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  1. Vandeansons Dynamic Spawn Scripts A "plug and play" script package that will spawn various sites and AI, fully randomly placed that will be dynamically de and respawning for ongoing survival action! Never again will it be pointless, dull and boring to run around in armas beautiful forrests, just because all the loot and action is stuck in cities and other remains of civilisation! My scripts spawn in bandit camps to raid, small survivor hideouts to find and loot in the deepest forest, crashed helicopters that should definitely be searched before other survivors get there, ferocious packs of wild dogs that will jump you in the dark or animals to hunt for survival. Find a tame horse as a compagnion and tie it up next to your homebase while setting up barricades and boobie traps to fend off attacks against your newly claimed home. You will never rest easy, knowing that your steps may be watched from far and the moment you get too comfortable at a place, bandits pick up your trace and hunt you down! more to come...;) Direct download link of the Dynamic Spawn Script collections: (Version 2.31 - 06.12.2018) VDSSP v2.31: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1V6mysMzbsqwDUm3Ku9SvJRDgHHzQ3MSY How to install and modify the scripts: 1. Download the file above un-zip it 2. Open the unzipped folder and copy the whole content into your mission folder. you may already have the following files: - init.sqf - description.ext - initplayerlocal.sqf - onplayerrespawn.sqf you will need to merge these two versions of the files. 3. Minimum setup in eden editor: - read the comments under VD_Settings.sqf - place the blacklist areas for the sites that spawn at land this is done to avoid that sites spawn outside maps such as chernarus: - place the blacklist area markers for the shipwreck spawner - place markers on airfields for the plane spawner thats it! if you want to spawn the tradercamp, banditcamps or shipwrecks on markers, follow the instructions in VD_Settings.sqf v2.2 tutorial and showcase (don't mind the v2.0 in the loading screen, i forgot to update this) (the voice audio line is missing and i wont bother updating but rather make a new video at some point) Showcase Videos: (slightly OUTDATED, however principle remains the same) Quick showcase video: Functions of the script General: - all sites spawn and despawn dynamically - sites will not spawn too close to players and will also not despawn if any player is near the site - dynamic simulation is enabled for all spawned objects and units (activation is based on view distance or a custom meters amount that you can define) - the sites perform distance checks so sites do not spawn too close to each other: (example of a bandit camp spread) - MP and SP compatible - note that the script is not persistent yet. this will mainly be a bummer for the basebuilding. i currentl lack the knowledge how to provide a database for persistency tailored to my script and lack the time to dig into it. having said that, i plan to provide a solution at some point Bandit Camp: - finds a random empty place to spawn a random pre-made bandit camp composition - random loot in main loot crate - random loot may spawn in secondary loot crate - AI group that patrols the camp OPTIONAL: Place markers if you prefer to have the camps spawn at random selected markers positions. Change this under VD_Settings.sqf . (both can be active same-time) Trader Camp: - finds a random empty place to spawn a pre-made trader camp composition - all ravage traders (gear, supply, arms) - one VD trader for weapon attachments, explosives, grenades and respawn backpacks OPTIONAL: Place markers if you prefer to have the camp spawn at random selected markers positions. Change this under VD_Settings.sqf . No Rest! Spawner: - AI Spawner that will continuously check if you are not moving much over a certain period (e.g. it will check if you stay in a city looting for too long) - will spawn an AI that will come after you if you remain at on area too long - will continue to hunt you until you are 200 meters or further away from AI. once AI reaches the last known player position, AI died or you moved too far away, the script stops and the AI is despawned (if not dead) Ship Wreck Spawner: - spawns a Ship Wreck site with props and one loot crate somewhere at a shore - the automated placement script works very well now, no debug zone spawns - OPTIONAL: Place markers if you prefer to have the wrecks spawn near (find a shore) at random selected markers positions. Change this under VD_Settings.sqf . (both can be active same-time) Hideouts: -small lootable 2 man tents with possible AI - looting the camp may spawn AI