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  1. @Jnr4817, sure thing dude, change this line: if ((_dude getHitPointDamage "hitLegs") >= .5) then to: if (damage _dude >= .5) then Damage values returned are in the range 0 (healthy) to 1 (dead), so use a value in between that suits you.
  2. missing bracket

    @Harzach is right. Tip: Drop that line of code into NotePad++, and put your cursor next to a bracket. The bracket is highlighted and its other bracket in the pair of open/close brackets is also highlighted. Keep doing that until you find a bracke that is not highlighted, and then you have found the bracket that is not part of a pair.
  3. I think your handleDamage EH is the way to go. Regarding AI Healing, micro-managing the AI sucks. @bardosy has a nice auto-medic script you can use. For player's AI squad in my Property of Mabunga mission, I didn't want any limping AI slowing the player team down, so I created this script so AI in player squad will heal themselves if limping: // autoHealWhenLimping.sqf // by JohnnyBoy // ******************************************************************************* // Have unit self heal when limping (hitlegs >= .5). // Sample Usage: { dmy = [_x] execVM "Scripts\autoHealWhenLimping.sqf";} foreach units group player; // ******************************************************************************* if (!isServer) exitwith {}; params["_dude"]; if (isPlayer _dude) exitwith {}; sleep 6; while {alive _dude and !isPlayer _dude} do { if ((_dude getHitPointDamage "hitLegs") >= .5) then { sleep 30 + (random 30); if (!isPlayer _dude) then // unit might have started as AI, but player later spawned into him. { _dude additem "FirstAidKit"; _dude action ["HealSoldierSelf", _dude]; _dude setHitPointDamage ["hitLegs", 0]; }; } else { sleep 5; }; };
  4. I believe this will work: // Execute this code to load sdv in blackfish sdv1 enableSimulation false; sdv1 attachTo [bf1,[0,-4,1]]; // tweak relative position until looks good // Later, via a trigger or script, execute following code to put sdv outside of blackfish for paradrop detach sdv1; sdv1 setpos (getpos bf1 vectorAdd [0,-12, -2]); // adjust relative position to get good exit position, and not collide with blackfish sdv1 enableSimulation true; // Now your sdv will free fall, so you need to add code for attaching parachute here. See Kylania's // post linked below. @kylania's solution for paradropping vehicle:
  5. Use attachTo, and fiddle with relative position until it looks good. You might need enableCollisionWith so it doesn't collide with blackfish and bump it when you detach it.
  6. Thanks @AZCoder. The code below (executed within a loop) now has these crazy AI basturds relentlessly chasing their prey. They no longer get stuck running in place. if (speed _slasher < 10) then { _slasher setPos (getPos _slasher vectorAdd [0,.1,0]); _slasher setVelocityModelSpace [0, 8, .2]; }; _slasher playActionNow "FastF"; It appears they need just enough velocity boost to overcome friction or something... Edit: I also had to add a setPos to bump dude forward a smidge to prevent them getting stuck.
  7. Via script, I'm forcing an AI to run at another unit (player or AI) for a melee attack. Currently I'm using PlayActionNow to move the dude forward, but I have also used playmove and switchmove. All these have the same problem sometimes: //_slasher switchmove "AmovPercMrunSrasWpstDf"; //_slasher playmove "AmovPercMrunSrasWpstDf"; _slasher playActionNow "FastF"; The Problem: Sometimes AI plays run animation, but is not moving forward. He is running in place. Is there a way to force forward movemet when a unit is playing running animation?
  8. JBOY Dog [Updated v1.3]

    Sorry buddy, not planning on working on MP compatibility any time soon. My #1 priority currently is finishing a SP dog mission/mini-campaign. When that is done I will publish dog script improvements. After that, I may finally look at MP compatibility. Mods aren't my thing. You have my permission to mak a mod out of it if you like.
  9. Wiki's creations [ArmA 3]

    Brutal. Good luck Wiki.
  10. ShowSubtitles - blue name

    Try cutText instead, and you should be able to control exactly how the text looks, including using Structured Text. cutText ["<t color='#0000ff'>CROSSROAD: </t>Mission is a go, I repeat, mission is a go! Crossroad, out", "PLAIN DOWN", -1, true, true];
  11. ShowSubtitles - blue name

    Try this: ["CROSSROAD", "<t color='#0000ff'>Mission is a go, I repeat, mission is a go, Crossroad, out.</t>"] spawn BIS_fnc_showSubtitle; Might work...
  12. try doing assignAsCargo first before moveInCargo.https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/assignAsCargo _x assignAsCargo _veh; _x moveInCargo _veh;
  13. @AZCoder: Thanks much for the detailed response. Will give it a whirl.
  14. During gameplay or maybe a cutscene, I want the player to have a "flashback" that is a full screen .jpg image. I have a .jpg image of an ARMA 1 character that I want to flash on the screen in a ARMA3 mission. What's the easiest way to do this? I was thinking of putting a billboard out of the way somewhere, and putting the image on the billboard. Then when I want to show this image, I create a camera focused on the billboard. Or maybe I can use cutRsc somehow. But with cutRsc, how do I link the image to it? Any suggestions on easiest way to do this?
  15. How to make a march ?

    Due to AI path logic, this is not simple. If you put units togehter and use waypoints, they will probably move in unwanted directions. I think the way to go is use playmove / switchmove on arrays of units so they play the exact walking animation you want simultaneously. Try putting 4 units in a column formation, and running a simple forEach loop on them playing a walking animation. If that works to your satisfaction, add more units to the column, and copy that column multiple times to form your parade. Run same loop on the units and see if they function as you like. Welcome to the forums and bon chance! Edit: Also, google is your friend. A google search for "Arma 3 Parade script" found this link: See the solution suggested by Killzone Kid toward the bottom of this thread.