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  1. Sarogahtyps Simple Loot Spawner - SSLS V-1.2 Spawns weapons, items and bags in buildings near to alive players maybe inside a trigger area or marker area. Deletes stuff if players are not close enough anymore. The script doesnt care about any trigger preferences except the trigger area. Soft delayed item spawning to prevent performance impact. Script reads your missions config files and should spawn loot of your mods (e.g. CUP weapons, Etc.) as well DOWNLOAD V-1.2 DOWNLOAD V-1.1 Usage: initServer.sqf fnc_spawn_loot = compileFinal preprocessFileLineNumbers "SSLSv1-1.sqf"; _d = [] call fnc_spawn_loot; you are able to stop the loot spawning script at any time by SSLS_script_switch_off = true; If you set up high spawn chances (see top of script) and have a high player count on your server then I recommend to make trigger or marker areas for spawning to get the needed performance. But if you do not encounter performance issues then spawning loot everywhere near players should be okay. Tweakable features (can be found on top of the script): //***** EDIT BELOW TO ADJUST MAIN BEHAVIOR // (L) means lower values are better for performance - (H) means the opposite SSLS_script_switch_off = false; //if you want to stop spawning loot then set this to true at any time in your mission _trigger_array = []; // contains the names of triggers/markers in which area loot should spawn. _spawn_chance = 100; // (L) The chance to spawn loot inside of a specific house. _launcher_chance = 30; // chance to spawn a launcher as weapon instead of rifle, pistol or machine gun _item_chance = 70; // chance to spawn an item instead of a weapon _bag_chance = 50; // chance to spawn a backpack instead of an item _max_magazines = 7; // the maximum number of magazines spawned for a gun _max_magazines_launcher = 3; // maximum number of ammo to spawn for rocket launchers _max_magazines_gl = 5; // maximum number of ammo to spawn for grenade launchers _house_distance = 25; // (L) houses with that distance to players will spawn loot _player_exclude_distance = 15; //if 2 players or more are closer together than this then only 1 player is considered _exclude_loot = []; //classnames of items which should never spawn (blacklist) _exclusive_loot = []; //add classnames here and nothing else will be spawned (whitelist) _use_bohemia_classes = true; // for spawning bohemia created stuff set this to true _use_mod_classes = true; //// for spawning stuff from loaded mods set this to true _debug = false; //information about number of places where items were spawned or deleted // if you have performance issues then consider introducing spawning areas (_trigger_array) before changing following values! _spawn_interval = 1.5; // (H) desired runtime for the main loop. time which is not needed will be used for soft spawning or a break. //***** EDIT ABOVE TO ADJUST MAIN BEHAVIOR details: Changelog 1.1 (download) -fixed a major bug which showed an error message during spawning -added feature to enable/disable Mod/Bohemia classes spawning -huge performance optimizations (shorter arrays, better smooth spawning and other stuff) Changelog 1.0 (download) -added script
  2. Hello, this is a simple script to make some (random) units of a side surrender in given area and range Does it work in Multiplayer? Yes, MultiPlayer and SinglePlayer. What does this script do? Makes some (random) units of a side surrender in given area and range How do I use this script? Place the script in a trigger by giving 3 parameters: - Position - Range - Side How do I call the script? From a trigger or a script: [getMarkerPos "markerName", 1000, east] execVM "surrender.sqf"; surrender.sqf //Uncomment the following if used as function params["_position","_distance","_side"]; //Uncomment the following if used as script _position = _this select 0; _distance = _this select 1; _side = _this select 2; _unitsToSurrender = [_position nearEntities ["Man", _distance], {side _x == _side}] call BIS_fnc_conditionalSelect; { if ((random 1) > 0.5) then { _x setCaptive true; _x action ["surrender", _x]; }; } forEach _unitsToSurrender;
  3. Hello everyone, I've created this 2 scripts/functions because I was bored to find (for an hour) and kill the last enemy in a sector to get control of it, even though I had a hundred allies in it. I recommend to use both scripts as functions and not scripts, because both can be called multiple times and having functions can be a lot more handy if you guys are scripting. Does it work in multiplayer? Yes, MultiPlayer and SinglePlayer. What does this script/function do? This script accepts 2 parameters: - Position (center position of the sector) - Range (Ellipse range in meters) It calculates (by counting infantry of each side inside the sector) which side is owning the given sector and returns it as text. How does it calculate the infantry inside? It calls a second script which is getUnitsCount. This script can be also called by itself if you need it somewhere else, it accepts 3 parameters: - Position - Range - Side → of which you want to get the units count inside the area. If AI vehicles are inside the area, crew will be calculated. getUnitsCount returns the sum of the units, therefore an integer value. Return values - "west" → If BLUFOR are owning the sector; - "east" → If OPFOR are owning the sector; - "independent" → If Independents are owning the sector; - "civilian" → If no-one is owning the sector, which means not a single west, east or independent unit is inside the area, therefore civilians own it or it's currently contended (same units for each side) How do I call the script? [_positionParameter, _rangeInMeters] execVM "getCurrentOwnership.sqf"; How do I use it in a trigger? Simply put a trigger with the following condition, obviously on the right hand side instead of west you can use civilian, independent or east if you'd like to check if the given side has ownership of the area. It can be also called from other script if you like to do so. Make sure the trigger is ServerOnly!!!!! ([_positionParameter, _rangeInMeters] execVM "getCurrentOwnership.sqf") == "west" ----------------- SCRIPTS ----------------- getUnitsCount.sqf //Uncomment following if using as function //params [ "_position", "_distance", "_side" ]; //Uncomment following if using as script _position = _this select 0; _distance = _this select 1; _side = _this select 3; _infantrycount = 0; _countedvehicles = 0; _vehiclecrewcount = 0; _infantrycount = _side countSide ( [ _position nearEntities [ "Man", _distance],{ !(captive _x) && ((getpos _x) select 2 < 100) }] call BIS_fnc_conditionalSelect ); _countedvehicles = [ ( _position nearEntities [ ["Car", "Tank", "Air"], _distance] ), { ((getpos _x) select 2 < 750) && count (crew _x) > 0 } ] call BIS_fnc_conditionalSelect; _vehiclecrewcount = 0; { _vehiclecrewcount = _vehiclecrewcount + (_side countSide (crew _x)) } foreach _countedvehicles; //Return value (_infantrycount + _vehiclecrewcount) getCurrentOwnership.sqf (updated 08 march 2023) //Uncomment following if using as function //params["_position","_range"]; //Uncomment following if using as script _position = _this select 0; _range = _this select 1; _westCount = [_position, _range, west] call OFF_fnc_getUnitsCount; _eastCount = [_position, _range, east] call OFF_fnc_getUnitsCount; _indeCount = [_position, _range, independent] call OFF_fnc_getUnitsCount; _result = 0; if (_westCount > _eastCount && _westCount > _indeCount) then { _result = "west"; }; if (_westCount > _eastCount && _westCount < _indeCount) then { _result = "independent"; }; if (_eastCount > _westCount && _eastCount > _indeCount) then { _result = "east"; }; if (_eastCount > _westCount && _eastCount < _indeCount) then { _result = "independent"; }; if (_indeCount > _westCount && _indeCount > _eastCount) then { _result = "independent"; }; if (_indeCount > _westCount && _indeCount < _eastCount) then { _result = "east"; }; _result;
  4. Dedicated Exile Server Setup Simplified Setting up an Exile server can seem daunting at first, I can assure it is not. I am providing this guide to help you set up a server quickly and efficiently. This guide is not meant to replace other guides out there or undermine other people’s contributions, this is just meant as an additional how to, simplified. Conclusion I hope you found my tutorial useful and you now have a working Exile server you can build upon with various mods and addons to make your server unique. If you found my guide useful stop by my websites and buy me a coffee. https://www.milsim.xyz/, http://www.cadexile.com/ Acknowledgments I would like to thank Bohemia Interactive for providing the platform to learn on and play on. Also I would like to thank the Exile Mod team for making the best mod for Arma III, lastly I would like to thank the Exile and Arma community for bringing us together as friends.