nearby that will hunt you (see No Rest! spawner) Crashsites: - lootable Helicopter crashsites - lootspawns around wreck - additional loot may be found in the wrecks cargospace - looting the wreck may spawn AI nearby that will hunt you (see No Rest! spawner) Infection: a script that "infects" players with a deadly disease when hit by a zombie. - starts damage-over-time ticker. effects at each tick (frequency 60 Seconds) are: - damage is applied - stamina reduced drastically - text indicating something is not right - wounded sounds - shaking - delay between damage ticks decreased by 5%, hence, if untreated, the infection will eventually kill you - additional disturbing effects in higher frequency, but these dont deal damage (only stamina loss, shaking, text) - all AI have a low chance to drop injectors at death - injectors can be used via addaction to curecthe infection. thix addaction is only available when infected This is currently triggered by zombies from the ravage mod, via the parent "zombie". of course this can be changed to any other zombie mod. Vehicle spawns: - boat spawner - helicopter spawner (spawns with a site, e.g. field-helipad) - plane spawner (needs marker placement, see VD_Settings This is spawning vanilla vehicles. the vehicles array can be updated under VD_Settings.sqf Spawners for cool 3rd party mods: - DBO rideable horses, with custom addaction to tie them down and disable dmg taken, requires the DBO Horses mod by DeanosBeano https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1470493486 - feral dog pack spawner, necessary scripts from JBOY Dog by johnnyboy already included. - huntable animal spawner (Vanilla asset Goats and Sheep spawner that can be hunted with the Ravage mod) Personal Loot-crate: spawns a loot-crate next to you on mission start, can be dragged around or loaded into a car. can not be destroyed Disabled by default, can be activated under vd_init.sqf Basebuilding: removed amd to be replaced VD_Equipper: - function that equips AI (Bandits, Traders) with random gear and loot according to your settings in VD_Settings.sqf VD_Player_Equipper: - player equipper that randomly equips players with gear and loot according to your settings in VD_Settings.sqf , can be called fom initplayerlocal.sqf or onplayerrespawn.sqf (call VD_Player_Equipper) to make your players respawn with a random loadout VD_Settings.sqf - adjust the scripts to your liking here, no scripting knowledge required - manage mods and lootlists for the script here VD_Arrays.sqf: (do not touch!) - puts together arrays based on your active mods and VD_Setttings.sqf - arrays may be used for your own scripts. the arrays are: Weapons: VD_WeaponArrayRifles VD_WeaponArrayPistolsAI (use for AI equipper/loadouts) VD_WeaponArrayPistols (may include Max Melee weapons if mod is active, hence used for loottables and player equipper) VD_WeaponArrayLaunchers VD_WeaponArrayAll (all weapons) Equipment: VD_EquipmentUniforms VD_EquipmentHeadgears VD_EquipmentVests VD_EquipmentGoggles VD_EquipmentBackpacks Weapon Attachments: VD_EquipmentMuzzles VD_EquipmentOptics VD_EquipmentBipods VD_EquipmentFlashlights (not automated, only contains vanilla Flashlights for pistol, smg and rifle) VD_Settings.sqf: - apply what Equipment or weapon mods to use - remove parts of mod content from loottable (e.g. with IFA3 no ww2 gear but only weapons) - add items, blacklist or remove specific items - set min/max timers, min/max ranges, safe distances and amount of camps/stuff to spawn Addon dependencies: - CUP Terrains - Core - Ravage: this script was made with Ravage in mind, however the script works even if the Ravage mod is not active. Ravage specific classnames may be removed from VD_Arrays.sqf. Just search for "rvg_". Supported Mods: (can be modified under VD_Settings.sqf) all gear mods are supported and automatically included into spawner (eg. gear and weapons for AI or lootcrates) Known issues: To Dos & Ideas: - TC: add trade option for vehicles, base-building materials, ...maybe more (WIP, partially finished) - Hideouts & Banditcamps: add IEDs (completed, polishing, will be in v2.3) - Banditcamps: add option to claim raided banditcamps (BC will not despawn and serve as your base. will trigger regular attacks by bandits) (not started) - Claimed Banditcamp: add basic base reinforcements (select and place defensive structures) options or option to move current structures (not started) - Banditcamps: add further patrols and roadblocks in proximity (not started) - add spawner that will place survivor notes to BC, when collected, will reveal hidden stashes (money, loot...) (not started) - task system: spawn "contracts" that if collected create a random task with rewards (not started) - task