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  1. @sarogahtyp Thanks you, i didnt know about breakTo, should come in handy:) Maybe this was the reason why i put the isflatempty check separately, not sure tho, it was quite late:) Will gladly take over your method and test it!
  2. @Dedmen I thought about your initial comment again,about _spawnpos causing a problem if no player is found with _allplayers. If there are no players, the code defining _spawnpos and the isflatempty checks are skipped, or that is the intention. Instead it will loop, check for players again and do that until there is a player spawned in. Then it creates a _spawnpos based on such players position and will check if that position returns true with isflatempty. It also appears to me that _spawnPos is overwritten with a position before its ever used later in the code. So its default value should not matter, right? I might oversee something here, not sure what though. Cheers Vd
  3. Did this for a while now and found it quite informative. Really glad you told me about it, gave me a better overview of whats going on and helped with some issues. It also made me integrate parts of externslized functions (IED spawn, AI spawn, Loot spawn,....) back into the main spawners. This way i can have separate functions for these things but i could avoid having separate cleanup code/waituntils. Hence for each spawner script, previously, 5-6 active scripts where in a loop/on hold which is now reduced to 2 per sitespawn.
  4. Oh, i guess defining private _spawnPos = [] ; Instead of... ="" ; by default would fix that.
  5. Thanks, i didnt realize that! Ok will check, that would indeed be nice! No worries, i took that to heart. I am defining these early in the code, for example: Private _allplayers = "" ; So much more convenient to code with private:) You only want to check if atleast one? You can use findIf then and not have to iterate the whole array with count Ok will check. I forgot i could check for >= 0 or maybe != -1 with findif, to find out if it has found a matching player. Thanks!
  6. Fyi: I was made aware of a logic error when using foreach. This results in distance checks from site/AI to any player before despawn of a site/AI not working as intended, meaning that sites or AI (when dead) could sometimes despawn in front of you. @zagr this was causing the AI deletion issue you noticed, fyi. I got a fix for that now. Generally after a first round of optimization, i got quite good critique and feedback in the forums that helped me reconsider coding desicions and initiated another round of optimization and even rewriting of basic scripts of the mod. I am basically fixing the template of the dynamic spawn/idle/despawn/respawn system and can apply these optimizations to all features. Progressing slowly due to restricted "me-time" but changes are quite impactfull and i am looking forward to playtest and finally release the update:) Cheers Vd
  7. Just for testing, it will be a longer delay in the final script.
  8. tried to further slim down the PosCheck: and the despawn/spawn checks in the spawner: and replaced the logic error with foreach - using count now. thanks for pointing that out @Dedmen, players reported a bug that I can now fix with that change. didn't realize that foreach is working that way.
  9. Vandeanson


    @haleks Note that i mean the dammaged one, not handledammage;) this addEventHandler ["Dammaged", { params ["_unit", "_selection", "_damage", "_hitIndex", "_hitPoint", "_shooter", "_projectile"]; }];
  10. Vandeanson


    😁 Will try that EH too, atleast using the projectile as filter seems to be faster. Thanks!
  11. Vandeanson


    Also, note that (atleast when using the dammaged EH) one strike by a Z might be registered multiple times, and hence is triggered multiple times. Your infection effect (maybe damage over time loop) would be triggered multiple times, if you dont manage this. Not sure if that fact also applies to haleks version. Cheers Vd
  12. Vandeanson


    Ah yeah i thought so.. Hmm i forgot what i used... Try !isKindOf "zombie" This searches also the subtypes of config entries. I think != or !isEqual is looking for exactly the same object
  13. Vandeanson


    My infection script works with dammaged EH applied to all players and AI, i am still happy with it and can recommend this EH for such script. this addEventHandler ["Dammaged", { params ["_unit", "_selection", "_damage", "_hitIndex", "_hitPoint", "_shooter", "_projectile"]; }]; If (_shooter != "zombie") exitwith {} ; .... Your code here.... "zombie" (or maybe "zombies") is the config parent for ravage zombies class