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  1. Try to add the following texture to the roadway lod model: a3\data_f\surfaces\plechprolis.paa Good luck, TeTeT
  2. There is no built in way to disable the texture randomization. Your best bet is a custom init box script: T = [this] spawn { sleep 1; (_this # 0) setObjectTextureGlobal [1, "\uns_pbr\data\pbr_co.paa"]; }; The sleep 1 is needed or otherwise the randomization skin will be applied. Then in the next line the pbr_co.paa texture will be applied. There you have a selection of different skins: "\uns_pbr\data\pbr_co.paa", "\uns_pbr\data\pbr_co_01.paa", "\uns_pbr\data\pbr_co_01a.paa", "\uns_pbr\data\pbr_co_02.paa", "\uns_pbr\data\pbr_co_02a.paa", "\uns_pbr\data\pbr_co_03.paa", "\uns_pbr\data\pbr_co_03a.paa", "\uns_pbr\data\pbr_co_04.paa", "\uns_pbr\data\pbr_co_04a.paa", "\uns_pbr\data\pbr_co_sog1.paa", "\uns_pbr\data\pbr_co_sog2.paa" Pick one that you like best. Good luck with the missions! TeTeT
  3. That's intended. You need to edit some variables to make vanilla repair/refuel/reammo work again. You should be able to find them in aircraftLoadoutParameters.sqf or so.
  4. The carpet bombing module is still quite raw and in beta. I've placed this Unsung specific video up as a tutorial: Let me know what you think of it and if you have ideas for improvements, interested in your feedback. TeTeT
  5. You need to equip the radio in the radio item slot of the RTO. I think on those two units the radios are by default in the item slot. For the others you need to replace the short range radio. The CH-34 and probably CH-21 altitude problem is strange. I tested this on Doung island from Airbase Mike. When sending the helos directly nw to the island, they get stuck in this altitude loop, even though flyInHeight and flyInHeightASL was set to 100. I could not fix this, but found a work around: Send them north first over the sea, then they fly with 100 meter altitude, then add a final landing waypoint on the island and they make the whole trip at 100 meters, but for the final pop up before landing. So I would ask you to test this in your mission as well, give them an intermediary waypoint and see if that helps. The radio module CAS is currently coded in two different ways, so the AH-1 and UH-1 gunship CAS should always be available, no matter what. I might want to revisit the module some day and give it more configuration options. TeTeT
  6. You need to write some code. Use that code snippet as a base, it's a modification of fn_callCAS.sqf in uns_missilebox_c: // Written by TeTeT for Unsung params ["_caller", ["_target", ObjNull]]; // private _target = cursorObject; if (isNull _target) exitWith { systemChat "No target"; diag_log "callCAS: No target"; }; [_caller, "Calling Plane CAS"] remoteExec ["sideChat", _caller]; private _smokePos = getPos _target; private _smokeType = selectRandom [ ["SmokeShell", "White"], ["SmokeShellRed", "Red"], ["SmokeShellGreen", "Green"], ["SmokeShellYellow", "Yellow"], ["SmokeShellPurple", "Purple"], ["SmokeShellBlue", "Blue"], ["SmokeShellOrange", "Orange"] ]; private _smoke = createVehicle [_smokeType # 0, _smokePos, [], 0, "NONE"]; _smoke setPos [_smokePos select 0, _smokePos select 1, 5]; _smoke setDamage 1; [_caller, "Target marked with smoke, confirm visual"] remoteExec ["sideChat", _caller]; // Source: http://home.earthlink.net/~aircommando1/ACTERMS.htm private _callsign = selectRandom ["Bonnet", "Bulldog", "Dragon", "Firefly", "Hornet", "Litterbug", "Loudmouth", "Mustang", "Red Dog", "Tiger", "Zorro"]; private _logic = "Logic" createVehicleLocal (getPos _target); _logic setDir (random 360); _logic setVariable ["vehicle", selectRandom [ "uns_f100b_CAS", "uns_A1J_CAS", "uns_A4B_skyhawk_CAS" ]]; /** Comment for wiki, these are the available weapon types: case 0: {[ "vehicleweapon" ]}; case 1: {[ "rocketlauncher" ]}; case 2: {[ "vehicleweapon", "rocketlauncher" ]}; case 3: {[ "bomblauncher" ]}; **/ _logic setVariable ["type", 3]; _logic setVariable ["smoke", _smokeType # 1]; _logic setVariable ["callsign", _callsign]; _logic setVariable ["caller", _caller]; [_logic, nil, true] call uns_mbox_fnc_moduleCAS; // diag_log "Calling uns_mbox_fnc_moduleCAS on server"; // [_logic, nil, true] remoteExec ["uns_mbox_fnc_moduleCAS", 2, false]; // diag_log "After call of uns_mbox_fnc_moduleCAS on server"; _caller; Hope that helps. Cheers, TeTeT
  7. You cannot change the support menu, it's pretty much hard coded.
  8. Unfortunately at least two bugs were introduced with Unsung 3.1 Fox: The UH-1 gunships have no textures after JIP on a dedicated server C-130 and Mule are not available in Zeus on dedicated server Both issues have been addressed and the solutions are currently under test. We do not know yet when we can update to 3.2 Fox to properly fix these issues. Thanks for understanding, TeTeT
  9. Unsung 3.1 Fox Update Since the 3.0 Fox release the Unsung team was busy preparing this first update to Fox. Since ArmA 3 update 1.90 some of the Unsung headgear causes crashes to desktop, which this update fixes. Besides this fix a number of improvements and additions were made to Unsung. See the complete changelog at https://tetet.de/arma/arma3/Download/unsung/UNSUNG 3.1f Changelog.pdf Highlights of this update are: o Song Bin Tanh airfield and base added o C-130 by Sabre added o M-274 Mule by Londo added o Transport and Supply missions for Radio Support fixed o Canopy glass reflection issues fixed for UH-1 ARA and TOW and AH-1G Cobra o M-113, M-48 and M-551 improved physx o Update lesh tow compatiblity support for planes and helos o Fix stock shadow issue of AK-47 o Updated ROK units Downloads: Armaholic: http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=29948 Steam Workshop: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=943001311 Torrent: https://tetet.de/arma/arma3/Download/unsung/@unsung-3.1.fox.torrent Update video: Screenshots by Jeza! Song Bin Tanh airbase: Map notifications on Khe Sanh: KC-130 in action, original model by Sabre: M-274 Mule by londo: AK-47 stock shadow improved: AI planes drop Napalm accurately now: PhysX improvements for M-113, M-48 and M-551: Improved canopy visibility without reflections in AH-1G and UH-1 TOW and ARA: Improved pilot animations for A-6, OV-10, F-105, F-111: CTD fix for various helmets in multiplayer:
  10. TeTeT

