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  1. Yes there is and will be available next update, I just wonder do u ask the Achilis team to change their keys too or it is just me :) Not a bug - Role Selection isn't automatically generated it is defined by the mission maker - learn more here: https://mccsandbox.wikia.com/wiki/Configure_role_selection
  2. @kromka Are you referring to the suicide bomber marker? This marker will always show on MCC menu (will not shown on the map) as mission maker can Ctrl+click it to manually detonate it. Regarding disable respawn - yes you can't enable it again. It is a very old system maybe i'll find the time to work on it allowing the mission maker option to selectively allow respawn to certain players and enabling/disabling it as he will. MCC survival items - are just there you can't really remove them, I've given them all the (MCC) name so they will all group together so you can just skip them. AAA and Artillery mission generator's objective fire atmospheric ambient fire. I know it is not 100% realistic and it is there for the "look cool" effect, it is a game after all, but this is just my take you can place a manually destroy AA objectives. If you can provide an idea to do it differently I'll be glad to hear
  3. You can do it manually with broadcasting global variant "MCC_civRelations_side" and the variable should be between 0(friendly) - 1(Aggressive). Example missionNamespace setVariable ["MCC_civRelations_west",0.5]; publicVariable "MCC_civRelations_west";
  4. 1. Well it isn't something too hard to do it just takes time - which I don't find why it should be invested in it. As in general settings are pre-placed with a module, if you in a milsim you probably play without a compass and if you are more on the arcade style it is on by default - nothing to switch on and off in the middle of a mission. 2. If you took the time to post something here try to make it beneficial because i'm sure you are not expecting of me to go over all the OK and Cancel buttons on MCC and check them out. So the best way to make a request come to life is to post a bug and how to recreate it or a request and how to fulfill it. 3. The markers are placed in a radius of 500 meters from the objective the AO is more or less the same radius as it expend the more players are logged in. 4. Scratch the usually - the AO should always be marked with a red circle around it - it is possible that the red circle of a previous mission is still shown. 5. If you are referring to opening MCC then yes - the mission maker will see markers related to the mission. If you are referring to the usual map - the mission maker should not see any markers that the players can't see unless the clicked the "track units" button, and if he do it is a bug and you should report what markers are visible. 6. Indeed. 7. You'll have to accept that there are some other opinions different then yours and the polite thing to do is to ask about adding it as an option feature and not saying something is useless just because you don't like it.
  5. yes this: MCC_GAIA_AC = true; publicvariable "MCC_GAIA_AC"; Well there is the MCC campaign which are CTI - you can find them in the mod itself 1. The box checks are not always correspond with actual status of the settings - E.g you might set nametags off but next time you'll open the settings it will show as it is on - but the truth it is off. You can't disable the compass once you enabled it. It is best to make a template mission and just set this settings using a module and not through MCC every mission. 2. I don't know what some means - if you found a bug post it here. 3. If approximately has been chosen the map markers are placed randomly in the AO - the AO is usually marked with red circle. 4. See above 5. Why it isn't good? 6. It is limitation of the list UI element - why not selecting the player first then change the map. 7. Says who? you should place the the module on an empty vehicle and then it should be visible in the menu. It means there is an error - i'll fix it for next release. But in general civilians causalities effects the campaign score and in general turn the civilian relation to the players from friendly up to the point of using IED and suicide bombers on the players.
  6. Nope, Open a ticket about it and I might get to it soon
  7. That has been fixed a few version ago - what version are you using?
  8. Yes there is a module for that in 3den Seems like you are using something very old - there is an option to disable them after the first time or not showing them at all from the MCC settings. Are you referring to the campaign mission template? In short: I'll take a look at the pods You can define any ammo as breaching ammo - just define a new one in the settings module. ATM you can only push boats and drag crates and fixed weapons. i'll take care of the alarms As far all other request exc. MCC is a more or less a one men show - and I just don't have the time to do all the things I would love to do - real life, job, family exc come first. So we'll have to do with what we have.
  9. R25 update Download from: https://www.dropbox.com/s/9yrd9xhjhfzmmc2/%40mcc_sandbox_a3.rar?dl=0 Steam Workshop
  10. U can do it by using the inidbi2 mod on your server
  11. R24 is out. dropbox: https://www.dropbox.com/s/9yrd9xhjhfzmmc2/%40mcc_sandbox_a3.rar?dl=0 Steam Workshop: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=338988835
  12. Maybe if you'll open a ticket about it. https://github.com/shaygman/MCC_sandbox_modDev/issues Yes Glad you found out Open a ticket about it: https://github.com/shaygman/MCC_sandbox_modDev/issues It's on Steam. About the rest - maybe
  13. In case you don't know - you can join our Discord channel and enjoy some games on the private MCC server with me and the guys there: https://discord.gg/KZrSkRt