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  1. While I was hoping to record a narrated update video, it's unlikely that'll happen this month, so instead for now I decided to just record a quick flight with some of the new fancy stuff. In the video you can see the built-in help provided for start-up, adding waypoints with the ACE microdagr, adding waypoints based on map locations, and some expanded MFD and FMS functionality.
  2. Thanks for expressing interest in testing, and thanks everyone for your continued feedback. We might not be able to act on every comment we get, but we appreciate them all the same. Progress has been continuing, though a little slower than before since we're both pretty busy in our day to day lives. We'll likely post some kind of progress update later this month. We do regularly add new testers as new features are added, so people are free to keep expressing interest. If you'd like to get some more insights on our design decisions, our testing process, and even the overall progress of the project, you're welcome to join our discord here! Discord is also where we tend to draw testers from, as it allows for quick feedback.
  3. Yes, we've had some UH-60 pilots and crew chiefs reach out to us and we've been getting some useful feedback. Thanks for all that info, we really appreciate it. I've been told before that our exterior was based on a UH-60L, but they didn't bother explaining any of the differences(other than pointing out the lack of UES), the amount of detail you described is awesome and will be very useful for us to move forward with. I can't say we'll be changing every little bit of it, but we'll try to fix some of these mistakes we made, especially things like removing antennas that shouldn't be there will be an easy fix. The cabin we'll be doing a lot of work on, we had not touched on it at all yet as we showed off the exterior. Things like the door positions and animations have already been fixed. The FRIES system is the ACE one in the images but we'll likely be building an (ACE compatible) custom one. The hoist we'll likely be keeping around by default just because it feels like it might be a nice little bonus gameplay gimmick to have available. We're making our own autopilot system. We've been having some issues with pitch and roll controlling modes due to technical limitations, but the collective controlling modes are working very well.
  4. We'd like an M240 to be added at some point, but it is relatively low on our priority list. The physics are set up fine, but pretty much all recording was done using altitude hold autopilot, which makes it very float-y.
  5. Since the video might not be the easiest to share, here's some screenshots to go along with it Imgur album: https://imgur.com/a/W9DTv7x
  6. Progress update A large part of our time has been spent tweaking what we have, we've also managed to implement altitude control autopilot modes, and we've started work on the intercom system. Parallel to the technical implementation effort, the overhaul of the exterior model has begun, and today it has reached a state where we feel comfortable sharing some initial footage of the new exterior model:
  7. Thanks for the kind words everybody. We've got some people helping us out with testing and feedback now, and we'll hopefully be showing off some more progress later this month. We're largely satisfied with the start up procedure and are moving on to building some more useful functionality for gameplay, along with generally improving the usability of the mod. While we're not quite sure yet on the level of detail we'll model the damage with, we do intend to expand the damage system beyond what is implemented in vanilla arma.
  8. Yes, and any other vehicle, though it is important to remember that while this will massively simplify the process, it will at its core still be very complicated and labor intensive to reach this level of detail. Interaction config demo Interaction configuration will be very similar to the process of configuring ACE interaction. Similarly to ACE interaction, the framework allows interaction both on mempoints and on hardcoded model coordinates. I used that technology to make a quick demo of how little lines can be involved for very basic interaction. Here's a demonstration of adding functionality to the engine start button in the vanilla MATV: This was the config/scripting in the gif: class cfgVehicles { class MRAP_01_hmg_base_F; class B_MRAP_01_hmg_F: MRAP_01_hmg_base_F { class vxf { class interaction { class b_starter1 { positionType="coordinates"; position[] = {-0.08,-0.85,-0.62}; label="Engine Start"; radius=0.5; buttonUp="(_this # 0) engineOn true"; clickSound="vxf_Switch_Sound"; }; // b_starter1 }; }; }; };
  9. I have experience with uh-60m IRL I would like to help with the project 

  10. We'd like to implement some versions like this in the future, though all variants will share the same UH-60M cockpit. The basis is the vanilla arma 2 blackhawk model, with a new interior made from scratch by Riverx, he will also be giving the exterior a facelift to bring it in to 2019. Thank you, a large part of this project has been implementing the interaction system as a standalone framework, so this will make it much easier to bring this level of interaction to other vehicles in the future.
