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  1. johnnyboy

    Enhanced Movement

    Its confirmed. Enhanced Movement has problems when running LAMBS Danger FSM mod. I ran the exact same mission without LAMBS and the Enhanced Movement animations all played well for me.
  2. johnnyboy

    LAMBS Improved Danger.fsm

    Hey nkenny. I finally tried LAMBS Danger FSM in a mission last night. There were about 70 active AI, 20 groups, and 12 vehicles fighting CQB in Pyrgos on Altis. I have to say it really improved the experience. I had many moments where I felt seriously hunted and cornered, which upped the intensity of the experience (including many point blank sphincter tightening moments). I played SP with team switch, and was pleasantly surprised to spawn into an AI that was hiding in a windmill with 2 other AI because of enemy tanks near by. This is great work you are doing. Thank you. Edit: I experienced a problem with Enhancement Movement mod while running LAMBS Danger FSM. In the same mission described above, I was also running Enhanced Movement mod. When player climbed walls, more than 50% of the time, the animation would play at ground level (partially undergound), and player still landed on other side of wall. This happened frequently over a few hours. I just tried exact same mission without LAMBS Danger, and the Enhanced Movement player animations all worked perfectly. I'm guessing its a resource competition issue of some kind. Its a shame because I really like both these mods.
  3. johnnyboy

    Enhanced Movement

    @Derleth This mod has been working perfectly for me for the last month. I'm now using it in my AI CQB Movement scripts. But, last night I played a SP mission with about 60 active AI plus 15 vehicles, and the movements started acting funny. Sometimes, climbing a wall looked perfect as always. Other times, it performed the animation at ground level and looked weird, but I still ended up on the other side of the wall. I was running mods CBA_A3 and RHSUSAF, but I don't think they are the problem, as I have been running those all this last month. But I was also running LAMBS Danger FSM mod. I'm thinking that Enhanced Movement might have problems if there either a lot of active units, or a lot of mod processing going on (LAMBS?). I think I will try the same scenario without LAMBS and see if Enhanced Movement still has problems.
  4. johnnyboy

    JBOY Lip

    Bonjour Pierre. I've tried setMimic, but IMO its not that useful. In ARMA 1 you could make an AI smile and more, and it was great. The few expressions that work in ARMA 3 aren't that useful to me. Except maybe for a putting a unit on a toilet and having him make a constipated face.
  5. johnnyboy

    tracks from tanks

    Hey SB. See this thread. In it are 2 possible solutions for persisting footprints. One is by HallyG and it creates the footprints, but they are always dark black, so look funny on dirt or sand. The other requires the footprint being persisted be created near a player as the engine doesn't create footprints for AI if there is no player near to see them. But I had the idea that you could script to collect footprints created near player and then move them to wherever the trail is supposed to be. In your mission, if the unit you are tracking is a player, then the 2nd method should work as is. You might also be interested in the flattened grass trail discussion. It also has a problem where grass stays flattened only for about 90 seconds. This could be overcome by recording the positions of the trail, and activating the grass masher to occur at positions within X meters of the player. Alas, it takes more work. And finally in JBOY_Dog, I also periodically drop small objects in the trail for player to see (bullet object, water bottle, soda can, pencil, etc.)
  6. Here you will see many improvements to this script: Improvements: Units are much faster entering rooms after breaching. This makes them much more effective at clearing a room. Enhanced Movement mod support. Units can now hop fences, climb walls, climb objects, etc. Units can now climb ladders. Units can now carry a pistol only, or be unarmed. Good for escorting hostage or VIP. Unit team stays together better, and moves faster through positions. Countless tweaks and bug fixes. Will release this latest version in the next few days.
  7. johnnyboy

