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  1. Is this still a thing ? Cause I would LOVE to use it 🙂
  2. Did you managed to make it working on 4netplayers ? I also have server from them but I have no success using inidbi2 on their servers. Maybe because of lacking a possibility to use -serverMod= parameter for launching the server. I tried few workaround that I thought could work but ... I wrote an email to 4netplayers support asking if its possible for them to add feature of extending the command line to -serverMod=.
  3. PostApoTom


    I have same problem as Chuc, but I noticed that when I move a little bit further from zombies, so the new ones can spawn, the freshly spawned zombies are attacking me. Also I noticed that zombies tend to gather around player's dead body.
  4. PostApoTom

    Zombies & Demons 5.0

    Great mod Ryan! I Love it :) I'm trying to make short machinima with the mod. But I've encountered small problem in my scene. How do I make zombies walk in the middle not on the side of the road? I have almost no experience in Arma scripting but I've tried disableAI, waypoints and waypoint module with no luck. They (zombies) are walking on the side of the road or sometimes the just stand still. I used OPFOR zombies (3 large hordes of walkers) and in the middle of the road there is civilian (hiddenObject) used for camera (BIS_fnc_cameraOld). Best regards Tomek