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  1. Anthrax01

    Kingdom of Masere

    NOTICE: This thread has been discontinued as its fallen out of disuse, rest assured mods like Masere are still getting attention, if you want to keep up to date with these mods while in development, i will refer you to my discord server centered around my mods @ https://discord.gg/ptrCdbAj2B
  2. Anthrax01

    Kingdom of Masere

    teasers And a teaser for someone else entirely
  3. Anthrax01

    Kingdom of Masere

    Sevincia Los Espocedo has been released https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2432251573 reserved for thread link to that.
  4. Anthrax01

    Kingdom of Masere

    Last teasers for Sevincia A teaser for someone else
  5. Anthrax01

    Kingdom of Masere

    Lore PDF has been added. Gonna take a bit of a break from modding after this lmao.
  6. Anthrax01

    Kingdom of Masere

    Regarding the lore & PDF The PDF explaining the faction, setting, equipment, and lore as well as potential scenarios is currently in the works (i estimate 50-60% complete at the time of this post), here's a little sneak peak regarding that. Lastly, here's the 1.5 last sneak peak at future content, including gommunist A-10, the SG-77 Trueno
  7. Anthrax01

    Kingdom of Masere

    2nd last sneak peak for Sevincia
  8. Anthrax01

    Kingdom of Masere

    Sneak Peak
  9. Anthrax01

    Kingdom of Masere

    Patch notes 25/02/2021 - Added "Masere Royal Marine Defence Force"(RMDF) - Kingdom of Masere renamed to "Masere Royal Ground Defence Force" (RGDF) - RMDF Uniforms, helmets, vests, backpacks added - RMDF Units added - RMDF Vehicles added - RMDF Groups (Will need tweaking later) - RGDF "Deck Crew" renamed to "Mechanic" - Basically too much stuff to really list off properly and i didnt record any of this lmao
  10. Anthrax01

    Kingdom of Masere

    Another sneako peako
  11. Anthrax01

    Kingdom of Masere

    Upcoming sneak peaks
  12. Anthrax01

    Kingdom of Masere

    I have finally compiled and completed a lore PDF for those who are curious, mod makers, and mission makers to (hopefully) enjoy https://www.dropbox.com/s/9h2g1hj5q6kx6ru/The Kingdom of Masere.pdf?dl=0 In addition, heres a somewhat updated regional map.
  13. https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2390596241 This page serves as a hub for content regarding this mod as well as related mods - Kingdom of Masere Faction - Maseri Direct Action Unit Faction - Retextured CUP and vanilla equipment - Groups and units configured for Zeus. Join us and keep up to date with my mods on the A3 Hub discord @ https://discord.gg/dyXnZ8u
  14. DOWNLOAD: https://steamcommunity.com/workshop/filedetails/?id=2388329316 GM: CSAT North Africa is a North African CSAT themed retexture of various Global Mobilization and vanilla assets in order to create a much more fully fleshed out North African CSAT than the one we got in the TacOps DLC. - Arid Hex retexture of some uniforms - CSAT pattern applied to a mostly eastern bloc set of vehicles - Groups and units fully configured from the get go. - ALIVE for Group and Crate creators Join us and keep up to date with my mods on the A3 Hub discord @ https://discord.gg/dyXnZ8u NOTES - I am NOT taking requests - I am NOT accepting suggestions, i dont want to support the mod anymore than i have to - This mod is dependent on Global Mobilization. Other mods like Apex may be desirable if you dont like adverts but they arent neccessary to play with this mod. - You're more than welcome to open my configs and use them for educational purposes - BISIGN and BIKEY included Arma Public Licence - Share Alike
  15. Anthrax01

    Altis 90's

    Legendary bloke called Po made another trailer for Altis 90's to showcase the new content.