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  1. 1.8 is pretty closed to being finished. The ACMI logging won't be included in it yet, as it will require some more testing, but there's plenty of other cool features you will be able to see in there. In this video I'm testing the automated ground collision avoidance system, an automated system that checks if you're about to crash in to the ground, and automatically pulls you up. Very handy for those using ACE's G-forces feature. Of course, for those that enjoy doing risky gun runs, AGCAS can be turned off through the MFD Options page All recoveries from the dives in the video are performed by the AGCAS system.
  2. More progress! JASSM Turns out, there was a JASSM model included with Encore that wasn't implemented, so I couldn't leave that untouched! Tacview I've been working on an extension to generate ACMI logs to playback in Tacview! Here's a little demo of a Tacview playback
  3. Progress update ITC Land work has been halted for a while, but with Encore's release we've been slowly getting back in to it, we intend to next release a compatibility update that'll incorporate the new Encore systems with ITC Land to a basic degree. Shown in the video is a SAM equipped version of the Mk41 VLS, and an update to the CIWS system that gives missiles a heat signature so the Mk49 Spartan can target them.
  4. I'd suggest not using that guide, it is very much outdated and not very relevant to the current version. There's a more in depth user made technical guide in the works, which you can find here, that guide will also be kept up to date for future versions.
  5. Just a quick update! Version 1.8 work is progressing well, the feature will be fixing some long existing shortcomings, like slewing not working from joysticks, and the lack of an SOI cycle key. You can also expect a lot of new things to play with, that are going to come with a complete overhaul of the controls. As features are expanding the controls will more closely match those of DCS A-10C and will be more suited towards HOTAS+Head tracker usage. Here's a sneak peek of some of the things to come! As always, you can try out new features as they are developed in the dev build, and you can keep closer track of the progress by joining our ITC Addons discord. Steam Workshop - Regular Version Steam Workshop - Dev Version
  6. What dragon01 said, it would likely be very difficult for BI to implement core change like letting munitions collide with each other, and it might very well break a bunch of stuff or become pretty performance intensive. For those who do want CIWS/C-RAM systems there's always mods. Afaik HAFM and Pookie's sams have some kind of system for CIWS. ITC Land also has a system for it that's fully vanilla compatible that works by spawning an invisible radar target on shells and missiles, that will automatically delete the projectile when it gets destroyed.
  7. The A-10 intentionally does not have an FCR, as the real life A-10 also does not have one. For certain MFDs the buttons around the edge are gone, on those you can now click on the MFD's screen itself, this is implemented on jets like the F-181E because they have a touch-screen MFD, so the button edge felt out of place. The "slew TGP to target" hotkey has been replaced by "SOI slew", its functionality is still the same
  8. Hey, thanks for the feedback When it comes to the SOI cycle hotkey, the feature hasn't been implemented yet, I simply forgot to disable the hotkey. It should do nothing and shouldn't cause any issues though, but I'll be sure to patch it out if it won't be implemented in the next release. For the FCR, which plane is this in? Systems like the FCR are defined per aircraft to try to reflect their capabilities, something may have gone wrong in the implementation of an aircraft.
