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  1. Looks like a postcard. Beautiful. I want to live in that cabin. Might have to patch the roof though.
  2. Great job dude! I miss Mike though, I hope he is ok.
  3. johnnyboy

    Patching bad Stairs

    Hey madrussian, long time no chat, I hope you are doing well. 😉 Empty quotes will set the texture to transparent. This is how I completely hide a zodiac in JBOY_LongBoat: zodiac1 setObjectTextureGlobal [0,""]; Edit: Another suggestion would be to use pallet or plank objects. Both are walk-able but not hide-able via setObjectTexture (I've tried in the past). But you can set them just below the stair surface so not visible, but still should prevent falling through. I've used palettes as a floor in a burned out CUP bus object before using this technique. Or the plank you could use as visible, and us players will assume the home owner repaired his shitty stairs with a plank.
  4. Lookin' awesome as usual EO! You might have to make a new orange one to match California now. That state is burning up and looking freaky. So glad I moved out 3 years ago. San Francisco today:
  5. It's possible. You can do a simple experiment in the editor to prove/disprove the idea.
  6. johnnyboy

    007: Goldfinger mod

    Love it! Plus the song Goldfinger was best bond song ever (with Live and Let Die a close second).
  7. johnnyboy

    Position in house

    This script works great. You can spawn the units into a building, or have them move into positions in the building. Units will stand at window positions and face outwards. https://forums.bohemia.net/forums/topic/170936-release-infantry-occupy-house-script/
  8. I am reviving this topic because I never actually finished this script until now. The top post contains the code for finding the 3D positions of tops and bottoms of ladders on building objects.
  9. @aliascartoons has awesome scripts that do exactly this. Watch his video and download sample mission. He details the exact calls to his scripts. https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1387052380
  10. Should be working. I have stopped improving it though. No time for arma recently.
  11. Only works for AI. It could work for player vs. ai if I added action or key press to initiate player ai attack. but i'm out of arma time for the near trem.
  12. johnnyboy

    [COOP] Seven Samurai

    Hey Rydygier, I am really enjoying this mission (subscribed and upvoted on steam of course)! For us lazy guys who want to jump right in to the fight, I have one suggestion: Default the Samurai AI team mates to be armed, so player doesn't have to order each one to take weapons. I play solo, and would prefer to rock'n'roll quicker. Just an idea, no problem if its not important enough for you to implement. Thanks again for all your great work.
  13. johnnyboy

    Ai planes

    If you want to force a visual effect of flying in formation, you can try my Fly In Formation script. You could also script bombs being dropped by these planes (more work of course). As everyone else said above, your desire for dynamic AI flying in formation, bombing, then engaging with guns would require a lot of scripting work to achieve (ARMA flying AI is not up to it on its own).
  14. johnnyboy

    Door Knockdown Script

    @James Adams, there is no command "playAnimation". To play an animation for a unit use switchMove, playMove, playAction, or playActionNow. To make these commands work in MP, you want to wrap them in a remoteExec call. Unfortunately there is no "kick" action in the play actions. And there is no good vanilla kick animation available for switchMove/playMove to the best of my knowledge (I have searched the animations many times over the last few years). I would love to be proven wrong though, so if someone know of a kick animation please share it. You can probably find a mod with a kick animation though. You could potentially use the "rifle butt smash" animation, and pretend the unit is smashing the lock on the door. This is also an example of how to use remoteExec so the animation is played on all clients in MP. [_unit,"acts_miller_knockout"]remoteExec["switchMove",0,true]; You can see this animation in action in this video (its used to smash target unit's head). I would love to see a good door kick script, so I wish you the best of luck! 🙂
  15. johnnyboy

    AI Enhanced Movement [Script]

    Thanks MrStregatto. Sorry, but I'm not planning on making an addon.