  11. UH-60M Interactive Blackhawk A fully interactive Blackhawk for Arma 3 By Riverx & Yax Background In the past year, RiverX and I have spent a lot of time working on the F/A-18E/F Super Hornet, trying to push its realism as far as we could get within the restrictions of arma. As we learned about what Arma can and can not do, and what we can and can not do, we started thinking about a new project that would allow us to put on a lot more polish and detail. In February we started work on this new project, and today we've decided to start sharing some progress with the community. Description With this mod we aim to implement a highly realistic and immersive UH-60M Blackhawk, with some other minor variants possibly added in the future. Our aim is to add in-depth custom interaction with the aircraft for all 4 crew positions, to turn operating the aircraft in to a real team effort. As of now, all interaction seen in the startup video is multicrew compatible, meaning the copilot and pilot can take turns pushing buttons and flipping switches however they like, and it'll work as it's supposed to. Media Vehicle Interaction As you can see in the video, we've already managed to get a good portion of the startup procedure functional. If you look closely you can notice that every interaction is followed by a little hand icon being attached to the interaction, along with the name of the person who performed the action, this allows you to see where other crew members are interacting with the vehicle, so you can intuitively know what everyone is doing, this can of course be turned off. For Mod Developers The vehicle interaction system is in no way hard coded for the Blackhawk, it is implemented as a completely separate vehicle interaction framework, allowing switches, buttons and animated knobs/levers to be defined completely through the vehicle's (cfgVehicles) config, and we'll be releasing this framework separately with detailed documentation, to bring simple interactive vehicles to the whole arma community. The way forward As for release, for now all we can say is "it's ready when it's ready". We intend to release the blackhawk in feature packs, releasing updates with for example FMS functionality, or FLIR functionality. We hope to start finding community groups who can help us do testing within the next couple months. We'd also like to take this chance to reach out to anyone with experience operating the UH-60M in real life. We are currently looking for people with real life experience to advise us on getting some of the features down.
  12. The hornet from here on out First off, I'd like to thank TeTeT for giving me the opportunity to contribute to such a long standing and incredible project. Over the past years it's been slowly updated to match the other planes available, and in the past months we've worked hard to push it well beyond that. Over the past months the super hornet has had a major overhaul, and currently our plans are to continue focusing on expanding and improving it. The SU-35S will be maintained, but it will probably not see itself brought to the same standard. If anyone would like to commit time to upgrading the SU-35S to the same standards, feel free to reach out to me so we could discuss it further. And now, the big announcement. F/A-18 E/F Super Hornet Version 5.0 Released We're excited to bring you the next release of the super hornet. For an overview of a quick overview of the new features introduced with 5.0 we've made a short demo video. For more information on the new release of the super hornet, have a look at the updated workshop page https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=743099837 or the new user manual https://docs.google.com/document/d/1GkPktmwmrBR5OXrPUqc6rwRRMUCZC_n6_b6OHKI9Ogc
  13. Mods used: F/A-18 Super Hornet, ITC Air, PMC Jahrom, Blastcore
  14. Update V1.2: MRLS Today's update features new and improved MLRS systems, along with many tweaks, fixes and improvements to existing systems! 1.2 Changes: Added: MLRS App to tablets on MLRS, includes remote guidance and fuze setter Added: New MLRS munitions with ITC features: M230 HEX - Unguided high explosive munition M230 ICM - Dual purpose anti tank / anti personnel cluster munition M230 PGM - GPS guided high explosive munition M230 MAT - Anti tank mine dispersal munition M230 MAP - Anti personnel mine dispersal munition Added: Improved illumination properties for ACE 82mm Illum shells Added: End of mission & record target functionality to BCS Fixed: Muzzle velocities for 155mm & 152mm howitzer munitions reduced to provide realistic range capabilities Fixed: Time fuze function was not spawning submunition/helper entities with correct alignment resulting in unpredictable behaviour of various shell types Fixed: Mk6 82mm BTABs and battery definitions updated to v1.1 standard. Fixed: Various tweaks to config components of CIWS feature. Tweaked: Various config values used by BCS to provide TOF for various munitions that require optimal burst heights. Media: Improved 82mm Illumination shells. MLRS Firing Command Interface.
  15. Hi folks! Not much progress has been posted here since the video of the startup procedures, so I figured it was time for an update. We have been working hard on implementing the DDIs and UFCD with as much functionality as we can. Here's a demonstrating a bunch of the pages, and some of the interaction with them!