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  1. Hello Just upload the new release of projectX with the english translation. unfortunately, I mistakenly deleted the page on the workshop. So I had to recreate a new project, do not hesitate to subscribe again: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2228052658&searchtext=projectx
  2. I meant concerning the mission, not the external addons.
  3. Hi all, Any requests for the next release ? 🙂
  4. Hi Kju Yes it's a solo or MP cooperative game 🙂 There is a main story with different tasks and different ends. The environment is dynamic. Concerning the inventory, the game uses a new version of my oo_vitem. So, it uses some containers but not containers in the sense of arma. You have one container by 3d object where you can put some virtual objects. (ex one player have his own container). There is different kind of stuffs depending of what object you are digging to. Ex if you dig into a tree, you will find wood 🙂 I stream less at the moment, but it still happens to me to stream arma 🙂
  5. Hi Anyfeedback, or first tryer about this game ? 🙂
  6. Hi all, I add some related pictures 🙂 Here, i was starting a new game. As you can see, there was no trouble. My health was good but it was a bit cold 🙂 Here, i met a bad friend while i was going through a field Here, i was checking the inventory of an enemy with the new inventory system.
  7. normaly, you don't need one. You could reuse directly the code with a netcore library project, but the external piece RGiesecke is out of date and should be replaced by Dllexport. Import dllexport with nugget and install it like this for x86&amd64 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sBWt-KdQtoc
  8. Hello all, As promised, i released the first beta version of projectX. You can download it at this place: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2105117924 If you like it, and want to help this project, you can evaluate it positively on steam. You can asked for all questions relative to bugs, or other things here. Have fun 🙂
  9. Hi LoOni3r, To be transparent with you, it is no longer planned to update Inidbi2. The reason for this is that Inidbi2 has been used by many users since a very long time, and has responded to most of the uses without problem. Making changes may impact things that people will not want to change. On the other way, Inidbi2 is a very simple extension released under gpl that can be reedit with visual studio community: https://github.com/code34/inidbi2
  10. Hello, I'm happy to announce you the futur release of my last project concerning Arma game. Initially, i fixed to myself a mod development challenge to release it in one month. It Was in 2018. I missed the target cause i had to suspend it for others projects. But .. as some of players asked for it, and i'm not sastisfied to not finish my work, i release it now. My main idea was respected, and i mainly focused on the essential. Don't expect the game to be tweaked as a final release, but be aware that it offers more advanced features than what must of missions did. ProjectX is a Survival Mission that takes place on Liviona at the begining of a sanitary crisis. All players play together as a special commando and have to discover what's happen in the Liviona country. Communications with HQ are broken since few days, ammos and moral are low. The population suffers from a mysterious disease (..) Like all survival Game, ProjectX manages the thirst, the hunger, the illness, etc. You will find everything you need to stay alive on your way. With the inventory system that replaces totaly the Arma vanilla one, you interact with all the objects of the game. You could search and find stuff everywhere. But more, to stay alive, you will need to be strong enough against zombies but also enemy army forces and manage your healh all along your mission. What ???? Only one life ??? Yes soldier, this mission is for the heros the real! Don't forget it's a milsim oriented game 🙂 The first version is in French langage. You are free to translate it, or modify it if you wish. The mission can be used in scenario mode or in sandbox mode if you want to bring your own content, or play like a lone wolf. Projectx uses some of my old stuffs : Bme, vitem, keyhandler, etc. and i also used some external mods: - Ryan Zombies & Demons - RHS thanks to the autors of those mods Download: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2105117924 How to play: Start an Multiplayer game with a local or internet server, choose the liviona map, and projectx mission. If you like it, and want to help this project, you can evaluate it positively on steam. Do not hesitate to confirm your interest, if you want more informations.
  11. yes, you can cut it in one, two ... pieces 🙂
  12. Buffer size is relative to arma3 buffer size fixed by Bis (8K limit).
  13. What do you mean ? The file size limitation is relative to your file system not to inidbi2.
  14. @santoj as mention in your error report, your variable _this has not been set
  15. Please, copy paste your code. _inidbi = ["new", "databasename"] call OO_INIDBI2; private _separator = "s|"; ["setSeparator", _separator] call _inidbi; _name = "Pseud|o"; ["write", ["masection", "makey", _name]] call _inidbi; _result = ["read", ["masection", "makey"]] call _inidbi; works normaly.