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  1. There is currently no CUP compatibility, but one is in the plans. Are there any specific aircraft you'd like? Update Later today or tomorrow morning, I'll be pushing out an update First off it'll have a north indicator Second off I've got an overhaul for the NAV page, including some basic TACAN functionality
  2. The issue is known, but currently I'm not sure what I can do about it, I've noticed it appears mainly at night, and how much it occurs sometimes is affected by some graphical settings(HDR is one I've noticed) and some planes. It's noticed, it has been on the list of stuff I should do but I've forgotten about it for a bit, I'll try to get around to adding it soon. Announcements Version 1.9 just released on steam, most updates are backend, and stuff I've pointed out a couple posts above. I'll try to get around doing a video where I run through the updates on monday.
  3. More updates! I've been busy with real life stuff and doing some stuff to integrate feature with the F/A-18E so ITC Air has not developed an awful lot, but none the less, I do have some stuff people might like coming up. (r)overhaul The rover code has been overhauled, performance will be a lot better, the old rover code hasn't really been touched since 1.3. Laser Lead Guidance AGM-65E and LJDAMs now will now adjust for lead in their guidance, what this means in practical terms is that they will be a hell of a lot better at hitting moving targets. Instead of just chasing the laser, they now intercept where it's going to be when the laser is moving. Harpoon overhaul Along with the JDAM models, the Harpoon models from the F/A-18 have also been donated and will be included in ITC Air, along with this I've already started on some bugfixes for said guidance. The guidance will get some more improvements, and will have a tutorial as it gets released(harpoon guidance programming can get pretty ridiculous) Rover with HMD Using a variation of vanilla arma's Tactical Glasses, the rover is getting an option to display it on an HMD in the corner of your screen. (note: demo gfy is filmed from a pilot's perspective, but the rover glasses will be available to infantry)
  4. Progress update! Sort of. For the next version, I'll largely be focussing on improving the rover and laser marker, including their network code performance. I'm also in general looking in to improving performance with this update, I've noticed and received some reports that the FCS system's impact point calculation is a little performance heavy. New manual! The documentation is being moved again, the old documentation location will have a link to the new docs. The new user manual can be found here.
  5. Update V1.1 COBRA & Encore Changelog: CIWS classes expanded to include encore assets Counter-Battery radar variants added to bluefor and opfor Indirect fire warning siren added FDC tablet added Missiles now have IR signatures, and can be engaged with IR systems like the Spartan New variants of the Encore SAMs have been added, featuring proximity fuzed missiles The COBRA app can be used with the Fire Direction Tablet.
  6. I've on occasion also noticed this, I'll try to get it fixed in the next version, it won't likely be part of a hotfix though. Thanks for the heads up on this, it should be fixed now. This is intentional, the problem with this hotfix was that my keybinds accidentally blocked out all other keys bound to the same, and because the defaults were ctrl+wasd, it actually blocked out the vanilla "stance adjust" keybinds, which has now been fixed, which means it won't block out other keys anymore. Yes, a gun trigger key that will fire the gun no matter what you have selected is in consideration, though mind that it is not high priority. Thank you for the kind words and quick feedback!
  7. Just pushed out a small bugfix Changed - GCAS and IR Laser shutDown code improved - CCRP accuracy fix - When using CCRP with ripple release, the CCRP calculation will center the ripple on the target(so 4 bombs at 50m ripple, they will hit from 100m before the target to 100m after it) - TGP MFD is now properly located on the plane's TGP position TGP position fix example, cameras now match much more closely. CCRP Ripple centering example
  8. It should still function, but it might not have all new functionality.
  9. The old compatibility mod is still available, though I can't guarantee it being kept up to date. The reason for the new standalone mods is to allow separate configuration of the various aircraft to reflect their real life capabilities, so the compats will now be more closely tailored to the aircraft.