system: add task npcs with selection of tasks that the npc hands out over radio (randomly timed) or via dialoge/addaction (system in place, need to add a lot of tasks now) - add ambient chatter and flashlight activation for AI by johnnyboy (not started) - add spooked poof chicken alarm system by johnnyboy (not started) - add guard dogs for hideouts and banditcamps (done, polishing, comes in 2.3) - add scavenger AI spawn: spawn a hideout in the forest, moves to nearby towns and moves from house to house (feature finished). moves back to base randomly from time to time to stash his loot (fills up lootcrate at base), then returns to looting towns (this is not yet working properly) - add Z horde spawner when player remains at same location for a while (or chance that a horde is spawned, should probably not be 100%). Spawns Z's in some distance and in all directions around player with move to waypoint to player position. (based on the No Rest! spawner, hence more or less in place) - spawn and respawn system for planes (just planes spawning in airstrips, marker based) - spawn and respawn system for helicopters (small sites with improvised structures such as some sandbags, camo nettings, mechanic tools, some boxes. basically the military has left behind a perfectly fine helicopter:)) possible new features - Sanctuary: I am thinking about adding a larger scale sanctuary that is either occupied by friendlies or enemies. if under friendly control it may offer: - mechanic to repair vehicle (for money) - trader for vehicle repair parts and fuel - a respawn point - general traders - vehicle and helicopter traders - task npc: patrol tasks, investigate possible hostile presence,... against money reward - tasks to repair damaged sanctuary defences - events: help AI fend of enemy attacks to defend the sanctuary - the defensive structures should be destroyable but there should also be a feature to rebuild e.g. a walls or fences if under enemy control: - the area around the sanctuary will be patrolled by increased amounts of AI - if you are in the area, AI hunting parties will be sent after you - roadblocks may be set up - minefields are placed - IEDs are placed on roads - any other feature that would make your stay in the area around the sanctuary miserable and makes you either avoid the area or forces you to take action and capture the sanctuary - feature to raid the camp and capture it for your allies - occupation may also change randomly from time to time - after a takeover by friendlies, you will be tasked to clear the area from remaining enemy AI presence, roadblocks, minefields and IEDs. if overrun my Zombies and contaminated: - a third status would be after the sanctary has been overrun by zombies and has to be cleared again - or that it has been contaminated and the area can only be entered with contaminatiom gear. players have to either wait for the contamination to find or remove the source of the contamimation will think about what other features could be added that make this provide interesting gameplay... i am very open for your ideas:) =================================== Changelog
  2. Greetings, everyone. Here to present my vision of Ravage mission and my server that running it. B2 Ravage Malden Mission File: b2_ravage_malden.Malden.pbo Steam Mods Collection Server Details: GameServer: B2Server IP: TeamSpeak : Description You playing as a Pathfinder of a Survivor community rather then lone survivor. World outside the fence is extremely deadly - you'll have to team-up if you want to survive long enough. Gameplay is focused on teamwork, combat action and exploration. Features Dynamically spawned enemies - bandits, renegades and zombies. Hardcore survival with effects of hunger, thirst, radiation, injuries, virus and dust sickness. Multiple survivor Hubs with NPC characters. Realistic modern weapons and gear, no fictional stuff. Recruitable AI companions (can be revived and will revive player). Experience and Levels System. Weapon/Gear Shops and Garage Systems. Persistent Gear, position and vehicles. S.T.A.L.K.E.R.-like Anomalies. THE Zone - area affected by deadly virus, with lots of zombies, anomalies and extremely dangerous robotic guardians. Rumors says somewhere inside The Zone there's a functioning mobile nuclear reactor, which will fulfill power requirements of what's left from humanity virtually forever. Screenshots Credits haleks - amazing Ravage Mod hoverguy - Weapon Shop, Garage and Experience Systems aliascartoons - Dust Storm Script and all the mod-makers
  3. Hi there, I feel there is currently a lack of maps in Arma 3 for Exile. The best zombie survival map was Esseker but most people are done with this map. We did got chernaraus redux but this really wasn't a new map but just a remake. Anyway I was wondering if anyone is working on a map zombie survival/normal map. - Thomas
