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  1. How do you monitor all thoses posts ? :) Thanks
  2. yes :) but it requires two differents methods to import the picture. I am rethinking the declaration of objects so that it is achievable at the very least. For example, I will delete all informative fields that are not related to the inventory. The developer can then add them himself if he really needs it by adding information at the end of the array. Example, unlike weight, the price of an object or its owner does not contribute to inventory management.
  3. You're welcome, glad to see that it helped you in your project just release the fixed version as 0.91: https://github.com/code34/oo_pdw.Altis/releases/tag/0.91
  4. yes, there are still many things to polish and some of thems are broken from the last version :( (like labels) , but at the end, it will take a little time to search in your own inventory as in real life, time to empty a pocket, or a backpack the reason is there is no 3d object modelization. We can consider it's like items on the ground :) Items on the ground in house dont exclude item in furnitures in house, you can have both. Try to add a furniture in a house to test :) The main reason to use vitems is to not use configfile & external mods :)
  5. hi :) goods news i just released the alpha 0.5 Release informations: add house inventory support add random stuffs around all objects and houses add generic properties for 3d objects add pictures support for items https://github.com/code34/oo_vitems.vr/releases/tag/0.5
  6. Can you try please with this version (i just added the patch), this should fix the problem: https://github.com/code34/oo_pdw.Altis/blob/develop/oo_pdw.sqf
  7. ok i better understand what is the problem, i will check this too from my part.
  8. Hello gc8, i add it to the todo list :)
  9. Hello, the next version will be released soon. If you have ideas, do not hesitate because it's the right moment. I started adding the features so that the mod is compatible with all maps. With this new version, you will be able to collect objects in the houses, and all the stuff will spawn randomly
  10. the way it s working is simplier than that call compile preprocessFileLineNumbers "oo_pdw.sqf"; private _pdw = ["new", "inidbi"] call OO_PDW; ["setSaveName", "thevigil7"] call _pdw; ["setDbName", "thevigil7"] call _pdw; ["setIncludingMarkers", ["owb_base","test"]] call _pdw; ["setExcludingTypes", ["Land_HBarrierTower_F","Land_Campfire_F","Weapon_srifle_LRR_F","Vysilacka","Land_Laptop_device_F","Land_Laptop_02_unfolded_F","Laptop_EP1","Land_HBarrierWall4_F","Land_HBarrierWall6_F","Land_HBarrier_1_F","MetalBarrel_burning_F","Land_WoodenTable_large_F","Land_Razorwire_F"]] call _pdw; _objects = "loadObjects" call _pdw; while {true} do { sleep 15; "saveObjects" call _pdw; };
  11. oo_pdw saves the item in one place unless you ask him to do something else. You should share your code for this simple test :)
  12. Thks ! always at the top !
  13. Hi all, Just release the 0.4 version :) https://github.com/code34/oo_vitems.vr/releases/tag/0.4 Release informations: Add durability support Improve use code implementation Add some use cases You can also retrieve a french presentation at this place:
  14. Hi, I just release the second part of the video tutorial :) https://arma409626711.wordpress.com/2018/09/07/oop-gui-editor-comment-creer-une-interface-en-oriente-objet-part-2/