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  1. JBOY_SpearGun

    That is probably a good idea for the fish spears. For AI its all bets off once the guy goes ragdoll. The spear can appear one meter away.
  2. JBOY_SpearGun

    Thanks GidaBoy! Yes, I have a Fish School script that is almost ready. But I am leaving on vacation for 2 weeks, so I won't publish it until after that (probably 3 or 4 weeks). With this script, a school of fish will travel from point A to point B. Or a school can continuously circle around a fixed position (radius of circle set by a parameter, and type of fish set by parameter).
  3. Shooting vanilla ARMA fish is boring and looks stupid because dead fish just freeze in place. But now we can MAFGA--Make Arma Fishing Great Again--with JBOY_SpearGun!!! Features: Converts SDAR into a SDart gun! SDAR shoots fish with a small spear/harpoon (big thanks to @BadBensonfor the harpoon .p3d object!) Fish bleeds, squirms for awhile, and sinks Fish can be be taken by player, and a fish count variable is maintained for the shooter. This fish count variable can then be used later by other scripts for player to eat fish (for a survival scenario), or sell or trade fish as an item (if someone else wants to modify their trade scripts to include these fish). No Mods required! Works on ambient fish and fish created via script (createAgent) Does NOT work on turtles. I don't know why. But only jerks shoot sea turtles anyway! :) Does NOT impale AI units. When AI goes ragdoll, mempoint positions no longer mean anything, so its impossible to make harpoon stay impaled in a unit. Which is sad, because we would all love to turn an AI diver into a pin cushion! Access the Fish Count variable for a unit: If you are scripting a survival scenario, or a trade scenario, you can access the number of fish the player has as shown in following code snippet. _fishTaken = player getVariable ["JBOY_FishTaken",0]; hint format ["You have %1 fish.",_fishTaken]; Credits: @BadBenson for cool barbed harpoon object. Thanks bro! (Sorry I took so long to publish it...) @HallyGfor awesome blood effects script. Thanks HallyG! I use your scripts in a lot of my stuff, and really appreciate the help. Sample mission to put in Editor: ZipFile of mission directory Steam Link to play demo mission: Demo Mission Enjoy!
  4. Wiki's creations [ArmA 3]

    Its good to see you back at it Wiki. You can't keep a good man down! I hope to try this mission out later tonight. Thank you! EDIT: Just finished the mission and loved it. Thanks much WIKI. Reminded me of classic OFP/ARMA missions, and reminded me why I love ARMA. Graet job.
  5. Project Farmland for ravage mod

    Hi Cervantes. I have 3 animal related scripts: JBOY Birds of Prey JBOY Turbo Chicken JBOY Dog Birds in these scripts do NOT attack players though. I have considered making birds attack AI and players, but have no immediate plans to make those changes. Feel free to use these and modify them any way you like (if you think they add something to your project). Have fun. :) Also, you might want to use the feral dog packs from JBOY Dog in your mod. The dog packs roam around in a group, and will attack AI or Player when they are near enough. Works very well.
  6. Hey guys, I think you're a bit off topic and hijacking this thread...maybe you should start PMing on this stuff (and keep this about VD's scripts). :)
  7. Project Farmland for ravage mod

    Hey Cervantes, I love your work man!
  8. Sorry mate. I'm strictly a scripter. I think Gibs requires object modeling skills of which I have none. Good luck in your quest.
  9. I promise not to create a mission where there is an action titled "Ride Goat".
  10. GF Visors Script - Mod

    Hey GeorgeGídaBoy, I really like this one. I am definitely going to use the diving mask one. Great job.
  11. Help with dialog

    Its all the beef hula hoops that make @Larrow beautiful. And his sweet code of course.
  12. Haha. I totally sympathize. I too hate MP scripting, and I'm constantly hounded (pun intended) about making JBOY Dog MP compatible!
  13. Random Date help?!

    change "==" to "in". if (_month in [04, 05, 06, 07, 08, 09]) then {{deletevehicle _x} forEach (crew slick4)+[slick4];};
  14. Help with dialog

    getUnitLoadout could help with this also.