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  1. A Squadron, Canadian Special Operations Group Time Zone: Atlantic Time Zone (GMT-3) Group Times: Sat/Sun from 2000-2300 hrs, pending availability. 24/7 access throughout. About us We are a modern SOF unit that operates within a variety of different contemporary environments utilizing the Liberation Rx framework. We were initially comprised of current/former Canadian military members and are now looking to expand our small community. As we host a 24/7 persistent campaign server, operators may join and leave as they like throughout the week. We do NOT offer a role-specific structure, but rather prefer the unique playstyles of each of our operators that's force multiplied by an AI team. This structure is to provide each operator with a feeling that they are contributing to the bigger picture, rather than being solely-focused on small-unit tactics. We also aim for an immersive and realistic environment in our mission contents by providing a realistic Warning Order and on-going narrative with ISR updates to our deployments based on progress made/lost throughout the week. Our end state is in always making sure it a fun and memorable experience for all involved. Ground Assets Squadron Headquarters Assault Element made up of 4 x Troops Support Assets Special Reconnaissance Troop Air Assets Special Operations Aviation Wing (Rotary) Entry Requirements Recruits wishing to join will need to ensure the following min. requirements are met: 15+ (No exceptions) Mature, team-oriented and able to communicate effectively in English Owns a legal copy of Arma 3 with a min. of 20+ hours of Arma 3 experience Must be willing/able to join & communicate via Teamspeak/Discord Able to download & maintain our mod set Able to commit to atleast ONE coordinated sign up per week Selection Application
  2. -- WHO WE ARE -- Discord: https://discord.gg/X58DwGZz Operations: Saturdays at 7pm EST (Fun ops: TBA) Upcoming Campaign: Battle for Earth We are R.A.V.E.N, a primarily North American Halo-Sim / Optre unit. We work with a heavy focus on recon and info gathering; While trying to keep a light-hearted, yet mature environment. There is no “yes sir, no sir” atmosphere and we don’t have ranks, just command roles. When in-game, members will be required to wear their proper tags, follow the orders given to them, use proper radio communication, and operate as their assigned role. When out of game, members are encouraged to relax and enjoy themselves while participating in community events. -- OUR OPERATIONS -- Every operation hosted by our unit will be run by one of our “illustrious” Zeuses featuring multiple factions and individuals. Each mission is interactive and story-driven. Seemingly simple choices that are made early on in a campaign can have lasting effects that directly alter the events that follow. We require that all members attend a minimum of 2 operations each month to maintain active status. If you are unable to attend ops for a stretch of time you will be put in reserves and can rejoin to active status at any time. Our unit acts as a private military company (PMC) employed by the UNSC and other parties. We play missions set in various parts of the HALO timeline from the main games, to the background lore, and to parts of our own unit-specific storyline! -- WHAT MAKES US DIFFERENT -- We are a PMC group set inside the Halo Universe so we have the freedom to explore not only missions in the various games, but we can also carve our own path and story. Unlike other Halo-Sim units we don’t have a set side and so frequently find ourselves fighting UNSC, Innies, Covenant, and many other groups. Our style of Halo-Sim means we don't have to worry about all the semantics or rigid military structure that other groups focus heavily on such as: requiring prowords, grid references, land navigation, multiple squad formations, saluting, etc. Just stick with your squad, do what you are told, and shoot the bad guys. Our operations offer a wide range of settings in various environments. We tend to have a heavy focus on reconnaissance, but break up the pace every few ops to help keep things new and exciting. In other units, you become just a number and you make little to no impact overall as you throw your body to the wall. Here, we know everyone's name, listen to all ideas, and work as a team to carve our path throughout every operation. Currently we have two separate formations; Kestrel and Thunder. Kestrel fills out our infantry squads and is the core of the unit, providing individuals many diverse options for equipment and specialist roles. Thunder is our (primarily) aviation wing and they provide logistical and combat assistance to our main ground forces. We have several different trainings that will be available such as the basic combat training (BCT) required to be taken by all who join the unit, short training to get certified for a new specialist role, and much longer trainings and qualifications for applicants for our more advanced specializations such as Shooter (reconnaissance/sniper) and Thunder. Members are not stuck in their specific role, we allow our members to change their role at any time if they are no longer enjoying it. . We do not micromanage your gear. While there are basic kit requirements for whatever role you have there is an incredible amount of flexibility to what you can carry. Players can make their character truly unique and take the gear that THEY want to use. -- HOW TO JOIN -- Our basic requirements: Be Mature (no age requirements here). Must speak English. Microphone Preferred but not required. Have a valid copy of Arma 3 If any of this sounds interesting to you, feel free to hop in our Discord and talk to us there. There is more specific information posted there and we would be more than happy to answer any questions you might have for us.
