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  1. johnnyboy

    EO Gorkas (WIP)

    Did I just stumble across an L.L. Bean catalog?
  2. johnnyboy

    AI reacting confused to Attachto objects.

    What are the attached objects? If they are there for a visual effect only, then you could set enableSimulation false on all the objects. That might make heli ignore them.
  3. johnnyboy


    @haleks I hope this project is progressing well. I'm also hoping you can accommodate a request: Please allow mission maker to specify an array of units to exclude from this feature. I'm running a modified version of @pierremgi's "AI heal teammates" script that has damage event handlers setting units unconscious when hit big, and then AI teammates will run to downed unit and heal them. I think this could interfere with your Impact script, so I want to exclude my player lead AI team from the Impact script. Also, for scripted sequences, mission makers may want to exclude units from Impact. Thanks for listening!
  4. johnnyboy

    Makeshift Force field?

    Use boundingBoxReal to determine size of object first, then calculate how big invisible wall should be. Haha. 🙂
  5. Sorry mate, this is untested in coop, so I don't know. One plus is that units in the "market" area have simulation disabled and aren't enabled until a player unit is within a specified range. I also made sure that all animations are played using remoteExec. But it needs MP testing to know for sure if it works there.
  6. johnnyboy

    AI Ambient Voice

    I have a few scripts that might help you. You can play any in-game speech line in the native language of the unit using this script. The following does a lot more than what you ask for, but it uses JBOY Speak to say many different in-game sounds that are specific to different situations:
  7. This is why I love this forum. @Maff is a stand up guy!
  8. Looks like you're having fun and learning a lot. That's great! Is this your actual line of code above for the chase? What is " [150,-10,10]; " for? I'm guessing you want that to be a position relative to the moving car. If so you can use modelToWorld for that, like this: while {Chase} do { GH1 doMove (ruscar1 modelToWorld [150,-10,10]); sleep 1.0 }; Good luck man! If you have time, post a little video of your chase. 🙂
  9. johnnyboy

    RR Immersive Maps by LAxemann

    Impressive! Thanks for the contribution. Too bad I'm not an ACE guy...
  10. johnnyboy

    Middle East Crisis

    Looks great. Thanks Massi!
  11. johnnyboy


    Hey dude, a few other thoughts on this... For those cases where you don't want to knock a unit down, but still want to apply a hit penalty to the unit, you could: force victim's direction to the right or left a little (forces him to reacquire target). Example: Hit on left arm spins unit to left a bit. adjust his accuracy and target acquisition skills to zero for a short time (then set them back) doTarget objNull (force him to reacquire target) chance of force unit to fire weapon (reflexive trigger pull when hit)? -- only if in combat mode, so unaware sentries don't fire when hit with a silenced weapon... Just some ideas, only use them if they fit in with your goals. 😀
  12. johnnyboy


    I'M HALEK'S HERO?????? My turn to say Holy Shit!!!! 🎵 I'm walking on sunshine, oh-oh 🎵 <dances around house> Even a broken clock gets lucky twice a day. Haha, glad I could help.
  13. johnnyboy


    I'm totally looking forward to this Haleks! Even with the limitations. I love the idea of not knowing if dropped unit is stunned or dead, as well as increased effectiveness of hits in general. Also, maybe the > 100M problem can be handled by HitPart EventHandlers instead where you use the body hit part within an addForce command like in this example from the wiki: bob addForce [bob vectorModelToWorld [0,-200,0], bob selectionPosition "rightfoot"];
  14. johnnyboy

    Object destruction

    Good suggestion, that is exactly what I would do. If you need to sense the destruction of the crates, then monitor the damage of the net instead, and delete the crates when net object damage = 0.
  15. It may be that the "action" command is local and needs to remoteExeced somehow. An alternative would be to RemoteExec the playAction "Surrender", which should be the same animation: [civ1, "Surrender"] remoteExec ["playActionNow", 0];