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  1. hi Following the request of CommandoKain, I just release the new version 2.06 version of Inidbi2 change logs: - Add "getKeys" method to retrieve all keys in a section - add bool return for "setSeparator" method - Fix bug return with "getSections" method - manage somes exceptions with encode&decode base64 - update with last oop.h version - update documentations https://www.dropbox.com/s/3qiatpgrb83hqyw/%40inidbi2.zip?dl=0 I also published it to steam workshop.
  2. hi, what do you want to do ? what is the result that you expect ? how did you check if it works or not ?
  3. could you give me an example of interaction ? 😄
  4. thanks you 🙂 As i just released it, it has not been yet whitelist.
  5. ArmaWS Lastest Version : 0.2 by Code34 ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Direct Download from Dropbox Github: https://github.com/code34/armaws_x64 ArmaWS is a json client extension that permits from Arma to exchange with remote host json files. Exemple1 Send a JSON file to httpbin server and retrieve a json file convert into an arma array private _armaws = "new" call OO_ARMAWS; private _params = [["username","code34"],["message","hello world"],["id", 103],["type","soldier"]]; ["setUrl", "https://httpbin.org/post"] call _armaws; _result = ["callWs", _params] call _armaws; hintc format["%1",_result]; Exemple2 Send a message to a chan text on Discord through a webhook private _armaws = "new" call OO_ARMAWS; private _params = [["username","R2D2"],["content","hello world"]]; ["setUrl", yourwebhookurl] call _armaws; ["callWs", _params] call _armaws; README DOCUMENTATION Have fun 🙂
  6. You can build an interface over your code, and schedule a flush all the 5 min callextension as code execution time: dll + all layers to join db + db execution time.
  7. hi cmd_johnson Nice stuff that will help linux administrators 🙂 There was a big work of porting inidbi to another language where you are certainly more comfortable. In philosophy, even if porting in C ++ was not mandatory, the interface has been respected and it's a cool, usefull work & pratice to do it as first extension.
  8. hi LoOni3r you have to take in account the locality. init.sqf is executed on both side server and client. If you load some informations on server side, you have to use only initServer.sqf. When your data are load you have to send them via publicvariable on client and receive them with an handler for simplicity, you can test with something like this: _version = "getVersion" call _inidbi; str(_version) remoteExec ["systemChat"];
  9. cause 3ms is dedicated to script execution and around 13 ms is dedicated for the other part of calculation (graphic part etc) to create a frame average of 60fps/s(it s an average calculation) while the schedule code execution major with unscheduled code go over the 3ms it impacts the performance of the game, cause the calculation of the frame will go over the 16ms. Just for memo, BIS added scheduler to fix definitively bad user code that have negative impact on game . After this, when you use unschedule code you may know what it does, and at your own risk.
  10. ok then my bad, i mixed two topics. Unbedded in game server and dedicated local server.
  11. Berk ... toxic attitude. Read again my answer and do not mix everything.
  12. it seems that you discover this, however since the first version of arma handler of publicvariable works like this :( When you publish a variable the local handler is not fired, in this some case when server is local too the server handler is not fired too. i published BME on arma2 wich was a workaround to fix this problem to have a consistent/same working usage on local and distant dedicated server case.
  13. @Pax_Jaromeyou can not test MP mission with a local dedicated server and client on the same machine. Server and client when they are on the same machine, share some local variables and finaly the code doesn't work as expected. Ex: MP handler , or some publicvariable handler are not fired when server and client are on same machine. 1) If you want to test your mp mission, you have to execute it on a distant dedicated server, or to install a virtual machine on your local machine with a dedicated arma3 server on it. 2) dont use systemChat (or ui commands) for server part, try with diag_log and check your logs
  14. for locality reason, you can only see this in the server logs :)
  15. same as above, try to use diag_log instead of systemchat that doesn't work for locality reason. _read = ["read", ["GLOBAL", "one"]] call _inidbi; diag_log format["result", _read]; _read2 = ["read", ["GLOBAL", "two"]] call _inidbi; diag_log format["result2", _read2]; _read3 = ["read", ["GLOBAL", "three"]] call _inidbi; diag_log format["result3", _read3];