  3. Greetings, I'm one of those people who comes up with incredibly niche ideas without having much experience in scripting, so I was hoping someone here could help me. I have a script that jams the TFAR radio, and ideally the players' radios would go back to working correctly once the jammer is destroyed. However, I've run into a couple of problems. The first is that the players inside the jammer range can hear radio transmissions from outside of it, which isn't a huge problem so if it can't be fixed then so be it. The second problem is that, even though the players' radios go back to working once they are outside the range of the jamming script, they do not go back to working if the jamming entity is destroyed while they are inside of it. You can imagine how this might be an issue. Code posted below, and I greatly appreciate any help that can be given. YourFunctionName = { _unitInJammerArea = []; params ["_jammer"]; while {alive _jammer} do { _unitInJammerArea = nearEntities [_jammer, ["Man"], 200]; _allUnits = allPlayers - entities "HeadlessClient_F"; _notInJammerArea = _allUnits - _unitInJammerArea; if !(count _notInJammerArea isEqualTo 0) then { { _x setVariable ["tf_receivingDistanceMultiplicator", 1]; _x setVariable ["tf_sendingDistanceMultiplicator", 1]; } foreach _notInJammerArea; }; if !(count _unitInJammerArea isEqualTo 0) then { { _x setVariable ["tf_receivingDistanceMultiplicator", 0]; _x setVariable ["tf_sendingDistanceMultiplicator", 0]; } foreach _unitInJammerArea; }; sleep 5; }; { _x setVariable ["tf_receivingDistanceMultiplicator", 1]; _x setVariable ["tf_sendingDistanceMultiplicator", 1]; } foreach _unitInJammerArea; };
  4. Hey guys, I am currently planning an Intro sequence in a large multiplayer mission and I would like the players to shut the f*** up. Well, as it is the internet and its a lot of people, everybody will be talking during that sequence. As we are also using tfar, I can't seem to find a way to mute all the players during the sequence. Does anybody know a way how to achive this while the intro sequence is playing?
  5. I've been trying to get TFAR working for me and my mates to play arma with. I'm currently testing it and it's not working. We're connected, we get switched to the correct channels, we both have the correct addons but we just can't hear each other in game.
  6. Using @rebel12340 's Radio Jammer script, I wanted to add a little life to them. I updated to his latest version and made it much easier to use them mid-mission with any Zeus: Again, all credit to @rebel12340 for his work, I made 0 edits to his script, just added the effects and Zeus function. You can grab Rebel's original script here: You can download everything from here: https://github.com/phoenixdowngaming/Xians-Scripts/tree/master/Radio_Jammer Inside the Init of your Zeus Module: this addEventHandler ["CuratorObjectPlaced", { params ["_curator", "_entity"]; [_entity]execVM "RadioJammer\jammer_Check.sqf"; } ]; RadioJammer\jammer_Check.sqf: private _jammer = _this select 0;//the jammer if (typeof _jammer == "Land_DataTerminal_01_F") then //check if the object Zeus placed is a Data Terminal aka Jammer { [_jammer,3] call BIS_fnc_dataTerminalAnimate;//Animate the jammer to be open and "on" [[_jammer]] execVM "RadioJammer\TFARjamRadios.sqf";//activate Rebel's radio Jamming script, ALL CREDIT TO HIM FOR THIS, I MADE 0 EDITS TO HIS WORK _jamPos = getPos _jammer;//get the position of the jammer _jamSource = "Land_HelipadEmpty_F" createVehicle [0,0,0];//create an invisible helipad to use as our sound source _jamSource setPos _jamPos; _Zeus = allCurators;//get a list of Zeus's incase multiple are being used {_x addCuratorEditableObjects [[_jamSource],false ];} forEach _Zeus;//make sure to add the helipad to Zeus incase he wants to move or delete the jammer after its been placed _jamDamage = getDammage _jammer;//in order to loop the sound, I chose to use a damage check [_jammer,["Shutdown Jammer","RadioJammer\jammer_shutdown.sqf",[_jammer,_jamSource],1,false,true,"","_this distance _target < 3"]] remoteExec ["addAction",0]; while {_jamDamage < 0.10} do { [_jamSource,["jammer_loop",25,1]] remoteExec ["say3D",0]; sleep 3; }; //this while loop checks the damage of the jammer every 3 seconds. apparently it can't be shot or blown up so we apply the damage manually in the shutdown script which ends the sound effects }; RadioJammer\jammer_shutdown.sqf private _jammer = _this select 0; //The Jammer device itself private _jamsource = nearestObject [_jammer,"Land_HelipadEmpty_F"]; //the sound effect source private _jamDamage = getDammage _jammer; //the jammers current damage deleteVehicle _jamsource; //stops the sound regardless of loop or length of sound effect _jammer setDamage 0.75; //set damage, can be any value really but I chose 75% [_jammer,"green","green","green"] call BIS_fnc_DataTerminalColor; //change the colors from red to green to let player now its "safe" [_jammer,0] call BIS_fnc_dataTerminalAnimate; //animate the box to Close, giving visually feedback to the player [_jammer,["power_down",25,1]] remoteExec ["say3D",0]; //play the power down sound effect directly from the jammer itself player setVariable ["tf_receivingDistanceMultiplicator", 1]; //variable used to turn radios back on player setVariable ["tf_transmittingDistanceMultiplicator", 1]; //variable used to turn radios back on }; Description.ext enableDebugConsole = 1; respawn = "BASE"; respawnDelay = 5; //This is the section that is most important. All the sounds are 'declared' here to be used in game class CfgSounds { class jammer_loop { name = "jammer_loop"; sound[] = {"\sound\jammer_Effect.ogg", db+2, 1}; titles[] = {1,""}; }; class power_down { name = "power_down"; sound[] = {"\sound\power_down.ogg", db+6, 1}; titles[] = {1,""}; }; }; 1 Known Bug so far: I've had a few people tell me that the sound effect is very low which is odd because on my machine, its loud. A quick workaround/fix is to just turn up the db+# in the description.ext to a higher number and that should get it working Any questions, suggestions or feedback, let me know! I learned most my scripting knowledge back in Arma 2 so if its old or if anything can be done an easier/better way, I'd love to know about it!
  7. Hey folks! This is my first Post here. Please let me know if I'm doing anything wrong. I'm currently in the process of setting up a basic server for me and my friends. We just want to play some standard Arma missions while using TFAR (Task Force Arrowhead Radio) which, like a lot of other mods out there, requires CBA_A3. So far so easy. First let me tell you what I've done to set up my server: Installed the server via steamcmd (standard procedure) Downloaded tfar (v0.9.12) and CBA_A3 (v3.15.6.211004) (tried my local workshop files as well as github release downloads from the devs themselves) Copied the two mod folders to the root of my arma server Copied the keys from inside the mod folders to the keys folder in the server root Started the server with the following options: -world="empty" -mod=@CBA_A3;@task_force_radio; -autoinit Now let me tell you what happens after I launch the server. Everything seems to work as expected. The server starts up without throwing any error in the console. After a minute or two I can reach the server via direct connect. But that's where it starts to get weird. When you click on a server in Armas serverlist, you see a list of mods which are running on the server in the bottom right corner. And well... It doesn't show either CBA nor TFAR. It just lists the standard Arma 3 DLC's. When we connect to the server while being connected to TeamSpeak (and obviously having installed the plugin in TS) we hear the init sound that TFAR makes once you spawn on the map. We can open the Radio via Ctrl+P and we can use PTT via Caps. But we can't hear each other. Neither by standing next to each other nor by using the radio (we checked the frequency, it was the same). Now I'm really really confused. I can't find any additional steps that you have to do in order to use mods on an Arma server ... ANY help is highly appreciated! I'm close to thinking about giving up and going back to LAN games via Hamachi with max 5 people because I'm trying to figure this out for three days already. Thanks in advance everyone and have a great day
  8. Group: 10th Airborne Division, 1st BCT, 2-505th PIR, Alpha Company Branch: Realistic Milsim Age: No Age Limit, just act mature. Language: English Timezone: US EST Operation Time: Training OP on Saturday's at 6:30 PM EST, Main OP on Sunday at 6:15 PM EST Operation Type: Airborne, Air Assault, Infantry, Milsim, HVT, Direct Action, Airfield Seizure's, Join Operations, Campaigns and More Required Mods: RHS, CUP, ACE, CBA, LAMBS, USAF, TFAR and more Other Essential Info: The 10th Airborne Division is a highly specialized unit that conducts Airborne Operations into mountainous and denied territory our goal is to be able to Jump into a foreign denied territory in less than 18 hours . Teamwork and Communication are key to the success of an Operation. Discord: https://discord.gg/yYdRUrGxqf 10th Airborne Division Kevin Speirs
