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  1. F.Herbiie

    Coop Gamemode - FOB Operations

    Hi, sorry for the late reply I've taken a bit of a break. I'm looking into making the command vehicle and arsenal crate!
  2. F.Herbiie

    Coop Gamemode - FOB Operations

    Try updating, crates definitely spawn! Will look into hints, there should be a 10% chance on each kill. Not sure about loadouts, could be that they're not working in singleplayer
  3. I'm releasing a new COOP game mode, a simple capture the island style of game mode in which players sweep towns and villages for weapons caches to destroy. This game mode was only made possible through the Night Operations Framework. We're current public testing with v0.1.1 - looking for bugs but more importantly gameplay tweaks (most systems should work fine). Look for the public playtest server! FOB Operations in a cooperative counter insurgency game mode, based loosely on the old Insurgency mission for Arma 2. The FIA have turned against NATO forces and have launched an insurgency campaign against them. As Everon is a crucial naval base, NATO are determined to bring a swift end to the insurgency. The FIA operate using a system of weapons caches in every town. If these caches are destroyed, the insurgency will soon run out of steam and Everon will be secure. Search each town for caches - they can be in buildings or hidden in the environment. The FIA have a strong presence in every town, so you will have to fight your way building to building to complete your sweep. FOB Operations includes: - Arsenal crate and loadout saving for use with mods - Prepared loadouts with more ammunition/bandages etc. than standard - Killing enemies will drop hint markers on the map to give a rough idea of where the cache is for that town - Cache crates have an action on them to attach a satchel with a 30s fuse, or caches can be destroyed with explosives from mods - Caches spawn in random locations, leaving and re-entering a town will move the cache location - Using the Dynamic Spawn Framework, AI will only spawn in when you approach a town and the more players you have, the more AI will spawn. Known Issues: - On player join the command vehicle spawnpoint marker is at the FOB even if the vehicle is deployed elsewhere Changelog v0.1.1 - Added garbage manager v0.1.2 - Removed vehicles from garbage collector - Changed case of crate prefab names to hopefully fix hints v0.1.4 - Increased size of Defend radiuses and patrols Videos For some reason my recordings from Reforger are really choppy, but here goes anyway!
  4. Ported to Khe Sanh: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2623644299
  5. F.Herbiie

    Continue button not working?

    I'm having this issue too. Seems not to be accepting the 'Short Description' bit for some reason
  6. V0.4 - Added a dynamic 5 paragraph briefing to give details on what is required at each objective - Added a 'Recover Supplies' mission type
  7. v 0.3 Update - Added custom loadouts with ACE and ACRE as required and with TFAR compatible radio backpacks - Adjusted helicopter loadout to include flare launcher, M72s, spare ammo and a medical grab bag (for vanilla and ace medical). If ACRE is enabled two AN/PRC-77 radios in radio backpacks will also be in the helicopter for use by the crew.
  8. V0.2 Update - Fixed objective spawning bug that was spawnign objectives 400m in the air! - Added arsenal, role limited and completely unlimited. Will be adding US only and All Vietnam soon!
  9. Air Cavalry Patrol (ACP) is a MILSIM/Semi-MILSIM/Casual MILSIM dynamic mission generator that provides replayable objective focussed gameplay for minimal effort, ideal for communities of 5-15 players but playable with a single player! Players take the role of either a ground infantry squad or a Huey crew to fly into the jungle (walking's for chumps) to complete an objective, then fly out onto the next objective. Each objective should take around 15-20 minutes (depending on flying time and catastrophe) and the mission has parameters for 1 - 6 objectives per mission! All objectives will be able to be done with enemies still remaining, and in some cases you won't be able to fight them all off - so expect hot extracts as well as hot insertions, because hot LZs is what a Vietnam game is all about, right? Mission available for download here: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2482465442 Introduction Video (v0.1): Version 1 now released! Current features: Clear Camp mission Recover Supplies mission Destroy Truck mission Ticketed respawn (adjustable in Parameters) End conditions for all players dead (and out of tickets) or all objectives complete and players returned to base. Optional arsenal crate Semi-dynamic briefing that changes depending on what the objectives are. ACE medical loadouts with the correct supplies A "hardcore" mode with limited maps and compasses, for that true lost in the jungle feel. Number of enemies scale to number of players Planned features: MORE missions - so many more! ACRE/TFAR compatability with spectator chat and radios US Only and All Vietnam arsenal options In addition to this I'll be making a ground-based patrol mission (for those walking chumps I mentioned) that is similar but without the requirement for a helicopter.
  10. F.Herbiie

    [MP][COOP] Vindicta (Alpha)

    Yeah we tried that, we covered about 1/3 of Livonia without luck 😞
  11. F.Herbiie

    [MP][COOP] Vindicta (Alpha)

    So I'd have to disagree with the below... @Sparker Livonia seems not to spawn any police stations for us?
  12. Hey all, I made a basic set up tutorial which goes through keybinds etc.: I also compiled a playlist of tutorials for ITC AIr/Land:
  13. TFM Missions Presents TFM: TERRORIST HUNT Link: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1914183097 TheFerretMaster Missions presents ArmA 3: TFM: Terrorist Hunt, a simple dynamic CQB game mode with a highly original name. This scenario simply lets you select a building, fill it full of enemies, then go kill them. No modifications are required and, due to the customisation and simplicity, this game mode is compatible with all/almost all modifications. The mission is fully customisable, easy to port to new islands, change enemy AI or limit player equipment. Features: Simple scenario, pick a building, pick the number of enemies, start location and time of day - then go clear the building. Mission automatically resets, allowing you to pick a new building and start again. After each building is clear, mission gives you performance data such as mission time and number of shots. Easily customisable, allowing you to use any mod with TFM: Terrorist Hunt Can be ported to new islands in less than a minute If you want to port TFM: Terrorist Hunt to new islands, change the enemy AI or limit the arsenal selections, watch this video to learn how: Changelog: v1.1 Improved location placement to make each come from a different direction Stopped box/satellite dish mating rituals
  14. A tutorial for v1.3's Naval Fire Support Systems
  15. Hey guys, I did a few more tutorials for using ITC Air Systems: I've compiled them into a playlist here: