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  1. Hello @uzabit, I've checked with the beta testers and our dev team and we're currently unaware of performance degradations. Do you use other mods with the F-18 and Nimitz? If so, please test with F-18 and Nimitz alone and see if the engines spool up is the problem at core for you. Cheers, TeTeT
  2. The update finally landed for the F/A-18E/F 2020 version: This is a major update for the F/A-18E/F 2020 version. It contains updates that were tested in the beta in the past 6 months. A detailed changelog since 2020-06-15, when the 2020 version was released, can be found at https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/changelog/1552807725/ , the changelog for the F/A-18E/F beta. In broad terms the following changes happened: Updated to F/A-18E/F beta from 2020-01-06 Air-to-air combats modes. BVR, ACM radar modes, etc. ITC Air removed. It support generics missile (except FIR AWS). Most of the bugs are gone. It support ACE Mavericks, RHS Mavericks, etc. Build in navigation system. Pre-planed list of waypoints, dynamic adding, removing and changing waypoints. Works with an ACE microDagr. Good compatibility with the ACRE and almost excellent with the TFAR. You can select radio on the UFC and change frequency of the channel. HOTAS integration. A lot of useful keybinds. A lot of minor changes. Bug fixes, reworked MFD page, optimization. This update was brought to you by the ingenious Acolyte, tested by Benchmark and 48wings, textures updated by Jaentzen and bits and pieces assembled by TeTeT.
  3. Can you check the rpt when playing your sound? I think the volume was restricted to 20 or so in a patch, but not entirely sure. So anything above 20 should be interpreted as 20 in the game. Outside of remixing the sound to be louder I know of no tricks. Cheers, TeTeT
  4. We had planned to release an update to F/A-18E/F 2020 today, but testing has uncovered some bugs that need to be fixed. Stay tuned for an update in January.
  5. The F/A-18E/F Super Hornet 2020 version will be updated to the latest beta (https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1552807725) in the next 48 hours. There will be a number of breaking changes, foremost the removal of ITC air support. Stay tuned for the update and practice with the beta if you have an upcoming year end event involving the Super Hornet 2020. For information on the update content, visit https://wiki.tetet.de/en/super_hornet
  6. hi tetet

    i use one of your mission called "[SP]NimitzTraffic2020.Stratis" that is great, the only problem is one of the script called "fn_loadout2.sqf" it supposed to load weapons(missiles/ bombs) on fa-18 but it doesn't load anything 

    so i would appreciate if you fix this script

    sorry for my English

  7. Hello! The Unsung 3.7 Golf update is a hotfix that addresses a crash to desktop (CTD) with NVA P-12 and other radars. Besides the crash fix, some more additions and fixes were undertaken. The Service and Supply mod sent us updated uniforms and equipment, which we integrated into Unsung. Custom music is now an option for land vehicles of the US and allies (uns_music_land prefix for CfgSounds). Another big change was the adjustment of helicopter fuel, the short range CH-34 now has fuel for roughly 30 minutes and all other helicopters are adjusted to this baseline. The M72 LAW is now a one-shot weapon again, the event handler is in place again. Further the LAW can now be added to backpacks. A lot of the loadout errors in RPT (arma 3 log file) were removed. Some uniforms were reactivated from scope 0 or 1 to 2, e.g. hidden and protected were made public again. The Unsung Team Changelog:
  8. Thanks, I saw that once or so too, but I don't know why it happens and how to fix it 🙂 Any suggestions welcome.
  9. TeTeT

    AF Large Civilian Ship

    The problem with sinking and listing is that it basically makes it moving. And the units don't like it at all. I tried listing and sinking on the Nimitz and as soon as stuff like planes, tractors and units were on the flightdeck, it looks more funny than good.
  10. TeTeT

    Jets DLC Terrains

    Why don't you rent a http server and setup the files there for convenience of others and provide a mirror? According to your arguments there might be quite a few players appreciating it.
  11. Dear Unsung community, the Unsung 3.6 Golf update is now available on steam workshop https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=943001311 and via torrent https://tetet.de/arma/arma3/Download/unsung/@unsung-3.6.golf.torrent An update video is available at Special thanks to simcardo and Justin.N from Service and Supply mod for their uniforms and equipment! The full changelog, also available in the download and from https://tetet.de/arma/arma3/Download/unsung/docs/unsung_3.6g_changelog.pdf Enjoy! TeTeT
  12. Latest preparations for Unsung 3.6 Golf update are in the making. The changelog is quite large, you can take a peek at http://tetet.de/arma/arma3/Download/unsung/docs/unsung_3.6g_changelog.pdf if you like. Currently the question is if buckshot ammo will make it for the M-79 or not... stay tuned for news 🙂 TeTeT
  13. Hello, I looked further into the problem of landing AI with the dynamic airport config of the Nimitz and I came to no other solution than preventing crashes and splashes with a function. It's currently called with a sleep, but ultimately need to go into a per frame event handler: ttt_nimitz_fnc_preventCrashAndSplash = { params [["_plane", ObjNull]]; if (isNull _plane) exitWith { "Need a plane in prevent crash and splash" call bis_fnc_error; }; private _carrier = _plane getVariable ["ttt_nimitz_carrier", ObjNull]; if (isNull _carrier) exitWith { "Need a carrier in prevent crash and splash" call bis_fnc_error; }; while {alive _plane and speed _plane > 10} do { private _nextPos = _plane getPos [10, getDir _plane]; // adjust for flight deck height _nextPos set [2, 18]; private _intersects = lineIntersectsWith [_nextPos, [_nextPos # 0, _nextPos # 1, 0], _plane, objNull, false]; // systemChat format ["%1 intersects", _intersects]; if (count _intersects isEqualTo 0) then { systemChat "preventing splash"; [_plane, _plane getDir _carrier] call ttt_nimitz_fnc_turn; }; private _ent = _plane nearEntities 20; // systemChat str _ent; { if (_x isEqualTo _plane) exitWith {}; private _type = toLower typeOf _x; if (_type find "jdg" > -1) exitWith {}; systemChat format ["preventing crash with %1 [%2]", _x, _type]; [_plane, _plane getDir _carrier] call ttt_nimitz_fnc_turn; } forEach _ent; // Probably better make the above a per frame eventhandler sleep 0.01; }; _plane; }; In the while loop I check two conditions: First, if there's no object below the plane any longer I stop it cold with 'ttt_nimitz_fnc_turn' which uses setDir; second, I use 'nearEntities 20' to see if I'm about to crash into any object/unit and again use 'ttt_nimitz_fnc_turn' to stop the plane. One thing I haven't tested yet, but seems to be worth exploring: Give the plane a waypoint some 3km (or more) behind the carrier with the 9 degree offset of the angled flight deck. This might allow AI to line up their approach properly. And there's this video of the current situation:
  14. And a preview of Firewill's UH-1D/H decal set, integrated in Unsung now:
  15. Thanks again for the test, @vengeance1 The new version 0.105 is now live on steam workshop. Changelog is minimal: Enjoy, TeTeT