

    At the link provided by Pierre there is a github link where you can find functions for meat particles: https://github.com/the0utsider/ballistic-impact/blob/master/addons/goko_BI/functions/fn_particleEffectsBlood.sqf So its all doable. If you make a little meat effects script please post your solution here.
  6. johnnyboy


    Thank you Pierre. This is very impressive set of tools for the mission maker. You have made many different tasks much simpler. Merci, mon ami!!!
  7. Great job on this guys. I have a similar need where I want the two turrets on back of CUP landing craft to point to the rear so I can attach crates/etc. to the craft and hide the turrets (turning it into a civilian craft). This script will work perfectly for that. So thanks for this! Also this thread is a great example of cooperation that makes this community great.
  8. Thanks nomad. That is a very smart addition to this script. Who would use a flashlight with NVG on? Thanks bro!
  9. Hey @pvt. partz Its probably best to ask Rydgier. Its a matter of calling my scripts when a group is spawned, and I don't know how he does that. So once that spawn script has created a group, you call my scripts: dummy = [SPAWNED_GROUP_NAME, 60] execVM "Scripts\JBOY_PatrolChatter.sqf"; // 60 is number of seconds to wait between speaking dummy = [SPAWNED_GROUP_NAME, 60, 5] execVM "Scripts\JBOY_LightsOnOff.sqf"; // 60 is duration light is off, and 5 is duration light is Just replace SPAWNED_GROUP_NAME with whatever Rydgier's spawn scripts call a newly spawned group. Find Rydier's spawn scripts and it should be easy to add this in.
  10. Very nice @GEORGE FLOROS GR. Thanks.
  11. Both your solutions look good to me. Just try them. If they don't work tweak them until they do. Just do your testing with an empty mission where you just add a few groups until its working. Then you can add it to any mission. You can do it bro!
  12. You could absolutely do all that fairly easily. I'm not familiar with unit spawners, so not sure where to put the code for that. But here's and example of how to run these scripts for all groups at mission start: { dummy = [_x, 60] execVM "Scripts\JBOY_PatrolChatter.sqf"; // 60 is number of seconds to wait between speaking dummy = [_x, 60, 5] execVM "Scripts\JBOY_LightsOnOff.sqf"; // 60 is duration light is off, and 5 is duration light is on } foreach allGroups; It would be simple enough to modify JBOY_LightsOnOff to exit if no units in group had a flashlight on their weapon also. So its all doable, it just depends on how motivated you are. Sorry I don't have time to do it myself.
  13. johnnyboy

    Best way to have conversation

    I don't know about the "best way", but for dialogue with no forking options, I script it like example below. I'm using CustomRadio, because it shows the name of who is speaking and shows text from radio sounds defined in description.ext. You could also use Say3D combined with TitleText or globalChat to show the text. Note that this example waits until player (valdez) is near the NPC (paramedic1) before starting conversation. And I use " [0] call BIS_fnc_cinemaBorder;" to prevent player from walking away until conversation is finished. JBOY_Lip is a function I wrote to encapsulate the few lines of code to start and stop lip movement for a # of seconds. In this example you also see globalChat lines commented out. When first making mission I use globalChats (text only, no sound), until I get the conversation working the way I want, then I add the voices in later, and comment out the globalChats. Here's a snippet from description.ext for some of the voice sounds used in above example: And here is my JBOY_Lip function: And here's another example, where I wanted the conversation to be in the final scene (movie), rather than an NPC conversation that occurs during the mission. In this case I use say3D and cutText to show the text at bottom of screen (similar to TitleText).
  14. I figured "All" meant "All", and you wouldn't have to use the secondary filters. That would be too logical for ARMA though...haha.