  5. Hey guys! This is a simple script to turn a unit into a suicide bomber which waits for a nearby player and then follows and explodes. Have fun with it. In those spoiler below u can see how to use this script with COS - Civilian Occupation System /* SSSB - Sarogahtyps Simple Suicide Bomber Description: Function can be called wherever u want even in init line. It waits for player who is in range and follows him until reached and then BOOOOM! The bomber is walking if player can see the bomber. If there is no line of sight to player then the bomber will run. Works even if the bomber is driving a vehicle. If player is out of range before bomber can reach him then the bomber will just wait for the next player in range. You can pass a chance to get a bomber to the function. This is useful for implementing the script into COS - Civilian Occupation System. You can apply the script to all civilians and if u pass e.g. 1 % as chance then only every 100th civ will become a bomber and wait for near players. Enjoy the boom. :-) Cheers Saro. Paramameters: object - the object of your unit which should become a bomber number (optional) - range to seek for players (default is 300 m) number (optional) - chance to turn the unit into a bomber. (default is 100 %) Return values: number - handle of spawned script if someone likes to check if bombers script has ended (scriptDone) will return -1 if script ends without spawning code (in case no civ was turned into bomber) */ params [["_civ", objNull,[objNull]], ["_act_range", 300, [0]], ["_chance", 100, [0]]]; if ((random 100 > _chance) || !(alive _civ)) exitWith {-1}; _handle = [_civ, _act_range] spawn { params ["_bomber", "_act_range"]; private _melee_dist = 15; private _boom_dist = 5; private _dist_target = _act_range; private _lost_range = round (_act_range * 1.2); private _act_range_sqr = _act_range ^ 2; private _melee_dist_sqr = _melee_dist ^ 2; private _boom_dist_sqr = _boom_dist ^ 2; private _dist_target_sqr = _act_range ^ 2; private _lost_range_sqr = _lost_range ^ 2; private _grp_bomber = group _bomber; private _is_vec = if (isNull objectParent _bomber) then {false} else {true}; private _target_players = []; private _wp =[]; while {(alive _bomber) && (_dist_target_sqr > _boom_dist_sqr)} do { // wait until players are in range waitUntil { sleep (2 + random 1); _target_players = (allPlayers - entities "HeadlessClient_F") select {(alive _x) && ((_x distanceSqr _bomber) < _act_range_sqr)}; ((count _target_players > 0) || !(alive _bomber)) }; // end everything if suicide bomber is already dead if !(alive _bomber) exitWith {}; // follow nearest player as long as bomber lives, target is in range and target is not close enough to boom while {alive _bomber && (_dist_target_sqr < _lost_range_sqr) && (_dist_target_sqr > _boom_dist_sqr)} do { _target_players = (allPlayers - entities "HeadlessClient_F") select {(alive _x) && ((_x distanceSqr _bomber) < _act_range_sqr)}; // get nearest player _target_players = _target_players apply {[(_x distanceSqr _bomber), _x]}; _target_players sort true; _target_plyr = _target_players select 0 select 1; // check distance and visibility _dist_target_sqr = if(count _target_players > 0) then {_target_players select 0 select 0} else {_lost_range_sqr}; _can_see = [_target_plyr, "VIEW", _bomber] checkVisibility [(eyePos _target_plyr), (eyePos _bomber)]; // add waypoint and set bombers behavior if (count _wp > 0) then {_grp_bomber setCurrentWaypoint _wp;} else {_wp = _grp_bomber addWaypoint [position _target_plyr, 0];}; _wp setWaypointPosition [position _target_plyr, 0]; _wp setWaypointBehaviour "CARELESS"; _wp setWaypointCombatMode "BLUE"; _wp setWaypointCompletionRadius 0; _grp_bomber setBehaviour "CARELESS"; _grp_bomber setCombatMode "BLUE"; //run if close enough or if target cant see bomber if ( (_can_see < 0.3) || ((_dist_target_sqr < _melee_dist_sqr) && !_is_vec) || ((_dist_target_sqr < (2 * _melee_dist_sqr)) && _is_vec) ) then { _wp setWaypointSpeed "FULL"; } else { _wp setWaypointSpeed "LIMITED"; }; sleep (0.5 + random 0.5); }; // end follow while _wp = []; }; // main while end if (_is_vec) then { _boom = createVehicle ["Bo_GBU12_LGB", getPos _bomber, [], 0, "CAN_COLLIDE"]; } else { _boom = createVehicle ["R_60mm_HE", getPos _bomber, [], 0, "CAN_COLLIDE"]; }; deleteVehicle _bomber; }; //spawn end _handle Init Line usage: COS - Integration: Changelog SSSB 1.0 -changed from distance to distanceSqr for performance reasons -fixed bug with targets distance (variable not defined) -changed return value from true to script handle to make scriptDone check available SSSB 0.9 (initial version) -just created it because of so much requests for something like this seen in forum version with sound integration:
  6. What does this script do? This script spawns random reinforcements (group from 4 to 10 men) of the desired faction at the given position, and they will automatically redirect to players position (at the moment of script call, as Last Known Position). Does it work in multiplayer? Yes, it works in MultiPlayer and SinglePlayer Parameters _faction → String → Faction (see below) _sideReinforcements → Side → Side of reinforcements of which can be → west, east, independent _spawnPosition → Position → Center position of where you want to spawn reinforcements _rangeOfSpawn → int → Range of spawn from spawnPosition (if you like to narrow spawn just set this as 1) _addVehicle → Bool → Add a support vehicle Do you think side can be redundant? Maybe, but faction has been added secondly as I didn't want plain CSAT reinforcements when I'm playing on Livonia with Specnaz units, you know? I know not all RHS units have been added, I probably will, no guarantee. If you do script, you can.. Just look at the code, it's easy. Supported Factions SUPPORTED VANILLA FACTIONS: BLU_F NATO (standard) OPF_F CSAT (standard) IND_F AAF (standard) BLU_T_F NATO (Apex, pacific) OPF_T_F CSAT (Apex, pacific) IND_C_F Syndikat (Apex) BLU_W_F NATO Woodland (Contact) OPF_R_F Specnaz (Contact) IND_E_F LDF (Contact) SUPPORTED MODS FACTIONS: rhs_faction_usarmy_d RHS USAF (USA Army D OCP) rhs_faction_usarmy_wd RHS USAF (USA Army D UCP) rhs_faction_usmc_d RHS USAF (USA Army D MARPAT) rhs_faction_usmc_wd RHS USAF (USA Army WD MARPAT) rhs_faction_msv RHS AFRF (Russia MSV EMR) rhs_faction_vdv RHS AFRF (Russia VDV DES) rhssaf_faction_army RHS SAF (KOV Digital) Tban EricJ Taliban Units Edit: Added Syndikat faction IND_C_F (26/02/2022) How do I call the script? Let's say I am a BLUFOR player and I call for reinforcements, just put the following line in a activation trigger line: ["BLU_F", west, getMarkerPos "spawnMarkerPoint", 1, true] execVM "reinforcements.sqf"; Let's say RHS AFRF (Russians) enemy called reinforcements instead, those reinforcement will proceed to my position to engage: ["rhs_faction_msv", east, getMarkerPos "russianReinforcementsSpawnMarker", 1, false] execVM "reinforcements.sqf"; reinforcements.sqf //Uncomment following if used as function //params["_faction","_sideReinforcements","_spawnPosition", "_rangeOfSpawn","_addVehicle"]; //Uncomment following if used as script _faction = _this select 0; _sideReinforcements = _this select 1; _spawnPosition = _this select 2; _rangeOfSpawn = _this select 3; _addVehicle = _this select 4; _unitsArray = []; _vehicleArray = []; _unitsArrayToSpawn = []; _counter = 0; //Parsing factions switch (_faction) do { //Vanilla case "BLU_F": //NATO (standard) { _unitsArray = [ "B_Soldier_SL_F", "B_Medic_F", "B_Soldier_GL_F", "B_Soldier_F", "B_HeavyGunner_F", "B_Soldier_LAT_F", "B_Soldier_M_F", "B_Soldier_AR_F", "B_Soldier_LAT2_F", "B_Soldier_UAV_F" ]; _vehicleArray = [ "B_MRAP_01_hmg_F" ]; }; case "OPF_F": //CSAT (standard) { _unitsArray = [ "O_Soldier_SL_F", "O_Medic_F", "O_Soldier_HAT_F", "O_Soldier_GL_F", "O_Soldier_F", "O_HeavyGunner_F", "O_Soldier_F", "O_Soldier_M_F", "O_Soldier_AR_F", "O_Soldier_UAV_F" ]; _vehicleArray = [ "O_MRAP_02_hmg_F" ]; }; case "IND_F": //AAF units { _unitsArray = [ "I_Soldier_SL_F", "I_Medic_F", "I_Soldier_GL_F", "I_Soldier_F", "I_Soldier_AR_F", "I_Soldier_F", "I_Soldier_AT_F", "I_Soldier_AA_F", "I_Soldier_M_F", "I_Soldier_UAV_F" ]; _vehicleArray = [ "I_MRAP_03_hmg_F" ]; }; case "IND_C_F": //Syndikat units { _unitsArray = [ "I_C_Soldier_Para_1_F", "I_C_Soldier_Para_2_F", "I_C_Soldier_Bandit_7_F", "I_C_Soldier_Bandit_1_F", "I_C_Soldier_Para_5_F", "I_C_Soldier_Bandit_6_F", "I_C_Soldier_Bandit_5_F", "I_C_Soldier_Bandit_4_F", "I_C_Soldier_Para_6_F", "I_C_Soldier_Para_3_F" ]; _vehicleArray = [ "I_C_Offroad_02_AT_F" ]; }; case "OPF_T_F": //Chinese CSAT (Apex) { _unitsArray = [ "O_T_Soldier_SL_F", "O_T_Medic_F", "O_T_Soldier_HAT_F", "O_T_Soldier_GL_F", "O_T_Soldier_F", "O_T_HeavyGunner_F", "O_T_Soldier_F", "O_T_Soldier_M_F", "O_T_Soldier_AR_F", "O_T_Soldier_UAV_F" ]; _vehicleArray = [ "O_T_MRAP_02_hmg_ghex_F" ]; }; case "BLU_T_F": //NATO Pacific (Apex) { _unitsArray = [ "B_T_Soldier_SL_F", "B_T_Medic_F", "B_T_Soldier_GL_F", "B_T_Soldier_F", "B_T_HeavyGunner_F", "B_T_Soldier_LAT_F", "B_T_Soldier_M_F", "B_T_Soldier_AR_F", "B_T_Soldier_LAT2_F", "B_T_Soldier_UAV_F" ]; _vehicleArray = [ "B_T_MRAP_01_hmg_F" ]; }; case "BLU_W_F": //NATO (Contact) { _unitsArray = [ "B_W_Soldier_SL_F", "B_W_Medic_F", "B_W_Soldier_GL_F", "B_W_Soldier_F", "B_W_HeavyGunner_F", "B_W_Soldier_LAT_F", "B_W_Soldier_M_F", "B_W_Soldier_AR_F", "B_W_Soldier_LAT2_F", "B_W_Soldier_UAV_F" ]; _vehicleArray = [ "B_T_MRAP_01_hmg_F" ]; }; case "OPF_R_F": //Specnaz (Contact) { _unitsArray = [ "O_R_Soldier_SL_F", "O_R_Medic_F", "O_R_Soldier_LAT_F", "O_R_Soldier_GL_F", "O_R_JTAC_F", "O_R_JTAC_F", "O_R_JTAC_F", "O_R_Soldier_M_F", "O_R_Soldier_AR_F", "O_R_JTAC_F" ]; _vehicleArray = [ "O_T_LSV_02_armed_F" ]; }; case "INF_E_F": //LDF (Contact) { _unitsArray = [ "I_E_Soldier_TL_F", "I_E_Medic_F", "I_E_Soldier_GL_F", "I_E_Soldier_F", "I_E_Soldier_AR_F", "I_E_Soldier_F", "I_E_Soldier_AT_F", "I_E_Soldier_AA_F", "I_E_Soldier_M_F", "I_E_Soldier_UAV_F" ]; _vehicleArray = [ "I_E_Offroad_01_covered_F" ]; }; case "rhs_faction_usarmy_d": //RHS USAF (USA Army D OCP) { _unitsArray = [ "rhsusf_army_ocp_squadleader", "rhsusf_army_ocp_medic", "rhsusf_army_ocp_grenadier", "rhsusf_army_ocp_rifleman", "rhsusf_army_ocp_autorifleman", "rhsusf_army_ocp_rifleman", "rhsusf_army_ocp_javelin", "rhsusf_army_ocp_marksman", "rhsusf_army_ocp_aa", "rhsusf_army_ocp_uav" ]; _vehicleArray = [ "rhsusf_m1025_d_m2" ]; }; case "rhs_faction_usarmy_wd": //RHS USAF (USA Army W UCP) { _unitsArray = [ "rhsusf_army_ucp_squadleader", "rhsusf_army_ucp_medic", "rhsusf_army_ucp_grenadier", "rhsusf_army_ucp_rifleman", "rhsusf_army_ucp_autorifleman", "rhsusf_army_ucp_rifleman", "rhsusf_army_ucp_javelin", "rhsusf_army_ucp_marksman", "rhsusf_army_ucp_aa", "rhsusf_army_ucp_uav" ]; _vehicleArray = [ "rhsusf_m1025_w_m2" ]; }; case "rhs_faction_usmc_d": //RHS USAF (USMC D) { _unitsArray = [ "rhsusf_usmc_marpat_d_squadleader", "rhsusf_navy_sarc_d_fast", "rhsusf_usmc_marpat_d_grenadier", "rhsusf_usmc_marpat_d_rifleman", "rhsusf_usmc_marpat_d_autorifleman", "rhsusf_usmc_marpat_d_rifleman", "rhsusf_usmc_marpat_d_javelin", "rhsusf_usmc_marpat_d_marksman", "rhsusf_usmc_marpat_d_stinger", "rhsusf_usmc_marpat_d_uav" ]; _vehicleArray = [ "rhsusf_m1025_d_s_m2" ]; }; case "rhs_faction_usmc_wd": //RHS USAF (USMC WD MARPAT) { _unitsArray = [ "rhsusf_usmc_marpat_wd_squadleader", "rhsusf_navy_sarc_wd_fast", "rhsusf_usmc_marpat_wd_grenadier", "rhsusf_usmc_marpat_wd_rifleman", "rhsusf_usmc_marpat_wd_autorifleman", "rhsusf_usmc_marpat_wd_rifleman", "rhsusf_usmc_marpat_wd_javelin", "rhsusf_usmc_marpat_wd_marksman", "rhsusf_usmc_marpat_wd_stinger", "rhsusf_usmc_marpat_wd_uav" ]; _vehicleArray = [ "rhsusf_m1025_w_s_m2" ]; }; case "rhs_faction_msv": { _unitsArray = [ "rhs_msv_emr_sergeant", "rhs_msv_emr_medic", "rhs_msv_emr_grenadier_rpg", "rhs_msv_emr_rifleman", "rhs_msv_emr_arifleman_rpk", "rhs_msv_emr_rifleman", "rhs_msv_emr_rifleman", "rhs_msv_emr_aa", "rhs_msv_emr_LAT", "rhs_msv_emr_marksman" ]; _vehicleArray = [ "rhs_tigr_sts_msv" ]; }; case "rhs_faction_vdv": { _unitsArray = [ "rhs_vdv_des_sergeant", "rhs_vdv_des_medic", "rhs_vdv_des_grenadier_rpg", "rhs_vdv_des_rifleman", "rhs_vdv_des_arifleman_rpk", "rhs_vdv_des_rifleman", "rhs_vdv_des_rifleman", "rhs_vdv_des_LAT", "rhs_vdv_des_aa", "rhs_vdv_des_marksman" ]; _vehicleArray = [ "rhs_tigr_sts_3camo_msv" ]; }; case "Tban": { _unitsArray = [ "TBan_Fighter6", "TBan_Fighter5", "TBan_Fighter4", "TBan_Fighter3NH", "TBan_Fighter2NH", "TBan_Fighter1NH", "TBan_Fighter3", "TBan_Fighter2", "TBan_Fighter1" ]; _vehicleArray = [ "Tban_O_Offroad_01_F" ]; }; case "rhssaf_faction_army": { _unitsArray = [ "rhssaf_army_m10_digital_sq_Lead", "rhssaf_army_m10_digital_medic", "rhssaf_army_m10_digital_gl", "rhssaf_army_m10_digital_rifleman_m70", "rhssaf_army_m10_digital_mgun_m84", "rhssaf_army_m10_digital_rifleman_m70", "rhssaf_army_m10_digital_rifleman_m70", "rhssaf_army_m10_digital_spec_aa", "rhssaf_army_m10_digital_spec_at", "rhssaf_army_m10_digital_sniper_m76" ]; _vehicleArray = [ "rhssaf_m1151_olive_pkm" ]; }; }; _groupSize = [4,10] call BIS_fnc_randomInt; _unitsArray resize _groupSize; //Random position around given position _randomSpawnPosition = [_spawnPosition, random _rangeOfSpawn, random 360] call BIS_fnc_relPos; //Spawning group _spawnedGroup = [_randomSpawnPosition, _sideReinforcements, _unitsArray] call BIS_fnc_spawnGroup; _waypoint = _spawnedGroup addWaypoint [position (allPlayers select 0), 0]; _waypoint setWaypointBehaviour "AWARE"; _waypoint setWaypointCombatMode "RED"; _waypoint setWaypointSpeed "FULL"; _waypoint setWaypointType "MOVE"; _waypoint setWaypointStatements ["true",""]; _spawnedGroup setCurrentWaypoint [_spawnedGroup, 0]; //Spawning vehicle if (_addVehicle) then { _vehGroup = [_randomSpawnPosition, _sideReinforcements, _vehicleArray] call BIS_fnc_spawnGroup; _wp = _vehGroup addWaypoint [position (allPlayers select 0), 0]; _wp setWaypointBehaviour "AWARE"; _wp setWaypointCombatMode "RED"; _wp setWaypointSpeed "FULL"; _wp setWaypointType "MOVE"; _wp setWaypointStatements ["true",""]; _vehGroup setCurrentWaypoint [_vehGroup, 0]; };
  7. Does it work in multiplayer? Yes, MultiPlayer and SinglePlayer. What does this script/function do? This script requests a standard vehicle (unarmed) airdrop for moving purposes on player position. If there is enough space on the airdrop plane, it parachutes 2 vehicles. Supported factions and vehicles BLUFOR NATO (Blackfish NATO Apex Expansion, this place can only fit 1 Hunter or 2 Prowlers as unarmed vehicles) BLU_F BLU_T_F BLU_W_F → 1 Hunter or 2 Prowlers (random) BLUFOR RHS FACTIONS (cargo comes in a C-130 of RHS USAF mod) rhs_faction_usarmy_d rhs_faction_usmc_d rhs_faction_usarmy_wd rhs_faction_usmc_wd → 2 Unarmed Humvee INDEPENDENT (Blackfish NATO Apex Expansion) IND_F IND_E_F → 1 Strider OPFOR CSAT (Y-32 Xi'an Apex Expansion, this plane it only fits one vehicle) OPF_F OPF_T_F OPF_R_F → 1 Qilin (unarmed) OPFOR RHS FACTIONS (cargo comes in a Blackfish NATO Apex Expansion as there is no RHS AFRF plane for cargo (Y-32 Xi'an did not fit GAZ vehicle)) rhs_faction_msv rhs_faction_vdv → 1 GAZ (unarmed, green) How do I call the script? [player] execVM "vehicleDrop.sqf"; vehicleDrop.sqf //Uncomment following if used as function //_unit = param[0]; //Uncomment following if used as script _unit = _this select 0; _unitPos = position _unit; _randomTransportPos = [[_unitPos select 0, _unitPos select 1, 800], 3000, random 360] call BIS_fnc_relPos; _sideUnit = side _unit; _factionUnit = faction _unit; _vehicleType = 0; _transportType = "B_T_VTOL_01_vehicle_F"; switch(_factionUnit) do { //Vanilla units case "BLU_F": { _vehicleType = ["B_MRAP_01_F","B_LSV_01_unarmed_F"] call BIS_fnc_selectRandom; }; case "BLU_T_F"; case "BLU_W_F": { _vehicleType = ["B_T_MRAP_01_F","B_T_LSV_01_unarmed_F"] call BIS_fnc_selectRandom; }; case "OPF_F": { _vehicleType = "O_LSV_02_unarmed_F"; _transportType = "O_T_VTOL_02_vehicle_dynamicLoadout_F"; }; case "OPF_T_F"; case "OPF_R_F": { _vehicleType = "O_T_LSV_02_unarmed_F"; _transportType = "O_T_VTOL_02_vehicle_dynamicLoadout_F"; }; case "IND_F ": { _vehicleType = "I_MRAP_03_F"; }; case "IND_E_F": { _vehicleType = "I_E_Van_02_vehicle_F"; }; //RHS units case "rhs_faction_usarmy_d"; case "rhs_faction_usmc_d": { _vehicleType = "rhsusf_m1043_d"; _transportType = "RHS_C130J_Cargo"; }; case "rhs_faction_usarmy_wd"; case "rhs_faction_usmc_wd": { _vehicleType = "rhsusf_m1043_w"; _transportType = "RHS_C130J_Cargo"; }; case "rhs_faction_msv"; case "rhs_faction_vdv": { _vehicleType = "rhs_tigr_msv"; }; }; //Creating transport for cargo drop _transportArray = [_randomTransportPos, random 360, _transportType, _sideUnit] call BIS_fnc_spawnVehicle; _transportVeh = _transportArray select 0; _transportGrp = _transportArray select 2; //Support call _unit sideChat format["Crossroad this is %1 requesting vehicle drop at grid %2. Over.", name _unit, mapGridPosition _unitPos]; sleep 5; [_sideUnit, "HQ"] sideChat format["Solid copy %1, Buzzard it's 1 click out. ETA 1 minute.", name _unit]; //Spawning cargo and loading _cargoVehicle = _vehicleType createVehicle [0,0,1000]; _transportVeh setVehicleCargo _cargoVehicle; _cargoVehicle2 = _vehicleType createVehicle [20,20,1000]; if ((_transportVeh canVehicleCargo _cargoVehicle2) select 1) then { _transportVeh setVehicleCargo _cargoVehicle2; } else { deleteVehicle _cargoVehicle2; }; //Setting waypoints _waypoint = _transportGrp addWaypoint [_unitPos, 0]; _waypoint setWaypointBehaviour "CARELESS"; _waypoint setWaypointCombatMode "NOCHANGE"; _waypoint setWaypointSpeed "FULL"; _waypoint setWaypointType "MOVE"; _waypoint setWaypointStatements ["_transportVeh flyInHeight 