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  1. Script obfuscating

    gc8's code is already obfuscated from me as it is. His OO scripts seem totally badass, but beyond my understanding! Edit: I had gc8 confused with code34. Its code34's scripts that are beyond my understanding...lol.
  2. [SP] Armed Fallout

    Now THAT is how you help a brother out. @tourist is a good man.
  3. AttachTo Engine Issue

    Seems like a building object would work. Attach this Reservior Tower to the ship so the roof of the tower is level with the deck. You can land and turn off engine. It worked for me. Problem is tower is so tall it will stick out below bottom of ship. But you could hideObject it and only unhide it when a helicopter is attempting to land. Or you might be able to find a smaller building with a flat roof that will work that won't stick out of bottom of ship.
  4. AttachTo Engine Issue

    That's too bad. I just tried it too, inlcuding placing a helipad at same position as platform. AI can stand on these platforms, but helicopter falls thru it when you turn the engine off. Another thing to try would be to run a tight loop testing for EngineOff. When EngineOff attach to ship. When Engine turned back on and there is enough up-thrust (how do you test for that??? lol), then detach. Good luck.
  5. AttachTo Engine Issue

    Yes sir. I attached the pallets to the trawler object. Even when attached they retain their walkability/landability. I've used pallets and planks to create platforms in the air that AI can stand on many times., so I think its workable. Good luck matey!
  6. AttachTo Engine Issue

    So you are landing on a ship object that has no real surface for player to land on? If that is the case, you may be able to place a landable surface on it. I created a landing pad once on the front of the trawler by placing 10 pallets there. A series of long plank objects could work too. If you are lucky you can place them just below the surface of the ship object so they are not visible, but still landable/walkable. Worth a try.
  7. AttachTo Engine Issue

    If this is eyecandy for a scene and players not on board, you can create an identical vehicle with engine off and replace it. After scene is over, put the original one back.
  8. In a script, I need to set a global variable to a different value depending on what Map is loaded (Altis, Stratis, Tanoa or some custom map). How can I determine that in init.sqf? Solved: https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/worldName
  9. Yep. Another good one to consider is "FiredNear" EH, if you want to keep them in place, until the first shot is fired near them.
  10. [SP] Armed Fallout

    Congrats on publishing your mission and welcome to the forums. :) Suggestion: To maximize interest and feedback consider posting some screenshots and a short video trailer.
  11. [sp camp] Gambit Royale

    Congrats on rocketing to 4 stars so fast! Hopefully this will maintain a steady march to a well deserved 5 stars. I've googled this and can't find an answer on what the 5 star threshold is, but I saw the VietCong mission made 5 stars quickly, and when I first noticed that, it had 172 ratings. So threshold lies somewhere between 127 and 172. My guess is 150. Good luck mate!
  12. This simple script will play a pain grunt sound on a unit (randomly selected from list of Arma hit/pain sound fx). Credits: Thanks to @Greenfist and @Gunter Severloh for finding the ingame sounds for me. See this thread for complete list of sounds. Thanks to Bohemia for the sfx and the amazing arma game. To use this script: 1. Put the script code below into a file in your mission directory named JBOY_PainGrunt.sqf. 2. In your init.sqf, add this line to compile the script: JBOY_PainGrunt = compile preprocessFileLineNumbers "JBOY_PainGrunt.sqf"; JBOY_PainGrunt.sqf To test this out, run this from the console in the Editor: _n = [] spawn { while {true} do { [player] call JBOY_PainGrunt; sleep 1; }; }; Help a Brother Out! There's only one day left to help JohnnyBoy win a steak dinner! If you like my scripts, please subscribe and upvote my Last Tango in Tanoa mission on Steam. Its a short mission, only 30 minutes play time. I only need a few more ratings!
  13. Compilation List of my GF Scripts

    Hey George, thanks for sharing all your great work. I wrote a JBOY_PainGrunt script that may be similar to your, or may be useful to you. It re-uses some of the ingame sounds for pain. Feel free to borrow from this if it helps. JBOY_PainGrunt.sqf I used just a subset of the sounds that @Greenfist kindly provided me here. But there is enough for good variation. I guess I should publish this...I forgot.
  14. Last Tango in Tanoa --[Episode 1Released]

    I looked it at it a long time ago and it seemed not ready for prime time. Maybe I should take another look. Thanks. ...<<<johnnyboy instantly derails and chases new idea, thus delaying Episode 2 completion once again ...>>>