  4. Hi there, I feel there is currently a lack of maps in Arma 3 for Exile. The best zombie survival map was Esseker but most people are done with this map. We did got chernaraus redux but this really wasn't a new map but just a remake. Anyway I was wondering if anyone is working on a map zombie survival/normal map. - Thomas
  5. The Outbreak - Part 1 by SerBiX This is a SP/COOP Action-Horror scenario. Story: Year 2008, Chernarus. Yet another civil war was erupted. But soon it has been displaced by a sudden outbreak of the disease. The military forces failed to hold it back and the infection spread quickly throughout Chernarus. Somebody was lucky to get away alive and somebody was not. Now, it's too late to run away... It's time to survive. You are the Russian Forces soldier, returning to your headquarters after losing contact with your commanding. Story - Part I: Your helicopter has crashed after a spontaneous big blast while you were returning to your headquarters. You landed right in a dark, mysterious forest. Some say that this forest was cursed. There are many legends about lost expeditions, about people who wandered into its territory and never came back, about bright lights and strange sounds coming from inside. You have no desire to stay here too long. Features: Horror elements Every bullet counts You'll have to use your head Custom Dark Ambient music No revive Spectator mode after death (in multiplayer) ~1-2 hour length Installation: [SP] Extract the .pbo file to [\Steam\steamapps\common\Arma 3\Missions] [MP] Extract the .pbo file to [\Steam\steamapps\common\Arma 3\MPMissions] Required Mods: CM Zombies CUP Terrains - Core CUP Terrains - Maps RHSAFRF RHSUSAF Zombies and Demons Credits: Scenario: SerBiX (a.k.a. SerbiX8) Music: myuu from The Dark Piano burning-mir from Freesound Bohemia Interactive Workshop page or Download Ratings and comments are much appreciated.
  6. The Wake [SP]

    A thermonuclear warhead detonated and killed over two hundred thousand people. Then the Chinese launched an invasion after bombarding the area with chemical gases. The gas was scientifically designed to hijack the human psyche and cause extreme outbursts of aggression or rage. To divide the populace against one another. Little did we know zombies could be real after all... --------------------------------------------------------POST APOCALYPTIC SURVIVAL HORROR---------------------------------------------------------A lot of mods I know but I promise you this is one of the greatest missions you never played. Planning on making a campaign more to come! Workshop link with further information regarding mods and links: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1133588778
  7. Chernarus Apocalypse 1+2

    Hi everyone, I am making this post to share with you two missions made by a friend of mine. They are the Chernarus Apocalypse missions from ArmA 2 which have been ported to 3. The Chernarus Apocalypse missions were made by mission creator Celery. Part 1: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=744860331 Part 2: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=744860331 Map: Chernarus Players: 1-10 Description: This is a zombie coop mission with specific objectives and one life per character. Equipment and munitions are scarce and the enemy is dangerous and numerous, which promotes tactics, teamwork and good shooting. The zombies are resistant to bullets, and only a headshot is a reliable way to kill them. This part requires you to focus on tactics and fire discipline. Story: Most of Chernarus has been overrun by zombies. Shortly after the outbreak began, the world was alerted with an emergency transmission and a quarantine was attempted by the CDF, Russia, NATO and hired professionals. The quarantine failed after 22 hours and all surviving units retreated to protect the capital region except for the Russians who have a long border with Chernarus to the north. You are one of the few survivors left in South Zagoria, the ground zero of the outbreak, and have been waiting for a passing ship or other form of help on the eastern shore in vain. Just a moment ago, you picked up a plea for help over the radio requesting assistance at the Olsha hill radio tower. You must go northwest and investigate. Features: Addon-free but convincing zombies Several zombie behavior types Player characters have unique equipment and diaries Custom healing script with shareable bandages Zombies may drop bandages and magazines Pistols are accurate Selectable friendly fire damage rate JIP players start close to the group