200",""]; //Go to drop zone _transportGrp setCurrentWaypoint [_transportGrp, 0]; waitUntil { (_transportVeh distance _unitPos) < 200 }; //Drop cargo _transportVeh sideChat "Buzzard is making the drop. Code is purple, Good luck guys."; _transportVeh setVehicleCargo objNull; _transportVeh setVehicleCargo objNull; //Go away _waypoint2 = _transportGrp addWaypoint [[0,0,1000], 1]; _waypoint2 setWaypointBehaviour "CARELESS"; _waypoint2 setWaypointCombatMode "NOCHANGE"; _waypoint2 setWaypointSpeed "FULL"; _waypoint2 setWaypointType "MOVE"; _waypoint2 setWaypointStatements ["true",""]; _transportGrp setCurrentWaypoint [_transportGrp, 1]; waitUntil { (getPosATL _cargoVehicle) select 2 < 10 }; Signal = "SmokeShellPurple" createVehicle position _cargoVehicle; Signal = "SmokeShellPurple" createVehicle position _cargoVehicle2; sleep 30; //Cleanup {deleteVehicle _x} forEach (crew _transportVeh) + [_transportVeh];
  8. Hello, there are many ways to create an IED script but many things involve public or external variables, triggers and many stuff that makes it complex. This is a simple script that you also can use as function for multiple objects and triggers the IED automatically with just one script line inside the object you'd like to blow up. Does this work in multiplayer? Yes, it works in MultiPlayer and SinglePlayer How does this script work? As soon as AI or a player walks near it, it just explodes, leaving scripted debriefs and craters based on explosion intensity. Parameters It accept 3 parameters: - currentObject → it is the object in the editor that you trigger to explode; - iedIntensity → It used 3 level of intensity (how big is the blast), obviously you can put 1, 2 or 3. - isCar → boolean value (true, false) if is a car, if true keeps wreck of the vehicle. How do I call the script? Just open the object you'd like to have an IED and put the following line: [this, 1, true] execVM "iedBlast.sqf"; iedBlast.sqf //Uncomment following if used as function //params["_currentObject","_iedIntensity","_isCar"]; //Uncomment following if used as script _currentObject = _this select 0; _iedIntensity = _this select 1; _isCar = _this select 2; _positionCrater = getPosATL(_currentObject); _debriesCount = 0; _exploded = false; while { !_exploded } do { //Check if players are around { if((_x distance _currentObject) < 5) then { _exploded = true; }; } forEach allUnits; if(_exploded) then { switch(_iedIntensity) do { case 1: { _bombType = "M_Titan_AT" createVehicle (getPos _currentObject); soilCrater = "Land_ShellCrater_01_F" createVehicle ([0,0,0]); _debriesCount = 3; }; case 2: { _bombType = "Bo_Mk82" createVehicle (getPos _currentObject); soilCrater = "Land_ShellCrater_02_small_F" createVehicle ([0,0,0]); _debriesCount = 10; }; case 3: { _bombType = "IEDLandBig_Remote_Ammo" createVehicle (getPos _currentObject); soilCrater = "Land_ShellCrater_02_large_F" createVehicle ([0,0,0]); _debriesCount = 15; }; }; soilCrater setPos _positionCrater; //---Keep Car Wreck--- if(!_isCar) then { deletevehicle _currentObject; } else { _currentObject setDammage 1; }; //---Spawning debries--- //Land_ShellCrater_02_debris_F for "_i" from 1 to _debriesCount do { _distance = [2, _debriesCount] call BIS_fnc_randomInt; _direction = [0,359] call BIS_fnc_randomInt; _randomPos = [_positionCrater, _distance, _direction] call BIS_fnc_relPos; "Land_ShellCrater_02_debris_F" createVehicle _randomPos; }; }; };
  9. What is this mod? This mod was created to satisfy our need of any sort of progression in our COOP group. The mod is inspired by the RPG-like passive skill system in Escape From Tarkov, although much simpler. We wanted to create a progression system that would give players something to work towards, independent of the mission, a system to reward playtime and gameplay. This mod is primarily intended for units and groups that play coop missions. This mod is not intended for public PvP gamemodes. Although it will work, abusing the system can be easy so it is not recommended. DOWNLOAD LINK How does it work? This mod is client-side (for now). It works by tracking player's actions trough events, and saving their progress. IMPORTANT Note: Effects of progression are applied in real time, but for performance reasons, they're only saved upon death or when the Progression menu is opened. The Player will always have an action in their action menu called "Progression menu" which will open the menu that shows all of your progression. In this menu you can see the progress of your passive skills, as well as acquire rank promotions and combat traits. Combat traits are a part of vanilla Arma, but they're normally linked to the selected character that you're playing (I.e. Combat Life Saver has the "Medic" trait). Our system tracks all score gained by the player. The score is used as a currency when you're acquiring combat traits or a rank promotion. Acquiring a combat trait while you already have one or more, will heavily increase it's price. Higher ranked players get discounts on combat traits. Here's a table of costs for rank promotions: Passive skills Our passive skills are Recoil control, Sway control and Strength. Recoil control is a self explanatory skill. It is leveled over a long period of time by firing any handheld weapons. Sway control is your character's ability to keep the gun steady while aiming. It is normally leveled by performing certain actions such as resting or deploying your weapon. Like recoil control, this skill is also leveled over a very long period of time. Strength affects your character's ability to carry heavy gear, and it's impact on stamina. Higher level strength will allow you to carry more gear without decreasing your stamina as much. Passive leveling of this skill is super slow, much slower than the other two skills. The best way to level strength is by having a workout. You can do this trough the Progression menu.
