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  1. Mr.jizz

    KLPQ Music Radio

    Hey rebel, iv released this on steam workshop, finally got it to compile to 64bit, id say if you could work round the bugs, it would be a great addition for this mod. http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1139621607
  2. Maybe contact this guy, app this mod will be updated by friday with a functional horse (3d animation/walking) http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1135142517
  3. Prob pointless, but as far as i know the armaholic download (complete package) does not work no more, but i see on the github the files are newer (i also see a _x64.dll file in there, guess its 64bit ready?) and im takeing a big guess that the files (apart from the dialog/sqf) have to be made into a .dll file? (am i right or completely and utterly wrong?) to make this work as a mod?....i know maca is using this on the ccg servers so i know it works. This would be a great work a round instead of saving large music files in mod packs
  4. Mr.jizz

    KLPQ Music Radio

    Just another note, i have a general understanding of the issues of syncing music multiplayer, but if you ever got nradio side of things working (mp3 live stream), technically you only need to play that say "station" locally (the player) as it will be grabbing a live stream, so one player will pretty much hear exactly what the next player will be hearing (maybe a slight desync with buffering?) but nothing making it unusable, would technically take some load off the server?
  5. Mr.jizz

    KLPQ Music Radio

    Yah, alot of that i knew off, esp looking at the (nradio) mod files, unfortunitly i dont have the knowledge outside of say 'sqf' files/scripting, maybe/if you were to ever take this on you could check out the nradio files, i know they were able to live stream/format straight from an mp3 live stream, ie bbc radio live stream link (as far as i understand they can encode straight from any mp3 stream link , ie soundcloud, internet radio links), personally i was trying to get nradio to broadcast a radio channel through one loudspeaker takeing alot of the realtime play back stuff issue away, but i just didnt understand the hole dll file thing....in the bigger picture i thought it would be cool as say life servers could host their own live radio stations and if you intergrated your mod, theyed be able to listen threw car stereo..also being from a music background they could host songs written by unkown artists from their servers etc (imagine a band getting known through a life server haha), it would be a whole new angle on the life mod experience, well its cool you share some off the same thoughts, im just bumbed i dont have enough knowledge to work with dll files, i could probably help with the sqf side off things, but thats it, as far as i know nradio used encoders etc also. Ill definitly be following this thread anyway!
  6. Mr.jizz

    KLPQ Music Radio

    Hey rebel, nice mod, theres really not much in the way of media intergration in arma ie,videos/music, i seen project life have youtube streaming working and someone was working on an internet radio streaming mod (nradio), i have some decent knowledge of scripting within arma, but lack knowledge when it cones to dll files etc. I was just wondering if you had any thoughts on makeing this or a seperate mod streamable or would even have the knowledge to do so?. The only draw back of this kind of thing is the file storage of media files, so streaming would eliminate this (ie put a stream link into a script internet radio or soundcloud etc or maybe several for diff stations like nradio tried)....i dont know maybe im asking to much here, but just wondering if you had any simalar thoughts?
  7. Mr.jizz

    64-bit Executables Feedback

    i couldn't find this setting in the amd radeon software anywhere and i couldn't detect my intel display adaptor via device manager so i could manually disable it, i will have a look in the bios and see if i can turn off automatic gpu switching or something. i did notice though, now this didnt work all the time but it did most of the time, when im on the standard arma campaign (drawdown - for testing) i get 15-25fps but iv noticed if i hit esc to the pause screen wait a few seconds and my fps shoots up to 100+fps and then i hit esc again back into the game and my frames stay 100+ for a good bit then they drop back down to 15-25 and then i just repeat the same thing over and over (low fps, hit pause, high fps, then low fps, hit pause....), i can hear my fans ramping up to (specifically my cpu fans) i thought at first i was hitting a thermal throttle, but iv monitored the temps/frequencies and highest temps are 56'C at 4.1ghz (35% cpu usage), i could see where the frames went up each time on the temp/freq monitor, so now im thinking its something wrong with either my chip or as stated its just the update? i have also tested switching to 32bit but in 32bit i dont get above 25fps in any scenario just stays really low. i will try and disable my on-board graphics to rule that out now ...again i got on average 40-50 before the update. UPDATE! nope it was exactly what you said (the on-board gpu), disabled gpu from bios and now im getting a steady 90-190fps.....in arma terms this is amazing!!, hopefully thats my problems sorted, gona test some more, thanks for your advice man!!
  8. Mr.jizz

    64-bit Executables Feedback

    I posted else where about this, but this is probably more suited here, i know the update wasnt guaranteed more fps it was more to do with stutter etc, now...i do get way more fps on occasion after the update (100+ fps), but it goes up and down (mostly down) -25 fps this is on standard arma and modded (i know mods will decrease performance) In the campaigns i was getting an average of 50fps now i get 15-20 on average my system -i7 6700k 4.1ghz -16gb corsair dominator 2666hz -rx480 nitro oc 1450/2222hz -500gb samsung evo ssd not the best setup in the world but should definitly being getting more than 15fps average even with armas optimization issues.
  9. Mr.jizz

    1.68 with lower FPS

    I know we werent promised any frames, it was more to do with stutter/lag and yes i am getting far more frames now at times but i go on the lows and im now getting worse low end fps than i was before, so higher fps yes but the low fps is worse so thats not good before update 30-50 fps in most senarios mod/no mods update - far higher fps but also far worse fps (even in the senarios i used to get steady 40fps now i get like 15fps) could do with uploading logs but dont have time atm my system - i7 6700k 4.1ghz -16gb corsair dominator 2666mhz -rx480 1450/2222 hz -samsung 750 evo 500gb ssd i had a friend running same system except with an i56600k running standard clocks he was getting about 60fps and i was getting 20-30fps? dont get me wrong, im not so much complaining just pointing out that there seems to be an issue, as in getting lower fps than before the update, i would be happy if i was stuck with 30fps for this game but getting below 25 at times iust makes it unplayable esp considering i dont exactly have a week ass system.
  10. Mr.jizz

    1.68 with lower FPS

    haven't bench marked it yet, but im actually getting in and around 150fps on blank map, i used to get 40-50 max, but i have noticed it dips down a lot to 20s, so it fluctuates from alot better to alot worse for me now and thats standing still not moving and no ai around? quiet strange...if i was able to keep it above 30fps in the minimums this would be fantastic news for me!
  11. Updated! added water bottles (water full/empty/dirty). added tent added sleeping bag interactions: build tent unpack sleeping bag fill water bottle near water boil dirty water near fire gut dead rabbits with knife for meat
  12. Glad you like it so far, i have alot more items to add, including water bottles (which are fillable from rivers etc). Theres a few mods out there that do the same thing as mine, but none really seem to have models to go along with thier inventory icons, which just didnt do it for me, so i learnt how to model and started this mod ;)
  13. Updated! added few more models and worked on the item interactions //inbuilt - item interactions. Knife = Forage in small bushes for fruit (so far only apples, 50% chance of finding). cans/bottles = drink. food = eat (adding tin opener for tinned food so cannot eat beanz yet). raw meat = stand close to a fire (classname "FirePlace_burning_F") to cook meat, fire has to be on.
  14. hey foxhound, if you are going to update on armaholics could you update the tittle ' Beanz - Inventory Mod (with survive-mode) ' and description thanks ;)
  15. Updated! Steam workshop - click here added some new items and (currently still wip) survive mode, more info here