Character gear, bandages and damage are saved in case a player disconnects Spectator mode after death You can continue the game after dying by picking a new unit slot Pacifist or partial stealth run is very hard but possible Option to remove stamina Zombies can sprint Credits: ArmA 3 Port: Muttley Mission and scripts: Celery Apocalypse series concept: Celery and Zipper5 Voice acting: Rejenorst (www.rejenorst.com) Music: Thief: Deadly Shadows soundtrack composed by Eric Brosius Noises and screams: Thief II: The Metal Age and Operation Flashpoint: Cold War Crisis Fog script: Rockhount (original by Yac) Requirements: - ArmA 3 - Community Upgrade Project (Terrains - Core, Terrains - Maps, Terrains - CWA, Units, Vehicles, Weapons) Changelog v1.3 Added UK59 and SA-61 as they were in original mission v1.2 Increased zombie sounds volume Removed NVG helmet from pilot zombie v1.1 Changed zombie sprint parameter - now all of them can sprint, only unarmored can sprint or none will sprint. Default option is "only unarmored can sprint" v1.0 First release to ArmA 3
  8. *ZOMBIES AND DEMONS REQURIED TO PLAY* *Description: The day of 14 January, 2020. You and your partner were participating in huge Sport-Shooting event. On your way back, something terrible has happened... *Features: -Custom Voice Acting -Unforgetable expierence -Custom Soundtracks -Many scripts implented -Custom Vehicle Lights script -Flashlight script -♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥s of zombies coming your way! -More to find out In Game (IG) *Credits: -Paul - Official BETA testing -CrunchyNapkin - Official ALPHA testing -WildCatBridge85 - Voice Acting -J0nes - Voice Acting -Alex150201 - Support -Name11ess - Car textures -Soundtrack authors listed in Credits -BI for creating such a game -3den Team - greatly boosted the release date -All BI forums and Armaholic users - gave me a lot of informations -Zombies and Demons mod developers *Known bugs: The mission MAY interrupt with MCC. *Mission file: ~10mb The project was started on March, 2016. Requried mods: Zombies and Demons (CLICK) DOWNLOAD (CLICK)
  9. bleeding difficulty

    Hi, is it possible to reduce the chance of bleeding after being hit by a zombie ? it happens at least 1/3 hit even in novice mod, it's pretty anoying, bandages are hard to find thanks
  10. Survive Altis http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=697790654 Survive Altis is an open world survival sandbox, where players can do whatever they like, there is a general story line that can be followed but the world is an ever changing dynamic sandbox where survival is key. Its a big old world and you and your loyal companion Max will have to use your wits and logical thought to survive.. Features: Dynamic weather with changing ambient temperature Character effects - Hunger, Thirst, body temp, sickness, blood level, bleeding.. Dynamically spawned Zombies and AI , aswell as fixed AI A cool story line to follow.. Civilians that can provide information if spoken too Replay-ability Unique custom keys for doing actions* A "virtual" inventory** Many other cool features.. *Rather than include other mods, I decided to approach this a bit different. Instead of having "physical" items, such as wood or matches, these are virtual entities associated with your character. ** Looking at objects will display a dialog informing the character of possible actions, for example looking at a tree would say - "Gather wood (F2)" and by pressing F2, the character will gather some wood. Gameplay: Its an open world, where your struggle to will be prevalent. Not only will there be dynamically spawned zombies and AI, but you will have to battle the harsh elements, find food, find clean water and shelter to keep dry. Max your loyal companion has many abilities that can help you in your journey, he can seek out animals to hunt, warn you of enemy presence, attack nearby enemies and even keep you warm during the cooler hours. I hope you enjoy! Please leave any feedback / bugs below and ill do my best to get to them! Changelog: 09/06/2016 - Added - Holster weapons Added - "Survivors" that roam the map and can be spoke to / convinced to join you Added - Dynamically spawned wreckages on roads / repairable vehicles Added - Attach chemlight to person Added - Lightning storms that during certain weather conditions decimate the map (they look really cool) 07/06/2016 - You can now pay civilians to fight for you, the currency is zombie teeth. They will join you and can be controlled with the standard arma AI controls. Adjusted starting equipment - No longer DLC items If the player has a radio on his person he can receive radio chatter from nearby enemies indicating their presence.
  11. Hey guys, I'm looking to see if anyone is developing a call of duty style mission with the bus that goes from town to town doing the missions.
  12. Hi! Today I want to present you my newest mission: Undead Altis - The Mystery. I've been working on it for 4 months, and I hope you guys will enjoy it! :D, let me copy 'n' paste the description: ZOMBIES AND DEMONS REQURIED* Day of 4-th February, 2017. In last episode your group managed to reach safezone, rescue the pilot, collect helicopter parts and repair the chopper. All of the survivors were extracted with an extra help of friendly pilot. However, at 0:00 helicopter started to expierence weird turbulences... FEATURING: -Main quests, -Side quests, -Hidden tasks, -Headshot only feature, -ONLY WALKERS! -Huge, playable area (Open World Survival), -Hell a lot of places to loot! -Ammunition is rare, -3 hours playability! [Considering ALL quests] (Popcorn and cola required!), -Multiple jumpscares, -Night enviroment, -Custom vehicle lights script, -Great variety of objects, -FPS FRIENDLY! (Even low-end PC Arma users will be able to keep their FPS high and nice!), -Various mysteries all around the island, -Hidden locations! -Notes! -Infection system, -Respawn implemented! -Ambient music, with sweet wind effects! -Custom recoil, -Custom sway values, Nothing is always obvious, you have to use your thinking. The scenario was designed to be fun and terryfing at the same time. You will never have more than 3 magazines on you. God speech! Use your brains and ammo wisely! CREDITS: A r k - Voice Acting (GHC)RandomMusic - BETA testing LoneEagle - BETA Testing Juhani Junkala - Ambient music ("AMBIENCE") Enviro Ambient - Wind effects ("FALLOUT/post apocalyptic ambient") Jimmakos - Templates Deamons lil' Deamon - Templates Mr. Sanchez - Support CaptainX11 - Support Luke (Gandalf) - Support Dan Tronic - Support dotMorse - Logo, textures Walkthroughs are GREATLY appreciated! BY RATING THE SCENARIO YOU'RE LETTING ME KNOW YOU EXPECT MORE CONTENT! YOU'RE ALSO SHOWING YOUR GREAT SUPPORT, AND IT MEANS A LOT TO ME! :) Mission file: ~18 mbs INSTALLATION GUIDE: a)Singleplayer users 1)Click "Subscribe" at the workshop item 2)Launch the mod "Zombies and Demons", you can find it on workshop, here (CLICK) 3)Open your Arma 3 4)Head over to Singleplayer --> Scenarios 5)Look for the mission under "Workshop content". Enjoy! b)Multiplayer users (SIMPLE) 1)Make sure you have your ports forwarded, exact guide can be found here (CLICK) 2)Make sure both of you are subscribed to the mission 3)Load the mod "Zombies and Deamons", which can be found here (CLICK) 4)Open your Arma 3, then head over to Multiplayer --> Host own server 5)Setup your own server, and you're good to go with your buddy! c)Multiplayer users: (NO CLIENT DOWNLOAD!) (COMPLEX) 1)Make sure you have your ports forwarded, exact guide can be found here (CLICK) 2)Make sure both of you are subscribed to the mission 3)Head over to Arma 3 --> Other Profiles --> "Your profile name" --> Saved --> Steam (or SteamMPMission) 4)Find the mission by it's name (Undead Altis), it will have weird %%$@!# signs by them, ignore them. 5)Open the folder and copy the .pbo mission 6)Head over to your Arma 3 directory and open MPMissions folder 7)Place the mission inside the folder 8)Open your Arma 3, launch the "Zombies and Deamons" mod, which can be found here (CLICK) 9)Have one of you go to Multiplayer --> Host Server 10)Set it up and you're free to go! d)Multiplayer users: (NO PORT-FORWARDING) (3-RD PARTY PROGRAMS REQUIRED) 1)Download Hamachi (Or Evolve) client, which can be found here (CLICK) and install it 2)Create an account and setup your own network, it is fairly simple, and it doesn't need any explaining 3)Make your buddy join your network or vice versa; join his network (Or "Party" if it comes to Evolve clients) 4)After you're done launch the mod "Zombies and Deamons", which can be found here (CLICK) 5)Open your Arma 3, then head over to Multiplayer --> Host your own server 6)Setup your own server and you're good to go with your buddy! RECOMMENDED, BUT NOT REQUIRED ADDONS -Task Force Radio (CLICK) -Advanced Combat Enviroment Radios 2 (CLICK) -Arma Enhanced Inventory (CLICK) -Arma Enhanced Movement (CLICK) -JSRS Soundmod (CLICK) -Deadfast 3-rd person mod (Ghost Recon style) (CLICK) If you want to stay tunned for more missions please follow my profile! I surely won't let you down! COMMENTS MAY CONTAIN SPOILERS! YOU'RE READING AT YOUR OWN RISK! DOWNLOAD LINKS: Steam