  9. Update V1.7 - performance, usability, reliability Small udpate to make the mod a little nicer all around, no major new features. Changelog: - Small STAT>NAV tweaks - Damage status fix for STAT>DAM - Systems page(STAT>SYS) allowing users to reset aircraft systems in case of errors - F-181E Stealth variant - Rover multiplayer performance tweak - Taxiing Speed Limiter - Reverse Taxiing feature - Overhauled UFC - Updated Attitude Reference Symbol - Cosmetic non-weapon hardpoint mounts no longer cause DSMS bugs Taxiing Speed Limiter The speed limiter allows you to taxi at fixed speeds depending on your throttle setting. When enabled, you will be able to taxi at speeds up to roughly 20km/h, with your throttle at 50%. This feature can only be enabled when you are travelling below 20kmh. When your throttle is raised over 50%, it will automatically turn off. Reverse Taxiing The reverse taxiing works similar to the speed limiter, your speed is determined by your throttle, the reverse feature can only be enabled when not moving forward, and will get you up to roughly 10kmh in reverse at 20% throttle, it will disable when throttle goes over 20%. I am aware that this feature is not realistic, as it is not present on most real life aircraft, it is implemented in arma to compensate for lack of ground crews, and make precision maneuvering on the ground and on aircraft carriers more forgiving. MFD Systems page Description: The MFD systems page essentially is a window in to the back-end code of ITC Air, the systems shown on this page represent the systems that are functional on the aircraft in the code. Any system that has is labeled "active" can be reset by the user, when this is done, all variables used by this system, and in some cases startup code will be re-run. This is implemented to allow rudimentary debugging. Usage example: The DSMS system generates weapons profiles for all weapons on an aircraft when the player enters the aircraft, but some addons use scripts to change the weapons on a plane afterwards(for example, firewill planes have their laser designator added through script based on a pod being present), this causes an error in the ITC Air DSMS when the player switches to the laser, as the DSMS does not have a profile for the selected weapon. When the player resets the DSMS, it will re-run the process of generating profiles for all of the airplane's weapons, and the error will be fixed. Performance tweaks The network code for the tgp direction(used in rover and laser marker) now updates every 0.2 seconds, and the rover's FOV and vision mode update every 0.5 seconds. This will make them slightly more clunky, but will greatly improve multiplayer performance at high playercounts. This may be made more configurable in the future.
  10. SOI Indicators will be re-added with the next update, along with an extension to the SOI system, including hotkeys to cycle. The bugfix for the strange throttle/autopilot issue when the cursor comes up broke the cursor hold. I will try to fix it in the future, but it's not very high priority. I haven't encountered that, can you send a screenshot of that? As for the HMD mod integration, I do intend to add more depth to the ITC Air HMD and HMCS, but it's not very high priority, and my time is also limited. Thanks for the feedback!
  11. Jets DLC Terrains

    I double checked some long range I've had in the works and it didn't run in to any player bubble type thing. Have you double checked the timeToLive on the ammo classes to make sure they're not self destructing after x seconds?
  12. Update V1.6 - Major overhaul Fully interactive MFDs Sensor slewing system(including HMCS) Realistically configurable JDAMs(programmable fuzes & impact angle) Selectable Nose/Tail fuzes Ripple release for bombs Air-Ground Fire Control Radar Realistic physx based autopilot Rover TGP video feed Realistic targeting for mavericks TGP Infrared marking laser Steerpoint system for navigation and targeting Known issues Once the F-181E weapons bay is manually opened, the automatic opening and closing will no longer work Expect an updated version of documentation soon, for now, have a small tutorial The awesome compat in the video is not included in the update
  13. Progress update V1.6 is close to being done, and the dev version is currently actively being updated to allow for testing. As the main systems are practically done, I took the time to implement some more features that have been on my to-do list, and many peoples wish-lists, for a while now AGM-65H CCD Maverick AGM-65E Laser Maverick
  14. Progress update As the next feature set is getting more fleshed out, we figured it's time to share some of the things we've been suffering intense headaches working on! Media shown here is WIP and subject to change One of the things that has been in the works is an overhaul of the current CFCS system, converting it in to a new Firing Command Interface, allowing gun commanders to push detailed fire orders to his gunners from his own FCS, or forward them from the FDC! Further, we've been working on a counter-battery radar, which can track both incoming and outgoing mortar and artillery shells, and will calculate their origin position, impact position, and time to impact! And with a feature like that, it felt important to add some opportunity for dramatic effect, so as a little bonus there will be a siren object that will broadcast a warning sound as long as a nearby counterbattery radar is tracking shells that are predicted to impact close to it. As always, if you'd like to stay up to date with the development of ITC Addons, visit our discord!
  15. 1.6 is close to done, here's some test footage using the various new systems