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  1. Hi Firewill, Here its my Feedback to that TGT update. I think its have what. if you have unterstand how its work now can you work well with yet. But i think here should some make "Better" in the next version of it. and thats its 1. Makers by TGT. if the Player set makers fly and shooting down, killed or resspwan he cant not removed this makers. 2. That Weapons in that drop down mod. (i not know why used that) becuse somebody will it Overlooked whether this is online or not what that can that end that the Targets not hit 3. Pylons, I have run the test with 6 GBU38, 3 on Pylon 4 and 3 on pylon 7. if you 2 attackes in 2flys on the same target have and you that target on pylon 4 set will arma drop the bomb on pylon 7 in the 2 bomb Drop. so you have 1 bomb hit that target, and the other bomb on pylson7 miss that target. Or a other test with the F16 was i want with pylon 3 attake frist and the bombe was drop by pylon 8. so that a bit... buggy i thnk or here used errors. I not know. I have try with Edit and set Priotät. but that not always work right 😄 Complettly see on that work... NICE JOB !!!!
  2. Hello, I have in the last time play much MCC Mission Generated Missions, and sometimes if the Task say Destroy Weaponchaches/Tanks you cant Destroy them. The Only way its to Remove that Task...Its that Bug knowing?
  3. Hi How long should brun the Fire if you shoot on ground with the M61A2 Vulcan? Forget it, its was by MCC mod. Nice Updates and nice skins you add it in
  4. john85oc

    Arma 3 Units - Feedback thread

    We encountered an error. If the problem persists, please contact us as via email at support@bistudio.com. its on the Unitpage to ready after long loadingtime.
  5. john85oc

    Project OPFOR

    Hello, The Nissan (PKM)s have dont Ammo and cant Fire, have someone that too?
  6. No Chance of that, the USAF Mod Team answer on other Requst on Page 8 and 9 Already.
  7. Hello, I would test this mod on Linux Servers if you need tester for that just say me ^^ if the Discord reopingen i would Join it too. Good Works btw^^
  8. john85oc

    RHS Escalation (AFRF and USAF)

    Hi, the AH1Z can used both systems, in German-language sources was it so saying. And in this Wiki was that here: "Communication between the missile and the fire control computer on the platform is now being handled digitally for the first time. Newer aircraft have been in this mode for several years; For platforms where conversion is no longer worthwhile (F-14, AV-8B and AH-1 Cobra), the rocket has an analog compatibility mode in which it behaves like an AIM-9M and behaves in this way compared to the fire control computer identified." and this makes sense.
  9. Hello ACE Team, i have Check out the New Version. I am surprised that there is no atropine but according to the module setting which is available, but I can not find it in any arsenal or box I mean the Setting Advanced medication like here have this someone other too?
  10. john85oc


    Hey, The Modul "Heal" etc will be not more work with the ACE 3.13.0 becuse Medical rework or not more right Work^^
  11. john85oc

    RHS Escalation (AFRF and USAF)

    Hello RHS Team, and users I have something, but my English its not good...i will try to explan what i have. 1. I not like that the UH60M now can Schwim, (no longer schwim) coz its not real. the same for Wracks Ch47F and UH60 more restends its okay but not like that, Wracks in this size are toooo Big and wight for schwimming. Why dont sink the Wreacks? 2. Since the Tank DLC are it a 50/50 Chance to Kill armed Tanks. Coz weapons are not Strong more...and then comes now that... My Unit have 2 Weeks have a Mission where they have to sink "Arma3 standart HMG Boats" with a Ah46, but the Hellfire Rockets dont kill anything... They Hit the target and makes nothing, the LOAL-LR and Radar have issuse other with Explosiv and range. The AH46 Crew have try Ranges 2km- 1km and nothing with the Hellfire can Distroyed. The AGM114 Hellfire should Kill that and other things without a problem. Have someother thats ever see too? I think RHS Should check all Explosiv weapons, its it not normal you cant Distroyed a T90SM too. as E.g Thanks
  12. john85oc

    United States Air Force( 2015)

    Awww thats very Sad, my Unit used this Barets...and sometimes the Uniforms too Copy that i cant wait for it 😄
  13. john85oc

    United States Air Force( 2015)

    Wait what! nice! 😄 Little Ask, for the Update, its the C-5 Galaxy, E-3 AWACS, MC-130J Commando II, CV-22 Osprey, B1 and B2 and the Uniforms and Barets eg not more in? I Ask besuce Just that Or its that the List whats be updated?
  14. Hello, I have something 😄 1. OV-10 Bronco its here Possbile to add the Realstic Flight Controll Animations? The elevator is currently on landing Flap middle side. (Thats its wrong) and if Weapon pod on wing, you cant see form Pilot-seat 2. HH53B/Sea Stallion e.g You cant fly this if you have on Advenced Flight Modell, if you on you will exploded , or if not you will see you stuck in the Ground this why you will exploded and the sounds stop if you have have on and not die becuse stuck in Ground 😄 3. M-274 Mule To large turn circle for a vehicle of this size 4.A1H Skyraider, if you Place with Zeus, and want to trun in a other direction she will Jump comes down and explodes immediately thats make it Very very very hard to handle if you want to used with Zeus. I feel too nit all Heilicopters are supported AFM Still thanks for youres hard work and this nice Mod! keep it up 🙂
  15. Hello, Okay i not found any text here or now i his Discord Yes, i know that helicopter not all fly with full Collective, i know this mod a bit of A2 but A2 its long time ago, and my unit have used that mod since October 2018. A Pilot have Reported and i Testing it and see what he do wrong. But i not see here or so any infos its not bug. I do have a other Rember on the time befor A3 update. So now ok if it not Bug of that and its It was done with intention then OK for me but means not i not know how to fly. Thanks for give me the idea to join the Discord i not know he have. Now i am Joined thanks Mate for the Answers 👍