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  1. @UNIT_normal - thanks like your script which works fine. I dont want players to change the colors of the vehicles only the camouflage. Is that posible by excluding a part of the script. Im not a scripter more a noob 🙂 - thanks Best
  2. @fn_Quiksilver - it's the RHS mod - icons doesnt change when entering a vehicle
  3. @fn_Quiksilver Thanks fast reply - will test again and let y know - thanks
  4. Gents - is it correct that this script only works correctly with vanilla ?? do not get the right icon with mods vehicles - thanks
  5. Perfect work Gents, thanks
  6. TUNED ?????? Im on the very top of it :-)
  7. Interior light looks great
  8. @Dedmen @rebel12340 - probably something when wrong by merging maps/missions. I had multible object(s) Jammer1, Jammer1_1 , Jammer2 and Jammer2_1 have overlooked this, problem solved - thanks
  9. @rebel12340 @Dedmen - both I did. Rebel I deleted the first line with "//" in the initPlayerLocal - let me do some clean tests without any other script / mods - let y know - thanks replies
  10. @rebel12340 - hi there, have some errors, forwhich I give the flw screens. 1st - innitPlayerLocal, 2nd on start lobby and 3rd in game. Could you please have a look. Thanks and have a great day https://imgur.com/a/8n1y1sJ
  11. Outstanding thanks Gents
  12. Great stuff Gents ..... Thanks