  10. ITC Air Update V1.8 This one has been in the works for a long time, the changelog is quite sizeable, so I'll mark the most interesting stuff bold. It comes with many changes and is probably the biggest update yet, it also comes with a bunch of compatibility mods! added SOI cycle hotkey implemented Slewing now functional with joysticks AGM-65G IR maverick added Manual ALT and HDG input for AP on all planes except A-10E Forward fix button on TGP screen Slew speed on TGP Scorpion HMD Symbology EPLRS system added(add EPLRS transmitter to vehicle inventory to enable tracking) EPLRS contacts displayed on TAD and HMD GBU-39 SDB AGM-158 JASSM HMD Sensor TDC GCAS Auto-GCAS TGP overlay for JAS-39E, F-181E, A-10E new TGP symbology system New JDAM models GBU-32, GBU-31 new waypoint/markpoint/fltplan system TAD hooking system Microdagr waypoint import on STPT>MSN page HUD(not as sensor) Basic CCRP changed Slewing now much smoother AGM-65H renamed to AGM-65K to reflect implemented warhead Generate steerpoint on TAD fixed SOI automatically cycles to next sensor when MFD that is SOI changes app Non-sensor apps can no longer be SOI MFDs can now have less than 4 apps Single side MFDs functional TAD Map toggle(default off) TAD as SOI overhauled JDAM guidance improvement All magazine displaynames now have the (itc) suffix removed borderless MFDs disabled until future better implementation Documentation, Guides & Tutorials Main written documentation will be updated in the following week, and will be available here A quick video going over the new waypoint system is available here And finally, here is the cheat sheet for the new keybinds system. Implemented keybinds are marked green. Keybinds list will be updated with information on FCR keybinds shortly. Media The new JDAM models, shared by John Spartan & Saul with help from TeTeT The new SDBs, JASSMs and JDAMs Compatibility A collection of all compatibility mods can be found here Individual compatibility mods: Special thanks for A26Mike for laying the groundwork for the compats. ITC Air Systems is available on the Steam Workshop If you would like to follow development more closely, you can join the ITC Addons Discord
  11. After being for the backburner for a while, the counter battery radar system has gone some overhauls, both functional and physical. It now utilizes the beautiful, and much better suited radars introduced with Encore. It has also been expanded in functionality to allow readout of registered firing positions, and saving them as locations directly in to your BCS.
  12. I'm starting to feel like I'm spamming my own thread here, but I'm sure a lot of people will be interested in this one: I managed to get CCRP Functionality working to an acceptable level of accuracy! I'm not sure if this'll be included in 1.8 or 1.9, but it'll be there soon enough either way!
  13. All the planned functionality is in, and here's a demo video! Since a lot of core systems have been changed heavily, we'll be working on updating/releasing relevant compatibility mods before we can release 1.8. For a closer eye on the progress, feel free to join our discord: ITC Addons Discord If you'd like to test the new features before release, you can do so here: Steam Workshop - Dev Version
  14. The current auto-GCAS automatically enables an autopilot to pull the plane up in this situation. This is done to reflect real life AGCAS systems. As far as I am aware, there are no auto-ejecting systems in service, compared to GCAS the effects of auto-ejecting on a false positive are much worse, which makes it a lot more risky to implement(if your AGCAS triggers when it shouldn't, you just pitch up, when an eject does, you lose a plane). Currently the JASSM acts as a terrain following cruise missile, guiding towards GPS targets. Currently in the profile options you can configure the impact angle which it will dive to the target with. In the future I hope to expand it with a programmable impact direction, which will cause the autopilot to fly in a way that makes it approach the target from a pre-determined direction. Missile guidance and aircraft autopilot are separate systems, so an improvement in one does not mean the same for the other. Autopilot expansions for relevant aircraft are planned, specifically features like WP following for heading, and terrain following mode for altitude. These updates are not to be expected soon though as they are not high priority. Progress updates I have been making some graphical tweaks and expansions to the regular full-screen targeting camera(TGP) view, with optional cockpit-specific overlays. Functionally the overlays don't really add anything, but they do look cool for those who might like it.
  15. 1.8 is pretty closed to being finished. The ACMI logging won't be included in it yet, as it will require some more testing, but there's plenty of other cool features you will be able to see in there. In this video I'm testing the automated ground collision avoidance system, an automated system that checks if you're about to crash in to the ground, and automatically pulls you up. Very handy for those using ACE's G-forces feature. Of course, for those that enjoy doing risky gun runs, AGCAS can be turned off through the MFD Options page All recoveries from the dives in the video are performed by the AGCAS system.