  13. [WIP] infectionZ

    NOTE: THIS IS NOT A FINISHED MISSION! -Side Note to moderators, if you think this is not the appropriate forum section please remove the thread. Currently looking for mission makers willing to help me out finish the mission, and the story line. Working alone with side help from some of my Arma 3 community friends but having a couple of more hands is always welcomed. Taking a break from the game itself and it's the latest release (1.70), but i'm willing to come back and finish the mission as soon as possible. If someone is willing to collaborate on this one, leave a comment below on let me know via PM. Find me on Steam. Discord: Jimmakos#2139 -Introducing a work in progress cooperative zombie horror multiplayer mission for Arma 3. -A 4 player SWAT squad have been sent to Podagorsk with one and simple objective, find Dr. Ivan and retrieve the virus antidote. Features: Dark ambient horror music. Main story line and side quests for players to achieve. Supply drops and balanced loadouts. Modified and fortified story line based locations on the map. Thunderstorm, fire effect, nuke, radiation script(s) from ALIAS. Female voiced playable character. A lot of jumpscares and a lot of creepy sound effects. Unique atmosphere with spooky environment. Various custom scripts. Zombies and demons support, dynamic ambient zombies spawner depending the numbers of players playing on current server. Headless zombies and scipts for making them acting like the hunter and smoker from the L4D2 game. Voice acting for important main characters. Apex simple conversation support. Custom textures. And many more to come... -Workload of the mission is currently 7 days of work on 3den editor. Youtube playlist: Pictures: (more will be added later).
  14. I am opening " liberation Zombie " MP server. I would like to avoid using ai gun armed vehicle seat on the server. Is there a way? In a simple way Is there any way to have ai get off automatically when sitting in a firearm seat? Armed Vehicles AI shooters kill zombies too. I would like the shooter to automatically drop it. plz T_T sorry. google transfer use
  15. ------------------------ IMPORTANT this mission requires Zombies & Demons by ryandombrowsky http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=28958 Now too in workshop as Zombie & Demons Credits to ryandombrowsky for his zombies. Long Night CO-06 You and your team are sent to investigate the cut off in communications with Altis, just to discover a terrible reality. -7 objetives -radio chat (no voice) IMPORTANT NOTES; The leader cant die and must be a player, if he dies mission its failed. There is no respawn. Anyone who dies become a zombie even your teammates (AI, player go spectator). know issues: There is a bug that prevents much of the zombies to spawn due to the mod in MP, waiting them to fix it, sorry. (they work fine on SP btw) Dedicated servers: Loding of tasks and zombies will take a minute or more depending on player count. none at the moment waiting feedback Download: https://steamcommunity.com/linkfilter/?url=http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=28958 Long night Co-06 (@) UPDATED: Update: Update 4: Fixed zome zombies dont spawn. Added city zombies system like in part II. Added logistics to move ammo around in vehicles. update 4 hotfix : fixed dedicated server fail at start i hope. Download from workshop always the latest update here.