    EA-6B Prowler

    Too bad the month is already over, but I have no cockpit update to present. We're a bit busy to polish a patch for Unsung 3 Fox and the Nimitz got some updates as well. However, the EA-6 is not forgotten. The planned cockpit will be a mix of the Unsung A-6 Cockpit and maybe others as well. Thanks for the suggestions!
  11. Meantime Joe had created a very nice LSO platform. Unfortunately it crashed arma 3, but it seems to be fixed with 1.90. Here a screenshot without secondary textures:
  12. Hello, we've put the experimental version of the Nimitz upon on steam: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1697731012 This is mainly useful for developers and those who are interested in the bleeding edge of mod development. Expect frequent breakage. The full changelog for the experimental version can be found at https://tetet.de/arma/arma3/nimitz/experimental/Changelog.txt In other news, Odyseus is re-modelling the island and makes good progress. However, real life comes first, so an update of the island will hopefully come later this year. TeTeT
  13. TeTeT

    Secret Weapons

    You can try to use flyInHeight and flyInHeightASL. I had some success for the KA-3 Tanker in Unsung to get it to fly level over Khe Sanh via: this flyInHeight 100; this flyInHeightASL [1000, 1000, 1000]; According to the wiki the first flyInHeight determines the altitude over terrain level, the second over sea level. You need both though, for some reason. Good luck, TeTeT
  14. Thanks for the kind words, appreciated! The C123 is right now not on the horizon. We made some progress in the beta to add the C-130, originally from Sabre. Hopefully we get a new texture for it for SEA use.
  15. TeTeT

    EA-6B Prowler

    Unfortunately the cost for a nice EA-6B cockpit is out of reach for me. I had hoped for a quote that I can afford, but it seems modelling prices are in the hundreds, if not thousands of Euro range for such a custom cockpit for four pilots. Even with a successful donation run for the EA-6B it's highly unlikely that enough funds could be raised for it. So next steps will be me making an unrealistic phantasy cockpit and pushing the plane closer to release within Unsung. I hope to publish some screenshots by the end of month.