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  1. They are created via script, so probably not. But I don't use Zues so can't say for sure.
  2. True that. Being stubborn helps too! 😁
  3. I haven't had time to do this yet. And I may not get to it for a few weeks. But thanks to @pierremgi pointing out the vn air support scripts, this should be not too hard to do.
  4. Now that I see your screenshot, I understand the offset approach won't work. So you have to hardcode all the positions. But you can clean it up a little by putting all 90 positions into an array, then iterating thru the array to create the balloons, something like this: _array = [[9624.38,13695.2,-0.286591], [9624.38,13695.2,76.9876], etc....ALL positions in here!!!]; // This array will contain all 90 positions { _newObject = createVehicle ['Land_Balloon_01_water_F', _x, [], 0, 'CAN_COLLIDE']; } forEach _array;
  5. johnnyboy

    Switchmove skips

    This will work for the sound. Its for the in-game .45 pistol. _s = "a3\sounds_f\arsenal\weapons\pistols\4-five\4-five_01.wss"; _unit = shooty; playSound3D [_s,_unit, false, getPosASL _unit, 1.5];
  6. Hi @Nemanjic. I think you can simplify your script by hardcoding the position of the first balloon, and then calculate an offset for the next 89 balloons in a loop. Simple math to increment x,y,z placement relative to the dam. It would be similar to my Stack Objects script, which dynamically creates X objects stacked vertically, so the Z axis is incremented in the loop. Use that as an exmple.
  7. Calling in Prairie Fire napalm strikes is great fun and the long oval area that goes up in flames looks great. But after the strike there is no damage to the jungle. Via scripts, can we detect the position and direction of the napalm hit? If so, we could then script replacing large trees with burnt tree objects, set buildings on fire, add scorched craters to the ground, and scatter small fires and smoke in the area. You all know we want this dammit, so lets make it happen! This would also be important for the large bombs to clear the jungle and add craters.
  8. @Liberty Bull I can help if you post the error text, your init.sqf code, and your call to JBOY_stackManagerLaunch. And tell me where you make that call from (the init, a trigger, a waypoint, etc.).
  9. Well my example really wasn't geared to showing you how to have independent AI do it. I dug thru the code, and think this is the format for the call. You could call it from a waypoint, init.sqf, a trigger, or whatever: _stack = [_stackMembers, _path, _house, 0,0,getpos (_stackMembers select 0), group player] call JBOY_stackManagerLaunch; _stackmembers is an array, so for a single unit, just put him in an array like this: [someDude] _path could be hardcoded name of path your stored: MyPath _house should be house from init.sqf The rest of the params should be ok. So in your case, something like this: _stack = [[myPatrolDude], myPath, house, 0,0,getpos (_stackMembers select 0), group myPatrolDude] call JBOY_stackManagerLaunch; Let me know if that works for you.
  10. I haven't tried this script in over a year, but it should work. A single unit should be no different than a group. Record the desired path, and run it for a group with only one unit. That's my best guess. Is your problem that it works for a player commanded team, but you can't make it work for a non player commanded AI unit?
  11. Thanks! Good catch. I will try that and report back. Note that I recently discovered the setUnitCombatMode command. Another problem I found, is that after player commands units to Hold Fire, their combatMode is set to BLUE, but the units will still fire on near enemies before I give the command. This is because their unitCombatMode is still YELLOW. The solution to this is for me to detect a difference between unit's combatMode and unitCombatMode, and auto-set them to match combatMode. Then unit will truly hold fire until player commands them to fire. This is important to me in Prairie Fire jungle when trying to ambush. Enemy does not see my prone team until close, but my stupid team fires too early. I plan to release a script for this later. It will also feature an idea I got from @froggyluv where my AI team will start firing (switch to combatMode RED) automatically when player fires first shot. This saves player from having to do clumsy actions to order team to fire.
  12. Another good idea. I hate it when frickin' ARMA makes me resort to eachFrame! Haha.
  13. True, my last resort. Thanks. I'm still hoping for a cleaner solution though. I'm also considering disabling ANIM on player, and playing the unconscious animation on him. This way he won't truly be unconscious and can still control his squad (thus allowing him to order medic back up, and do any orders on squad). But this would allow him to call in airstrikes, etc. Maybe that's good. You're injured and can't move but can still call an airstrike to save you.
  14. After a player commands a unit to "Go Prone", a script command on that unit to setUnitPos "UP" or setUnitPos "MIDDLE" will have no effect on that unit. The unit remains prone until player commands unit again to "Copy my Stance" (AUTO), "Stand Up" (UP), or "Stay Crouched" (MIDDLE). Is there a way to clear this player commanded condition without player commanding unit again? Or is there another way to force unit stance to crouch via script after player commands prone? I'm modifying my own copy of PierreMGI's excellent medic script, where if Player is hit he goes unconscious and an AI buddy will run to him and heal him. While player is unconscious he can't command units any longer. So if player commands units to go prone, then gets hit, the medic script tries to get unit to crouch (via setUnitPos "MIDDLE"), and run to player. But in this case the unit is stuck in prone and crawls to player. This sucks if medic is 100M away. I tried having medic join grpNull hoping that would clear the condition, but it does not (he is still stuck in prone). I also tried playActionNow "Crouch", but that makes him stand up for a second and immediately go prone again.
  15. I'm sad you didn't find your answer, but I'm very happy to see Undeceived is back creating!