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  1. Here another video from our event: we use headless client for optimizing performance. With headless client controlling the AI the players have much better overall performance. Greetings Desiderius
  2. Yesterday we play a big ( 34 players!!! ) coop 2.0 mission ( some pvp vietcong human players but mostly coop ). Here a little video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=OHqCLkLtS4M Maybe some more this days. Some of us guys had make over 100gb fraps video :D Great mod! Greetings
  3. Absolute fucking amazing! The new Tank Hud is so great! just a quick test in this moment. Is the change stance feature in comander position in 1.62 ? I see it here in an video: I dont find anything in manual. What keys i have to use or bind ? Greetings Jack Unger www.fh-warzone.de
  4. Desiderius

    Hell in the Pacific MOD

    Yes it was an very very nice event. @Burns Yes i hope you and you friends come and play with us next event again.
  5. add Expansion/beta to your six updater beta. Download it. Then rund it again and you will become @JayArma2Lib_new. Now start you arma with Beta, @ACRE;@CBA;@CBA_A2;@CBA_OA;@JayArma2Lib_new Greetings Jack
  6. There are something special things to do in TS3 for testing it ? I had 7.1 but the direct speech is only 2.1 ? Is there in Teamspeak settings something to set for 5.1 / 7.1 3D Sound ? Greetings and thx again and again for this great mod!
  7. Desiderius

    Jungle Wars: Island of Lingor

    I think then with every Run of SixUpdater the manuall copied mods are deleted or ? And when i make an @lingor_with_addons folder myself then more disk space is used because i have the sixupdater version and my version with all addons. Personally i like it also more to have all neccessary addons in the main folder of the island. But i understand the mention to save disk space and bandwith. Greetings
  8. Desiderius


    yes an thats our problem :) Not everyone updates ACRE over sixupdater. So they dont have in the @JayArmA2Lib folder the six v2 keys.
  9. Desiderius

    ARMA 2: OA beta build 86705

    we played yesterday a 10player coop TFOR with the beta and its so fuc*** amazing. THX BIS!!! No Warping anymore. Ist a rebirth of the game. Also JIP much smoother. How need BF3 when we can have ArmA2 CO with patch 1.60..... Greetings
  10. Desiderius

    Jungle Wars: Island of Lingor

    very nice! Hope 1.60 will come soon so that all modders can release her new stuff.
  11. Hi, i just want to say Thank You for the great support yesterday in the Skype Support Chat! The sixupdater is a very mighty tool and it seems that the continuous work of sickboy and his team make it better and better. Great work. Greetings Jack
  12. great work Hotze! our last event on Everon was superb! I hope you will play soon with us together. Greetings
  13. Hi, at the moment our community use Yomas Addon Sync to syncronise our member with our gameservers. On the line with some public mods ( like ACRE, ACE or islands ) we have also some special mods from our modders to share. After reading here that many communitys are switching to sixupdater i take a look on the new version. And wow... many many improvments in the interface. For ArmA2 User/Player its really an great tool. Also i was looking for an own server repo to share our mods via six but i have really problems to configure it. My english is not good ( as you can read here :D ) so i have problems to understand the manuals on the website. Iam looking for someone who can help me via messanger or an german manual or how-to for installing an own server repo. Iam sure its pretty easy when someone can give me short instructions and hints. Greetings
  14. Desiderius

    Isla Duala

    great bridges! Thx for the good work.
  15. on sunday we play a 19 player COOP Mission from our modder Dimitri Harkov with the Unsung Mod and ACRE under Combined Operations. It was absolutly amazing! Very nice mod and the atmosphere is fantastic. We can´t wait for the next releases :D Greetings