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  1. I suspected that you would use TacView for this when you wrote "The battlefield is going to be exported into CSV format and ready through an external application afterwards.". The showstoppers for me were the the one-unit-per-csv limit and the it is borderline impossible to get A3 (height)maps into TV. So I dropped this idea on my end.
  2. If I may ask, what is the incentive to start development on a tool as opposed to using existing tooling like for example R3 and Athena? For one, I know R3 still works like a charm.
  3. ligthert

    NLD Units

    Lowlands Tactical is proud to present a new release of NLD Units bringing it to version 2018052213. NLD_Units, a mod that adds Dutch units to ArmA 3 in several delicious flavours! With over 30 units with 11 different camouflages accompanied by the necessary items and backpacks this mod adds over a massive 300 new classes to the game! To summarize what this mod adds: 21 infantry units coming with 8 different camo's: Woodland, Desert, Winter, Jungle, NFP-Tan, NFP-Green, UN-Woodland and UN-Desert 10 Special Forces members coming in Black, MTP & KM Wheeled Vehicles coming in Woodland, Winter and Desert Armored Vehicles coming in Woodland and Desert Air Vehicles Armed & Unarmed Support Vehicles with crew The units for now are (with a lack of 3D artists) reskins of BIS Units based on what we could find about our armed forces. As some may have figured out, it's been a while since our last release. With the team getting smaller and more irl stuff happening, we feel as though we won't be doing any more large updates to this mod. Some hotfixes if necessary and maybe some units here and there if they become available. For this reason we feel the best way to ensure the mod stays in working order is for to make use of dependencies, quite a few. We are still open to suggestions and contributions in any way! :) Download: You can download this release from: http://lowtac.nl/NLD_Units/@NLD_Units-2018052213.7z http://imgur.com/a/8BAZH Dependencies: CBA_A3 CUP_weapons CUP_vehicles CUP_units ADR-97 Weapon Pack Firewills F16 + deps Aplions Hellenic Armed Forces mod - Helicopters Changelog: v2018052213 Made ADR-97 Weapon Pack a dependency Made CUP Weapons a dependency Made CUP Units a dependency Made CUP Vehicles a dependency Made F-16 Fighting Falcon + deps a dependency Moved all DeltaGamer helicopters to the CUP variants. This should remove the error on startup and it gives us access to the CUP ecosystem for future vehicles aswell as dynamic loadouts for some vehicles! :) Made Aplion and NH90 + EC635 a dependency Revised Chinook textures, using cup chinooks Added F35 and F35 stealth Added 2 C130 versions Added Cougar MK II Added Boxer MRAV in 3 variants, M2 & MK19 armed and medevac (using cups strykers) Added previews for all units for Eden editor Replaced YPR's with cups M113 model (both in armed army & kmar and medical variant) Replaced MLRS's with cups MLRS's Added some mechanized groups Changed diemaco's standard scopes from ACOG to Elcan reflex sight (these allow NV zoomed in) Fixed group icon jungle anti armor team Fixed M1 helmet of the 80s units Fixed a few units weight by removing some ammo Notes: - Dutch Aviation Emergency Services can be found under Civilian. - There is a F16C CAS AI version, which can be used for Alive Combat Support. This vehicle includes all the normal weapons. - This mod is made to run in ArmA3 vanilla, adding mods like ACE3 or other mods can change the experience and loadout of this mod (although it shouldn't matter). Known issues: - Rebranded CUP weapons still show their original version in the arsenal Credits: Textures : Smootch, Shiftysean & Outlaw28 config.cpp : Sacha Ligthert, Shiftysean & Smootch Models : Bohemia Interactive
  4. ligthert

    NLD Units

    Small update: v2017040412 - Added DAF 4t interior after ArmA3's last hotfix Download: http://lowtac.nl/NLD_Units/@NLD_Units-2017040412.7z
  5. It doesn't seem to work for me. Running Windows 7 in x64 (and as admin) and all and no beef. Other group I have contact with don't seem to have any issues with it for some magical reason. Any ideas what to look for to make debugging easier?
  6. ligthert

    COOP 06 - Roadblock Duty (ACE)

    I haven't gotten around updating the mission, long-story-short: sitting is removed from ACE3 and put into ACEX, so it barfs because of this. Will fix this later this week. :)
  7. ligthert

    African Factions for CUP

    Congrats on your new mod release, I know that feel! :) This said, can you please binarize your configs, we had some issues in the past where the configs of a mod wasn't binarized and the server would reject everyone with these signed PBOs :-(
  8. ligthert