  9. Hiya, I'm having some trouble with a script for a mission that is supposed to have a vehicle with something like a loudspeaker on it. The plan was to use TFAR for this for the cool effect of being able to actually speak through it and your voice then blaring from the car over radio and this making a bunch of civilians react in different ways. (I'm not having problems with the actual sounds and mod the problem is checking for certain conditions being met) I've found the event that I need to call to check for whenever someone transmits over a radio and set it up so that it only activates using the right frequency. However I also want it to only work when you SPEAK through the radio. There's a boolean that you can check for to see if someone is speaking but obviously if I use this in the event code it is only called once when the button is pressed. So I'm having some problems with how to implement this. Also excuse the shittily written and formatted code this has been cut and pasted through a few times so whenever I get something functional I'm gonna rewrite it a bit nicer. Here's what I got so far: radioBroadcastScript.sqf (executed in init with the argument of "230" just for testing purposes) //These first lines check for the arguments of the script. If none are added it will use the defaults. //First argument is the braodcast frequency. Note this has to be between 30 and 512. DEFAULT is 79.3 if (isNil {_this select 0}) then { _this set [0, "79.3"]; }; //Set the frequency at which the broadcast is detected on. broadcastFrequency = (_this select 0) ; //For each player in a group run the code below { //Register event to unit. This event is from TFAR and is for when someone presses or releases the radio transmit button. ["BroadcastingThroughSpeaker", "OnTangent", { //The event information. Unit object, radio object, radio type, whether it's an additional channel, whether it's a release or press. params ["_player", "_radio", "_radioType", "_additional", "_buttonDown"]; //Checks whether the button is pressed if (_buttonDown) then { //Assigns the currently used radio frequency by the unit to a variable _currentFrequency = _player call TFAR_fnc_currentSWFrequency; //Checks whether the frequency used matches the broadcast frequency if (_currentFrequency isEqualTo broadcastFrequency) then { systemChat format ["%1 is transmitting on frequency %2", name playerObject, _currentFrequency]; }; }; }, player] call TFAR_fnc_addEventHandler; } forEach units group player; And the check for whether someone is speaking is this little line here if (_player call TFAR_fnc_isSpeaking) then I've been kinda trying out a few different options but nothing really works. Also something worth noting is that this should ideally work in multiplayer. Any help would be greatly appreciated! 😄
  10. Arma Project – is a player community that was created for hosting team-based tactical games that imitate real-life armed conflicts through the use of modern technical means. The project aims to achieve interesting, tactically coordinated plays of already created missions. One life per mission, first-person only, no bots, realistic camouflage, armament and vehicles. Main event – Arma Project Games (APG) runs on Fridays and Saturdays from 21:00 Moscow time (GMT+3). Games run on their own assembly of mods for ArmA 2 Operation Arrowhead, based on Advanced Combat Environment 2 (Complicates ballistics, adds many weapons, equipment, artillery, etc.), many additional islands (Napf, Winter Cherno and Vostok, Caribou, Emita, Fallujah, Fata , Isla Duala, Franken, Zernovo, Isola Di Capraia, Lingor, Celle, Panthera, Queshkibrul, Sahrani, Thirsk, Spritzisland, etc.), many additional mods (RHS, weapons, vehicles, uniforms, various features, etc.), and also a radio exchange mod. The game on the project is very different from vanilla ArmA 2, adding realism, simulator and complicated model of ballistics / weapons / equipment. Arma Project Games (APG) There are 2-3 missions for 100-220 slots; confrontation between two sides (red and blue), which consist of 3-8 detachments with their own commanders and structures; the parties prepare in advance for the mission: they plan their actions, arrangement, tasks, etc. Each mission takes between 30 minutes and 2.5 hours. TeamSpeak: ts.armaproject.ru It was originally a Russian community, but recently we present the English version of the ArmaProject! Translated information about the project, game installation, short rules, Steam guide and community, forum interface and home page. Przewodnik dla początku gry na polskim (Polish guide) An non-Russian section of the forum has been created for communication. TeamSpeak has translators to answer questions and guide you through the game. We look forward to new players and your feedback!
