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  1. Anthrax01

    Ratnik 2035

    Ratnik 2035 is a Contact themed retexture of the CUP Ratnik units, adding retextured equipment, new units, and new groups that will allow you to use the new CUP Ratnik content in Armaverse lore friendly scenarios. DOWNLOAD LINK:https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?edit=true&id=2251824373 - Taiga and Arid Hexcam retextures of Ratnik equipment - Taiga Ratnik units & Groups - Arid Ratnik units & Groups The Arid and Taiga Ratnik units are added under the existing Spetznaz faction, in addition they're using AK-101's and AK-102's by mistake but i couldn't be bothered correcting it so idk just say they intend to use enemy supply lines or something idc. - CUP for making their nice content - Avery for donating his russian Arid hexcam Join us and keep up to date with my mods on the A3 Hub discord @ https://discord.gg/dyXnZ8u NOTES - I am NOT taking requests - I am NOT accepting suggestions, i dont want to support the mod anymore than i have to - This mod is dependent on CUP Units & CUP Weapons - You're more than welcome to open my configs and use them for educational purposes - BISIGN and BIKEY included Arma Public Licence - Share Alike
  2. One of my best pictures yet




    And a bit of a teaser for my next mod





  3. Anthrax01

    Altis 90's

    WORK IN PROGRESS Currently working on APLIF special forces, calling them the "Advisors" because my creative vision for them, is that they're staffed by former members of Warsaw Pact militaries and intelligence services WIP uniforms, subject to change, Still working on more.
  4. Anthrax01

    Issue getting friend to join ANY server

    Re: Page file I had him look through and found that the paging file was being managed by the system, but that he was low on SSD space, so i had him rectify that by cleaning ~15GB's worth of files but it still did not resolve the issue. I also had him check his drivers as well and his drivers were last updated 3-4 months ago, i don't think they're the issue either, plus he has no issue running other games or connecting to mp for other games, or hosting a lan server so im not sure if it could be a driver issue at all either.
  5. Anthrax01

    Issue getting friend to join ANY server

    To elaborate further (my apologies that i hadn't). It's not a black screen in terms of the monitor going blank, rather its a black screen with the TV/CRT effect Arma applies over the load screens, kinda like what happens when you load something but dont have a world in the background loaded. (Making it so a world is loaded in the background like Tanoa only changes what load screen he's given.) This is whats leading me to think its either network, or OS issues.
  6. Anthrax01

    Issue getting friend to join ANY server

    I dont want to sound rude (but im going to end up doing that lmao) but if you read the original post you'd have seen we cleared that.
  7. Anthrax01

    Issue getting friend to join ANY server

    This is my friends .rpt file when attempting to connect to my server https://justpaste.it/613nk This is my own rpt file: https://justpaste.it/3xfhb It should be noted that all my other friends can connect to any arma server as well. We also tried the flush command, running -nobenchmark, etc. In his rpt however i found the line (699): "14:47:31 No more slot to add connection at XXXXXX (XXXX.X,XXXX.XX)" Which is odd considering myself and my friends can actually connect. To be further exact with the error he's experiencing, When he attempts to connect to the server, everyone on the server gets the "player X is connecting" message however what he sees is just a black screen, for some reason he cant get to the lobby screen or get booted for using the wrong mods.
  8. Anthrax01

    Issue getting friend to join ANY server

    Answering the meanwhile questions because it'l be a while before i can get my friend to do the other stuff. The game is, like his system and steam itself, on an SSD. The issue is occuring on any mission regardless of server and mods Both as far as i can tell but i might need to verify that mroe Yep, we've tried to run his own MP lan server and there was no issue in loading missions Unknown, will have to ask With the exception of -nobenchmark, we've given the rest a try Unknown, will have to ask Unknown Game in fullscreen as far as i can tell but i might've asked him to switch to windowed borderless at some point. Not yet, will try that when i can. Thanks for taking the time to respond 👍
  9. I'm just posting what i put into the Arma discord as i didnt get a reply there and was hoping the forums might have an answer. Hi, my friend is having an issue connecting to multiplayer servers. When he goes to join a server from either launcher or ingame server browser, he is presented with a load screen (usually a black screen with some TV effect) that doesnt progress. It should be noted that none of this was an issue 2 weeks ago. What we've tried to do to remedy the issue: Joined both my own dedicated server (with mods) and random public vanilla servers Verified game cache Unsubscribed from all mods, deleted any leftover folders and files Deleted MP Missions Cache Deleted Cache.ch Set up a new ingame profile Uninstalled Arma and deleted every single leftover folder, reinstalling it ofc Put the firewall down incase that was affecting anything Put battleEye on and off Running Arma (64bit) as admin. Joining a server, pressing escape once confronted with the black screen thingo, then trying to rejoin
  10. Anthrax01

    Altis 90's

    Annnnd released
  11. Vindicta: Altis 90's is an addon for Vindicta that adds the ability to use Altis 90's factions and equipment in the Vindicta scenario. https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2195131993 Three factions to add to your Vindicta playthroughs - AAF (90's) - Winter AAF (90's) - Altian Police Department Credits - rrrrrrrrr on the Global Mobilization Discord for the assistance rendered in helping me troubleshoot issues. - Vindicta mod team for creating Vindicta as well as guide for adding mods to their scenarios NOTES - I myself do not play Vindicta, i am completely reliant on user feedback to determine if the scenario is playing well, if things are as it should be, or if there are any issues on either a technical level or gameplay level. - This mod, as you can guess, is completely dependent on Altis 90's, Vindicta, and Global Mobilization to run in a Vindicta scenario, if you dont have any of those, i suggest you correct that before complaining. Arma Public Licence - Share Alike
  12. Anthrax01

    Altis 90's

    Not at the moment, i'm currently taking a break from big projects in general since im lacking the motivation. In addition what assets i can give factions is dependent on what GM or other mods add as i myself am not a modeller.
  13. Anthrax01

    Altis 90's

    Be on the look out in the coming days for a nice little addon for a particular third party mod/scenario to play with ya bois
  14. Anthrax01

    Altis 90's

    ALTIS 90's Patch Notes 27/07/2020 Day/Month/Year Vehicles SpPz 2A1 added CH-53G added VBH 1A1 Swooper added PAH 1 added VBH 1 Added Units AAF Anti-Air added AAF Paratrooper added APLIF Anti-Air added Uniforms ASAS BDU's added MISC Hellcat removed. APD CQC2 unit given GM MP5
  15. Anthrax01

    Altis 90's

    ASAS Summer uniform getting replaced Just a little sidenote but development of Altis 90's has slowed until the new GM samples gets released, in addition im feeling a little burnt out so 😕