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Found 7 results

  1. Description Weapon shop Gear shop Units shop Vehicles shop Dealer, trader... Installation/Usage/Download/Updates GitHub Notes Works in MP If you use RHS, weapons name in editor can't be used in the shop, see post #62 Screenshot Click Me Armaholic Armaholic Topic
  2. Hi guys, I am trying to do a script, which allow me to spawn a "fuel smuggler" (trader) who buys fuel crates only and gives the player 500 cash for every fuel barrel he buys. After 10 min he will disappear only to show 20 minutes later on another place. Monetary system is Grad Money Menu. while {true} do { sleep 1200; _pos1 = [1323.44,7742.14,0]; _pos2 = [11845.7,7733.76,0]; _pos3 = [2177.42,10840.1,0]; _pos4 = [2936.97,3438.3,0]; _rpos = [_pos1,_pos2,_pos3,_pos4] call BIS_fnc_selectRandom; _smugveh = "C_Truck_02_fuel_F" createVehicle _rpos; _smugveh setFuel 0; _spos = [_rpos, 3, 15, 3, 0, 0.5, 0] call BIS_fnc_findSafePos; private _grp = createGroup [civilian,true]; _smuggler = _grp createUnit ["CUP_C_TK_Man_02",_spos]; _smuggler enableAI "PATH"; _smugtrig = createTrigger ["EmptyDetector",_spos]; _smugtrig setTriggerArea [5,5,0,false]; _smugtrig setTriggerActivation ["STATIC","PRESENT",true]; _smugtrig setTriggerStatements ["{_x isKindOf "CargoNet_01_barrels_F"} count thisList == 1", "_delete = nearestObjects [_smuggler, ["CargoNet_01_barrels_F"],50]; {deleteVehicle _x;} forEach _delete; [player, 500] call grad_moneymenu_fnc_addFunds;",""]; _marker = createMarker ["Smuggler present!", _rpos]; _marker setMarkerType "loc_LetterS"; _marker setMarkerColor "colorCivilian"; sleep 600; deleteMarker "Smuggler present!" deleteVehicle _smugtrig; deleteVehicle _smugveh; deleteVehicle _smuggler; }; No luck so far, nothing spawns. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ I wonder where my mistake is ...
  3. !!!!! by [CiC]red_ned of http://cic-gaming.co.uk !!!!! Easy Trader by Red_ned Trader-Mod v7.2 Exile Easy Trader Mod System This trader system is offered free without any guarantee or promise and users should back up their files before proceeding. It is compiled by [CiC]red_ned of http://cic-gaming.co.uk from different sources including documentation on exilemod and in game from various places. I have only compiled what i found, attempted to simplify class names and created files for what i couldn't find and is given back to the community as thanks. If you use then you should consider sharing any further development, bug fixes or expansions (as i have probably missed objects out or spelled things incorrectly). This file does not include how to install mods or add to loot tables as that is already well documented. This is a major update so please report bugs on exilemod.com v7.2 Update Added : TankDLC Thanks to @ItsDutch plus his contributors v7.1 Update Added : HAFM Added : MASWW2 Added : NLD Added : POOK Thanks to @ItsDutch plus his contributors v7.0 Update Updated for Exile 1.0.4 "Pineapple" v6.6 Update Added KA Mod - thanks to CHAINSAW SQUIRREL Text sorted some more files and checked optimisation of tabs not spaces v6.5 Update Added new class ApexVTOL Added 100+ to ARMA3V Added 100+ to RHSV Fixed APEX Cleaned up some code v6.3 Update Added 100+ vehicles into RHSV Added some missing Arma3 vehicles About 170 new items in total v6.2 Update Added BREAKING POINT Mod - thanks to CHAINSAW SQUIRREL NOTE RHS IS BOTH RUS AND USA. *************************************************** ****** Thanks to all the following for help ****** ****** XxFri3ndlyxX, [RG] Salutesh, SE7EN ****** ****** Tobias Solem, pomp4h, Bob_the_K, ItsDutch ****** ****** Razor77, jmayr2000, C][G GhostTown™ ****** ****** ElShotte, Killerpoodezz, CHAINSAW SQUIRREL ****** *************************************************** Big thanks to Exile Mod http://www.exilemod.com Orignal thread and support at http://www.exilemod.com/topic/8586-updated-easy-trader-set-up Edited April 16, 2018 by red_ned
  4. I'm having an issue with my armoury trader , when I have for example an m4a1 in my hands then go into the trader menu and press the little assault rifle near the top right I can see all attachments and ammo for this weapon but If I had an m107 I can only see ammo for it and no other attachments , it doesn't happen to all weapons but it does happen to pistols too . When I went through the arma 3 virtual arsenal to choose the weapons I want on my server I can see the attachments per weapon while I'm browsing in there , is there a fix for this