    CUP Compositions

  9. ligthert

    NLD Units

    I'll notify the author and blame him! ;) But to answer your question: Yes!
  10. ligthert

    NLD Units

    Much needed update! v2016101310 - Fixed hitpoints on certain helmets - Removed itemScope error during startup - Added Woodland Helmet Camo - Added optional TFAR Radio backpacks (4 camo's) - Added 80's units - Added Versatile Expeditionary Commando Tactical Off Road (or VECTOR) - Added custom markers - Added Group Icons - Added flags - Changed MINIMI and Ammo - Added Special Forces Weapons (The APEX Expansion with this is now a dependency) - Update SP_Pack Helmets Known issues: - The Apache gunner triggers a "MachineGun" error when switching weapons - AA Units trigger error on spawn - No Motorized and Mechanized groups (yet) - NH-90 breaks the tailrotor when slingloading in some cases Download: http://lowtac.nl/NLD_Units/@NLD_Units-2016101310.7z
  11. Tups is the glue that keeps ArmA 3 together! :)
  12. ligthert

    seelenlos Zeus

    Another SL_ tag, this might confuse some people. :)
  13. ligthert


    I've updated the repo at bitbucket with a different and more complete faction (NLDO_UA_UAF_95, the 95th Airmobile Brigade for NLD Units: OPFOR faction). I've basically refactored the group generation to include more types of groups (Motorized, mechanized, armored, air) and the corresponding icons. Long story short: ALiVE compatible faction out of the box. :)
  14. About @SL_AISkill is a mod that sets the skill and other behavior of units determined by the admin or mission maker with commands made available by Bohemia Interactive for ArmA 3. Since BIS has improved the AI to the point where it satisfies my needs but vanilla still are Rambo Sniper AI, I needed a mod that reduced these skills without adding extra fluff. So I made this mode. What differs from this mod (as far as I've seen) compared to other mods is that this just reduces the skill and allows you to change a few characteristics. And this either through SQF, triggers or a debug console on the fly in the way the script is set up (it loops). Features Sets AI skills to pleasing levels that allows for long firefights (and punishment if you make mistakes) Has default settings, but allows for changes to be made on the fly through scripting, triggers or the debug console Works with AI local to the game. So Zeus running this mod would set spawned unit skills automatically Makes use of SQF offered by ArmA 3 Requirement @CBA_A3 Usage When you load in the mod it should kick-off automagically. But you can enable/change features on the fly, just open the debug console, put it in the init of a unit, init.sqf of the scenario or in a trigger. These changes will be made during the next update cycle. Apply these changes globally if you run zeus or just on the server when you have it running, only on the server. Mod Operation SL_AI_DEBUG (default: 0) When enabled (1) it will print an extra line at the end of each cycle telling how much AI it "enhanced" SL_AI_SLEEP (default: 60) Seconds between every cycle SL_AI_SIDE (default: ["EAST","GUER"]) This tells the mod which units to modify. AI Skills SL_AI_ABILITY (default: 0.8) See https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/setUnitAbility The following are set with https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/AI_Sub-skills SL_AI_AIMACC (default: 0.2 + (random 0.1) ) SL_AI_AIMSHA (default: 0.15) SL_AI_AIMSPE (default: 0.25) SL_AI_SPOTDIST (default: 0.85) SL_AI_SPOTTIME (default: 0.7) SL_AI_COURAGE (default: 0.35) SL_AI_RELOADS (default: 0.8) SL_AI_CMNDS (default: 0.75) SL_AI_GENERAL (default: 0.75) AI Features SL_AI_FLEEING (default: 0) I hate my players. AI shouldn't run. See: https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/allowFleeing SL_AI_NOTIS (default: 1) Turn off thermals on vehicles and guns run by a side. This should prevent AI with .50-cals spawned by ALiVE checkpoints from ganking your from 1000m. To enable thermals again https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/disableTIEquipment. SL_AI_STAMINA (default: 1) Turn off fatigue for the fragfood so they can keep running while they happily kill you (with a rake). Known issues Doesn't make thee yet. Credits and Thanks Whistle for the perpetual reminder to finish this mod ;) Lowlands Tactical for being my lab rats! :D Changelog v20160308: Initial release Downloads http://sacha.ligthert.net/ARMA/%40SL_AISkill-v2016.03.08.7z https://bitbucket.org/ligthert/sl_aiskill/src
