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  1. Vandeanson

    Vandeanson’s Apocalypse

    @everyone VA 3.0 Beta is now available on steam: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2856307323 Enjoy exploring and make sure to connect with the discord community for questions, to group up, post and search servers and so on;) At first you will be overwhelmed with the amount of settings and features and some features might not be immediately obvious. Take your time to discover the unknown but before you get frustrated, ask in Discord;) I suggest you start your first VA 3.0 mission with the following mods first: VA 3.0, CBA & Ravage before you pile 20 mods onto your mission and get spammed with bugs. It will also be easier for us to review reported bugs/errors and such if we know that you do not use too many other mods that may also cause issues. Some features are not or not fully balanced/tuned yet as mentioned in previous post. We are looking forward to your feedback and suggestions. Please note that we will only focus on game breaking bugs at first. We will currently not work on "new" features. We will rework the Steam page to promote VA 3.0s features as good as possible. But if you feel like some things are badly explained or missing, please let us know! Also old VA will remain on steam for now FYI.
  2. Vandeanson


    @MuRaZorWitchKING what what? but how?? =D
  3. Vandeanson

    Vandeanson’s Apocalypse

    Hi folks! We plan a devstream tonight @ 8pm CET on the VA test server. We will be testing all the medical interactions between players and other critical features. Are we ready for a closed BETA?! Stream link to follow later tonight. Cheers VD
  4. Vandeanson

    Vandeanson’s Apocalypse

    Hi All, Update pushed to fix a massive bug related to bleeding and infection. Its probably update # 122'354'687'452 that is supposed to finally fix these features, lets hope for the best XD Thanks to Brenner650 for making me aware of the issue! Cheers VD
  5. Vandeanson

    Vandeanson’s Apocalypse

    @LSValmont These two have no permission to use my files. Third one we clarified:) cheers vd
  6. Vandeanson

    Vandeanson’s Apocalypse

    @everyone riiiiiight gentlemen. we have detected 3 mods that seem to contain repacked versions of VA, for which we did not give permission for. I have no reason to assume that this was done with bad intend and would rather like to believe that people are excited about the features of VA and want to feed these into their own projects, forgetting about some basic rules and manners. DM me if you are the author of such mod and we can discuss. We are a small subcommunity with the arma modding community and should keep up respectful behaviour. Reuploading content as own work (that someone else worked on for YEARS & MONTHS) against the authors stated terms of use, and not even giving credit to their work is not something that should not be tolerated. It also violates the APL-ND, Steam Subscriber Agreement & any basic respect & courtesy rules of the Arma 3 modding community. I ll be filing reports on steam for the mods to be taken down, should there be no resolution of the matter. cheers vd
  7. Vandeanson

    Vandeanson’s Apocalypse

    hi all! its'e friiday - lets dig back into creating an ArmA 3 survival mod - Stream starts 21:15 CET: See you there! Cheers VD
  8. Vandeanson

    Vandeanson’s Apocalypse

    7k subscribers for the steam version of VA - yay! Celebration stream (and underwater sites stuffs - ARRR and so!) https://youtu.be/iHRfo97iJ7E
  9. Vandeanson

    Vandeanson’s Apocalypse

    Live in 5' Vandeanson's Apocalypse Alpha devlog # 15 Creating sunken shipwreck trrreeaaasuuure sites;)
  10. Vandeanson

    Vandeanson’s Apocalypse

    @everyone VA 3.0 alpha devlog stream #10 is heating up - tune in: https://youtu.be/mU4E20F9vB0
  11. Vandeanson

    Vandeanson’s Apocalypse

    I am planning another VA 3.0 alpha devlog session tonight where we bury our teeth into the eat/drink/cook/hunt aspects of the survival system and try and iron out anything that may break the feature. YT link will follow later tonight, planned stream from 9.45pm - 11pm CET.
  12. Hi everyone I am digging into the persistency portion of a project again. I have managed to save/load pretty much all I wanted to save, again, great mod! Now I am looking into possibilities to remove information from the database. Scenario: I place a crate. The crate and its inventory is saved. Now I want to remove a create from the database (e.g. if its destroyed). this is how the file looks after saving. it loads properly afterwards: ../db/Caches I am trying to apply the functions as per included wiki: (DELETED) I ve been playing around with it for a while, trying to feed in the correct _section, _key, db object params, but I cant delete anything. I am not sure if its a formatting thing. Writing and reading works well on hosted MP and Dedi. I tried examples like this: (DELETED) Can anyone help me understand where I am going wrong? Or can someone share an example of his code? (saved example and how to delete it). Right, sometimes you need to post your question before the brain activates=) Here is how i got it to work, in case someone is looking for this: delete a section: delete a key: I appreciate any help. Happy to help, if anyone needs assistance. Thanks VD
  13. Vandeanson

    Vandeanson’s Apocalypse

    hi @everyone stream planned tonight @ 945 PM CET! https://youtu.be/8v-9pkqdmpM
  14. Vandeanson

    Vandeanson’s Apocalypse

    va2.287: (Steam Version) - Dynamic Simulation System re-enabled - AI skills set to 0.55, down from 1