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  1. john85oc

    United States Air Force( 2015)

    Awww thats very Sad, my Unit used this Barets...and sometimes the Uniforms too Copy that i cant wait for it 😄
  2. john85oc

    United States Air Force( 2015)

    Wait what! nice! 😄 Little Ask, for the Update, its the C-5 Galaxy, E-3 AWACS, MC-130J Commando II, CV-22 Osprey, B1 and B2 and the Uniforms and Barets eg not more in? I Ask besuce Just that Or its that the List whats be updated?
  3. Hello, I have something 😄 1. OV-10 Bronco its here Possbile to add the Realstic Flight Controll Animations? The elevator is currently on landing Flap middle side. (Thats its wrong) and if Weapon pod on wing, you cant see form Pilot-seat 2. HH53B/Sea Stallion e.g You cant fly this if you have on Advenced Flight Modell, if you on you will exploded , or if not you will see you stuck in the Ground this why you will exploded and the sounds stop if you have have on and not die becuse stuck in Ground 😄 3. M-274 Mule To large turn circle for a vehicle of this size 4.A1H Skyraider, if you Place with Zeus, and want to trun in a other direction she will Jump comes down and explodes immediately thats make it Very very very hard to handle if you want to used with Zeus. I feel too nit all Heilicopters are supported AFM Still thanks for youres hard work and this nice Mod! keep it up 🙂
  4. Hello, Okay i not found any text here or now i his Discord Yes, i know that helicopter not all fly with full Collective, i know this mod a bit of A2 but A2 its long time ago, and my unit have used that mod since October 2018. A Pilot have Reported and i Testing it and see what he do wrong. But i not see here or so any infos its not bug. I do have a other Rember on the time befor A3 update. So now ok if it not Bug of that and its It was done with intention then OK for me but means not i not know how to fly. Thanks for give me the idea to join the Discord i not know he have. Now i am Joined thanks Mate for the Answers 👍
  5. john85oc

    TAW View Distance Script

    Hello Thanks for the Update 😄 I have only one ask about it. Is it possible to open the menu without ACE self interaction menu like befor? If yes how can i can it set?
  6. Hello, I think i have a new Bug found, Since the Arma 3 Update with Advanced Flight Model the problem its you make a Fast Flight (Colletive Stick Full) so on 70 kmh or 80 an faster start he to make the Nose down, 100mh its that controllable but 150 kmh its it not more hes nose go continue so that point comes if you not Colletive Stick put down to win back controll again So low Speed its all normal, but more speed = controllable im Non Advanced flight model its all normal. So i mean that was befor the Arma update not a Problem, but now yes. Sorry I do not know how to describe this with my bad English, if you did not understand me I can do a Youtube video with this problem
  7. Nice thanks. I hope for Both 😄 C123 and C130 ^^ Good Work and keep still Thanks for that helpful infos
  8. Hello, I like still the last Update very much its very well thanks for that! 😄 But i have one ask, will be in futuere add the Fairchild C123? I miss it very much ^^
  9. Hello, Frist, sorry for my bad English, now to the Report. Somethings its not well with the "Assemble- Antenna" script with TFAR Beta version. On MP server you cant Assemble or disassemble in the Arsenal yes, and in the Editor with Errors
  10. Hello, Happy new Year to all of you. I have a ask, maybe i am not up to date with the knowing about CUP Terrains Me and my Unit used CUP Terrains Complete Version 1.3.0 and i see the Maps and Core have update have, comes the Update for the Complet Verion too?
  11. Hello, Frist nice work for this Update But i have something to Reporting, and sorry for my english. The F18E work Normal, but the F18F not, with that mean i not the "Pilot" that works normal, i mean the "WSO" here thats my List The kamara only looks forward and can not be moved [Strg+rightmouse] The WSO can press the buttons from behind for the pilot and have not for the WSO Buttons (you can tun off the Battrary or APU or or or) If you jump off pilot comes out but not WSO. (WSO will be killed if you eject) And a little asking, Should the WSO, not Controlled the Weapons lig Bombs? i meant its it the Weapon System Operator? Thats i have testing on Server and Editor. Thanks and have a nice day! geeting form me to the team
  12. john85oc

    Enhanced Movement

    Yes i have this too but why not all sit in the Air? I Mean in youres pic PabloDMA?
  13. can i confirm and i have try with the update 03122018 White Menü Boxes