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  1. gianni001

    Feedback Thread

    I'd just like to reiterate what Bek said about the zoom. It works fine in ARMA, it is a really good system that certainly does not need changing for the style you are going for with ARGO. As an example, games like "Squad" do not have such a feature and are chalk and cheese in comparison to ARMA, please leave it alone! Thanks! I'd love to see some advanced medical system in play also, like bleeding to death when shot, being able to revive downed team mates.
  2. gianni001

    [SP] Survive Altis - Open world survival

    Ill get a link today some time, but new versions dont break your current saved scenario. You continue with that one until you restart,which will start the new version. Also tweaking the blood system a fair bit. Changelog soon
  3. gianni001

    [SP] Survive Altis - Open world survival

    @Neofit - Regarding all the health regen stuff. Essentially, due to the damage handler I have, the concept is you "blood level" is key, so maintaining it is very important. As, you have noticed you can get shot a few times more than would be typical. The scenario has a little RPG elements to it. One thing to note, and ill be sure to put this in the hints and dialogs is by sleeping you regain 30% hp and 1000 blood. So this is a good way to regen, if you are totally wrecked! As an fyi to you - Once 12000 blood is regained, you will regain health quite fast, around 1% hp per 10 seconds. As with anything, its always a balancing act. After all, it is a survival sandbox. Ill take these things into consideration =) appreciate the input
  4. gianni001

    [SP] Survive Altis - Open world survival

    @neofit Thanks for the detailed feedback. 1. I have fixed all action display priorities so they dont interfere with standard arma stuff, particularly the holster weapon. So opening doors should be the norm now =) 2. I Think you ment the F1 menu opened when getting into vehicle, this shouldnt be the case. I force this menu open shortly after the intro scene as the scenario uses alot of "different" unique systems that I need the user to read about. Is it possible you were getting into the vehicle at the time the menu opened? I can't replicate this problem at all. If it was indeed the F10 menu you are talking about, this has changed significantly but still, it was never tied to entering a vehicle? 3. I am yet to adjust the auto save, however. I plan to give players the option to enable / disable auto saving at their tent. This way it can be toggled beyond mission start. 4. Regarding my custom user keys F1 - F10.. I am going to change these so they do not interfere with the standard AI controls. 5. Animal AI is a fickle bitch, I spent countless hours trying different methods to get the dog to work efficiently and this method is seemingly the best, however I am happy to explore other options. 6. My AI spawn mechanics are a bit in depth but essentially I "kind of" spawn AI in the vicinity of the player (within 1000 meters) , however there is a few circumstances, checks and balances that occur as the intention is to make them a dynamic threat. If your character has a radio on him, he will intercept radio chatter from the AI which is intended to be a warning, Max on "Kill" will also bark if AI are in the vicinity. This is a balancing act for me, I want there to be a constant threat but at the same time I dont want it to feel scripted. I wouldnt mind your thoughts after you have another player thru given that - I have fixed the annoyances =) 7. No support for RHS or any mods (yet) 8. Have played pilgrimage, it is alot of fun. The idea of an open world, SP survival / un scripted mission was spawned after I played Pilgrimage. Though I wish I had hes coding skills! I hope that address most of your questions, specifically those annoyances as, they were blood annoying and fixed now =)
  5. gianni001

    [SP] Survive Altis - Open world survival

    A few new features including, thanks all for the support so far.
  6. gianni001

    [SP] Survive Altis - Open world survival

    Thanks for that mate, I come from a MP background, so single player AI controls could potentially have been an over site there. Without giving too much away, there are times where u can have AI team mates. In the interim you may have to rebind that key =( Regarding your other suggestion - Without giving to much away, there is some goals the player can achieve with more coming. The difference is that you wont get a "task" to do a specific objective, but you will find intel, by many different means (speaking with civilians for example) with that intel, the intention is for the player to determine how and if he or she might want to tackle that potential objective. Feedback helps me stay motivated, so thank you. My intention is to keep the scenario update so that there will be new things happening all the time =) and if anyone has played long enough, I am sure they might have seen the hidden indications of my intentions =)
  7. gianni001

    [SP] Survive Altis - Open world survival

    1. I have an update coming to make Max "stay" when he is close proximity to you. In the mean time, you can manually tell max to stay and he will remain still in any location. 2. The intention is for the AI to attack civilians, however as with arma, some times they do not listen. In my player through most of the time they did but ill see what I can do. 3. The "bandits" that try and kill you, will actually attack the "army" - The Army are Indapendant and the bandits are opfor. So if in close proximity, they should shoot eachother aswell =) I really appreciate the feedback, and it gives me motivation to continue on. Stay tuned =)
  8. gianni001

