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  1. You have my like a pear hours after release ! 😂👍
  2. Weapon-Fetish

    Terrain Builder/ L3DT Change ground Texture Color

    Thank's for that !
  3. Hi All , I have startet Today with build a map inspired by Taunus , Chernarus and would like make a mix of them ALL works fine but i dont can figure out how to change the ground Texture color . Actual the ground color is ingame green yellow when the grass no more render and looks ugly . I want to make ist Brown dark green but how ? THX to all for reading an hopefully try to help me :) !
  4. Allright THX VD i try it out next time
  5. I test this with the fps and the 1.2 in a couple of hours again on a empty map with the most mods disabled but with same settings to determite its can be a plague with ace 3 or something
  6. Yeah its placed and would spawn at the marker . The other markers in VD settings are deletet by your instructions inside
  7. Its persistent, have testet it again wit only 5 sites for every category but not help really . before the last update i spawned all wath goes with the exact same mission and have by this a lot more fps . Oohyes and i find for 5 minutes a other issue with the markerplaced TC . By mission Start it builds up the trade with no uniform and nothing from the TC camp base ,and then after a couple of seconds the TC delete complete himself ,but i think the delte process its the result from the not completet script over what you talk
  8. Dont know why but since the 1.2 update the fps are heavy broken by me more then 20fps- since the last update with exact the same mission . I have take a look oder the setting have downgrade all a little bit but not help
  9. Weapon-Fetish

    Tigger give Group member init

    And again Thank you Grumpy !!
  10. Weapon-Fetish

    Tigger give Group member init

    Wow Thx man ! But i have a question to this, how can i exclude a player (me ) this automedic script hard force the heal /revive procces ,so when im the automedic and i go uncounces ,its heal myself and can't really die . its a script issue but for squad member works it good so i dont have to delete ace medic und use AIS revive for this .
  11. Hi all sorry im again :D I would Give a unit a init over this trigger below when he join my group. The Condition of the trigger are : ({alive _x} count units mygroup) < 2 And in on Activation i would give the group member this in the init : dummy = [this, units (group this)] execVM "automedic.sqf"; This is for a script that force ACE 3 Ais to revive me . I know i can normally set :dummy = this ............. in the init field of my group member BUT the group member existing not before , i recuit them with the Ravage recuit script and want to give them the init when he joining me. Its that possible to make that over this Way ? I only found ways to spawn units with a init but nothing over joing player goup . Tanks again for Reading and hopfully try to help me ! :)
  12. Weapon-Fetish

    [RELEASE] Lootsystem Script

    Hi i have a Problem to config the script . Wen i put cup content in the script ist says ervery time : lootsystem\config.cpp, line 47 (or whatever): Config:"" after 2(or whatever) EDIT: My Bad im sorry i found a wrong line .... Have looking more then 3 times before i say this but found it now But really good work !love this script
  13. Weapon-Fetish

    call compile my script

    And a lootspawner run only 1 times ? I mean it haves many loop processes and and and
  14. Weapon-Fetish

    call compile my script

    Oh okey also like a Trigger spawn over a sqf or something