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  1. Hi the best and safe way to share datas between 2 servers or more is to use a database instead inidbi (try a look on extDB3).
  2. Hi The new version 1.44 has been released 🙂 - replace my own hashmap with the new hashmap builtin - add escorts around convoy - add new lobbies params - add 500 enemies zone as parameters - rework ui https://www.dropbox.com/s/tp8xnrk8tqvbzl7/combat_assault_1.44.altis.pbo?dl=0
  3. Hi I just release, the V1.42 with small fixes relative to UI, spawn of objects https://www.dropbox.com/s/3hgv9us8810goao/combat_assault_1.42.altis.pbo?dl=0
  4. You have to send the data from the arma server to the arma clients through mp commands 🙂 Ask on scripts forum how to do that through command like publicvariable
  5. it s not relative to oo_extDB3; You should use the database on server side, and send date to client.
  6. Hello @Grenadier ITF Yes you have to load it where you use it (client side or server side). Normaly, you should write or read on server side.
  7. code34

    Custom main menu scene?

    Hello, if needed, i just released a functional addon template for that https://github.com/code34/mainmenu
  8. code34

    0xC000005 Status Access Violation

    Hi, answer here: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=898170227
  9. Hi all, The new version has just been release on the workshop 🙂
  10. Hello For this new year, I have prepared a new release for you (wich will be avalaible in few days). This one fixes some bugs that were reported to me and brings some new features. First of all, there was a reconfiguration of the weather. The result is not perfect yet but the goal was mainly to clarify what each part of the code does regarding the weather. Then, I adapted the code to change the zombie behavior of the Ryan Zombie mod. The goal being to be able to control the zombies better. There are still some limits which are unfortunately linked to the pathfinding of the arma game. But today, I have more control over these units. So there are new sounds, but also it is now possible to blow their heads off. Zombies can infect military troops, who will then return as zombies when they die. Players can now be infected by zombies, and will have to find either ways to cure themselves or ways to slow down the infections. So the infection icon makes its official appearance among the other icons and allows to know its level of infection. The other novelty is the addition of the melee weapons. We can now use axes, knives, swords . For this I used the Webknight melee mod, so you'll have to add it to your mod list. Concerning this part it already works quite well but you should know that for the moment I haven't yet worked on an integration like I did with the mod ryan. So there will certainly still be bugs. A lot of things also depend on the future developments of Webknight on the subject. You should also know, that other things are to come concerning what will be possible to do in this devastated world. The main storyline of the scenario will certainly change (I would rather say become a secondary storyline). It will also depend on the next features that will be delivered in the next release of arma and on my free time 😞 I hope this good news will make you want to play or test the project even more, and I wish you all a happy new year 2021. https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2228052658&searchtext=projectx
  11. Hi All Just publish the new version: - Fix weapon reload - Add health review - Tune compos
  12. Hello beno_83au Thank you for the feedback 🙂 I just published the fix, it should work now.
  13. Hello survivors, I have just released a new version that improves the system even more. - ProjectX becomes Extinction 🙂 - Improve inventory interface - Fix inventory bugs - Add more zones - Fix missions bugs I hope you enjoy these updates
  14. Hello All, I have a breaking news 🙂 Since the begining of the dev, i didn't find yet the right name for this game. Finaly, someone gave it to me. So ... ProjectX will be renamed as eXtinction in the next releases.
  15. Hi, New version 1.06 just uploaded 😄 - fix inventory refresh problem - optimize sounds - fix mp bugs