  16. IMPORTANT this mission requires Zombies & Demons by ryandombrowsky and his team http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=28958 Now too in workshop. http://steamcommunity.com/workshop/filedetails/?id=501966277 Credits to ryandombrowsky and his team for their zombies. ------------------------ Long Night II CO-06 After events in Long Night I You are the captain of Selakano Police, you and your mates Stayed on selakano waiting for Alpha team to come back to pick u up... that didn't happen, now you try to survive on a zombie infested Altis and try to find a way to escape. At start you must survive an zombie assault on the police station, so be prepared. This mission is hard so be ready, you are a cop not superman, and there are many...many zombies. better on coop. This mission may get low fps at start dont worry. it get better as you advance. Features: -8 objetives-3 optionals -Radio chat (no voice) -There is respawn on team leader and then after task 2 you can place a spawn sleeping bag on your base. -Anyone who dies become a zombie even your teammates (AI). -Features an infested Altis, cities Pop zombies out (in numbers of 20/50) when you get close and dissapear when you exit city range (better fps). Thx to a modified Civilian Occupation System (COS) by BangaBob. -Vehicles spawn on cities. -Features full logistic system (you can load ammoboxes and objects on vehicles) -Features a build system that let you build a base. -this build system is divided in 3 stages, you need to find 3 workbenches and bring them to your base, one better than the last for build extra objects & vehicles. -Features a resource system that makes you need to find resources to build your base and vehicles, you get resources for completing tasks too. -All important places marked for you to know where to find gear & resources (there can be or maybe not). -Events on some places where gear & resources are like zombie hordes. -Deletion of bodies for improve FPS. ALL IMPORTANT INFO ON INGAME DIARY, CHECK IT BEFORE START. THX TO R3F logistics. know issues: -Little lag when start, all systems must activate and others events. -The friendly Ai sometimes kill each other or you because of cross fire. -Dedicated servers: Loding of tasks and zombies will take a minute or more depending on player count. waiting feedback Changelog: Update 3 Better performance and caching system, i hope it works better now xd DOWNLOAD: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=507571438 <--- latest release always. Long night II Co-06 (@)
  17. WASTELAND SURVIVAL ZOMBIES & DEMONS 24 Players v.01 Needs Ryan zombies & demons. http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=28958 Its on workshop too as Zombies & Demons Think of a wasteland + Dinamic zombie sandbox but without lag. A survival mission without any objetive, only survive. Avaible too on workshop: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=505011505 TEAMS: -OPFOR 12 players -BLUEFOR 12 players -ZOMBIES (AI) no limit -Features -Awsome zombie & demons mod by Ryan -Jumping zombies. -Scary noises. -Spider zombies. -Super strong demons. (only 20 can spawn at same time, usually they protect ammoboxes, not recommended to solo them.) -Some zombies can throw vehicles at you, be carefull. -ZOMBIES spawn along the island and are attracted to noises and lights (spanw & despawn depending if players are near the area.). -Respawn on base 10 secs -LOOT systems that spawns weapons/ammo and items inside the buildings. -Vehicles spawn alon the island. -Visible night (Full moon) -Autocleaning of bodies -ONE OBJETIVE, SURVIVE. -TEAM SPAWN BASES for planning from where you can teleported to action. -PLAYZONE IT'S NOW ALL STRATIS. Fight on Stratis to the dead, ally with the opposite team to survive or kill anyone on sight the zombies don't mind, they want you and will get you. Try to survive). Future plans: -Fix bug reported if any. -Move to altis. -Maybe add in future building system like in wasteland missions. Known issues: -Little lag when the zombies are spawned. (only at first) -Zombies may hit you from down the bridges and maybe from 1st floor to second (mod bug, waiting ryan to fix it) -Zombies, specially the fast ones usually act like retard :) when ssee someone on stairs or seconds floors in some houses. -Sometimes zombies get stuck on roofs when jumping. -nothing more. need feedback. DOWNLOAD steam workshop http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=505011505 Wasteland Survival TvT-24 (@) IF YOU WANT A SMALL AREA SURVIVAL TRY MY OTHER MISSION : SURVIVAL ZOMBIES & DEMONS 20 Players http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=504554016 OR Survival Zombies & Demons TvT-20 (@) v0.4f Changelog: 0.1: Release 0.1fix: FIXED Bluefor Respawn Fixed zombies that dont throw vehicles.