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  1. Ravage Mod

    yep, i noticed the alien mission too and wanted to check if there are actual alien units, as "monsters" mods are still rare in arma. i was pretty excited to find out about that guys (maxjoiner) work - there are some vids on his youtube channel testing his playable predator unit.. one can only hope that he starts getting into the zombie/Apocalypse genre (well, he actually already published a zombie unit mod).. imagine crazed zombie bears... mutants... he sure seems to have the skills to create this. i think the aliens are a little bit too iconic to pass as "monsters" for a zombie Apocalypse ravage mission. then again, having them appear near you.. in the fog.. at night... gives me the shivers;)
  2. automated Weapon arrays sneak peak: (Array generation based on your settings (you can stil disable mods)) thanks to @Grumpy Old Man and @pierremgi for the replies/forum posts! and the remade VD_Equipper (player example, is done for AI as well) This combination has caused NO error message for me so far as filtering out weapons with "scope" below 2, seems to do the trick. Working on the other arrays now (RHS, WarefareThai, IFA3 Lite, ... let me know if you want any other) The melee mod from Max is pretty awsome, hence included (works against AI and Z, various tools do various damage, e.g. hammer vs. axe and so on;) FYI I made some progress on the other topics too, i am pretty sure that the next release of the dynamic spawn script pack will be MP compatible and: - one/two man tents in the woods are in (looting has a chance to trigger AI to spawn and hunt you) - heli crashsites are in - spawned camps/sites do no longer spawn close to each other due to new distance check function - Shipwreck spawner without markers is in - some more code optimization and stuff that i have probably forgotten - and as mentioned, all features should now work in MP/COOP - to be tested will finalize the automated weapon arrays to include all important mods and maybe fix/add some more stuff and then release a new version. will see how quick i can come up with a automated equipment array and might include this as well. cheers vd
  3. oh well.. i got automatic arrays working =D will update for all mods
  4. ("getText (_x >> 'DLC') == 'CUP_Weapons' && getNumber (_x>> 'scope') >1" configClasses (configfile >> "CfgWeapons" )) apply {configName _x} gonna try this:)
  5. Classnames Arrays

    going to test this now, wish me luck:))
  6. they are all in except iron front lite and the non russia and us rhs weaps, will see if i get classlists. however, the classlists might not be 100% updated. googled around for automated arrays and ways to only select weapons for specific mods but no luck so far
  7. oh man i used this for this weekends testing and its soooo goood;))
  8. what mods are u looking for? i can easily just implement an option with the classnames if these are available, just the automated one is aproblem atm
  9. Ravage Mod

    this is awesome... hence I wanted to share=) https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1470493486 wild horses, horses with inventory (packs), unicorns =D Will come up with a dynamic spawner asap! Also: aliens / aka monsters https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1450865805 Still hoping for that armsstalker mutants stand alone port=)
  10. hiho! yes, you need to create arrays for your mods rifles and pistols separately, then append it to the VD_WeaponArrayPistols and VD_WeaponArrayRifles arrays. after that it eill be part of the equipment manager and the loot systems of my scripts. i can add a lines for that too on the next release so its easier to add weapons. if you want to pull mod weapons from cfgweapons, you would need to come up with the code for that, but once you have an array it works the same. automated arrays did not work well for me, but if you find a gooof solution i am happy to apply it;) hope that helps!:) vd
  11. GF Missions Script

    you could add it right after this indeed: e.g. ..._taskSetState; excecVM "selectrandomreward.sqf"; i do it similarly with my own task completion bit of the code.
  12. GF Missions Script

    hola! i run the random quest reward selection .sqf along with the mission completion code, e.g. where i change the task status to complete after all requirements have been met.this wa, anytime you complete a task, you get a reward. i hope this answers the question?:)
  13. Yay - i have figured a way to ensure non marker placed BC and SW spawns do not spawn on each other, to be updated this weekend along with some other changes below. Also I have developed and tested in with my brand new own VD_CS_Spawner which spawns Heli crashsites dynamically around the player. Which is awesome because me wanting to be able to have dayz SA like helicrash spawns really triggered my scripting efforts;) (i know there are about a million other crashsite scripts out there.. but this one is quite simple and it is MINE ;) It will be built into the next update of the VD_dynamic_spawner_script_pack along with the following new features: - Heli Crashsite spawner with military loot drops (chance to be smoking) - Broken down vehicle convoys spawner on streets (either aid convois with foods and aid supplies or civilians that got together and failed to get away (general loot) - single one-tent-camps spawner with some loot (spawns in forrests) - No Rest! spawner for outside of cities (if you spend time building a base you might get attacked) - the above mentioned distance checks will be implemented into all non marker based spawners - non marker based shipwreck spawner (with safety function in case it can not detect a shore nearby) - burried treasure spawners (if you find one, dig it up and see what was burried, maybe treasure? gear? or just a grave and a zombie jumps into your face??) - contamination zone spawner (with gear requirement if you want to enter safely, this should randomly choose areas to be contaminated for a while so you can only enter with protective gear) Longer term projects: - task system - really eager to fill that system with specific objectives, i want to add objective "files" spawns to all camp spawners, for a chance to pick up a task when raiding a camp=) - fill blue prints array for the basebuilder script - add more trader types (Helicopters, vehicles, building mats, some fancy special gear like NVGs, gasmasks, general contamination safety gear,...) Long weekend nights ahead!;) Also, this is a good time to tell me about stuff that does not work in my scripts or where you have other ideas;) cheers vd
  14. Hiho all, following @JasonTheRed 's input i have found below code that allows you to manipulate at what distance any AI becomes active (enabled dynamic simulation) to save FPS. this will be under VD_Settings.sqf but until i upload, this is a sneak peak: (copy paste into the last line of VD_Settings.sqf if you want to apply this update yourself) under each spawner, that would produce AI units, you need to enter below line for each group after the spawn code, example below. (i will implement this in both Trader and BC spawner) (copy paste into the BC and TC spawners , right under the AI spawn code if you want to apply this update yourself) BC AI: TC Trader AI: i am trying to update some more stuff so i can upload a update on the whole script soon. Meanwhile feel free to use this code as indicated above. Any problems or questions, please let me know. cheers vd
  15. [SP] [PVE] Ravage Releases

    uuh sweet, very interesting collection of features! downloading and will test as soon as i get time for it ;) thanks for the credits too!