  15. configGenerator2 is a tool to aid modders in speeding up the development process of factions by automating a large portion of this process. I've written this tool because manually writing 1000s of lines of config is error prone and mind crushingly boring. With it I've created the Ukraine Border Guard faction for our NLD Units: OPFOR mod. This tool is written in Python 3 and combines what makes and defines a faction written in YAML and puts this in a mold consisting out of a handful of jinja2 templates. After running this tool it should generate a config.cpp file that did most of the work and require some minor edits. Please note that this tool is meant to speed up the process of generating config.cpp, not creating an error-less drop-in config.cpp. If you only need some group config, feel free to edit render.py. I recommend using a single instance of this tool per faction. Because not all projects need all the features currently in the tool. If you need something changed, change it! tl;dr: It creates from a bunch of files one big file so the modders have an easy time creating factions instead of churning out config. Features: An easy way to create factions Easy to understand yaml configuration Properly indented config file through jinja2 templates Automates the creation of an otherwise dull and manually error prone config file Requirements:Python v3 (Works on Linux too!) Texture files or class-names of your gear. This is something you have to do yourself Downloadhttp://sacha.ligthert.net/ARMA/configGenerator2-v2016.03.05.7z Clone from BitBucket: https://bitbucket.org/ligthert/configgenerator2/src Known issuesIt isn't bug free and it never intended to be cfgWeapons or cfgVehicles might have to many } on the end Changelogv2016.03.05 Initial releaseCredits and thanks Lowlands Tactical's Smootch and ShiftySean for their patience. I must be the worst person to work with. ;)InstallationThis program requires python v3.x to run. I've developed this on v3.4 and v3.5, anything lower should work. While I developed this using Ubuntu 14.04 LTS I am going to assume you will be editing and running this using your prefered Windows version (mine is 7). 1. Download Python v3.5+ This bit is simple, go to https://www.python.org/downloads/ and download the latest version of python v3.x 2. Install Python When installing this, please make sure you fully in stall it and tell it to add python to your installation path. 3. Download ConfigGen2 Go to https://bitbucket.org/ligthert/configgenerator2/downloads and download/clone yourself a copy of configGenerator v2. Unzip and stash it somewhere safely. 4. Installing dependencies Start cmd.exe cd to where you unzipped the configgenerator2 folder run pip3 install -r requirements.txt and let it do its thing 5. Check your installationFinal step of the road is running: python render.py This either will give you a lengthy config file ready for ArmA 3 or an error. With the latter,something went wrong. If this config, you can save it to a file by adding > config.cpp at the end.Files render.py: This file glues the yaml and jinja2 together into a single tool writeConfig.py: The function definitions used by render.py to do its thing faction.yaml: This file tells you what the faction looks like, what a simple soldier looks like, what the gear looks like, what flags and insignia look like and what the basic load-out is the rifleman. infantry.yaml: this file tells what the different unit look like infantry_backpacks.yaml: what backpacks are there and what do they look like infantry_groups.yaml: Which groups are there and what do they look like ArchitectureYAML A word of warning: the yaml use 2 spaces as indenting. Do this the wrong way the tool will break. Class names The third line of faction.yaml says the following: This class name shall serve as the base classname used throughout the faction to define units, backpacks, gear etc etc. Using nldo_ua_uaf_bg as an example. A rifleman would be called: A backpack would be for example: Please note that bp was added to indicate that this class is a backpack.Group classes in infantry_groups.yaml will automatically prepended: ( This is going to change in the future, since it can conflict with units)If you look for example at the fire time: This would create a group called nldo_ua_uaf_bg_team with the following team members: Gear Rifleman is the basic soldier. His loadout is defined in faction.yaml under items:, weapons: and magazines:. This is a list in yaml iterated through. But the rifleman isn't the only unit type, this is where infantry.yaml comes in. This tells which units there are and what they carry. You can tell how a unit looks by defining the following: name: The name of the unit backpack: What the dude has on its back icon: What kind of icon this user has add_items: add extra items (1 per line) compared to the rifleman add_weapons: add extra weapons (1 per line) compared to the rifleman add_magazine: ^--- you get it weapons: Tells you which weapons the unit carries magazines: Tells you which magazines the unit carries isMedic: is the unit a medic? isEngineer: is the unit an engineer? isExplosive: can he do things that go boom? canHideBodies: that is some operation flashpoint shit right there... Take a look at the infantry.yaml, it is pretty easy. It speaks for itself.Backpacks The backpack config is a bit odd do to how the config.cpp is made up: ammo: magazines: - 150Rnd_762x54_Box_Tracer:2 - 30Rnd_556x45_Stanag:8 - smokeShell:4This creates a backpack called nldo_ua_uaf_bg_bp_ammo and adds 2 belts for the AR, 8 stanag rounds and 4 party makers. The : is a delimiter here. Take a look at the infantry_backpacks.yaml for some more examples