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  1. johnnyboy

    AZC JBOY Pain Mod

    God****it, AZC, you ****in' broke this sweet *** tourettes mod!!!! That was a feature!!! $!!##*****!!!!! 😂
  2. johnnyboy

    Transport mission Livonia

    Put your markers in arrays, then use selectRandom to pick a random marker from the array. It would work like this: DropOffLocations = [drop1, drop2, drop3]; // assuming you named your markers drop1, drop2, drop3 _nextDropOffLocation = selectRandom DropOffLocations; // selects one marker from the array
  3. johnnyboy

    Path to AI footstep sound fx

    Thanks EO and merci Pierre! I'm heading off on vacation for a week, and will look into your suggestions when I get back. I appreciate your help.
  4. Hi guys, I'd like to be able to playsound3D the vanilla footsteps sounds (at a higher volume to re-use it for larget animals). Does anyone know the path to that sound file? Or what config command to use to find that sound? Thanks!
  5. johnnyboy


    Haha, glad my dogs are still doing their job and soiling people's shorts around the world! FYI: Regarding blood on dogs, there are two types. Blood on the face is good (it means they bit somebody). The dog is not injured in this case. Blood on the side (and what looks like a bullet hole), means the dog is damaged. Jboy dogs take 2 or 3 shots to kill (unlike all vanilla animals that die with one shot.
  6. That's great news ConthJon. Thanks for letting me know (I will have to check it out). I'm just happy you are using it, you did everything beautifully! Based on the screenshots, I can tell a lot of care and work went into building the locations.
  7. That looks really sweet bean-o. Very cool. Is it possible to attach to the chute instead of the player, for the player case? Or maybe in the player case you create an AI (set invisible and no voice) that you attach to player, and attach the _obj to the invisible AI. I've found attaching to invisible AIs useful in other instances. Also, I note that BakedBeans figure crucially into your script. Why am I not surprised. Happy New Year mate.
  8. Also, setVelocityModelSpace. Here's the example from wiki: car setVelocityModelSpace [0, 10, 0]; //pushes car forward in direction car is facing You can use the one time to bump an object in some direction. Or use it in onEachFrame as Grump suggested, to continuously move an object at a set speed.
  9. Man I wish I could think that deep <..but but but I made jboy finger!...>. You have some great minds opining here, so if anybody can do it you guys can. Good luck fellas.
  10. johnnyboy

    Non developer with Mod idea

    As EO said, well presented. I've see others in the past drone on with text about their dream mod/scenario they want someone else to build, and I never finish reading them. I think this presentation greatly increases your chances of someone taking a shot at it. Sounds fun. Good luck in your quest.
  11. Learn something new every day! I did not know about _forEachIndex!!! I've been incrementing my own index in these loops forever. Doh! Thanks Grump!
  12. johnnyboy

    Detach command delay

    You can give them a gentle push after detaching if you want gravity effect more immediate using setVelocityModelSpace. _unit setVelocityModelSpace [0,.5,-.5]; // a slight push forward and down
  13. Outstanding! Bravissimo! 🎵🎶🎼 That sounded perfect man. Very cool. Is the piano object from vanilla arma or some mod? The fact that you and @Maff provided the pitch conversion to get the full music scale is pure genius. OK ARMA musicians, Tova and Maff have done the work to give you the full note scale, so its time to make some music!!!!
  14. You are a generous man. Thank you! That's my policy with all my scripts as well. Anybody can use them in whole or cherry pick any part of them.
  15. Perfect! Agreed, totally worth it.