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  1. Excellent post, merci Pierre!!! Very useful.
  2. johnnyboy

    Execute sounds when reloading.

    You can setVariable a time value on the player to insure it only executes the sound once per reload. Intialize the value to current time just before you add the eventhandler. Then inside the event handler add an IF statement that doesn't play the sound unless current time - saved variable time > 3 seconds. Inside the IF statement where you play the sound, reset time variable to current time. That should guarantee you only play sound once per reload. Good luck and have fun brother!
  3. Oh man, I somehow missed this. George is a great guy and I am so sad to hear about this. I really hope he is doing well now. Life is short everybody, be sure to live it well!
  4. Thanks RCA3. I think it only worked for me temporarily (guy stood up), then a second later he resumed panicing. I've moved on from this script now, so not 100% sure if what I reported is correct. If I go back and try this again I will update this thread with that info. It makes the guy stay in crouched panic mode. One funny thing is that guy's stance will return "UNDEFINED" while in panic mode while prone, crouched, or upright. Anyway I was unable to break him out of this mode. Thanks, I may resort to that if I return to this particular script.
  5. Has anyone ever found a solution to this? I'm having the same problem right now where once you put a unit in panic mode via _unit playAction "Panic"; there is no way to return them to normal non-panic behaviour.
  6. Haha. Giants do NOT like buildings or vehicles. Not at all. 💀♣️
  7. I just tried your fast landing script, and it works great for me. At some point I will likely combine Rydy's contour flight with your landing when I get to that point while building a Prairie Fire mission. Thanks much to both of you!
  8. I'm not physics qualified to give you any detailed feedback, but I tried this with slicks and in Cam Lao Nam, and it works great for me. I think this coupled with Rydygier's hug terrain script will be great for some fast Prairie Fire extracts. Edit: Hah! I see you posted over there also.
  9. Maybe thinking about the type of waypoints can help you decide what to do. The most commonly used waypoints are probably Move, Get In, Get Out, Transport/Unload. For Move waypoints, normal Combat AI always disturbs these anyway. Units veer from their movement paths and fight until contact over, then resume path. If that contact/fight resulted in them moving to a WP position, then that WP completes. I think it would be fine for your AI system to behave the same way and not worry about the AI groups completing Move WPs inadvertently. For GetIn, Transport and Unload, maybe your AI system should not take over those units during those types of WPs, as they have a more specific purpose to complete that is more important to mission design (my guess). And what about player controlled groups? If mission designer has created Waypoints for player group, then it may be more harmful to mission designer's intentions to run your AI system on the player controlled group, so perhaps exclude your AI logic from player controlled groups (or give player a method for choosing when to invoke your AI logic).
  10. Hi Pierre. Read the "background" in the top original post. MadRussian is writing some AI code that he wants to temporarily take control of units. During the time this AI code is controlling the units, he doesn't want any original Waypoints created by mission creator to be disturbed or to complete. Once his special AI code is finished with the units, he wants those unit to then resume their normal waypoints. The hope is that the AI code won't unintentionally break a mission scripted using waypoints. I hope I explained that ok... 🙂
  11. You can also enableSimulation false on pilot until all units unloaded. I think I did that for my Property of Mabunga mission heli extracts.
  12. Sheeeeeeeyit. lol. I was all excited about rats in VC prisoner cages, rats snacking on corpses, bbq rat on a stick, etc. Bummer!
  13. Why not just the following for testing if weapon raised? (animationState player) find "sras" >= 0