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  1. Hello, Frist, sorry for my bad English, now to the Report. Somethings its not well with the "Assemble- Antenna" script with TFAR Beta version. On MP server you cant Assemble or disassemble in the Arsenal yes, and in the Editor with Errors
  2. Hello, Happy new Year to all of you. I have a ask, maybe i am not up to date with the knowing about CUP Terrains Me and my Unit used CUP Terrains Complete Version 1.3.0 and i see the Maps and Core have update have, comes the Update for the Complet Verion too?
  3. Hello, Frist nice work for this Update But i have something to Reporting, and sorry for my english. The F18E work Normal, but the F18F not, with that mean i not the "Pilot" that works normal, i mean the "WSO" here thats my List The kamara only looks forward and can not be moved [Strg+rightmouse] The WSO can press the buttons from behind for the pilot and have not for the WSO Buttons (you can tun off the Battrary or APU or or or) If you jump off pilot comes out but not WSO. (WSO will be killed if you eject) And a little asking, Should the WSO, not Controlled the Weapons lig Bombs? i meant its it the Weapon System Operator? Thats i have testing on Server and Editor. Thanks and have a nice day! geeting form me to the team
  4. john85oc

    Enhanced Movement

    Yes i have this too but why not all sit in the Air? I Mean in youres pic PabloDMA?
  5. can i confirm and i have try with the update 03122018 White Menü Boxes
  6. john85oc

    F-15 Eagle Series Standalone

    I know that too. Its Look like the WSO can with the Laser Marker work as well also -> See Target -> Lasermaker on -> Look on the Laser -> Bomb Away. Thats normal and that you do if you fly alone the Bomb hit the Target. But that Problem its so that the Bomb not can hit the Target its look like you fire blind. So a target acquisition problem. I am not sure why thats so. Or thats not have the F16D and F14 too. I will Test it if have time. What you have can do not too its like Pilot Laser and WSO can catch this laser. I have that testing with a Other Players from my Unit too
  7. Hello Guys i am litte bit Confused about this mod. In Armaholic are that http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=28085 http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=33875 Its that the same?? but both are linked in this thead? Ok i found my Fail.^^ Sorryyyyyy :D
  8. john85oc

    RHS Escalation (AFRF and USAF)

    Hello First nice update! But new Bugs inside, and already reportet have someone other that bug too with Advenced flight Modell and Intrument ui on? I hope RHS can fix that.
  9. We are a German Group this why this text in German language Wer sind wir? Unser Name ist 85th Operations Command und wir spielen als angehörige des US Millitärs. Wir halten uns auch an die US Millitär "Regeln" die uns erlauben unsere Einsätze so realistisch wie möglich durch zu führen. Unseren Clan gibt es seit ca. 2014. Was haben wir euch zu bieten? Wir haben derzeit zwei Teilstreitkräfte für euch anzubieten: Die 82ndAirborne Division US Army und US Air Force Detachment 45 Freundlicher Umgang Einen eignenden TS3 und Gameserver Welche Vorrausetzungen braucht ihr? Mindestalter 16 Jahre. Verständnisse zum Befolgen von Disziplin Teamspeak3 Client und Headset Aktuelle und eine nicht geklaute Arma3 Version Fähigkeit mit zu denken! Gibts bei uns Ausbildungen? Ja,alle neuen Member müssen die Grundausbildung [BCT] besucht haben. Danach habt ihr die Möglichkeit euch mit Advanced Individual Traning [AIT] weiterbilden zu lassen. Sonstiges Wir haben Mods um das Spielerlebnis zu verbessern! Mehr Infos im Forum Kontaktmöglichkeiten E-Mail: 85thoc@gmail.com Web: https://85th-operations-command.de Steam von mir: http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198041795984 Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/85thoc TS3: https://85th-operations-command.de/index.php?team-speak3-viewer/
  10. Squad name: 85th Operation Command Timezone/location: GMT +1 (Germany) Gamemode preference (eg coop or pvp): Tactical Coop Contact email: see Website Website address: https://85th-operations-command.de/ Short description: Arma3 Coop Clan Language: German
  11. john85oc

    Enhanced Movement

    I see now thanks.
  12. john85oc

    Enhanced Movement

    Little ask. Where the "Menü" now? where can i set the Key etc?
  13. john85oc

    RHS Escalation (AFRF and USAF)

    Hello i have a ask Its it Possible to make Air to Air Refueling with the RHS CH53 and the MC130j Command2 from the USAF mod? if yes why i cant turn on the Refueling Probe in the Ch53? i used RHS 0.4.4 and sorry for my bad english