    [SP] Survive Altis - Open world survival

    Jeez im a dope, thanks mate. Edited!
  9. Survive Altis http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=697790654 Survive Altis is an open world survival sandbox, where players can do whatever they like, there is a general story line that can be followed but the world is an ever changing dynamic sandbox where survival is key. Its a big old world and you and your loyal companion Max will have to use your wits and logical thought to survive.. Features: Dynamic weather with changing ambient temperature Character effects - Hunger, Thirst, body temp, sickness, blood level, bleeding.. Dynamically spawned Zombies and AI , aswell as fixed AI A cool story line to follow.. Civilians that can provide information if spoken too Replay-ability Unique custom keys for doing actions* A "virtual" inventory** Many other cool features.. *Rather than include other mods, I decided to approach this a bit different. Instead of having "physical" items, such as wood or matches, these are virtual entities associated with your character. ** Looking at objects will display a dialog informing the character of possible actions, for example looking at a tree would say - "Gather wood (F2)" and by pressing F2, the character will gather some wood. Gameplay: Its an open world, where your struggle to will be prevalent. Not only will there be dynamically spawned zombies and AI, but you will have to battle the harsh elements, find food, find clean water and shelter to keep dry. Max your loyal companion has many abilities that can help you in your journey, he can seek out animals to hunt, warn you of enemy presence, attack nearby enemies and even keep you warm during the cooler hours. I hope you enjoy! Please leave any feedback / bugs below and ill do my best to get to them! Changelog: 09/06/2016 - Added - Holster weapons Added - "Survivors" that roam the map and can be spoke to / convinced to join you Added - Dynamically spawned wreckages on roads / repairable vehicles Added - Attach chemlight to person Added - Lightning storms that during certain weather conditions decimate the map (they look really cool) 07/06/2016 - You can now pay civilians to fight for you, the currency is zombie teeth. They will join you and can be controlled with the standard arma AI controls. Adjusted starting equipment - No longer DLC items If the player has a radio on his person he can receive radio chatter from nearby enemies indicating their presence.
  10. No, these missions are multiplayer only, designed to run on hosted servers. (Sorry)
  11. gianni001

    Force Players to Lobby

    The event handler code is wrong - USE IT like this. _nul = addMissionEventHandler ["Ended", { _password = "somepasswordhere"; _password serverCommand "#restart"; }];
  12. gianni001

    Force Players to Lobby

    I have this same problem on a mission rotation im runnng : (
  13. Hi i worked on this mission with bek. Mission is using secotr controll. The mission successfully ends when the opposing teams tickets reach zero. The issue is the next mission in rotation ONLY starts when all players disconnect to the lobby. If one player does not disconnect to the lobby the next mission does not start.... do note the server.cfg mission rotation is working, its the above mentioned problem we cannot seem to get around End1 call bis_fnc_endmissionserver gives us the same result. All plauers must disconnect from the debfrief screen for the next mission to begin Server.cfg persitence is 0 Surely Arma does not wait for all plauers ti disconnect from the ended mission? What are we doing wrong.
  14. gianni001

    New Respawn Screen (dev branch)

    I'd love to see people able to easily put a limit on classes, for example only being able to have Two snipers alive at any one time. Possibly added to the class - class WEST1 { displayName = "Light"; // Name visible in the menu icon = "\A3\Ui_f\data\GUI\Cfg\Ranks\sergeant_gs.paa"; // Icon displayed next to the name role = "Test"; limit = 1; // Number, amount of players who can be this class at any one time // Loadout definition, uses same entries as CfgVehicles classes weapons[] = { "arifle_MXC_F", "Binocular" }; magazines[] = { "30Rnd_65x39_caseless_mag", "30Rnd_65x39_caseless_mag", "SmokeShell" }; items[] = { "FirstAidKit" }; linkedItems[] = { "V_Chestrig_khk", "H_Watchcap_blk", "optic_Aco", "acc_flashlight", "ItemMap", "ItemCompass", "ItemWatch", "ItemRadio" }; uniformClass = "U_B_CombatUniform_mcam_tshirt"; backpack = "B_AssaultPack_mcamo"; }; class WEST2 { // Alternative configuration pointing to a CfgVehicles class. Loadout will be copied from it. vehicle = "B_soldier_AR_F" };