  11. Hello everyone, Apologies if this has been asked already or if there is a super simple solution that I am just incapable of finding. I am writing with a question concerning the Zeus ability to hear voices of other players. As Zeus I am able to set radio frequency that the team is using and hear them talk, which is obviously fine. However, in order to hear them talk to each other via the normal local chat with the help of TFAR, I have to teleport near them as invisible. That is understandable, but is there any way for me to hear their local chat without the need to teleport right next to them? That is problematic since in the midst of action one does not always have time to teleport, and furthermore, as an HQ I often chat to team leaders on a long range radio which may then be heard by the players that I have teleported next to. I have noticed that Luetin does have this ability as seen in this video: but I never wrapped my head around how to make that work. That would be an immense help when Zeusing. Thanks for any help, Adam
  12. Greetings, everyone. Here to present my vision of Ravage mission and my server that running it. B2 Ravage Malden Files b2_ravage_malden.Malden.pbo Steam Mods Collection Story Few years have passed since the beginning of The White Plague. World lies in ruins... Remaining shards of humanity sheltered in barricaded fortresses, desperately trying to survive. Everything is hostile outside this walls. You are one of The Pathfinders. Your mission is quite "simple": rediscover the World. Description You playing as a Pathfinder of a Survivor community rather then lone survivor. World outside is extremely deadly - you'll have to team-up if you want to survive long enough. Gameplay is focused on teamwork, combat action and exploration. Mission is balanced for 2-4 player teams, but will also work in SP-mode. Features Dynamically spawned enemies - bandits, renegades and zombies Hardcore survival with effects of hunger, thirst, radiation, injuries, virus and dust sickness Multiple survivor Hubs with NPC characters Realistic modern weapons, gear and vehicles Realistic hardcore firefights including suppression and weapon jamming Recruitable AI companions (can be revived and will revive player) Experience and Level Systems Weapon/Gear Shop and Garage Systems Persistence System S.T.A.L.K.E.R.-like Anomalies Post-Apocalyptic Weather (including dust storms and tornadoes) The Zone - area affected by virus with lots of zombies, anomalies and extremely dangerous drone guardians Rumors says somewhere inside The Zone there's a functioning mobile nuclear reactor, which will fulfill power requirements of what's left from humanity virtually forever Screenshots Credits haleks - amazing Ravage Mod hoverguy - Weapon Shop, Garage and Experience Systems aliascartoons - Dust Storm Script EO - multiple scripts and scripting hints tourist - performance and mod advises GEORGE FLOROS GR - Helicopter Crashsite script and overall support of Ravage community and all the mod-makers
  13. Introduction ITC Land Systems is a mod that aims to adds depth and realism to arma’s aircraft, with the main focus being fixed wing aircraft in the ground attack role. Update V1.8 Update V1.7 - performance, usability, reliability Changes: https://forums.bohemia.net/forums/topic/215419-itc-air-systems-v16-fcr-mavericks-new-mfd-system/?do=findComment&comment=3298124 Update V1.6 - Major overhaul Fully interactive MFDs Sensor slewing system(including HMCS) Realistically configurable JDAMs(programmable fuzes & impact angle) Selectable Nose/Tail fuzes Ripple release for bombs Air-Ground Fire Control Radar Realistic physx based autopilot Rover TGP video feed Realistic targeting for mavericks TGP Infrared marking laser Steerpoint system for navigation and targeting Expect new documentation on the github wiki soon https://www.youtube.com/edit?o=U&video_id=I7_3CVfOZKc Hotfix V1.51 Fixed a GBU-12 guidance problem Fixed a config inheritance issue Update V1.5 - Two seaters and Bomb rippling It has been a while, but here it is, v1.5 Changelog Two seater compatibility Bomb ripple releasing Known issues Waypoint autocycle sometimes may not work properly with paired releases, as the second bomb will release before the waypoint is cycled. Two seater system The two seater system comes in the form of a scripted system that lets the WSO and pilot share the pilot's TGP, and a system that synchronizes the steerpoints between the two users. The WSO camera can by default be opened with left shift + down. Bomb ripple release In V1.5 you will be able to ripple certain bombs, both guided and unguided. If your bomb can be rippled the settings for it will show up in the WPN page when it is selected. Ripple-able