  10. Hello there, I am facing some challenges to implement the findEmptyPosition and avoid collision among vehicles those spawn in the same spot. Some help to fix it will be very much appreciated. Here below is my code working pretty fine, except for the collisions in some rounds. If you prefer, here is for download: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1NIdU2pLEjl41M3Vlc0dVANRvuK3PFCqd/view?usp=sharing // SIDE SPAWNS // Spawnpoints for each faction. Only the specific faction can spawn. _bluAllSpawns = ["bluSpawn01","bluSpawn02","bluSpawn03","bluSpawn04","bluSpawn05","bluSpawn06"]; _opAllSpawns = ["opSpawn01","opSpawn02","opSpawn03","opSpawn04","opSpawn05","opSpawn06"]; _indAllSpawns = ["indSpawn01","indSpawn02","indSpawn03","indSpawn04","indSpawn05","indSpawn06"]; // ................................................................................................................................................ // SHARED DESTINY // Waypoints where any faction can go. _goToSharedDestiny = ["destinoComum01","destinoComum02","destinoComum03","destinoComum04"]; // SIDE DESTINY // Waypoints where only the specific faction can go. _goToDestinyBlu = ["destinoBlu01","destinoBlu02"]; _goToDestinyOp = ["destinoOp01","destinoOp02"]; _goToDestinyInd = ["destinoInd01","destinoInd02"]; // ANY DESTINY // Use _goToAnywhere for the group to consider going to both shared destinations and those of all factions. _goToAnywhere = _goToSharedDestiny + _goToDestinyBlu + _goToDestinyOp + _goToDestinyInd; // ................................................................................................................................................ // BLUFOR GROUPS // Number of soldiers and type of faction squads. _bluSquadLight = ["B_Soldier_TL_F", "B_soldier_AR_F"]; _bluSquadRegular = ["B_Soldier_TL_F", "B_soldier_AR_F", "B_soldier_AR_F", "B_soldier_AR_F"]; _bluSquadHeavy = ["B_Soldier_TL_F", "B_soldier_AR_F", "B_soldier_AR_F", "B_soldier_AR_F", "B_soldier_AR_F", "B_soldier_AR_F"]; _bluVehLight = ["B_Quadbike_01_F"]; _bluVehRegular = ["B_MRAP_01_hmg_F"]; _bluVehHeavy = ["B_MBT_01_cannon_F"]; // OPFOR GROUPS // Number of soldiers and type of faction squads. _opSquadLight = ["O_Soldier_TL_F", "O_soldier_AR_F"]; _opSquadRegular = ["O_Soldier_TL_F", "O_soldier_AR_F", "O_soldier_AR_F", "O_soldier_AR_F"]; _opSquadHeavy = ["O_Soldier_TL_F", "O_soldier_AR_F", "O_soldier_AR_F", "O_soldier_AR_F", "O_soldier_AR_F", "O_soldier_AR_F"]; _opVehLight = ["O_Quadbike_01_F"]; _opVehRegular = ["O_MRAP_02_hmg_F"]; _opVehHeavy = ["O_MBT_02_cannon_F"]; // INDEPENDENT GROUPS // Number of soldiers and type of faction squads. _indSquadLight = ["I_Soldier_TL_F", "I_Soldier_AR_F"]; _indSquadRegular = ["I_Soldier_TL_F", "I_Soldier_AR_F", "I_Soldier_AR_F", "I_Soldier_AR_F"]; _indSquadHeavy = ["I_Soldier_TL_F", "I_Soldier_AR_F", "I_Soldier_AR_F", "I_Soldier_AR_F", "I_Soldier_AR_F", "I_Soldier_AR_F"]; _indVehLight = ["I_Quadbike_01_F"]; _indVehRegular = ["I_MRAP_03_hmg_F"]; _indVehHeavy = ["I_MBT_03_cannon_F"]; // ................................................................................................................................................ // BLUFOR STRATEGY // All faction groups and destinations. _bluGroup01 = [getmarkerpos (selectRandom _bluAllSpawns), BLUFOR, _bluSquadLight,[],[],[],[],[],180] call BIS_fnc_spawnGroup; _bluGroup01 addWaypoint [getmarkerpos (selectRandom _goToSharedDestiny), 0]; _bluGroup02 = [getmarkerpos (selectRandom _bluAllSpawns), BLUFOR, _bluSquadLight,[],[],[],[],[],180] call BIS_fnc_spawnGroup; _bluGroup02 addWaypoint [getmarkerpos (selectRandom _goToDestinyBlu), 0]; _bluGroup03 = [getmarkerpos (selectRandom _bluAllSpawns), BLUFOR, _bluSquadRegular,[],[],[],[],[],180] call BIS_fnc_spawnGroup; _bluGroup03 addWaypoint [getmarkerpos (selectRandom _goToSharedDestiny), 0]; _bluGroup03 addWaypoint [getmarkerpos (selectRandom _goToDestinyBlu), 1]; _bluGroup04 = [getmarkerpos (selectRandom _bluAllSpawns), BLUFOR, _bluSquadHeavy,[],[],[],[],[],180] call BIS_fnc_spawnGroup; _bluGroup04 addWaypoint [getmarkerpos (selectRandom _goToAnywhere), 0]; _bluGroup04 addWaypoint [getmarkerpos (selectRandom _goToAnywhere), 1]; _bluGroup05 = [getmarkerpos (selectRandom _bluAllSpawns), BLUFOR, _bluVehHeavy,[],[],[],[],[],180] call BIS_fnc_spawnGroup; //This one will hold position (no waypoint). _bluGroup06 = [getmarkerpos (selectRandom _bluAllSpawns), BLUFOR, _bluVehHeavy,[],[],[],[],[],180] call BIS_fnc_spawnGroup; _bluGroup06 addWaypoint [getmarkerpos (selectRandom _goToDestinyBlu), 0]; // ................................................................................................................................................ // OPFOR STRATEGY // All faction groups and destinations. _opGroup01 = [getmarkerpos (selectRandom _opAllSpawns), OPFOR, _opSquadLight,[],[],[],[],[],180] call BIS_fnc_spawnGroup; _opGroup01 addWaypoint [getmarkerpos (selectRandom _goToSharedDestiny), 0]; _opGroup02 = [getmarkerpos (selectRandom _opAllSpawns), OPFOR, _opSquadRegular,[],[],[],[],[],180] call BIS_fnc_spawnGroup; _opGroup02 addWaypoint [getmarkerpos (selectRandom _goToSharedDestiny), 0]; _opGroup02 addWaypoint [getmarkerpos (selectRandom _goToDestinyOp), 1]; _opGroup03 = [getmarkerpos (selectRandom _opAllSpawns), OPFOR, _opSquadHeavy,[],[],[],[],[],180] call BIS_fnc_spawnGroup; _opGroup03 addWaypoint [getmarkerpos (selectRandom _goToDestinyOp), 0]; // ................................................................................................................................................ // INDEPENDENT STRATEGY // All faction groups and destinations. _indGroup01 = [getmarkerpos (selectRandom _indAllSpawns), INDEPENDENT, _indSquadLight,[],[],[],[],[],180] call BIS_fnc_spawnGroup; _indGroup01 addWaypoint [getmarkerpos (selectRandom _goToSharedDestiny), 0]; _indGroup02 = [getmarkerpos (selectRandom _indAllSpawns), INDEPENDENT, _indSquadRegular,[],[],[],[],[],180] call BIS_fnc_spawnGroup; _indGroup02 addWaypoint [getmarkerpos (selectRandom _goToSharedDestiny), 0]; _indGroup02 addWaypoint [getmarkerpos (selectRandom _goToDestinyInd), 1]; _indGroup02 addWaypoint [getmarkerpos (selectRandom _goToDestinyInd), 2]; _indGroup02 addWaypoint [getmarkerpos (selectRandom _goToSharedDestiny), 3]; _indGroup03 = [getmarkerpos (selectRandom _indAllSpawns), INDEPENDENT, _indSquadHeavy,[],[],[],[],[],180] call BIS_fnc_spawnGroup; _indGroup03 addWaypoint [getmarkerpos (selectRandom _goToDestinyInd), 0]; _indGroup04 = [getmarkerpos (selectRandom _indAllSpawns), INDEPENDENT, _indVehHeavy,[],[],[],[],[],180] call BIS_fnc_spawnGroup; _indGroup04 addWaypoint [getmarkerpos (selectRandom _goToDestinyInd), 0];
