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  1. Weapon-Fetish

    [Release] Base Builder

    cant wait to see that
  2. Weapon-Fetish

    Terrain Builder Sampler Properties

    Yeah Like the Game Itself i know 😄 when Theres No way to Finish this Terrain with Good Resluts i will Grab my datas and Port This to Arma 3 . I'll think i do this anyways .But Thats the Future. As so Far all Working good . Ive God my Ground Texture Working ,A perrty Nice Surface Mask , All City names in the right Format , All Configs Ready to Go , There only a couple of Things Left , Object Placement , Loot Economy , A Normal Map , and a Navmesh , Oyeah And Roads . Big Things but with Time everyone can handle this i Think
  3. Weapon-Fetish

    Terrain Builder Sampler Properties

    Yes but before the Badass Part ... Fiddling out how Terrain Processor Work and having good Results with it without using existing Templates because its for Dayz . Thats would be Loooooong Days 😄
  4. Weapon-Fetish

    Terrain Builder Sampler Properties

    Yeah haha i had all this 2 issues Before specially this part with the Grid File who TB needs Forever too create one when generating 🙂 I LOVE IT ....
  5. Weapon-Fetish

    Terrain Builder Sampler Properties

    U Made my Day Milkman , that Solved my Issue . Thanks fot that ! Have a greate Day !
  6. Weapon-Fetish

    QGIS Game terrain tools

    Ur Tool is greate but with sizes bigger than 20480 the road shape file download always crash and create no lines, polygons
  7. Hello all , Currently ive making a Real World Data Terrain but have some trouble with the right properties in Terrain Builder. I allready read many over the properties in pmcs guide but it seems i wouldnt understand it right . I will that my map is 40x40 km big . and the cell size not to big as best 10 because i want prevent some issues with my surface mask Before i spilt my sat map into 4x4 tiles each 10240 big and this was working with my setting without issues , but i merged it to 2x2 tiles each 20480 big to edit it in photoshop better later . And here the ugly result after importing and generating. The result is that over the complete map the Sat image seems to be overlapped. What i must change to eleminate that ugly fail
  8. Weapon-Fetish

    Merge to 1 x 1 Tiles bat

    Ow Shit i Wish i know This Plugin before haha . I'll Thank U @RoF But when im once Here ive one Last thing too ask . Can i Create A Xnormal map out of my Sattellite Images ? I Allready did that 2/3 years ago but that was with a L3DT Sat Image and Not a Google earth Like with all the Houses
  9. Hi all , can someone help me pleas with a bat fie from PMC´s editing guide . I will merge my tiled sat image into one that makes it easyer for me to create a surface mask out of it . Im simple to dump atm to make it by myself i simple not understand what i must change. Here the Part out of the Guide with batchfile : Merge to 2 x 2 Tiles Finally we merge the darkened satellite texture tiles into 2 x 2 tile setup; top left, top right, bottom left and bottom right. You can also modify this bat file yourself to combine them into one monster huge satellite texture, however satellite sizes of 40960 or larger are very Very demanding to your computer (ours is win7 64bit with 16gb ram) so be warned before attempting to merge. _run_imagemagick_merge_global_mapper_satellite_tiles_4x4.bat: @echo off set MAGICK_TEMPORARY_PATH=c:\temp rem quick check that we have darkened satellites 🙂 if not exist Dsat_A1.bmp exit echo appending TOP LEFT ... rem top left echo A1 + A2 ... convert +append Dsat_A1.bmp Dsat_A2.bmp temp_up.bmp echo B1 + B2 ... convert +append Dsat_B1.bmp Dsat_B2.bmp temp_bottom.bmp echo top_left ... convert -append temp_up.bmp temp_bottom.bmp top_left.bmp echo cleaning temp tiles... del temp_up.bmp temp_bottom.bmp echo appending TOP RIGHT ... rem top right echo A3 + A4 ... convert +append Dsat_A3.bmp Dsat_A4.bmp temp_up.bmp echo B3 + B4 ... convert +append Dsat_B3.bmp Dsat_B4.bmp temp_bottom.bmp echo top_right ... convert -append temp_up.bmp temp_bottom.bmp top_right.bmp echo cleaning temp tiles... del temp_up.bmp temp_bottom.bmp echo appending BOTTOM LEFT ... rem bottom left echo C1 + C2 ... convert +append Dsat_C1.bmp Dsat_C2.bmp temp_up.bmp echo D1 + D2 ... convert +append Dsat_D1.bmp Dsat_D2.bmp temp_bottom.bmp echo bottom_left ... convert -append temp_up.bmp temp_bottom.bmp bottom_left.bmp echo cleaning temp tiles... del temp_up.bmp temp_bottom.bmp echo appending BOTTOM RIGHT ... rem bottom right echo C3 + C4 ... convert +append Dsat_C3.bmp Dsat_C4.bmp temp_up.bmp echo D3 + D4 ... convert +append Dsat_D3.bmp Dsat_D4.bmp temp_bottom.bmp echo bottom_right ... convert -append temp_up.bmp temp_bottom.bmp bottom_right.bmp echo cleaning temp tiles... del temp_up.bmp temp_bottom.bmp echo All done! pause exit Here again a link scroll to bottom
  10. Weapon-Fetish