bombs include dumb bombs like the mk82, but also guided bombs like the JDAM. The ripple system will also let you automatically cycle waypoints every time a bomb is released. Future plans This update came a little slower than the previous ones, but worry not, my work itself has not slowed down. I have started shifting attention to a new project. For some sneak peeks feel free to join the discord. Update V1.4 - Pylon/Bombs Drag & Weight, SADL Datalink messaging, Fuel consumption indicator Hotfix V1.351 V1.35 Mini-update: Laser codes, GBU-12, APKWS, Laser Spot Search Laser Spot Search & Track The laser spot search feature has been overhauled. Previously it would just find the nearest laserTarget object and lock on to it. In its current form, when you enable Laser Spot Search, the pod will start scanning in its currently set direction and field of view for any laser with the desired code. While searching the TGP will say LSS on the right side. When it finds a laser, the TGP will start tracking it, and will say LST on the right side. Update v1.3 - TAD, SADL, TGP ITC_Air base-classes & Compatibility UPDATE V1.2 - MFDs, Compatibility, LJDAM Contents Here are some of the core features of the mod. To view the full contents of the mod, view the documentation. Rover Munitions WP Smoke Rockets GBU-38 JDAM Steerpoints ITC Aircraft comes with a steerpoint system to help users navigate, target, and communicate locations. Steerpoints are stored in the ACE Microdagr waypoint list, allowing players to easily create them from the microdagr. Alternatively steerpoints can be generated from the current TGP position with a hotkey, automatically saving them as a microdagr waypoint with the naming scheme “Mark n”(number). Targeting HMCS: Pilots can use a hotkey to lock the TGP to a position they are looking at with their HMD. Steerpoints: When switching steerpoints, the TGP will automatically lock to the position of the selected steerpoint. Radar: Pilots can use a hotkey to lock the TGP to the location of a vehicle currently locked by the radar. IR Marker HMD & TGP Compatibility Requirements CBA A3 ACE 3 Included Aircraft The mod’s features can be configured for any aircraft, but by default it works on 2 standard aircraft and 2 Jets DLC aircraft. All of our mod’s aircraft are custom versions to ensure the mod is always kept completely optional. All can be found under NATO > Airplanes. F/A-181 > F-181E A-164 -> A-10E A-149 -> Jas-39E A-143 -> A-159 Compatibility https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1501767670 Documentation Documentation can be found here Download The mod can be found on the steam workshop
  14. Detachment One is a North America based Arma 3 unit based on MCSOCOM Detachment One. We are extending an invitation to skilled personnel interested in running operations of the following types: Direct Action Special Reconnaissance Special Activities The atmosphere at DetOne is more relaxed, as we have all been a part of previous milsim units. No need to report in, finish statements with “Sir!” nor address members by rank. We have a Teamspeak 3 and Arma 3 server and primarily use TS3 and Discord for communications. Events/Operations The main operation takes place on Saturdays at 9PM EST Other events and training may take place weekly or as determined. Our servers are online 24/7 with the exception of maintenance, so our members can additionally gather/play at any time. https://youtu.be/nAIed1M4a9g Requirements: Minimum age of 18 Teamspeak 3 with Microphone Fluent in English Arma 3 installed Good overall fit for the unit Open Roles: Direct Action Element Member SARC – Special Amphibious Reconnaissance Corpsman Aviator, 1-160th SOAR The unit also has a “Fires Element,” where members can serve roles of: Machine Gunner Infantry Assaultman Mortarman Candidates will undergo an Initial Skills Assessment covering the followin criteria before acceptance: Land Navigation Radio Communication/TFAR ACE Advanced Medical Skills Room Clearing/CQB and POS ID ACE Explosives Further skills on the individual and team level may be trained and developed after entrance. To join or if you have questions, please message one of these members: Bezaleel DareThrylls Arondight Join us on Discord! https://discord.gg/S4NSw8J