  11. WarfareThai System Mod is a mod which aimed to turn ArmA 3 into a Semi-Arcade Shooter game and make the game easier for new players. Also, this mod can provide players to play a little aggressive toward AIs. WarfareThai System Mod IS NOT compatible with WarfareThai EX Mod. https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2654384601 Recommend to play on WarfareThai Veteran difficulty (a custom difficulty preset from this mod). Features: - Arcade-ish body armor system which can absorb many hits before it breaks and will refill overtime until full. This feature only available for BI Revive and VN Revive. - Unconscious player can do self-gaining consciousness (self-revive) if Medikit type items or First Aid Kit type items are available in player's inventory. This feature only available for BI Revive and VN Revive. - Player can activate Isekai's Arsenal Loadout which provide an ability to use any Arsenal loadout without the restriction from BIS Arsenal (for example using modern-futuristic loadout on S.O.G. Prairie Fire CDLC's official missions). - Custom Vcom AI that AI can call for mortar strike or drone support. Need to manually activate from WarfareThai settings. - The AIs are little bit harder to be killed unless got shot to the head. This feature only available for BI Revive and VN Revive. This feature will be disabled if native/original Vcom AI with VCM_RAGDOLL is active (due to the AIs will be nearly impossible to be killed). - Player can drag an unconscious player (still WIP) - Player can pull out an unconscious player from vehicle (still WIP). - Player can do a self-healing when the Medikit is available in player's inventory. - Player can do jump when pressing SHIFT + V. - Player can do sliding down from the steep angle terrain when pressing SHIFT + V. - Player can climb over walls/fences. - Player can do a simple take down enemy (still WIP). - Player can do a simple repair vehicle when has Toolkit inside player's inventory. - Player can reserve a primary weapon to the back. - Player can do an arcade-ish target spotting (do the ADS then press Reveal Target button -default is T). - Player can convert any frag-type grenade into Booby trap. - Player can deploy either mini recon drone or mini autonomous turret from Drone Case item. - Player can deploy parachute while being dive down from the sky. - Player can perform a self-blowing up during unconscious state, if player has any mine inside inventory. Player will be able to attach Western Sahara CDLC's Portable Shields to UGV_01, UGV_01_rcws, and UGV_02. New Items: - Hydra Revolver (require Kart DLC), a revolver which can fire 12 Gauge shotgun shells, .45 ACP, and 20mm Flares. - Concussion Grenade, a low damage grenade which can knock out AI (no effect on player). This item will do effect only when WarfareThai System Mod is active. - Improvised Booby Trap, a trap which are converted from the frag grenade. - Drone Case, an item which can be deployed into either Mini Recon Drone, or Mini Autonomous Turret (this turret can be rearmed with any vanilla and CDLCs 5.56 magazine). - Rally Point (Portable), a portable rallypoint which player can use for teleporting to other teammates. - Some cosmetic headgears and goggles. Note: - You can manually activate BIS Revive system (if there is no other revive system presented) from clicking on WarfareThai system settings icon inside player's inventory. With this, you can use BI Revive system on Global Mobilization CDLC's official MP missions and official Escape missions. Version:
  12. SSAAPS - Sarogahtyps Simple Arena Active Protection System Full Singleplayer and Multiplayer compatible. Arma 3 script which simulates the russian Arena system which is an Active Protection System (APS) for tanks. Basically the russian Arena system lifts an explosive charge upto some meters above the tank. There it explodes and directs a few hundred shrapnels in a cone to the ground. If the countermeasure is successfull then the incoming threat is hit by some shrapnels of the cone. The script spawns some bullets above the tank which create the shrapnel cone. Then the incoming threat gets (hopefully) directed to ground. GitHub - Branch GitHub - wiki GitHub - Issue Tracker GitHub - Download GitHub - Direct File Download Dropbox - Download (temporary disabled) Installation (short story) - copy "functions" folder in your missions root folder - integrate cfgFunctions from description.ext into your own description.ext - if you secured your missions remote execution then integrate CfgRemoteExec from description.ext into your own description.ext - if you don't have a description.ext then you can just copy the given one into your missions root folder - apply the script with this line to any vehicle: [tank_1] spawn saro_fnc_arena_start; to stop the script on that vehicle just do this on any part of your mission: tank_1 setVariable ["saro_arena_active", false, true]; to adjust the behavior of the sysem you should take a look into fn_arena_start.sqf I do not recommend to adjust more parameters than skill and reload time. Full installation documentation will follow within the next days/weeks/months 😉 The Download contains an Example mission as .pbo and as unpacked Folder. brand-new shiny trailer video: version 1.0 video: Please tell me all thoughts you have in this thread. Issues and wishes can also reported on GitHub - Issue Tracker Changelog v1.10 - added simulation of the charge container which lifts up, explodes and sends shrapnels to threat - added ability to get threats exploding mid-air instead of smashing to ground only - added parameter to adjust protection skill of the system v1.01 - hot fix - new vanilla example mission created. the old one was mod depended. v 1.0 - initial release
  13. Access Points A simple to use system which allows mission makers to easily setup access points that allow players to reach places they wouldn't be able to normally reach (but should) *whew*. Why'd I make it? Because Tanoa looks pretty, but the skyscrapers don't have interiors, making players unable to access the rooftops by foot. Download: http://files.bitdungeon.org/arma/AccessPoints.Tanoa.v0.3.zip Multiplayer Compatible! Updated on 6-9-2016 Demo Video License http://www.gnu.org/licenses/gpl-3.0.en.html Setup Preliminary: Copy the "AccessPoints" directory into your mission. Copy the "execVM" statement into your mission's "Init.sqf". 1. Find yourself a nice building that you want to rig. 2. Place a trigger that you want a player to enter to access the roof. 3. Resize the trigger to better fit the doorway (optional) 4. Change the "Text" attribute of the trigger to follow the format "AccessPoint_UniquePairNameHere". This distinguishes this access point pair from the others. 5. Apply the change to the trigger text. 6. Copy the trigger (or create a new one, if you hate yourself). 7. Paste the trigger at the position you want players to be able to access. 8. Tweak the rotation and scaling of the new access point to your heart's desire. 9. Start the scenario and test it out! 10. Boom! That's it! You got it done like the badass you are. Changelog
  14. Hi there. First of all sorry for my poor English. So, i just started "scripting" things for Arma3 and i faced with problem of creating object by client globally. Basic idea was to build the bridge by holding button, but when i hosting a server i (the server ) can make my script work, but not friend of mine (client). With that problem i tried many different solutions like HideObject, then making it's "false" in the body of "holdAction". Here is my code now, holdAction : if (!isDedicated) then { if (playerSide == west) then { [ planks_s, // Object "Construct bridge", // Title "\a3\ui_f\data\IGUI\Cfg\holdactions\holdAction_search_ca.paa", "\a3\ui_f\data\IGUI\Cfg\holdactions\holdAction_search_ca.paa", "(_this distance _target < 5)", "(_this distance _target < 5)", {}, {}, { [] spawn {[] execVM "PlankSimple_S.sqf"}}, // Code executed on completion {}, [], 3, // how long 0, true, false ] call BIS_fnc_holdActionAdd; }; }; And here's my file "PlankSimple_S.sqf" : if (isServer) then { _simpleObject_0 = createSimpleObject ['a3\structures_f_exp\civilian\accessories\plank_01_8m_f.p3d', [5613.273926,4128.347168,13.888593]]; _simpleObject_0 setVectorDirAndUp [[-0.857715,-0.499353,-0.122361],[-0.114261,-0.0469019,0.992343]]; _simpleObject_1 = createSimpleObject ['a3\structures_f_exp\civilian\accessories\plank_01_4m_f.p3d', [5618.109863,4131.231934,14.0554686]]; _simpleObject_1 setVectorDirAndUp [[-0.84041,-0.514142,0.171377],[0.155349,0.0744123,0.985053]]; _simpleObject_2 = createSimpleObject ['a3\structures_f_exp\civilian\accessories\plank_01_8m_f.p3d', [5608.121094,4125.246094,13.159078]]; _simpleObject_2 setVectorDirAndUp [[-0.854349,-0.503035,-0.130551],[-0.151054,0,0.988526]]; }; So once again. I need to make it work globally on server to every client. Thanks in advance. And once again, sorry for my English.
