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  1. Official is not a keyword reserved for BI. The meaning was this is the official topic for this extension. I just copy / paste, old title that i used before for another topic. If someone ask you to download Arma Go, use the link in topic, this page is trusted by author.
  2. ARMAGO Version 0.1 Hi, good news if you like golang like me, I give you a golang template that allows to quickly create extensions in .dll or .so You can fork : Github ARMAGO Template You can also find a full french article on Nestheat which describes how it works: https://arma409626711.wordpress.com/2018/06/16/arma-creer-une-extension-en-golang/
  3. hi, thanks you to watch our project. Do you think the performance aspect is the main one ;) To answer your question, actually used createvehicle is slower than variables because you will need to create entity wich used memory space, and this can be long if you create a lot. There are many solutions, but it remains paliatives while waiting for a real native language
  4. hI Nice work gotikitty1199, i'm pretty sure, it will help a lot of peoples :)
  5. databaseplayers = ["new", "databaseplayers"] call OO_INIDBI; instead of using databaseplayers, try with a unique id by player like name or other things you want.
  6. hi @gokitty1199ok good news :) for more information about the command _inidbi = ["new", "myNewFile"] call OO_INIDBI; OO_INIDBI is a CLASS. When you call the "new" function, it will instanciate this class through the constructor public function and return an object that you store into _inidbi variable. https://github.com/code34/inidbi2/blob/master/%40inidbi2/Addons/inidbi2/oo_inidbi.sqf @Cole Slaughter you have to use an unique file id by player to save / restore your data
  7. the first reason that i can see it s there is async read / write. While you delete the file, another is already created when you test if it exists. It could happen with handlers and publicvariable because handler dont work in the same maner in local and distant
  8. strange ...but sometimes ARMA has incoherent returns, in this case, you should restart ARMA or machine. I still had this case 2 days ago with the publicvariable precisely (without inidbi) and the arma restart solved the problem.
  9. hi, You should try first to do a simple test on server side with no other code, and publicvariable code. Just check the "exists" function return in a log file :)
  10. anyfeedback about this version ? :)
  11. hello Foxhound :) thanks for the update
  12. Hi dudes, Just update this topic with informations concerning warcontext4 and Arma3 :) For the moment, there is no release yet because I hope I can release a synthetic and easily usable version.