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  1. Just a little video for your great job. Kudos to you, IceBreakr !
  2. wolf5

    Weird problems

    I have ESET smart security 7 and it doesn't like BE I try with ESET smart security 6 and all work like before. I don't know if the latest BE or latest ESET make my pb. Pb solve for the moment
  3. wolf5

    Weird problems

    I have same pb, since few days, i can't play. Heavy FPs drop and weird freeze every seconds. Only one solution : find a server without battleye Problem : 99% servers have BE Any idea?
  4. Anyone have port Insurgency on in this map?
  5. +1 I have linux server and ACRE work perfectly. You just need CBA, ACRE
  6. Really great map :jump_clap: Can you make something about grid? Make it ACE compatible 8 digits. And also GPS give coords and DAGR anothers, how can we fix it? http://img838.imageshack.us/img838/8024/bism.jpg
  7. Congrats, will take a look asap :jump_clap:
  8. BIS_silvie_mainscope setvariable ["blackList",["house1","house2"]]; this doesn't work ? https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/Ambient_Civilian_Vehicles
  9. If you want, i have an Aliabad MSO 4.4 with OFrP and RH weapons pack
  10. wolf5

    [TVT/CO-55] Wasteland

    Really nice mission. But my team think you could make more side mission and please, most of all, save player's position (also weapon) on disconnect. Thanks
  11. Install MAF on server and client side
  12. Don't forget plugin in ts3 also launch game and ts in admin mode
  13. A friend of mine have same issue. Sometime radio stop to work but direct voice is ok; Any idea ?
  14. ArmA2? I44 need Combined Operation and ACE also. Lauch your server in CO