  15. Hello all, I would like to invite everyone here that is interested in a casual realism coop event, called Spearhead Operations. Spearhead Operations is a CO-OP Casual realism multiplayer event, that is hosted biweekly using the IFA mod. Each mission, you play in the boots of a certain unit during the second world war following through certain campaigns before moving onto the next one. At the current time, we have set the course for Italy during operation Husky Up until now, the events have been tested within groups of friends but now open to the public. No DLC's needed, and any skill level is welcome to join. No slots are reserved, and all are welcome to pick whichever role they want in the squads. The missions are however highly squad focused, and will require coordination with your squad and others around you to complete. The universal rule of the event is: Dont be a cunt. Missions start every second friday, at 1900 GMT+0, and the server is hosted in France. The modpack used, can be found in this collection: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=945813186 Teamspeak: ts.alwaysbased.com If you have any questions, inquiries or want to have a chat you can add me on steam: https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198010449396/ Or reply to the thread and i will answer as soon as i can. Pictures of previous events, will be updated periodicly:
  16. Frostbite72

    TFAR setup

    I Have set up a server to play Antistasi with some friends and I have a team speak server but i don't know how to set up TFAR correctly pls help and thank you in advance
  17. Timezone/location : Worldwide Gamemode preference (eg coop or pvp): all, but focused on coop Language: English Website address: www.tacticalgaming.net Short description: Tactical Gaming Background and Introduction: TacticalGaming.net has been established since 2004, has registered players over every platform in both Tactical Sport and Tactical Warfare. Dedicated Servers and TS in North America and Europe. Multi cultural - all with English as their first language. TG ArmA Division are a Tactical Simulation Gaming Unit, consisting of organized squads under command of a staff structure based on that of real life military. We aim to establish a realistic gaming experience that is enjoyable but at the same time fulfills the environment of a professional military approach to combat. We included the use of Mods' to enhance the experience 'in game' all having been tried tested and approved to make the game more enjoyable: TFAR (radio), RHS (units , uniforms and weaponry), CBA and ACE (medical, sniper , spotter, jtac and artillery improvements) SOP Purpose: We incorporate modified Standard Operating Procedures (S.O.P's) based on military doctrine to enhance our Unit game play and tactics in ArmA. These SOP's are used to train throughout our Squads to enable Unit cohesion. Before being released onto the battleground as an ultimate warrior you will be enrolled into the (IN) Squad to enhance your abilities of teamwork and tactics. This will teach everything a new recruit needs to know to be an effective member of the team. We incorporate modified Standard Operating Procedures (S.O.P's) based on military doctrine to enhance our Unit game play and tactics in ArmA. These SOP's are used to train throughout our Squads to enable Unit cohesion and Knowledge expansion The important thing to remember is to enjoy your time and learn as you progress from raw recruit onto your Graduation as a COOP Platoon Squad member. If you are interested, please visit http://www.tacticalgaming.net and sign up!
  18. A total overhaul of Talon's TFAR Radio Backpack Additions by Tablesalt Features: The 3 classes of the original "Talon's TFAR Radio Backpack Additions" are still in there for compatibility Comes with the original 3 colors (green, coyote, and winter) There are now radios for every faction (west, east and independent) The mass of the kitbag was increased by 80 (Mass: 130) and the maximum load reduced by 80 (Max load: 200) to simulate the added radio Uses the respective base class from TFAR and replaces the model and mass/load settings Requires: TFAR 1.0-PreRelease (doesn't work with <=0.9.x) Download: Github Steam Workshop Armaholic Changelog: 1.0.0 initial release License: This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License
  19. Teamspeak IP: Ts3.3rdSFO.us Public Server IP: Port: 2542 Map: Clafghan Game Type: Insurgency (ALIVE) High Traffic Time: 8:00pm-12:00am Central US time Server side mods (Required): CBA ACE3 TFAR RHSUSAF CUP Terrains - Maps CUP Terrains - Core CUP Vehicles CUP Units CUP Weapons F/A-18 Claghan Alive The Mods 3rdSFO Runs includes above: BloodLust USS Nimitz BackPackOnChest ShackTac User Interface Advanced Sling Loading Advanced Towing Advanced Urban Repelling Arma Enhanced Movement FIR Pilot&Crew Pack HMDs MOD (Metric) L3-GPNVG18 Panoramic Night Vision Spec4Gear v4.6 Splended Smoke Theseus Services Steam Collection http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=827107985 Server is open keys, so you can run any mods that you like. Just have the minimal required ones and you should be good.
