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  1. oops i forgot, of course the sanctuary as per OP is also a feature i have on the schedule!
  2. Ravage Mod

    i like it. collect them from some bandits and turn them in at a creepy collector or so. i plan a feature for my sript pack to include players finding improvised graves and bring back proof of identity to a guy (maybe a former priest that keeps track for the survivors??) against reward. also i was thinking to add a spawner for "historic" sites that the player can find and "mark" - maybe for a history teacher survivor that has made it his priority to preserve historic sites and knowledge for after the apocalypse. it could be one combined system featuring these things. what i like about this is, that it adds new things to do and discover, in addition to shooting stuff (well except that you have to shoot bandits for dogtags)
  3. Ravage Mod

    thanks for sharing @tourist looks like a must have mod:)
  4. yeah i feel like id rather invest time in a simple housemade script than trying to fix a more complex one i have not made initially.
  5. All Arma3 WW2 Mods Compilation List

    hi gunter, thanks for this list! i am just copy pasting comments here but it seems that a fix was uploaded for the LEN weapon pack for IFA3: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1226343857 cheers vd
  6. oh maybe the sleep in the camshake and cuttext commands, will check! maybe its better to call these from separate scripts so the loop can flow uninterrupted
  7. sweet cant wait for the vid:) yeah the numbers and timers ar just placeholders prior to testing, to be finetuned indeed. will check the process to see what order is best. thanks for your help!
  8. yep! that looks like me, i keep putting that wrong as i just do not get why it would be code and not a condition:) ah ok, so that will pace the infected variable as local variable in the while loop space right?
  9. thanks for the tips, will test with HazJ's amended code proposal and see if such error occurs. with regards to the two exitwith: my intention was to exit the loop if the player is dead. if so, the infection check is no longer needed. in case that the player is alive, it should next check if he is still infected, if not infected anymore, the loop should stop. if he is still infected, and hence alive, the loop continues. so far i wasnt able to test it so it is still theory. but the fact that the 2nd exitwith becomes obsolete in case that the first exitwith is triggered, is the intended/desired behaviour. will keep you guys posted on my tests (hopefully tonight) cheers vd
  10. thanks! will test both and let you know;)
  11. hey man, beware, wall of text incomming! so the vision is the following: - a script pack that adds interesting features such as sites and events to add more dept to any mission, every place on the map should have the potential to be interessting - as fps friendly as possible - mp compatible - features should require the mission maker as little eden editor setup work as possible, maximum a marker placement, preferably placement is done automatically and random - features should spawn and despawn dynamically - features must be optional and its scale can be reduced (e.g. amount of site spawns, to match users PC power) based on these "conditions" i try to write my scripts. currently i have a huge list of ideas for new features. but also i want to improve/enhance existing features. improve and enhance: 1. Bandit Camps: 1.1. players can claim camps for themselves - respective BC wont despawn - add perks (e.g. traders might visit, recruitable units come by, other survivors join your camp and venture out to gather loot for you as payment so they can stay, AI come by and give you tasks,...) - player can remodel the camps structures, e.g. move sandbag walls and so on, place lootcrates to store items 2. AI spawner 2.1. add AI spawners that fill in where ravage (my mod framework of choice) AIs are less present such as the No Rest! spawner - AI scavenger that cycles between various houses building pos and his nearby hideout to collect loot at the hideout -> player can stalk and rob him/loot the hideout - No Rest! spawner but for Zombie hordes and limited to cities - air raids by AI heli with mounted guns (tries to kill the player for a few mins and then disapears, maybe lands somewhere so the player may hunt the pilots and take over the vehicle. loops until AI pilots are dead 3. Array generator - currently the script detects all active equipment mods and sorts the items into arrays for later use in the scripts. - to be further refined and further automated where arrays are currently manually generated (e.g. explosives, grenades, items,...) - will add more "exclusion" options for common mod packs such as Warfare Thai Ex, BPA and RHS so users can customize the loottable. 4. Site compositions - most sites are now based on premade compositions. will add more variations per site and provide guidance on how users can add their own site compositions new features: own stuff: 1. Underground locations 1.1 ancient ruin 1.2 underground room/bunker 1.3 cave 1.4 sewer system under cities, requires cernarusredux assets - add fake night/darkness - remove ambient sounds - add sound loops that match the location 2. zombie virus infection, infectionspread and cure script, mainly tailored for ravage at the moment - getting there;) to be tested 3. task system, - random tasks handed out by an AI 4. simple own material gathering and building system (this is just theory and ideas so far) to replace the edn fortification feature - addaction and drop based raw material gathering function (wood, stone, sand, parts, cloth) - addaction based refinery of raw mats (wooden boards, bricks, camonets,....) - material will be stored in "virtual" inventory with max capacity and may be stored at personal crate in player base "sort of a bank" - object placement is the real challenge for me atm (rotation, elevation move to be built object with mouse to desired place) that setVectorDirAndUp is quite a brainf*ck:) 5. radar sites - pick up your location when flying at certain altitude in certain proximity to a radar site and sends AA ai. player may find and destroy radar sites to secure airspace 6. various - graves to collect ID of diseased against reward - buried treasures (randomly spawned dirthumps in the woods 6. eden editor modules for the configuration of settings (so you can customize the scripts in editor instead of having to go into VD_settings.sqf 7. persistency system for my scripts johnnyboy produced features: - exploding barrels - tanoa tribe boat transformer for the boat spawner - VD_Bush...äh JBOY bush cutter and Adaptation to work with max melee weapons - AI patrol chatter and flashlights script inclusion - some animal fleeing and other behaviour from his "poof chicken" script to improve my huntable animal spawner - probably a lot more:) George Floros produced scripts - huntable animal script to extend the variety of animals - status bar script with LSVamonts version - probably more stuff, gotta figure out what is best to leave to the mission maker to add and where i feel its a cool standard option to have HG simple shops: - has to be added at some point:) Spawners for 3rd party mods: 1. this one is secret:) 2. alien spawner option for max aliens mod 4. raptor spawner option 3. unlimited magazine feature for max melee weapons spawner The ultimative goal is to have a package that i can just throw into a mission folder with any map, activate desired mods, set up ravage and press play and experiance a rich, dynamic and different world every time. uff. VD OUT!
  12. updated the script following your suggested (and simplest) solution will revert back as soon as i could test it alone in a hosted game - if anyone can test it in MP with 2+ players - well i would not say no to that =D cheers vd
  13. ooh i think now i understand, the above must be used instead of if (infection) then {do stuff} else{dont do stuff}; correct?