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  1. Hey i try make a "Event Repo" for my Used Repo on a Linux root server Edit/ Ok i cange my mind not needed right now. Thanks
  2. john85oc

    LAMBS Improved Danger.fsm

    Ah Okay thanks for the fast answer 🙂
  3. john85oc

    LAMBS Improved Danger.fsm

    Hello, I thinking about to replacement a other AI mod with that to do, so i have a ask for that i not found answer. Can i used this mod as "Serverside" only mod? or need both server and clients it?
  4. john85oc

    IFA3 liberation [WW2]

    Hello, Little Asking, becuse i am a bit confused There pbos in with CSA38 in Name. if that the reason was its the fight here already happyfull ending? The Last version i used was B16/b17 version from Workshop will this very nice mod comes again on Workshop? Google its very Slow. 😄 And on yours Side its a Dead Link to the Workshop for IFA3_AIO_Lite the New link was -> https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2648308937 Thanks for youre nice work btw! had a lot of fun with thoes mods 😄
  5. john85oc

    Armaholic is gone

    and now i see the thead its locked, the Armaholic facebook and Twitter page its removed too. No idea whats happend in that thead but its feel we cant recuse the Work of so many autors and a nice work.
  6. Hello Its it Possible to add Liberation Missions without Project OPFOR and with 3CB Factions Like a Takistan version with 3CB Factions and not Project OPFOR?
  7. john85oc

    ARMAHOLIC website not working

    Hmmm... I think we will never get any anser from info@joocoo.nl, coz the domian joocoo.nl its still if you ping it "time out" so that its maybe offline. but if you ping armaholic.com then you will see its still online. was the E-mail from armaholic not info@armaholic.com? I am not sure its that E-Mails then really send and to 100% receive on info@joocoo.nl or its that just a "Dead E-Mail" like a signal "Dont distube me" Yes he say contact to that adress but if not on so that e_mail mabye have not a install and aktiv E-mail server. and that would explain why neverone get any ansers Maybe he make with that e-mail a Mistext too we know soooo many things not yet about that all. What for E-mails was now all used?
  8. john85oc

    ARMAHOLIC website not working

    I hope the Communty can help to keep it alive still with the Hard or the Esay way. Do have somebody a replay get yet?
  9. john85oc

    ARMAHOLIC website not working

    I have ping that adresse....and i got a Request timed out. Now i worry that youres E-mail or all E-mails that users send to him not arrive Maybe my knowledge is bad about webservers and websides but i think now thats a bad signal if a request time out its....Are you sure that youres E-Mail sendet?
  10. Thanks in Firefox worked^^ Do u have a plan how Google Chrome user got ftp ? there are the same like befor with firefox In Chrome was that in Version 80 was still possible but no longer with Version 90 and highter I wish Armaholic are not closed...
  11. Hi, The Links you give to Downloading Arma3sync are really on Blank side and nothing happend, just ask "what for App do you want used" looks like for me so
  12. john85oc

    ARMAHOLIC website not working

    I am really sad about the end... I watch everday on armaholic, i was plan to reinstall arma2 with mods again, but that plan its now dead coz armaholic its closed now... For me and how i see was armaholic for much from us a not only a side where mods are. Armaholic means for me more then just arma3 mods, and sripts too.... Soo many are now lost what a very black day for the complett Arma history and communty... 😞 I have not think that armaholic dead or not see if it comes arma4. Its it really shit right now.. And i hope someone can take armaholic if it Fox not more want. I wish really too like many others he tell us what happend or whats the Problem maybe found then we the communty a way too...
  13. john85oc

    ARMAHOLIC website not working

    I think something wrong like Hacker attack....but we will see... I want Armaholic back too all days i watch for news there.
  14. Hi Firewill, Here its my Feedback to that TGT update. I think its have what. if you have unterstand how its work now can you work well with yet. But i think here should some make "Better" in the next version of it. and thats its 1. Makers by TGT. if the Player set makers fly and shooting down, killed or resspwan he cant not removed this makers. 2. That Weapons in that drop down mod. (i not know why used that) becuse somebody will it Overlooked whether this is online or not what that can that end that the Targets not hit 3. Pylons, I have run the test with 6 GBU38, 3 on Pylon 4 and 3 on pylon 7. if you 2 attackes in 2flys on the same target have and you that target on pylon 4 set will arma drop the bomb on pylon 7 in the 2 bomb Drop. so you have 1 bomb hit that target, and the other bomb on pylson7 miss that target. Or a other test with the F16 was i want with pylon 3 attake frist and the bombe was drop by pylon 8. so that a bit... buggy i thnk or here used errors. I not know. I have try with Edit and set Priotät. but that not always work right 😄 Complettly see on that work... NICE JOB !!!!
  15. Hello, I have in the last time play much MCC Mission Generated Missions, and sometimes if the Task say Destroy Weaponchaches/Tanks you cant Destroy them. The Only way its to Remove that Task...Its that Bug knowing?