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  1. DOWNLOAD: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1986348911 Desert AAF Retexture This mod is a retexture & REPLACEMENT of all existing vanilla AAF assets to a desert colour scheme. Please note that as this mod is a REPLACEMENT, you may get unexpected results when using alongside certain other mods that rely on AAF configs or whatnot, in addition, please DO NOT use this mod alongside either the CUP or Vanilla versions of my Altian SAS Mod, as i use the same base class's in this mod for the desert ASAS. Features Reskinned AAF Equipment, clothing, backpacks to a desert colour scheme. Reskinned AAF Vehicles to a desert colour scheme. Desert version of my Altian Special Air Service Join us and keep up to date with my mods on the A3 Hub discord @ https://discord.gg/dyXnZ8u NOTES A BIKEY & BISIGN file is included for those wishing to add the mod to their server or modpacks. DO NOT USE ALONGSIDE EITHER OF MY ALTIAN SAS MODS. THIS MOD IS IN A FINISHED STATE AS IS, PLEASE DO NOT EXPECT OR ASK FOR FURTHER UPDATES/FEATURES UNLESS IT'S TO FIX AN ISSUE. This mod is covered under Arma Public Licence (APL), if you use the content of my mod for your own modifications, please ensure that i am publically (and visibly) credited.
  2. Anthrax01

    LDF Desert Retexture

    Desert LDF Retexture has finally reached 2000+ subscribers on the steam workshop, big thanks to everyone who basically taught me how to mod this game and or supported me, its thanks to people like you that my first mod has this many subs.
  3. Think i just upped my screenshot game



  4. Anthrax01

    Frozen VR

    Looking like a great way to test GM and other content!
  5. Anthrax01

    LDF Desert Retexture

    Oh crap i didnt realise you were the dev of Project Livonia haha, love your mods.
  6. Anthrax01

    LDF Desert Retexture

    CHANGELOG 16.01.2020 VEHICLES - Hunter (Łowca) added, with 4 texture variations accessible in the virtual garage added. - AWC Nyx (AWC 302 łasica) and its 4 variants added, with virtual garage support provided for changing camo net colour. - FV-720 Odyniec added, with virtual garage support for changing camo net colour. MISC - All soldiers given two or three more pistol magazines. - Headgear randomization given to various units such as rifleman. - UN version of the Advanced Modular Helmet (Coyote) added. - Zeus compatability increased through the merging of vehicle configs with their respective faction configs. - Class names of a few objects changed for consistency.
  7. Anthrax01

    LDF Desert Retexture

    Good news I got the jet looking the way i wanted, and i managed to get it equipped with NATO weapons (not pictured) Bad news Jet has been cancelled because the Neophrons configs r a bit screwed up and frustrating to work and inherit from, i just cant get it working right with any ordanance changes.
  8. Anthrax01

    LDF Desert Retexture

    Welp ive gotten around to increasing the Zeus compat of the mod, by next update you should notice that you can access vehicles even when zeus isnt set to use all addons (including unofficial), However generally it is much preferred to ensure the Gamemaster module accepts All + Unofficial addons. Other than a few tweaks to the texture of the APC and the AWC, i'm gonna be looking at a retexture of CSAT's Neophron CAS jet, it was bought to my attention that there is an Italian version (Pictured below) of the Neophrons IRL version , the YAK-130 so im gonna be looking at Livoniafying it, complete with NATO ordanance and POTENTIALLY an altered cockpit idk. If i go through with the project i might call it the M-346C (M-346 is its normal name, with various other designations, but im gonna add C to the end of it to reflect the fact that the Neophron is a single seater.)
  9. Anthrax01

    LDF Desert Retexture

    UPCOMING I discovered the other day that the Polish special forces possess the real life version of the Hunter, the M-ATV, so i decided to take some creative liberty and create an LDF Variant of the Hunter MRAP, called the Łowca The LDF's Łowca's will come in 4 variants, with the low visiblity emblem being the default selection.
  10. Anthrax01

    LDF Desert Retexture

    These will be the groups containing the AWC.
  11. Anthrax01

    LDF Desert Retexture

    So it turns out that merely increasing the size of the camo layer exponenitally increased my satisfaction with the textures, still got some degredation stuff to work on for the main body at least.
  12. Anthrax01

    LDF Desert Retexture

    UPCOMING VEHICLES Work on the Nyx textures, specifically the AT variant is underway, i intend to revist and refine the main body and radar textures before moving onto the cannon variant of the vehicle. At the moment im not exactly happy with how the textures have come out at this stage, but nonetheless here are a few photos MISC Crew members have been given P90's, as not only are they more compact than the Promet, but also the fact that the vanilla LDF already uses them. Note: This wasn't the final gun i settled on, i chose the Khaki version with the integrated sights for the crew members.
  13. Anthrax01

    LDF Desert Retexture

    Upcoming Vehicles - AWC 302 łasica will be the LDF's version of the Nyx, it will have garage compatibility so you can set the colour of the camo net. So far i have only semi-completed the Recon variant. Please keep in mind that due to the lack of texture templates, i've had to create my own template and i'm still working through a couple things with it. And of course, the mandatory c i n e m a t i c screenshots LDF Troops unloading on Malden during the NATO deployment to the island. łasica monitoring AAF movements during the NATO invasion.
  14. Anthrax01

    LDF Desert Retexture

    Upcoming MISC - Mechanic unit for base ambience - UN Helmet - Most LDF (Desert) Units will now have randomized helmets, which should result in a more helmet diverse army to go up against or with. Several key units like team leaders and marksmen have been left out however Vehicles The LDF Desert factions will have access to the mora, i've got two c i n e m a t i c s h o t s to show them off here.