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  1. Hi 🙂 The original version (Make Arma Not War contest) Remastered can be download here: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1984797964&searchtext= If you want to support it, feel free to give a positive rating.
  2. hello you can hardly set this path by modify it and recompile the dll. It s not dynamic for security reason
  3. hello synnr, i will look for this in the next version. But for the moment, i have not enough time. Stay tune.
  4. what kind of damage ? how do you test it ?
  5. you certainly made some modifications cause the 2 work well together.
  6. where do you download inidbi ?
  7. Hello Vandeanson, In order: - check your startup command line : uses -servermod=@inidbi2 - check the permissions on .dll files - check the path where you install the mod
  8. Hi Just released the 0.4 version: https://github.com/code34/armago_x64/releases/tag/0.4 Changelog: - add 32 bits support
  9. hi Following the request of CommandoKain, I just release the new version 2.06 version of Inidbi2 change logs: - Add "getKeys" method to retrieve all keys in a section - add bool return for "setSeparator" method - Fix bug return with "getSections" method - manage somes exceptions with encode&decode base64 - update with last oop.h version - update documentations https://www.dropbox.com/s/3qiatpgrb83hqyw/%40inidbi2.zip?dl=0 I also published it to steam workshop.
  10. hi, what do you want to do ? what is the result that you expect ? how did you check if it works or not ?
  11. could you give me an example of interaction ? 😄
  12. thanks you 🙂 As i just released it, it has not been yet whitelist.
  13. ArmaWS Lastest Version : 0.2 by Code34 ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Direct Download from Dropbox Github: https://github.com/code34/armaws_x64 ArmaWS is a json client extension that permits from Arma to exchange with remote host json files. Exemple1 Send a JSON file to httpbin server and retrieve a json file convert into an arma array private _armaws = "new" call OO_ARMAWS; private _params = [["username","code34"],["message","hello world"],["id", 103],["type","soldier"]]; ["setUrl", "https://httpbin.org/post"] call _armaws; _result = ["callWs", _params] call _armaws; hintc format["%1",_result]; Exemple2 Send a message to a chan text on Discord through a webhook private _armaws = "new" call OO_ARMAWS; private _params = [["username","R2D2"],["content","hello world"]]; ["setUrl", yourwebhookurl] call _armaws; ["callWs", _params] call _armaws; README DOCUMENTATION Have fun 🙂
  14. You can build an interface over your code, and schedule a flush all the 5 min callextension as code execution time: dll + all layers to join db + db execution time.
  15. hi cmd_johnson Nice stuff that will help linux administrators 🙂 There was a big work of porting inidbi to another language where you are certainly more comfortable. In philosophy, even if porting in C ++ was not mandatory, the interface has been respected and it's a cool, usefull work & pratice to do it as first extension.