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  1. THAANKS! Now I got it working, not only the landing pads needed this but also the arrows I was so dumb to misunderstand that, I could've had it working last week, I'm so sorry for missing that but thanks a lot.
  2. Oh I'm sorry, I looked for that and I thought it was this: pad1 disableCollisionWith _obj; and after this command, then I moved the invisible pad to the garage. Now that you told me again, I've searched more and found the "can_collide" you're talking about, will try when I can and will post results. Sorry again for misunderstanding.
  3. Up :( I tried disabling collision, also tried creating landing pads at 0,0,0 of map, and then attaching them to the garage, not working neither. GarageInit_2.sqf
  4. I don't think it's this, the arrows are just a tool I'm using to see where the invisible helipads are, in the script I don't have these. The problem is the placement of the invisible helipads, I use these for the conditions in the addActions and movement points.
  5. Hello again, I have a little problem with my garage script: Instead of using objects set in the editor for movement and condition references, the script creates two invisible landing pads (one for each door) and from there I use modelToWorld to get diferent positions. Well to get the correct positions relative to the garage object, I went to a empty virtual reallity map and put the object on 0,0,0 and from there I could know the relative position. I use this pad1 = "Land_HelipadEmpty_F" createVehicle (_obj modelToWorld [-6.65,-5.75,-2]); // Left pad2 = "Land_HelipadEmpty_F" createVehicle (_obj modelToWorld [1.3,-5.75,-2]); // Right in the visual reality map it gave me no error but when I moved to the actual mission I'm working on, the two points were not in the same position.. I used two arrows to see that position. "Sign_Arrow_Blue_F" createVehicle (getPos pad1); "Sign_Arrow_Blue_F" createVehicle (getPos pad2); What could be creating this error? I also tried modelToWorldVisual. GarageInit.sqf Garage.sqf
  6. Ok I think I solved the problem, now I've got all working. Well I'm still learning so I'm trying to do scripts about everything for practice, and for a mission I'm working I wanted to create a simple garage script, when approaching the garage door you get an addaction to move inside, and when you're inside another to move outside. Really simple, but I wanted to create i with functions because I've never really knew how to use these, now I know. :) garage.sqf I still have to fix the conditions of the addactions, instead of "Door1", (Move_Points select 0).
  7. Well, coming back to the first problem, I have that code that executes an .sqf to all the vehicles with these classnames now here I have that .sqf: Well, when all the codes finishes to work, any of the vehicles explodes...
  8. Well, I'm finishing some tweaking and I'm going to try right now I think that I was doing that wrong, I thought I could have more than one (for example) jeep in that array, but I can only have 1 classname per each vehicle, even if I have 1000 jeeps on the map. The important thing, is that when adding the vehicle to the array, I have an _x that also run some functions, and my objectives is that this function works on all the desired vehicles on the map, I'm going to try and I tell you if now it works. Thanks for the help, I've have not realized what was I doing wrong.
  9. Can I use this with "vehicles"? I'm not sure but I think that word uses all the vehicles on the map.
  10. Hello, I'm trying to do a script where just a certain class of vehicles can acces. I have an Array with the classnames: then, I have another array in which the vehicles on the map that correspond to that type of classname are added to this other array. Well my problem is when the script adds the desired vehicles to the new array, they don't get in the array as the classname, but as the .p3d file and some random numbers.
  11. Hello, I'm trying to learn the way A3 does conversations, so I took one of their missions and started looking all... well I could get a lot of it but I got lost at some point, with the BIS_fnc_missionConversations and BIS_fnc_kbTell. Well, I know that to use BIS_fnc_missionConversations I need the missionConversations.sqf and to use BIS_fnc_kbTell I need class CfgSentences in Description.ext. but I've seen that in the mission I'm looking there is any trace of cfgSentences, I thought maybe through a .xml, but I didn't see any mentioning or any localize about this. Another example, the function Bis_playAllConversations defined in functions.sqf, directly uses sentences without any trace of a localize or stringtable.xml... I thought from the start that maybe the link with a maybe existing sentence in stringtable.xml (he he, I already have this but maybe misspelled something) is the "Showcase_Helicopter" string, because in BIS_fnc_kbTell, the second argument is: "_this select 1 (Optional): STRING - container name (default: current mission ID)" So, if this is the link with a container in a stringtable.xml how I can do the same thing? Here is my try: (for now it's almost a copy just for learning from the original) missionConversations.sqf: #define BASE Elca_AirBase #define PILOT Elca_player case "INTRO": { sleep 1; ["01_Intro","CTRG_Pilot",nil,"side"] call bis_fnc_kbTell; }; my stringtable container: And in some other place, "["INTRO"] spawn BIS_fnc_missionConversations;" but it gives me error: Class "CTRG_Pilot" not found in Cfgsentences. Don't mind about the texts nor the translations, it's not yet finished and it's only for testing :D
  12. Hello, I'm working on a mission where I have several radio messages: I set up a headquarters entity, select side and "base" and then set my custom callsign. I try it with a generic radio message, and works nice but when I do this: [west, "HQ"] sideRadio "HQ_Task1Announcment"; The messages plays and the text message is displayed but the entity is still Crossroad. It's not a very crucial error but I would like to set up my custom HQ. I found some topics about stringtable.csv but it doesn't work anymore... by the way, I would like to know your opinion about this radio message, it is from a text-to-speech modified with Adobe Audition. PD: Is it better to have one topic with many different questions and add more in the same topic or create various ones? Thanks a lot, Erwin.
  13. Erwin23p

    UAV follow player

    After trying a lot, I still couldn't figure this out... I'll leave the script here, the code is still WIP so maybe there are a lot of errors but now I'm just focusing on solving this problem: mission.sqf SOLVED: I had another trigger in the editor that when I got in the helicopter, it would assign again all the group as cargo thus confusing the AI i suppose.
  14. Erwin23p

    UAV follow player

    I have a new little problem, when I have an AI group with the order to board my Empty helicopter if now I get in that helicopter while they're still boarding, the team leader of that group won't get in the helicopter. If I am in the pilot seat before the boarding order, only two out of four members of the group will board, and will not run (I have set them to speed "FULL"). If I board the pilot seat after the order is given, three members get in the chopper but the team leader doesn't but at least they are running. Unique solution is to board the chopper after them, but that's not a suitable solution. I'm assigned as driver of the helicopter, and each member of the group is assigned as cargo. I'm sorry for asking so much question, I know that this kind of problems can be solved trying, trying and trying, but I don't have much time and maybe someone know the answer but I'll continue trying. Thanks a lot for helping me.
  15. Erwin23p

    UAV follow player

    Again, thanks a lot for all the explanation and your help, I'll try to mess around with that :D