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  1. ContheJon


    Yeah Haleks, 5 years is a long time for a mod like this. It's been awesome to see it grow, and be part of making some content in a small way with my missions. Thanks very much for making it, it's exactly what Arma 3 needed I think! And don't worry, I think the community will keep this mod alive for some time to come.
  2. ContheJon


    @GEORGE FLOROS GR Yeah, I think it's something I added recently somewhere that's causing it. Might not be, but I'm sure I was able to reload saves not too long ago @Vandeanson Thank you!
  3. ContheJon


    Hi @Vandeanson! I'm using the BCSpawner v2_1. Script was running prior to the save, yeah. I'll let you know what happens when I remove the script when I go back to tinkering with the mission again. Thanks!
  4. ContheJon


    Well, looks like another unexpected problem has cropped up. For some reason, I can't reload from a save on my Napf Winter mission. When I do, I just get stuck on the loading screen with the bar loaded all the way. I thought that it could have been something to do with the George Floros' missions script or DAC so I deleted those but it wasn't them. The only others I have are Johnnyboy's dog script, primarily the feral dog pack script with Vandeanson's edit of it, and Vandeanson's Dynamic Bandit Camp Spawner. I'm really only posting this here to see if anyone else has had this problem or knows the solution off-hand. Otherwise I'll just do the usual process of elimination to see what's causing it.
  5. @johnnyboy Ah right! So it's your script that's causing the weapon drops! I forgot your dog script had that in. That's pretty cool, another reason to avoid them.Yeah, the poor guy was limping away with two dogs just destroying him, and he had no secondary so he was pretty much screwed. I tried to help, but there's only so much I could do with a single-shot 12 gauge at over 100 meters
  6. @johnnyboy I'm afraid I didn't. Maybe it's related to a mod, I'm using the Ravage mod on this mission with your script and when getting attacked by dogs, your weapon can sometimes be stolen (it's a script added by ravage for the zombies, but I guess it works for dogs too which is neat!), so the AI I saw was limping around without a weapon with the dogs nipping at his heels. I did notice that only two dogs were attacking him and two came after me, and there's usually five dogs if I'm not mistaken, so it could have been that the AI killed one before he had his rifle stolen, but I'm not sure.
  7. Thanks guys! Indep are hostile to both sides in my settings, so maybe it's just a random thing. The dogs went after me when I was next to a small squad of guys but they didn't attack, nor did they attack the other half of the pack that was attacking a lone guy. I guess I'm not too bothered by it really, so long as the dog pack script is working.
  8. So I've got the feral dog pack script working using Vandeanson's edit, and the dogs are attacking the AI, but the AI aren't attacking the dogs. Anybody know if I've done something wrong, or if I need to enable it somehow?
  9. Just tried out the bandit script and it works wonderfully! I like the big campfire smoke from the campsites, it's a great addition!
  10. Oh my goodness you've been busy! Thanks very much Vandeanson, I'll definitely be trying out these scripts!
  11. ContheJon


    Wowee, I've been wanting to add something like this for a while but didn't really know where to look. Thanks a ton @Gill93!
  12. Ok, I'll try a mission without Warfare Thai. Oh TPW mod is great! Really easy to customise, just need some tinkering in the provided config files. I play Ravage with the ambient animals, some sounds, weather and other stuff it adds in. It also has a skirmish script so you can play Ravage and at the same time have a full scale war going on around you with tanks and squads of troops.
  13. Thanks for replying! My VD_Array.sqf is executed before the VD_BCSpawner.sqf, the VD_Array is above the BCSpawner. The VD_Array.sqf doesn't seem to have the classnames of weapons in it, I have noticed. Maybe that's got something to do with it? And nope, I haven't changed anything in the scripts, just copied and pasted from here into SQF files. Mods active are Ravage, RHS (all mods), Warfare Thai, CUP Terrains Core, Napf Island A3, CBA, 3DEN Enhanced, TPW Mods and a bunch of urban rappelling and towing mods as well.
  14. Nice, thanks! I'll give it a go later on and see how it works EDIT: Tried it out and it seems like it's not spawning the camps. I get this error: https://imgur.com/fcOgngo I also tried out your feral dog pack script. They do indeed work in Ravage and do damage, it's great! They're bloody terrifying too.
  15. I like the random trader idea myself. I can already place my own traders down and it's not too difficult. Having them pop up randomly could make the mission feel more dynamic and alive, as if they're moving around and trading with other people than just the player, or moving to another secure location.