  20. Players must quickly assault a Syndikat held town as they search for a stolen file that has troop movements for the area. Using the cover of night, silenced weapons, and night vision players will have to get the drop on the bandits, if they allow themselves to get bogged down the superior numbers will overwhelm them. Ambushes and roadside bombs are common tactics of Syndikat. Features: -Enemy Faction: Syndikat -Player Faction: Russian Armed Forces -Map: Tanoa -Dedicated Server Compatible -Required DLC: Apex -Required Mods: CUP Units, CUP Vehicles, CUP Weapons, TFAR, CBA. -Playable in Singleplayer on a LAN server. Special thanks to Mulluskan, 417, Scorch052, and Robodog for helping me test, learning how to script, and giving me feedback for this mission. Any and all feedback is welcome. Here is a link to the workshop page: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1087600510
  21. We are Czech based, ARMA3 unit focusing on Realistic Gameplay. We play as Czech Army 4th Rapid deployment Brigade, because our player base consists of current or former members of said unit in real life. Our Gameplay is relaxed in terms of military ranks and person to person interaction, but firm in tactics, folowing combat orders, and fulfilling appointed duties. We are looking for , new members, occasional players and other units that would join us on battlefield. What we have to offer: Own Public and own private server. Own TS3 server Training and tactical advisory Provided by Real currently serving soldiers, or soldiers whos service ended recently. Technical advice and troubleshooting by experienced Arma Players, server specialists and mission creators. Fun. What is required from you: Black Lion membership applicant Fluency in Czech or Slovak language Age of at least 18 (16 if we decide that you are mature enough) Working headset with working microphone communicativeness will to learn new skills If you have any questions, contact us at INFO@BLACKLION.CZ or on our teamspeak: ts.blacklion.cz
  22. Welcome to AhoyWorld! Who are we? AhoyWorld Enhanced, or AWE, is one of several Arma servers of the AhoyWorld community, creators of Invade & Annex. As a public server, we offer a modded, custom dynamic co-op mission running 24/7 inviting everyone to drop by and say hello! Additionally, there are frequent events and game nights open for all to attend, created by staff and volunteering community mission makers. What do we do? AWE aims to bring fun to an organised manner of tactical gameplay. Our roster is open for everyone to pick any available role and be put under the wings of competent leaders -- or take up the role of command themselves! You’ll be playing alongside like-minded members of an open community that strives to bring realism and cohesion forward into each mission. Daily dynamic gameplay on a dedicated server with TeamSpeak integration No rank structure; everything is public Cohesive platoon-based action with an established CoC Whether spec-ops, para-drops or combined arms assaults, we do it all Focus on teamplay and coordination Welcoming atmosphere Newcomer-friendly! For a preview of how we operate, check out our media distribution centre! AWE Media Distribution We also host accompanying events such as dedicated training sessions for those interested in advancing their skills, or a more milsim-style server running a weekly ALiVE campaign. Which mods are there? Chiefly, we use RHS, 3CB & MGP for our equipment, ACE for our realism and TFAR for our comms structure. There are a number of other gameplay-enhancing mods for you to explore, including a selection of terrains for daily play as well as scheduled events. Our modset aims to contain as little bloat as possible, but it’s still full of content! What should you bring to the table? A positive attitude and open mind for a variety of playstyles Enjoyment of organised, semi-realistic gameplay Ability to listen to a chain of command A microphone and presentable English That’s all we ask of you! Interested? Head on over to http://www.ahoyworld.net if you want to find out more and join us. We have a Steam group as well as several social platforms, and an active Twitch stream! TS: ts.ahoyworld.net Any questions are welcome in here, as PM or directly on our forums. We hope to see you soon! Cheers AhoyWorld Outreach
  23. Hey! I've been trying to add compatibility between the OP4, BLUE4 as well as GREEN4 radios using the TFAR mod. Looking at NKEY's (Author of TFAR) website I came up with this: /* NAME: TFAR_Compat_fix.sqf INIT: execVM "tfar_combat_fix.sqf" */ _Encryption = tf_west_radio_code; tf_guer_radio_code = _Encryption; tf_east_radio_code = _Encryption; It should find the encryption code of BLUE4 and set it as the code for GREEN4 as well as RED4, however this doesn't work. Tested on dedi btw. If anyone have any info regarding this or could offer any help that'd be greatly appreciated. Thanks! :)
  24. 64bit dll for TFAR and ACE3 TFAR dll work confirmd. ACE3 dll not confirmed. USE AT YOUR OWN RISK TFAR Official Dll https://github.com/michail-nikolaev/task-force-arma-3-radio/releases/tag/0.9.12 Experimental, compiled from 1.0 Branch https://github.com/michail-nikolaev/task-force-arma-3-radio/releases/tag/1.0-PreRelease https://macchky.net/dl/task_force_radio_pipe_x64.dll 2017/3/17 Update TFAR Dll
  25. With the results of my poll in, the server has been configured and launched. It is an Invade and Annex on the Tanoa map, with the mods being RHS: Escalation and Task Force Radio. If you want, you may also load in with ShackTac Interface but that's optional. I hope we get some people on and enjoying everything I have to offer. Feel free to use the TeamSpeak as well. Server: Teamspeak: And if you really feel so inclined, you can join the Arma 3 Unit that I'm starting up. Task Force 121 -> https://units.arma3.com/unit/jsoctf121