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  1. It would be nice to have some animals to roam these lands
  2. Looks really nice already! I am a big fan of moutain/snow maps, I hope the buildings will fit the theme.
  3. Hi y'all, So id like to place rifles with attachments (scopes, bipods, grips and lasers) in the eden editor, i couldnt figure out how to do it. The rifles will be part of a composition of a base and are being rotated. Scopes can not that easily be rotated especially because the rotation of a object is reset if moved. Because of this id like to attach the scope to the rifle.
  4. LukeCH

    DHI Battle Dress Uniforms

    So I thought I'd chip in how I see it: I love the mod and especially the level of detail, however I do not have a beasty PC, I can't run ArmA on high settings and the loading of big mods affects my system even more. So as much as I would love 4k textures, I probably wouldn't be able to appreciate them, as my system would be challenged even more. I spend a lot of time in the virtual arsenal and "play dress up" but after all I want to use them in gameplay, even if its just for a short DRO.
  5. LukeCH

    Arma 3 closes on "Loading Addons"

    Hi, I had that problem last week, I tried to fix it in many ways but nothing worked. Somehow it fixed otself this week. I dont know what helped but try to run steam as admin or the launcher as admin Wish you luck!