  15. So I am making plans on using the BIS_fnc_playVideo function and I am wondering if it is MP compatible. I tried searching for the answer to no avail and I cannot test it myself at this time so, is it MP compatible and if not how can I make it? and in general are such functions MP compatible? The BIS_fnc_ambientAnim one is. I have tested that one. I have also tried implementing the BIS_fnc_MP to be sure and not have to ask but it reported an error. So any help will be appreciated..
  16. Hi! I'm having issues spawning in ACE3 IED's with pressure plate activation on. Currently there's 50 IED's that spawn in, they're simulated objects and should (?) work with pressure plate, yet they don't. Here's the faulty script: if (!isserver) exitwith {}; //Theres a marker called center in the middle of the map _centerMrk = "center"; _dist = 25000; _center = getmarkerpos _centerMrk; _counter = 0; _rDist = 5.75; // Objects used as IEDs _iedList = [ "ACE_IEDLandBig_Range", "ACE_IEDLandSmall_Range", "ACE_IEDUrbanBig_Range", "ACE_IEDUrbanSmall_Range" ]; while {_counter < 50} do { //Create position on map for IED _list = _center nearRoads _dist; _iedType = _iedList select (floor random (count _iedList)); _road = _list select (round random (count _list)); _roadDir = getDir _road; _newDir = _roadDir; _dir = _newDir; _pos = getpos _road; _posx = _pos select 0; _posy = _pos select 1; _tx = (_posx + (_rDist * sin(_dir))); _ty = (_posy + (_rDist * cos(_dir))); _iedPos = [_tx,_ty,0]; //Create IED _trgMan = createVehicle ["I_C_Pilot_F", _center, [], 0, ""]; _ied = createVehicle [_iedType, _iedPos, [], 0, ""]; _ied setDir (random 360); _ied setPos getPos _ied; //So far so good, this is where I have to add some type of way to trigger them because they dont work by themselves like if you place them with zeus [_trgMan, _ied, "PressurePlate"] call ace_explosives_fnc_connectExplosive; deleteVehicle _trgMan; //Add IED to list _counter = _counter + 1; }; If anyone with knowledge about ACE3 could help me out that'd be highly appreciated. //Green
  17. Work in the simple flight model the landing gears/wheels ?
  18. Hello, I am looking for a SIMPLE score system that I could use in my Deathmatch maps. I wan't no "kill streak", no "best player" of what so ever, just a simple score system that could collect the amount of kills that a player is getting and that will stop the game when limit it reached. I guess you can do this with "eventhandlers" but I'm clearly not an expert in Deathmatchs so ... Please help me :)
  19. Story This is a script that I wrote years ago for a event mission. It's supposed to simplify the command to an AI for shooting at an specified area with the artillery. There are several routine integrated to avoid script errors. A description can be found inside the SQF file, how to execute the script. It's SP/MP/Dedicated and HC compatible. Have fun. Content It is a single ~100Code-Line-Big Script to let an AI controlled artillery shoot at a single destination. Purpose The aim of this script is to make it easier to implement an artillery. Download Missions and Script on GitHub ArmaHolic Link Credits Script & Media: Rockhount Examples
  20. Summary: Two teams fight for control of pre-defined sectors using limited assets — the team with a majority of sectors held bleeds the others tickets, with the match ending when one team reaches 0 tickets. The intent of this missions is balanced and fun infantry combat. Armed vehicles have limited respawns and longer respawn timers than their soft-skinned counterparts, and the better equipt classes have fewer available slots than standard riflemen. My friend who worked on this mission and I are hoping this resembles gameplay you'd get from games like Project Reality or Battlefield's Conquest game-mode — except in ARMA. Feature list: Respawns available at your base and on your Squad Leader's rally point (Destroyed on Squad Leader's death) Lightweight niceties like earplugs, squad name markers, health display (all toggleable, F1-F5 keys) Custom bleeding values using RHS ammo class names (So larger calibers can cause higher tiers of bleeding) Custom medical - very slow health regeneration that can be somewhat sped up by sitting down. This is to avoid players deciding to respawn (losing their team a ticket) if they're too badly injured to continue. Pre-defined classes with unique roles, while not being unfair — you won't get a rubbish PDW simply for going medic. RPG assistants also carry a disposable 1-shot launcher along with the ammo for their reloadable counterpart carried by the primary AT role. There are also two types of standard rifleman. Opfor have the choice of an AK74m or AK-103 rifleman, while Bluefor have the choice of an M4 or M16. Magnified optics are reserved for Designated Marksmen and Special Forces. Limited vehicle selection. While there is some asymmetry with vehicle loadouts, this is hopefully both balanced and flavoursome. Only the largest version (Athira) includes high-tier modern vehicles. This is primarily an infantry mission and we did not want thermals or high-power vehicle weapons / GMG's to be common. REQUIRED MODS: RHS: AFRF RHS: USF DOWNLOAD (current version: 1.01) : Steam Workshop: 32vs32: Pyrgos Kore Athira* 16vs16: Terminal * The Athira version is an experimental mission with one very large capture zone, plus high-tier vehicles and gear (Tanks, jets, high-end helicopters, plus a crate at base with static ATGM, GMG, and MG backpacks). Servers: N/A Future plans: If anyone actually plays this and likes it we might expand this mission with new areas (perhaps also on upcoming maps like Tanoa or Taunus), add extra features (BIS revive was tested but disabled in this release due to a bug with spawning), make prettier FOBs (The current bases are quite lazy but I wasn't going to waste time on immaculate item placement at such an early stage), add side missions or other random events. If you have feedback this is the place for it; there may still be some rough edges here and there, so if you notice a problem or have comments on balance/ticket values, let us know and we'll take that into consideration for the next iteration. The new 1.60 respawn screen also now appears to allow class limits, so we'll take a look at using that rather than the arma 3 lobby for role selection (so you can change your kit on respawn w/ a preview of its gear).
  21. Hi all, Following my search for a progress bar, I'm trying to output a simple text. Nothing fancy here. I watched this video and tried the method. However I can't even change the class name... Is there a quick way to output a text, without using a hpp file ?