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  1. johnnyboy

    JBOY AI Scripted CQB Path

    The little hop the unit did is in my move script. The script plays a move animation, and checks if unit position has changed since starting the move. If he hasn't moved, he's given a little velocity boost to get him going. This helps prevent units from being stuck and running in place. And it also causes the occasional little funny hop you spotted.
  2. johnnyboy

    JBOY AI Scripted CQB Path

    I've tried both playMove and playAction and in buildings playmove is much more reliable for me. I understand your point on rifles vs. pistols, and will likely end up dynamically changing move based on weapon (replace substring...or something). I'm already doing that to change from standing to crouch. Unfortunately, playAction seems to be unreliable for me.
  3. johnnyboy

    JBOY AI Scripted CQB Path

    Everybody's a bloody critic... lol
  4. johnnyboy

    JBOY AI Scripted CQB Path

    Hahaha. Sadly, there is no way this will ever be as good as Swat 4. That was the best coop game ever.
  5. I posted a progress video:
  6. johnnyboy

    JBOY AI Scripted CQB Path

    UPDATE: I've made some progress on getting a stack of 4 (or less) units to move through a building path. As you can see from the video, there is lots of room for improvement. It's been a royal biatch getting the little AI wankers to perform this well...but I hope to improve it. New features: Known Problems: Future: My apologies to @beno_83au for not yet incorporating his breaching script. He kindly delivered a working copy integrated with an old version of my script a month ago, and I haven't integrated it yet. I promise I will get to it mate and release a vid! Progress Video: If you are curious, this is the path array that was used for this video:
  7. Thanks @Phronk, I hope to use some techniques from that. Even without AI moving thru buildings, if we place balls in strategic points based on MR's nodes (doorways, stair landings, windows, etc.) we can have AI cycle through watching those objects and thus intelligently scan for threats.
  8. That's great. Flagging stairs and doors is key. Real doors that can be closed/opened/locked is important for script knowing when to open or breach a door, or toss a frag or bang in. Oh crikey mate (as our pommie friends might say), that will be a challenge for the AI reckon.
  9. Hope you had a great vacation man. I'm currently visiting Moab Utah (my favorite place). I'm using playmove primarily, plus some playAction per phronk's advice. First disableai Anim. Then playmove tactical forward anim and wait until unit reaches destination, then reenableai anim. I should release a beta version of my scripts within a week I hope. ^ I have this same question. I'm using a combination of setFormDir and my own rotate script. For multiple units, I have them all join grpnull while running through movepoints (then rejoin original group later when done). When each unit is in his own group, setFormDir is great for "naturally" facing the unit in the direction you want him to go (the ai wants to face this direction). Before moving a unit to the next movepoint in the movepoint array I stop the unit and run the script below to rotate him smoothly toward next movepoint position. It looks pretty smooth. This guarantees he is pointing towards next movepoint prior to moving. setDir is too immediate and gamey, so using this script instead. I still need to pretty this script up... After calling this, I waituntil unit getVariable "busy" is false, and unit is now pointing towards next pos. I haven't given status in awhile but have put alot of hours in struggling with getting a stack of 4 units to move through a building. Its been super hard...tons of experimentation...but I think I finally will have something to show in the next few days. It won't be perfect, but it will be interesting. A single unit works really well as I have already demonstrated. Stay tuned! And thanks for all the hard work @madrussian! You are a good man. Regarding your generated positions, for my scripts to work, we will need to calculate a path first (series of positions for a particular buiiding), then I will read that path array and and transform it into a format my script needs. We can work out the details once i release my script. But one thing I need for sure is stair positions flagged as stairs somehow. That's critical as I need AI to move differently through stairs than non-stairs (to keep them from getting stuck or clipping).
  10. Interesting script. Wonder what its about...
  11. johnnyboy

    Object collision in script [Help]

    Curry's suggestion is good. Another option is to cast a ray from unit's head straight up, and drop the object from below the first intersection, or from your desired height if there is nothing directly over unit's head.
  12. Awesome thread. I just learned a lot. Thanks to all.
  13. johnnyboy

    The ISIL Foothold

    Great mission Gunter. Thanks. First time I've used the airlift script and it works great. I'm playing solo, so haven't beaten yet, but am totally enjoying it so far.
  14. johnnyboy

    Sirens (Prelude)

    Just tried it EO and it was cool. I like the concept and look forward to the future full blown mission.
  15. Very cool update vid and excellent choice of music again (I just got tickets to see Robert Plant in October!). Been buried with real work, but hope to make progress on my end next week. Thanks for the great effort.