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  1. Thanks Larrow. That works well. I greatly apperciate the slick example. Its funny how Bob can rotate past pointing at Bill sometimes without it registering...very delicate. Here's Larrow's code for those of you who don't want to download his sample mission: addMissionEventHandler[ "Draw3D", { _target = objNull; _beg = ASLToAGL eyePos bob; _endE = (_beg vectorAdd (eyeDirection bob vectorMultiply 100)); drawLine3D [ _beg, _endE, [0,1,0,1]]; _endW = (_beg vectorAdd (bob weaponDirection currentWeapon bob vectorMultiply 100)); drawLine3D [_beg, _endW, [1,0,0,1]]; if ( lineIntersectsSurfaces[ AGLToASL _beg, AGLToASL _endw, bob, objNull, true ] findIf{ if ( _x #2 isKindOf "Man" ) then { _target = _x #2; true }else{ false } } > -1 ) then { systemChat format[ "%1: Bob is aming at %2", time, _target ]; }; }]; player addAction[ "Bob target Bill", { bob commandTarget bill; }];
  2. johnnyboy

    JBOY Point Blank Melee

    Its more performance friendly, but it may miss some cases of AI nearness, IMO. If a zed approaches an AI from the rear, firedNear may never happen for the AI.
  3. johnnyboy

    Mid-Air Collision

    Try this: Use a zodiac boat instead of a car, and use this command to make it invisible (but it will still be an active target-able object): _y = 0; {myZodiac setobjecttexture [_y,'']; _y=_y+1;} foreach getObjectTextures myZodiac;} This gives you an invisible but target-able vehicle. Note: the only issue with this is the boat will still make a shadow on the ground.
  4. johnnyboy

    JBOY Point Blank Melee

    I love it. Gonna try it out later (need to focus on work now, instead of this stuff that is 1000 times more interesting to me). Thanks for the guidelines.
  5. johnnyboy

    JBOY Point Blank Melee

    Thanks LSValmont! This is a great start. What's the advantage of CBA_fnc_waitAndExecute? I'm not familiar with it.
  6. johnnyboy

    JBOY Point Blank Melee

    Bummer dude. Thanks for saving me the research time! So now the question is how to write a loop monitoring AI that doesn't bog the engine down. Some ideas: Only monitor 2 of the 3 enemy factions (east, west, independent), which would still cover all possible enemy close contacts. Start loops with long sleeps initially that detect when enemy ai within 10 meters of each other. Once detected, cut sleeps down to .5 seconds until units within 2 meters of each other (or jack sleeps back up when one unit dies, or distance grows > 10 meters again). Run one loop for all AI in 2 factions (i.e., not a loop per per ai unit which would be too many processes running). In the loop, only check unique set of Enemy AI pairs so not redundantly testing EastUnit1 vs. WestUnit1 and WestUnit1 vs. EastUnit1. Reduce set of AI to check to those within 200 meters of a player, and those whose simulation is enabled, and behaviour is not CARELESS. What else? Anybody have suggestions for such a monitoring loop?
  7. johnnyboy

    JBOY Point Blank Melee

    Just had a thought: EpeContact eventhandler. Supposedly, this event detects collisions between 2 objects. If this idea works, then we can add an event handler to all AI units and zeds. When this event fires, we check if 2nd object is an enemy, and if so call my script. That would eliminate the need to monitor AI closeness via a script. Hope to try this out tonight or tomorrow. It might not work if units refuse to fire on each other when not close enough to fire a collision event. We can hope though...
  8. johnnyboy

    JBOY Point Blank Melee

    Haha, I'd take you up on that but you dress to frithified for me. I do like the TWERP double/triple/quadruple taps as well (Terminate With ExtReme Prejudice). Makes for a nice brutal ending to a close encounter. If any Ravage AI guys want this they are welcome to it. They just have to write some code to sense when 2 AI are within 2 meters of each other.
  9. johnnyboy

    JBOY Point Blank Melee

    Hey VD. The sample code in op should be called when 2 enemy AI are near each other. This means whoever wants to use it has to have a loop monitoring for that situation. I have not written that loop. So if someone wants to build that into Ravage AI, or LAMBS AI, or you run a loop on camp bandits, its there to be used. It shouldn't be too hard though. For my simple case, I am running on AI running my CQB movement scripts, so when they are clearing a building, this may occur.
  10. johnnyboy

    JBOY Point Blank Melee

    Hey EO. The script works pretty good vs. Zombies: However I did see cases where zombies move too close to shooter after being struck, and then shooter won't shoot. This is because zombie agents do not obey forceSpeed 0 command. So I probably need to attach them to an invisible object so they don't advance after being hit. Or I have to add more code to repeat the shooter melee attacks to drive zombie back again (but this is more work and may not be worth it). What I learned about zombie agents: forceSpeed 0 does not work on zombie agents zombies can still attack (swing arms) when in a forced crouch animation or when on the ground because of setUnconscious true. I think this means that zombie attacks (arm swings) are implemented as gestures and not animations. This was actually cool to see the zombie flailing at shooter after knocked to the ground.
  11. Totally agree. Pointing your weapon in friendlies and civ's faces without a reaction is an immersion breaker and deserves punishment.
  12. johnnyboy

    JBOY Point Blank Melee

    Thanks buddy! Not sure, but I could whip up a little test. What zombie mod do I need, and how do I place a zombie (pick him from units in Editor?)?.
  13. johnnyboy

    LAMBS Improved Danger.fsm

    In this video you mention the problem of AI too close and it would be nice if there was an AI melee animation you could use. I've built something for my scripted movement scripts that you are welcome to use any part of if you like.:
  14. I'm back scripting again boys! The rumor that I quit arma to work full time on Conan Jiggle Physics is completely false BTW...(it was a broken wrist that made typing too difficult for a few months). This script addresses problem where 2 enemy AI are too close together and they either do not shoot (and jerk around), or shoot through each other without hitting each other. I encountered this a few times in my Scripted AI CQB Movement script, and decided it would be fun to solve it with a melee attack. I'm adding this to my Scripted AI CQB Movement script. But someone else might want to use this for other purposes (AI scripts, cutscenes, etc.). So here it is if someone wants the whole thing or pieces of it. Features: Forehand/Backhand strike animations with rifle attached to hand. Randomized Loser reactions: Drop weapon Ragdoll to ground after strike Try and pull pistol after losing primary weapon Striker executes victim after striking him. Pain grunts and shout fx
  15. johnnyboy

    Brush Clearing

    This is very useful, thanks. And if you don't have an entrenching tool, you can always trim the bushes with Double-Ought Buck! 😀