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  1. Thanks for the kind words, appreciated! The C123 is right now not on the horizon. We made some progress in the beta to add the C-130, originally from Sabre. Hopefully we get a new texture for it for SEA use.
  2. TeTeT

    EA-6B Prowler

    Unfortunately the cost for a nice EA-6B cockpit is out of reach for me. I had hoped for a quote that I can afford, but it seems modelling prices are in the hundreds, if not thousands of Euro range for such a custom cockpit for four pilots. Even with a successful donation run for the EA-6B it's highly unlikely that enough funds could be raised for it. So next steps will be me making an unrealistic phantasy cockpit and pushing the plane closer to release within Unsung. I hope to publish some screenshots by the end of month.
  3. TeTeT

    EA-6B Prowler

    Not to mention the impact of DCS F-14 tomorrow 🙂 Back on topic, meantime I've reached out to some modellers to see if there's interest in getting the EA-6B cockpit up to speed and if it's affordable to me or not.
  4. TeTeT

    EA-6B Prowler

    I recently started to work on the cockpit of the EA-6B and have to admit that my naive copy/paste approach from existing cockpit does not do the plane justice. Hence I'm looking for alternative ways to source a cockpit for the Prowler. I'll keep this thread updated on any progress.
  5. You probably want to set featureType = 2; in the config.cpp for your ships. See https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/setFeatureType for possible values. The Nimitz uses it to be rendered up to terrain view limits. Cheers, TeTeT
  6. TeTeT

    Zeus Deck Boss

    Yes, if you don't mind taking the function and eventhandler and transferring it to your mission. Good luck!
  7. TeTeT


    Hi, not at my arma desktop right now, but you can try this code: private _bluforUAV = []; { if (side _x == west) then { _bluforUAV pushBack _x; } } forEach allUnitsUAV; systemChat format ["Found %1 blufor UAV", count _bluforUAV]; No idea on the playMove, but keep in mind that the argument needs to be local in multiplayer, e.g. execute the playMove where the object resides. Good luck, TeTeT
  8. TeTeT


    If you want to get hold of the caller of the action, according to https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/addAction it is (_this # 1) from the script that executes the action. When defining the action callbacks in your config.cpp, I recommend to call a not yet existing function and define that function in a mission Init.sqf. This way you can fine tune the script without a million re-packs and re-starts. E.g. config.cpp ... statement = "[this] call ttt_fnc_testaction"; mission Init.sqf ttt_fnc_testaction = { systemChat "Test Action done"; }; On the bisign/bikey signing, there's a tool in arma 3 tools for it: https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/DSSignFile It comes with a GUI where you add your source addon folder and either create a new bikey or use an existing one. Then you process the pbo files and sign them (create .bisign signatures). Keep the .biprivatekey to yourself and distribute the .bikey together with the .bisign for your mod's pbos. The .bikey usually goes in a directory called keys besides the addons folder in your mod.
  9. A small mission: You're on FAC duty over Khe Sanh in a OV-10 Bronco. Mark targets with WP (Willy Pete - White Phosphorous) rockets and call in AI strikes that way. You can refuel and rearm at Khe Sanh Combat Base (KCSB). Required mod is Unsung Fox https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=943001311 http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=29948 or via torrent http://tetet.de/arma/arma3/Download/unsung/@unsung-3.0.fox.torrent Subscribe to https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1613315753 OV-10 marking target
  10. TeTeT

    Soviet AF Pack

    You can't tell the difference between a Tiger and a Fishbed or what?
  11. TeTeT


    In Unsung mod we had the problem of crashing planes on BI support module missions until we made them simulation airplaneX With simulation airplane they'd just drop out of the sky. Maybe worth checking.
  12. Usually you get the model.cfg with the mlods for the plane you want to work on from the original author(s). Do you get a permission from them to change their work? That would be the first step.
  13. Hi, did you actually define the ejection motion in the model.cfg? E.g. EjectionSeatRailAnim = "ejection_seat_motion"; //name of the animation that will be played to start a smooth ejection motion out of cockpit needs to be a model.cfg based translation animation. For example, the Unsung A-7 defines in config.cpp: EjectionSeatRailAnim = "ejector_seat"; and in model.cfg first a bone is defined: ... "gear_3","", "gear_3_damper","gear_3", "gear_3_damper2","gear_3_damper", "wheel_3","gear_3_damper2", "gear_3_hatch_2","", "gear_3_hatch_3","", //ejection "canopy", "", "ejector_seat", "" and later in class Animations class Animations { // Ejection system class ejector_seat_hide { type = "hide"; source = "user"; selection = "ejector_seat"; minValue = 0; maxValue = 1; initPhase = 0; minPhase = 0; maxPhase = 1; hideValue = 0.001; }; class ejector_seat { type = "translation"; source = "user"; selection = "ejector_seat"; begin = "ejector_start"; end = "ejector_end"; minValue = 0; maxValue = 1; memory = 1; animPeriod = 0; offset0 = 0; offset1 = 3; }; class hide_canopy { type = "hide"; source = "user"; selection = "canopy"; minValue = 0; maxValue = 1; minPhase = 0; maxPhase = 1; initPhase = 0; hideValue = 0.01; }; ...
  14. You're looking for the uns_air pbo and the CfgSounds entries there. For the valkyries the path should be \uns_Air\sounds\Valkyries.ogg
  15. I believe this is answered in the first post of the thread: Here the file from the download directory: //GOM_fnc_aircraftLoadout V1.35 made by Grumpy Old Man 17-5-2017 //parameters that can be set as preferred GOM_fnc_aircraftLoadout_NeedsFuelSource = true; //(default: true) needs fuel supply within 50m of the aircraft or functions will be unavailable GOM_fnc_aircraftLoadout_NeedsAmmoSource = true; //(default: true) needs ammo supply within 50m of the aircraft or functions will be unavailable GOM_fnc_aircraftLoadout_NeedsRepairSource = true; //(default: true) needs repair supply within 50m of the aircraft or functions will be unavailable GOM_fnc_allowAllPylons = false; //(default: false) removes check that only allows compatible pylons to be mounted GOM_fnc_aircraftLoadoutRepairTime = 60; //(default: 60) time it takes to repair a vehicle from 0 to 100% health. Going from 50% to 100% will take half the time GOM_fnc_aircraftLoadoutRefuelRate = 1800; //(default: 1800) rate in liters per minute a vehicle will be refuelled at. Going from 0 to 100% fuel will take 60 seconds if the vehicle holds 1800l max fuel. wipeout has 1000l max fuel as a measurement GOM_fnc_removeFuelFromMapObjects = true; //(default: true) will remove all fuel cargo from map objects like gas stations so players can't land on the roof of a gas station for a maintenance free refill, might affect other parts of your mission so choose carefully