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    [MP][COOP] Vindicta (Alpha)

    Yeah we tried that, we covered about 1/3 of Livonia without luck 😞
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    [MP][COOP] Vindicta (Alpha)

    So I'd have to disagree with the below... @Sparker Livonia seems not to spawn any police stations for us?
  3. Hey all, I made a basic set up tutorial which goes through keybinds etc.: I also compiled a playlist of tutorials for ITC AIr/Land:
  4. TFM Missions Presents TFM: TERRORIST HUNT Link: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1914183097 TheFerretMaster Missions presents ArmA 3: TFM: Terrorist Hunt, a simple dynamic CQB game mode with a highly original name. This scenario simply lets you select a building, fill it full of enemies, then go kill them. No modifications are required and, due to the customisation and simplicity, this game mode is compatible with all/almost all modifications. The mission is fully customisable, easy to port to new islands, change enemy AI or limit player equipment. Features: Simple scenario, pick a building, pick the number of enemies, start location and time of day - then go clear the building. Mission automatically resets, allowing you to pick a new building and start again. After each building is clear, mission gives you performance data such as mission time and number of shots. Easily customisable, allowing you to use any mod with TFM: Terrorist Hunt Can be ported to new islands in less than a minute If you want to port TFM: Terrorist Hunt to new islands, change the enemy AI or limit the arsenal selections, watch this video to learn how: Changelog: v1.1 Improved location placement to make each come from a different direction Stopped box/satellite dish mating rituals
  5. A tutorial for v1.3's Naval Fire Support Systems
  6. Hey guys, I did a few more tutorials for using ITC Air Systems: I've compiled them into a playlist here:
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    Arma3 Videos

    Using the ITC Land Systems mod in action 😄
  8. Hi guys, I did a quick basic tutorial on using some of the waypoint stuff 🙂
  9. I did a tutorial for this 😄
  10. Alright, This is probably a really basic issue BUT: How do I make a curator unable to edit or see objects except those that they placed themselves? Essentially I'm working on a Zeus v Zeus mission and at the moment they can edit one another's units - not ideal! The mission is here: https://github.com/Herbiie/Zeus-Commander-Battles The curators are added by placing the curator module & having the curator owner be the name of the player unit. The costs are then defined in these scripts: https://github.com/Herbiie/Zeus-Commander-Battles/blob/master/core/functions/setUpCuratorWest.sqf https://github.com/Herbiie/Zeus-Commander-Battles/blob/master/core/functions/setUpCuratorInd.sqf https://github.com/Herbiie/Zeus-Commander-Battles/blob/master/core/functions/setUpCuratorEast.sqf I'm probably missing something very basic! Thanks!
  11. ITC Air Land Battle Steam Download Link | Wiki | GitHub Repo | ITC Discord This mission is still under development and has extra features to be added! What is this? Simply put ITC Air Land Battle is a mission that allows you to undertake a counter insurgency campaign across an island (currently Altis), building FOBs and patrol bases and carrying out missions to secure ground, while the boring presence patrols are done by AI (although if you want to patrol - feel free, there're enemies about). It uses the ITC Air Systems and ITC Land Systems modifications to enhance the existing gameplay of ACE and ArmA 3. It is best played with small numbers (current maximum is 20 although this is easily extended) with the majority of players as infantry with a handful of supprt guys manning the guns and aircraft. How does it work? This is a basic introduction video that shows some of the initial features of ITC Air Land Battle: Build your first patrol base then start doing missions. The more missions you do the more points you get and the better equipment you can use - and the more bases you can build to secure more areas. What do I need to play? This mission can be played with just ACE, CBA, ITC Air Systems and ITC Land Systems (all listed as dependencies on steam). However, it is also compatible with both ACRE2 and TFAR, and it is strongly recommended that one of these is used in conjunction with the mission. Can I play this mission yet? Yep - just download it and you can start playing. It may be a development version, but it is fully functioning (as much as any Herbiie mission ever was) and enjoyable (as much as any Herbiie mission ever was...). All this means is that, while there may be a bug or two, there are also more features to come! Currently Implemented Features Choice of faction in mission parameters (NATO/CTRG) Choice of time acceleration in mission parameters System of Deployment Points allowing for the purchasing of assets and buildings of bases Deploy-able Patrol Bases (PB) and Forward Operating Bases (FOB) that conduct presence patrols in local area, and can generate missions on request Random attacks against PBs and FOBs in the form of mortar attacks or small-scale infantry attacks [Toggle in Parameters] Counter Artillery Radar at all PBs and FOBs to give warning of mortar attacks AI will send contact reports with map markers, a side chat message and an audible notification [Individually Toggle in Parameters] AI patrols are tracked with map markers [Toggle in Parameters] AI units have logical call signs relating to which PB or FOB they originate from [Toggle in Parameters] Theatre headquarters from which assets and new bases can be requested from various staff officers Arsenal crates at Theatre HQ and bases with faction-specific equipment Secure-able towns that generate insurgent patrols if insecure [Density of patrols determined in parameters] Dynamic Simulation to enhance mission performance [Distance determined in parameters] Planned Features A tiered weapon system, where you can upgrade what weapons are available in the arsenal crates Host Nation police and military to take over patroling in secured towns Ability to close down patrol bases to recover some deployment points Persistence! Individual XP/Money that allows for more weapons or vehicles to be bought Civilians AI QRF System FOB Attacks dependent on nearby security situation Would you like to know more? Shiny things More to follow! Play! Have fun! Give me any suggestions, feedbacks or bug reports!
  12. Version 2 has been released, implementing a persistent save system - the Steam Workshop link is now working again! Turns out I couldn't publish anything after a password change. Details of persistence can be found here. To use it is simple - there's a parameter called 'Load Previous Session' which is set to 'Yes' by default - set it to 'No' for your first mission, and when you're done playing use the 'Save Game and Exit' option at bases or HQ. I've added a mission or two extra as well.
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    Arma3 Videos

    A thing: