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  1. working like a charm, i use them tortoisegit + github since 9 years :D GIT is not as complicated as it sounds
  2. ok but what is the goal of this ? What is the benefit ? ini file should be read / write by application or developpers not by users. this has been configured this way to prevent security issues, and prevent users from overwriting files elsewhere
  3. @gc8, i don't understand what you expected to do. You can't write into a pbo file. Like i said before you can custom yourself your path from c# source. What is your goal ?
  4. hi griesgram how do you check the script work dedicated server ? you should check if inidbi addon is well loaded with the version command check also -servermod= on server start parameters :)
  5. king of DABU code struck again you should dont waste your time on this bunny problem, cause the random internal function is certainly broken (in term of distribution) as the shuffle function. But all give some acceptable but not best results for arma usage. KK wrote a fair simply read / compact code. New_fnc_shuffle that i wrote top, should fix most of problems as it shuffles all entries and not pushback them, i already used some kind of stuff to generate cipher.
  6. something like that, works like a charm New_fnc_shuffle = { private _array = _this; private _rand = 0; private _count = count(_array) -1; for "_i" from 0 to _count do { _rand = floor random _count; _temp = _array select _i; _array set [_i, _array select _rand]; _array set [_rand, _temp]; }; _array; }; _array = [1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10]; _result = _array call New_fnc_shuffle; hintc format ["%1", _result];
  7. no probs you are welcome ;) i just delete this very old link dont see it. for delete objects is it an external piece of code ?
  8. Where do you retrieve this version ? The official repository is here and up to date https://github.com/code34/oo_pdw.Altis/blob/master/oo_pdw.sqf
  9. It s a design choice to not permit those kind of operations at sqf level cause it can lead to override by mistake some files. Everybody who want, can do it at the dll level with his own modifications from the original source. You just have to edit it in visual studio community and recompile it as 64bits exe. But you can not write directly some datas into your pbo without unpack it.
  10. yes look at ligne 55 : https://github.com/code34/inidbi2/blob/master/inidbi2/inidbi2.cs string mypath = Path.GetDirectoryName(Assembly.GetExecutingAssembly().Location) + "\\db\\";
  11. Hi Dudes Just release the new version 0.9 changelog : - update oop.h - add setIncludingTypes method from contributor: [LTC] Vegas =21st= - add debug entry points
  12. @foxhound thanks you for the follow :)
  13. Hi Dudes :) I just release the version 2.4: fix remotecall, add timeout, switch to vr map, clean examples, add new oop, fix handlers with schedule code Remotecall should be now totaly efficient and more interesting than arma remote function exec :)
  14. i exported a part of my code on VR map. It was too boring.