    JBOY Scripts Compilation

    Thanks for the all kind words guys! I just added link to newly released JBOY_Lip script. I've had it for a long time but kept forgetting to publish it.
  8. Here is a super simple script for animating lip movement for an AI unit for specified # of seconds. Script: Here is some sample usage code, where two different units talk with each other. In this example the valdez character says a sound file that is about 5 seconds long, and the paramedic1 character says a sound file that is 2.6 seconds long. // ************************************************************** [valdez, 5] call JBOY_Lip; valdez customRadio [JBOY_Channel,"hvTempHospital"]; //valdez globalchat "Hey Zeke. When are they going to build the new hospital? This temporary one is a dump."; sleep 5; // ************************************************************** [paramedic1, 2.6] call JBOY_Lip; paramedic1 customRadio [JBOY_Channel,"hParaCutOffFunding"]; //paramedic1 globalchat "Maybe never. Madagascar has cut off the funding."; sleep 3;
  9. No problem dude. Glad to help out enthusiastic polite people. Use a hint instead of hintc (or do what Wogz suggested). And did you change the trigger condition from conv1 = 1 to conv1 == 1? Because if you left the trigger condtion as conv1 = 1, then the first time the trigger condition was evaluated by engine, it would set conv1 to 1, which would explain why you saw this value as 1 in the console. You are close to solving this, don't give up! 🙂
  10. To test equality, you use two equals signs, like this: conv1 == 1 A singles equals sign is used for value assignment. When testing your mission, you can hit escape and see the debug console. In the section labeled "Watch:" there are four input fields where you can put variables and expressions so you can monitor the values any time while testing the mission. Put conv1 in one of these watch fields. Now run your mission. As soon as mission has started and is playable, press escape and see what value of conv1 is. Hopefully it starts off as 0 (zero) if you initialized it in your init.sqf. Then play your mission to point where the Action is added to officer. Press Escape again. The conv1 value should still be zero. Return to mission and execute the conversation action on the officer. After the conversation occurs, press escape again. At this point, we hope the value of conv1 is now 1. This is a basic debugging approach, and i hope it helps. I would also put this code in the trigger in the onActivation box: hintc "My trigger fired so conv1 must equal 1 now. Yoda be praised."; This makes it clear your trigger fired. I'm not familiar with the module. But if you do the above we will have narrowed down your problem. Maybe the variable is working and the trigger fires, but there is no linkage to the module. I can't tell.
  11. Hmmm. Try moving SAM_FirstConversationDone = true; to inside your addAction code like this. The way you have it now now, the variable is set to true immediately after the action is added, rather than after the conversation script runs.
  12. johnnyboy

    GF Auto Loot with userconfig Mod

    Very useful. Nice work Georgie Boy!
  13. You are almost there. I would try the following: 1. In your init.sqf add this: SAM_FirstConversationDone = false; // initialize global variable to false. 2. As you have already done, set SAM_FirstConversationDone = true; at the end of your script. 3. Change your trigger condition to read like this: SAM_FirstConversationDone There would be no quotes around the global variable name in this case. It is a simple boolean variable which is either true or false. Good luck, and welcome to script-o-mania.
  14. A few people recommended I create a list of all my content/scripts, so here it is...(hope I remember them all 🙂 ) Missions: Leper Island Property of Mabunga Last Tango in Tanoa 1: Missing Person Last Tango in Tanoa 2: Razing Cane Last Tango in Tanoa 3: Halfbag's Revenge (under construction) Scripts: JBOY AI CQB Movement JBOY Dog JBOY Point Blank Melee JBOY Speak JBOY Lip JBOY Beanbag Shotgun JBOY Longboat JBOY Burning/Exploding Barrels JBOY Combat Up Down JBOY Patrol Chatter/Lights On Off JBOY Shotgun Bush Destroyer JBOY Turbo Chicken JBOY Random Boat Patrol JBOY Fish Jump JBOY Fish School JBOY Speargun JBOY Birds of Prey JBOY Fly in Formation JBOY Stack Objects JBOY Fall From Vehicles JBOY Molotov Cocktail JBOY PumpkinHead JBOY Say Module Sentence JBOY Flattened Grass Trail JBOY Trail of Footprints JBOY Mabunga Voodoo Dancers JBOY Move Collection of Objects JBOY Calculate Intermediate Position JBOY Pain Grunt Fix Rooftop AI from being frozen in air when building destroyed
  15. I don't see getUnitLoadout/setUnitLoadout in your script. Using this will guarantee new unit has same, uniform, gear, weapons, mags, everything. You also wouldn't need your code to randomly assign a pistol to new unit.