    Compilation List of my GF Scripts - Mods

    HAHA Absolut Amazing ! Thanks GR !
  11. Weapon-Fetish


    Im Currently Working on a own Chernarus specially for Ravage and VA Szenarios , so i think here is the best place to teaser once the First City with some pics until i Have made my own Topic the next days if the if the Community Likes it I know the map need some Tweaks , but Kamishovo are almost showable i think so let me know if you likes it or specially what not 🙂 (Btw. The Images has been recordet with a Screen Resolution of 1680x1050 , so it looks a little bit different with higher Resolution)
  12. Weapon-Fetish


    Hi Haleks , are there any chanches to get the function for sleeping in beds working in MP ? I always play MP alone because no respawn in SP , missing everytime my Bed 😄
  13. Hello all, In the last Days i downloadet old Source Files from Chernarus Isles + Utes , and get this old thing yesterday to Live. Now i see the Creator set the Mapframes wrong (Northing to 500000). Its generally no Problem to change this but all the Objects that was setup before in Terrain builder have the wrong Coords . Like this: "crane_f";504673.68750000;40687.57128906;-0.00000000;-0.00000000;0.00000000;1.00000000;338.98999023 (Totally over 100000 objects) So how to became this to the new Coords from the Mapframe ? My opinion was to change these via Macro , so let him delete the 5 and write 2 ....... . The problem is the Objects are not listet in the same Postions to let a amateur macro running over this (Like delte 5, write 2 ,press arrow down, Repeat, and the the same with 4 ) For example : "crane_f";504673.68750000;40687.57128906;-0.00000000;-0.00000000;0.00000000;1.00000000;338.98999023 "cradffdffdfdne_f";504673.68750000;40687.57128906;-0.00000000;-0.00000000;0.00000000;1.00000000;338.98999023 "cranfddfde_f";504673.68750000;40687.57128906;-0.00000000;-0.00000000;0.00000000;1.00000000;338.98999023 "cranfdfdfdfdfdfdfdfdfdfde_f";504673.68750000;40687.57128906;-0.00000000;-0.00000000;0.00000000;1.00000000;338.98999023 Does anyone have Ideas or other Solutions how to fix that ?
  14. Weapon-Fetish

    PboProject duplicate Lod

    Im Done So Far with all and getting the map new Life . But it gives 1 Hard issue with this map, this dude set the Northing to 500000. I know this can be changed easy but all the buildet objects stay an his old position. Chanches to select all this Objects an change the Position ? Like the E2TB and simply change to coords ? Edit : Find it out so far , hopfully im able tho edit over 100000 lines with positions with a maccro 😕
  15. Weapon-Fetish

    PboProject duplicate Lod

    Yep it was it , Thanks for That ! Simpli overseen the wrong path of this P3D inTerrain Builder Template List