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  1. I know that there is an Altis Life forum, however it is dead along with the topic originally created for my problem. So I'm needing a little bit of help regarding this. I'll link the forum after I dedscribe what's going on. Almost everything works fine, I can get in game, load in etc. My problem comes in 2 sections, one being, when I set the codebreaker, and finish the countdown, nothing happens. No visual effects to show that it happened or anything. I don't care about the visual effects its just that there's no scroll wheel option, or any option for that matter to "Open Safe". So i can't collect anything either way. Secondly, my static trader is kind of weird as I can walk up to him and trade, however, the scroll wheel is acting funny because it only appears as a tiny box and you can't actually see the selection menu. I can still press "spacebar" and access the cash for money shop etc. Just the whole visual aspect isn't there. Any Ideas on how to fix these two things? If you need any files from me I'll be happy to drop them here. I'm just hoping someone here has ran an altis life server of there own and is familiar with this secondary bank script. Thanks for the help in advance. Secondary Bank topic here
  2. socs


    This can be closed. There was just a conflicting marker and mod that I had placed on the map because the original and modded were duplicates.
  3. ```22:31:30 Roles assigned. 22:31:30 Reading mission ... 22:31:30 No entry 'bin\config.bin/CfgMarkers.LIB_mil_dot'. 22:31:30 Mission Altis_Life.Altis read from directory. 22:31:30 Roles assigned. 22:31:30 Reading mission ... 22:31:31 No entry 'bin\config.bin/CfgMarkers.LIB_mil_dot'. 22:31:31 Mission Altis_Life.Altis read from directory. 22:31:32 Roles assigned. 22:31:32 Reading mission ... 22:31:32 No entry 'bin\config.bin/CfgMarkers.LIB_mil_dot'. 22:31:32 Mission Altis_Life.Altis read from directory. 22:31:33 Roles assigned. 22:31:33 Reading mission ... ``` Been getting that in my logs. Essentially what happens is, the server fails to load and continues going back and forth between splash screen and server character selection. It's quite annoying. Any tips?
  4. Hey all, looking for a way to create a "black out" screen after a mission of mine ends. I kind of want to make a little trailer dedicated to the new contact expansion that's coming out. Basically what I want is after the player reaches a certain trigger area and looks up, I want the mission to cut out to a black screen and then play somewhat of a scary cinematic bass drop. If you know how to do this via script, it'd be super helpful. Thank you.
  5. Would it be possible to create this on Isla Duala. There is an existing one out there that I really like on steam, however, ACE is not supported for whatever reason or it just flat out doesn't work and I have no way to heal myself without removing ACE but that becomes a pain having to close and reopen the game constantly. Is there a way that maybe I could C+P this on a map this way it includes ACE and maybe I could ad vehicles of my preference to the Aircraft carrier. Would be neat, any and all help is appreciated. Thank you.
  6. Not sure if this is the place to put this so please do move to the right place if this isn't in the correct one but I just had a few questions and some thoughts I would like to share on the new DLC. The question I have is, is this DLC not offered as part of any bundles? If so I understand why it wouldn't be because it's not directly released by BI, but at the same time it is kind of disappointing that people that paid for the bundles and the game have to now start purchasing DLC at a full price. Maybe a suggestion would be to offer it at somewhat of a discount to the people that bought the bundle(s)? I wouldn't mind buying it but I've seen mixed reviews on it and I noticed that most of the reviews that pop on the DLC page are bad. Not throwing shade at the creators or anything, just simply stating that I would like to buy it, but at the same time, would it be worth $23.00? If I could get some real opinions aside from what negative people have to say that'd be appreciated. Overall I just don't think having to pay $23 for a DLC pack when some have paid even more for the bundles should have to pay almost the price of the game itself on one DLC. Not complaining or anything, just a little bit of a thought on it's own. Any feedback on the DLC itself would be appreciated. I'm considering buying it because I enjoy WW2 playstyles. Thank you. 🙂
  7. Good evening all, I'm back again with a little problem that I can't figure out how to solve. I have quite a few mods running, and they all work perfectly fine. However, there are particular vehicles in various mods that have a problem that I'm not sure can be fixed on my end or if these should go to the mod creators because I've never had this problem before. So basically what happens, is when I place a group of units into a specific set of vehicles or place a specific set of units into any vehicle I run into a problem where my units kind of get "stuck" in the middle of the aircraft. What I mean by this is when I place them as an entire group or individually, they spawn into one spot, thus when I start the scenario they seem to stay that way and cause a bunch of glitches like an AI's head will be stuck in the propeller of the aircraft and then dies as soon as the engine starts. It's quite annoying so if anyone could help me, or possibly point me in the direction of the correct forum/post, that'd be highly appreciated. Thank you.
  8. socs


    Sorry for the late reply, this is a reply to the headgear idea for seeing ghosts that I gave you. I got this idea from a movie called "Spectral", it used to be on Netflix and was acually pretty good for a low budget movie. I suggest it if you're interested in more ideas for the ghost project you have going on. It would be neat! Also, if you made the NVG goggles battery operated so they don't last forever or set a time limit for the amount of use you can get for each one before "Dropping" them or having them become unusable. This way it gives the player a little bit of a challenge while also fighting off invisible enemies. Love the idea nonetheless. 🙂 Cheers
  9. socs


    Just curious, would it be possible to perhaps have these "ghosts" invisible to the naked eye, but visible to those that have maybe a certain helmet/glasses on?
  10. socs


    Dude, this originally started with you complaining about having to scroll through some code, when the code pertained to ravage lol... Live up to your word and stick to the ravage talk instead of complaining about what everyone else is doing... Have a nice day!
  11. No no, what I was trying to say was, when I kill certain CSAT units, they count as kills... However, when I kill Independent/ or just regular ravage zombies, I don't get the money or XP as I would when killing lets say an "ammo bearer" csat unit... If you could tell me where I can add maybe more classnames to the kill reward list or have it to where killing any unit (aside from any friendly factions) gives you money and XP... Thank you!
  12. Sure thing! I shall update my response with the code.
  13. Actually figured this out last night but thank you.. I use a different script made by a friend of mine and it works hand in hand with the XP system HG already has in place so, the amount of cash and XP you get depends on your rank etc...
  14. socs


    No but it's arrogant when you revolve the conversation around yourself, in which the majority of the paragraph you wrote was basically about your problem with it.. Sure the forum etiquette could be accounted for but it took you but a second or two to scroll past it... It really wasn't THAT big of a deal.. You spent more time writing that out than you did scrolling past it... Anyhow I'm not here to continue the arguing anymore, enjoy your day man..
  15. socs


    Just to confirm, I just remove units from the exclude list if I want them to count as kill rewards correct?