  5. I'm interested in writing a script that would allow a trader/s, for example Black Market Trader to be the only available sell point for certain items. Excluding or blacklisting the selected traders from being able to sell a (item_x) for a player if not listed. Ive searched online for all the information i could but nothing really defines this function/script I'm trying to create plus being a noob doesn't help either, lol. If someone out there has the knowledge on how i would go about this could you please help me out. As of now i have a Black Market Trader and Farming on my server but the items from farming i would like them only to be sold at the Black Market Trader. As of now your able to sell them at all traders, how can i fix this or can someone direct me into the right path to writing a script for this to add into the server to prevent those items from being sold at the other available traders UNLESS its a Black Market. How would i go about getting this added? List of items ``` "DDR_Item_Mushrooms", "DDR_Item_Drugs_Weed", "DDR_Item_Silver_Ore", "DDR_Item_Gold_Ore", "DDR_Item_Crystal_Purple", "DDR_Item_Crystal_Green" ```
  6. Vandeanson's Apocalypse - the Mod: A "plug and play" mod that will spawn various sites and AI, fully randomly placed that will be dynamically de and respawning for ongoing survival action! NOTE: This is not a MISSION. This is a dynamic site and event spawner, that runs on top of any mission that you start while the mod is active. It spawns in sites based on player position, terrain and your settings (to change settings, you must edit your mission in Eden Editor - > Settings - > Addon Options). Never again will it be pointless, dull and boring to run around in armas beautiful forrests, just because all the loot and action is stuck in cities and other remains of civilisation! My mod will spawn in bandit camps to raid, small survivor hideouts to find and loot in the deepest forest, crashed helicopters that should definitely be searched before other survivors get there, ferocious packs of wild dogs that will jump you in the dark or animals to hunt for survival. Find a tame horse as a compagnion and tie it up next to your homebase while setting up barricades and boobie traps to fend off attacks against your newly claimed home. Zombies just got deadlier with the infection feature. When getting hit, you might catch a deadly infection that will drain your stamina and lifeforce over time. Stack up on anti virus pills to cure yourself! You will never rest easy, knowing that your steps may be watched from far and the moment you get too comfortable at a place, bandits pick up your trace and hunt you down! VANDEANSONS APOCALYPSE (STEAM DOWNLOAD) INSTALLATION: 1. Subscribe to the mod and activate it and CBA_A3 in the A3 launcher Whenever you start any mission (self made or from steam) , the mod will start to spawn in sites according to the default settings. 2. to adjust VA settings, open the mission you want to edit, or create a new one in Eden Editor, go to Settings -> Addon Options -> select the "VDA" options to see what you can change (there are a lot of options for customisation) 3. NOTE: the plane spawner requires you to place the following markers by default, else the planes spawn in the debug zone: "VD_PlaneMrkr_1,VD_PlaneMrkr_2,VD_PlaneMrkr_3,VD_PlaneMrkr_4". You may add or remove markers. 4. if you play on maps like chernarus, cover the empty terrain with large area markers and name them. enter the area markers name into the field under "VDA -1- General Settings" to blacklist that area from landsite spawns. 5. similar for shipwrecks and boats (cover inland lakes with additional area markers) so the shipwrecks and boats wont spawn in lakes inland. 6. Place your player and play. (Place the gamemaster module to check if the mod is working as ZEUS) FEATURES : - random and automatic position finder for all features. No marker placement needed (see INSTALLATION gor exceptions) - sites de and respawn after a adjustable time and while no player is close - Bandit Camps - Hideouts - Shipwrecks - Crashsites - Tradercamp (custom weapon attachment trader, custom trader for ravage respawn tent backpacks, all ravage traders) - AI Patrols - Animal Spawner (Goats & Sheep, can be gutted and eaten with the Ravage mod) - Spawners for Boats, Planes, Helicopters - Medical Sites - Zombie Infection Script for the RAVAGE mod (change the zombie parent if you want this to apply to other zombie mods) - JBDOG feral dog spawner - DBO Horses spawner (you need to subscribe to this mod separately, if you wish to use the spawn feature) - No Rest! spawner (checks if player stays at a place for too long, if so, might spawn AI hunters ) - loot spawns at all sites - Max Joiners melee weapon mod is automatically included in the loot economy and player equipper. AIs wont spawn with melee weapons however. This requires the max_melee weapons mod. No dependency is created. GENERAL: - dynamic simulation is enabled for all spawned AI and structures. Simulation is enabled based on your view distance settings minus fog, plus scoped view distance to save FPS - automated loot arrays based on active mods (e.g. CUP, RHS,... will be integrated into the features) - option to blacklist items from loot arrays - option to exclude Arma 3 Vanilla and DLC items from loot table - option to exclude various mod sub content (e. g. CUP Uniforms, or IFA3 Backpacks...) - adjustable AI equipper (or option to use Ravage Equipper) - adjustable player equipper (or option to use Ravage Equipper) - CBA_A3 Settings to tune features in Editor while making a mission - possibility to add blacklist area markers for land sites (e.g. Bandit Camps) and coastal sites (e.g. shipwreck and boats) - adjustable spawn ranges and despawn timers - MP compatible to my best knowledge, please report any issues - the default currency is the ravage money, fyi. Without ravage mod active, it will just not spawn without error - adjust the amount of sites/features that at spawn to your needs or disable specific features if you dont like it - plane spawner: the only feature that requires you to place markers, check the CBA3 settings for it. 4 markers are pre defined, you may add as many as you want and place such markers at airfields. All placed markers will be a potential spawn position for planes - This mod creates NO dependency! UPCOMING/PLANNED FEATURES: I have quite a bunch of ideas for new features and plan to improve and extend the mod going forward, no ETA gor such features however. AI Spawner: - AIscavengers that move from house to house in a city and then return to a hideout z nearby to drop off loot, then go back to scavenging - AI spawner in case players spend a lot of time at the e same place (e.g. Looting a city) - chance for AI groups in any feature to be military grade geared, rather than random low quality survivor gear - some sort of simple basebuilding, crafting and ressource gathering feature - a mission generator - optional loot economy (to fill buildings with loot) - option to include heroes survive - option to include zombies & demons (e.g. A ambient Z spawner) - fake underground sites such as bunkers or caves TO DO'S: - not all arrays are automated (automated means, items or structures of active mods are put into category for use in my script) - automate heli, plane, heliwreck, boat arrays based on active mods - automate inventory items REQUIREMENTS : Note that this mod requires CBA3. CUP Terrain Core is also recommended, as some structures from it are used. There is no dependency however. Ravage has been the inspiration for the mod and this mod is made with Ravage in mind. There is however no dependency, you can use the mod with our without Ravage. THANKS: Thanks to all the great guys on the BI forum for their help and advise. With special thanks to George Floros GR, Johnnyboy, Mr H., HazJ, Larrow, pierremgi, Haleks, Grumpyoldman, Gunter Severloh, the Ravage folks, all followers of my topic thread and anyone i might have forgotten right now. HELP TO IMPROVE: Please subscribe, rate and let me know any issue that might occur, I would appreciate receiving any feedback that helps me improve the mod. Cheers VD
  7. Hi i have this: private _fnc_getStack = { params [["_keys",[],[[]]], ["_values",[],[[]]]]; _merged = _keys apply {[_x,(_values select (_keys find _x))]}; _merged //[["10Rnd_9x21_Mag","FirstAidKit"],[1,2]] }; private _weapons = ((getWeaponCargo _vehicle) call _fnc_getStack); private _mags = ((getMagazineCargo _vehicle) call _fnc_getStack); private _items = ((getItemCargo _vehicle) call _fnc_getStack); private _bags = ((getBackpackCargo _vehicle) call _fnc_getStack); //[["10Rnd_9x21_Mag",1],["FirstAidKit",2]] private _vehicleItems = []; { for "_i" from 1 to (_x # 1) do { _vehicleItems pushBack (_x # 0); }; } forEach (_weapons+_mags+_items+_bags); //["10Rnd_9x21_Mag","FirstAidKit","FirstAidKit"] It looks pretty ugly for me. I wanna ask you guys if you have any idea how to write this better!