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  1. Erwin23p

    Apply to all units

    You could change the condition of the while loop. //Before the loop: _timer = 0; //Loop condition: _timer < 300 //After the sleep: _timer = _timer + 1; but, I suggest you use a spawn when the unit is touching ground, because you will mess with the timer. if (isTouchingGround _x) then { [] spawn { sleep 5; _x allowDamage true; }; };
  2. Erwin23p

    Apply to all units

    You could make the script work on only the first minutes when the units are dropping, or if you wanna go advanced, make a script that detects if the unit is para dropping and activate the script and once the unit is on the ground, disable the script.
  3. Erwin23p

    playSound3D Help...

    Remember that if a player gets in, and then after a few seconds another gets in, the trigger will reproduce again the sound over the one already playing, so maybe use some variable and for the loop you could spawn a simple for loop in the trigger onAct with a sleep command: But then, if the sound should execute only one time and keep sounding for the time you want, don't make it repeatable.
  4. Erwin23p

    Spectating without Spoiling

    You should check the end game spectator mode and BIS_fnc_EGSpectator. I didn't try it but it should be easy to configure it to only allow first or third person spectating.
  5. Erwin23p

    Apply to all units

    For sure there is a way, but remember that the condition cycles for all units each frame in a zone or maybe the whole mission so find a way to limit the usage of this... For example, if you want to make a damaged ship spawn units make only units near that ship or something like that. just add this to the init.sqf. I tried this and it's pretty laggy but it works, I recommend using another kind of condition, or maybe an array to limit the usage of this script, or raise the sleep to 5.
  6. Erwin23p

    playSound3D Help...

    I think what is wrong is the other arguments: playSound3D [filename, soundSource, isInside, soundPosition, volume, soundPitch, distance] so, 3rd element should be a boolean, not an array, 4th should be the position where you want the sound to source from, in your case if it's the radio: getPosASL radio 5th, is an integrer, is the volume: Default: 1 Maximum value: 5 6 is another integrer, is the pitch: 1: Normal, 0.5: Darth Vader, 2: Chipmunks, etc. Default: 1 and last the one where you set 15, is the distance: How far is sound audible (0 = no max distance) Default: 0. So your function should look something like this: playSound3D [MISSION_ROOT + "soundz\radio.wav", radio, false, getPosASL radio, 1, 1, 15]; Now it should work.
  7. Erwin23p

    playSound3D Help...

    From what I've read, I think playSound3D and drawIcon3D doesn't look for the file in your mission directory but in the game directory or another more general one... Well what KK did, is give us a simple tool to recover that path and tell Arma easily where our sound or/and picture is. First you need to create a function in the init.sqf, this function will automatically look for the path of the mission and return a valid path: MISSION_ROOT = call { private "_arr"; _arr = toArray __FILE__; _arr resize (count _arr - 8); toString _arr }; now, each time you use "MISSION_ROOT" it will run that code and return a good path for us to use, mix this with your function above and you got what you wanted! playSound3D [MISSION_ROOT + "soundz\generator", gen, [], [], [], [], 50]; //BTW isn't there supposed to be a file extension in your path? Thanks a lot to kk👍
  8. Erwin23p

    Apply to all units

    One way I see to make this work is to call a script for each individual AI unit you want to do that for, because you need to constantly check each unit where it is... If you want to try that, create a file called swimFaster.sqf and add this: And then in the unit init: _script = [this] execVM "swimFaster.sqf"; There are a lot of ways of doing this: different, cleaner and better but this is a simple way,
  9. I've been trying to do that myself, the way I've seen bis do it is by using the arma conversation files and the BIS_fnc_kbTell function to make it work.
  10. Well I don't know why it isn't working, I tried it in multiplayer with a friend and it's working well...
  11. So if I understand correctly, you want to make some dead corpses unlootable, but if one of your npc teammates dies, you can loot them? You could force close player invetory: Put this in the non lootable npc: this setvariable ["lootable",false,true]; and then add this to the init.sqf player addEventHandler ["InventoryOpened", { _lootable = (_this select 1) getVariable ["lootable", true]; if !_lootable then {true}; }]; With the set variable, you're assigning that npc the variable lootable, a false boolean, then in the init you're adding an eventhandler to the player that when he opens the inventory it will check if that npc is lootable or not through the above assigned variable, and if it results false, it will override the open inventory action by doing anything.
  12. Erwin23p

    hpp editiing in GUI EDITOR

    How to import a dialog into the gui editor
  13. Erwin23p

    CUP LHD Rear Gate Opening Scripts?

    After trying a little bit more, I got it working using a nearest objects (I looked into the lhd functions and all used this) _Vehs = nearestobjects [lhd,[],100]; { _x animate ["door_welldeck",1]; _x animate ["door_welldeck_2",1]; _x animate ["door_welldeck_3",1]; } forEach _Vehs; Now, you could situate an object close to the end of the ship, or use coordinates and lower the radius of the nearestobjects.
  14. Erwin23p

    CUP LHD Rear Gate Opening Scripts?

    Try this: //Open: this animate ["door_welldeck", 1]; this animate ["door_welldeck_2", 1]; this animate ["door_welldeck_3", 1]; //Close this animate ["door_welldeck",0]; this animate ["door_welldeck_2",0]; this animate ["door_welldeck_3",0]; //and also I don't know what is this this animationPhase "door_welldeck" < 0.5; this animationPhase "door_welldeck" >= 0.5; I just looked a little bit into the config.cpp
  15. I didn't try, but maybe using setHitPointDamage and setting the third element to false?