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  1. johnnyboy

    SOG AI

    I'm not sure what you are asking. At mission start, if the player already has AI in his squad, or the mission is flagged as AI will join his squad later (like HeadUp's Romp in the Swamp), then there is no action added to spawn a group. But if the player has no AI, then he has an action to spawn a group. I don't know why you wouldn't want this action...?
  2. johnnyboy

    SOG AI

    SOG AI updated again. Now has numeric menu equivalent to radial menu, which enables faster commanding if you memorize the keys. And it also enables easy configuration with Voice Attack app. Change Log:
  3. johnnyboy

    SOG AI

    G'day wansec. People that use SOG AI with ACE disable ACE medical. I'm told there are multiple ACE mods without the medical system (filter to "ACE no medical" in steam). I really know nothing about how ACE works. My mod relies on AI revive where instead of killing player or his squad mates outright they are rendered incapacitated, and have a chance of AI or player reviving them. I currently have no plans in researching ACE compatibility. But if someone spelled out some exact simple solution for me I would consider it. Thanks for your interest in SOG AI mate.
  4. johnnyboy

    SOG AI

    SOG AI mod updated today. Change Log: Short vids explaining features added:
  5. I suggest asking this over in the Prairie Fire discord's modding-chat thread: https://discord.com/channels/824223048940519434/839848226005581845 They're usually pretty helpful.
  6. Thanks @honger I solved this using CBA, thanks to the help of the brilliant @madrussian. Top post is now updated with the solution.
  7. No problem dude. I'm sure I'll need this myself as I try maximize use of vanilla sounds wherever context appropriate. Welcome to the forums, and the whacky world of arma editing.
  8. Lucky experimentation. I knew some string in there had to work. I did try Area_clear_1 also to see if you could get the specific "Area Clear" version, but it doesn't work. But now we know, and the next time we need a particular voice file for sideRadio, it will be much easier to find.
  9. Hey dude, mostly good news, I cracked the code! todd sideRadio "SentClearDefault"; If you open the config in the debug console and scroll down to RadioProtocolENG and expand it, you will then see the "words" that work sideRadio, groupRadio, vehicleRadio, etc. Some sounds only have one version, some have more than one version. So the example above "SentClearDefault" has two versions of the sound: "Clear" and "Area Clear", of which the command above will pick one randomly to play. I don't know how to get sideRadio to choose just "Area Clear". Below is a screenshot of this part of config open in console. When you use the radio commands you get the radio squelch at beginning and end of sound file. The config is pretty easy to browse, and find other sounds you might want. I wish I had known this years ago! 🙂
  10. For Area Clear, use this: _unit = player; _s = "A3\Dubbing_Radio_F\data\ENG\Male01ENG\RadioProtocolENG\Stealth\110_Com_Announce\AreaClear.ogg"; playSound3D [_s, _unit, false, getPosASL _unit, 1, 1, 0]; Also, see my function called JBOY_Speak that allows you to have a unit say most any of the unit command and response voice files that a unit can say (like Frag Out, Return To Formation, Roger, etc.). I use it all the time in my scripts to try and find context specific voices to add immersion. The other cool thing about jboy_speak is that if you call the function passing in "Halt", it will say that voice file in whatever language the speaker of the unit is (so it could be English, French, Chinese, Persian, etc.). Actually, I need to update that demo mission with latest jboy_speak code, as it now supports nearly all the useful command/responses. SideRadio command is not for these unit voice command/responses. It's reading from a different sound config (configRadio I think...not sure though). The unit command/responses are in RadioProtocol config (I think).
  11. I think with playSound, you have to know what the sound is named in the config (a single word enclosed with double quotes). With playSound3D you can provide the full path name to the sound file. I just tried your Olympos sound file path and I hear it perfectly using playSound3D (not playSound): _s = '\a3\dubbing_f_tacops\to_c01_m01\002_br_briefing_b\to_c01_m01_002_br_briefing_b_OLYMPOS_17.ogg'; playSound3D [_s,player, false, getPosASL player] As for finding the sound you want to use, its brutally time consuming. I have used that utility above and played a shitload of them and capture the ones I think might be useful to me. With that utility above, there is a button to copy the sound file path string to clipboard. So when you hear one you want, you click that button to capture the string and paste in an editor and note what the words said were. Tedious. I know how to dump these file names, but the names aren't descriptive enough to know what the actual text being said is. I've been meaning to ask on these forums how to dump the file names AND the string table english text that gets displayed when the game engine uses the sound file. There must be a relationship between the string table text and the sound file in the config that is not obvious when you browse the config file. I feel your pain!
  12. See if it works for you like the following, just put it your desired path and sound file name. _s ='a3\dubbing_radio_f\data\eng\male01eng\radioprotocoleng\normal\230_genericradiomessages\gencmddefend1.ogg'; playSound3D [_s,player, false, getPosASL player];
  13. I googled this for about 30 minutes and couldn't find a clean step-by-step answer to this. I think it might require CBA. Can anyone point me to a clean guide of how to define parameters that allow players to set mod options before running a mission? I was hoping it was like defining Params in a mission's description.ext, but in the config.cpp instead, but that did not work for me. SOLVED. I put this code in my mod's init.sqf to use CBA for setting mod options: // ********************************************************************** // Set global vars based on CBA parameters // ********************************************************************** missionNameSpace setVariable ["jboy_maxRevivesPerAI",99]; if (getLoadedModsInfo select {_x #1 find "@CBA_A3" >= 0} isNotEqualTo []) then { ["jboy_maxRevivesPerAI", "LIST", "Max Revives Per AI unit", "SOG AI", [[5,4,3,2,1,0], ["5", "4", "3", "2", "1", "0"]], 1] call cba_settings_fnc_init; }; Read the heading of the cba_settings_fnc_init function here to see how to define the parameters and sample calls: https://github.com/CBATeam/CBA_A3/blob/master/addons/settings/fnc_init.sqf
  14. johnnyboy


    I totally get it too gents. Sometimes you need to step away for awhile. For me some outside activity is the best battery recharger. Have a great 2023.
  15. johnnyboy

    SOG AI

    SOG AI was just updated with better Stealth immersion, punji mace traps spawned in the AO, melee attacks, and enemy crater assaults...Banzai! New features shown in these vids: