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  1. Does he have a) a heart rate and b) some blood volume so that the morphine can get distibuted. and how fast do you give him the morphine it can take a one-threeminutes till it starts suppressing the pain. Sorry for my gramma/spelling coming of a night shift.
  2. Ghostworrior

    Panavia Tornado AWS

    @Pinza I only checked the German version. I could be others as well. Keep your good work coming. And if you want I could play with the config a bit and add the missing weapons to german airframes (those who are included in firewills aws pack at least). I would gladly provide the result to you if you wish.
  3. Ghostworrior

    Panavia Tornado AWS

    I just spotted a small error. I don’t know if it’s just the skin or config as well... The ECR has Bk27 Barrels painted but it shouldn’t have the Gun since it’s an ECR.
  4. Ghostworrior


    Hey thanks for your Hard work, we use your mod in every mission since release and it’s really fun to play with the small arms and vehicles provided. I have one question regarding the implementation of optics in your mod. The Zo4x30 and the Zo4x30i are in reality build with reticles for 5,56x45mm and 7,62x51mm which one did you implement? I think it’s the 5,56x45mm since my G36 seems to hit. Would it be possible to get a 7,62x51mm version for the MG5 /G27? Thanks again for you work of art.
  5. Ghostworrior

    Panavia Tornado AWS

    @GamerOnkel The Navy Variant is only a IDS with some minor differences in avionics and the rest is the skin.
  6. Ghostworrior

    Panavia Tornado AWS

    And as you asked about ordance for the PA200. I could provide some rough information for German Versions. Introduction Mk82 LDGPB & Mk82 AIR/SE HDGPB Mk83 LDGPB & Mk83 AIR HDGPB Mk84 LDGPB After ASSTA 1 AGM88B HARM III & HARM 0 Block IV/V AN/AAQ28 Lightening II & GBU24A/B Paveway III AS.34 Komoran II After ASSTA 2 AGM88B HARM III PNU(Precise Navigation Update) KEPD 350 Taurus GBU38 JDAM After ASSTA 3 (from here one IDS and ECR can perform each others role) GBU54 LJDAM GBU48 LJDAM
  7. Ghostworrior

    Panavia Tornado AWS

    Nice work I am really looking forward to that. My groups pilots may have discovered a strange bug with the Tornado regarding Laser guided munitions. I will check back with them later this week and see if we can get an bug report out or find the issue our self. One last question I get annoyed by from our pilots will you implement a new HUD or is that out of your current plans? Thanks again for your ongoing work on this project.
  8. SO maybe it's just me and my guys being stupid or that the CBA settings are a bit fucked after the update. But while testing the new features we had some strange issues. 1. We did not notice any effect of the ground spike antenna with our without mast. 2. The SEM70 seem to have some problems in both HW and AKW where even on Ranges less than 50m the audio is completely broken down it sounded a bit like the other person would speek in a different babel mode. Which he did not. 3. The AN/PRC 152 and 117 did cutoff exactly at the at the same range without the signal be degraded before just a crystal clear signal in one moment and then no reception at all distance change of 50m or less. If you noticed any of those bug would be nice to get confirmation that i am not going crazy. I will try changing the CBA settings sometime this week and report back if it fixed it.
  9. So I have the following problem, I added weapons from Firewills AWS Pack to a different aircraft. To achieve that I just inherited the Magazine and Weapon, change the Magazines hardpoint and pylonWeapon as well as the Weapons magazine to fit the newly created. Every thing worked fine at least at first the weapon show up and drops and detonates as it should. The problem that got detected shortly after is that the weapon is not able to guide to wards a laser even though it show LOAL as guidance. The weapon works perfectly on other aircraft. From my understanding the guidance is configured in the cfgAmmo but I never touche that, since I inherit the magazine where the Ammo is specified. Following to examples of the configs i changed. cfgMagazines: class FIR_GBU16_Navy_P_1rnd_M; //original class class FIR_GBU16_Navy_P_1rnd_M_Tornado_AWS: FIR_GBU16_Navy_P_1rnd_M{ //newly created class and inheritance hardpoints[] = {"Tornado_AWS_ag"}; //change of hardpoint to make it compatible with the new aircraft pylonWeapon="FIR_GBU16_Tornado_AWS"; //changed to the newly created weapon to match magazine }; cfgWeapons: class FIR_GBU16; //original class class FIR_GBU16_Tornado_AWS: FIR_GBU16{ //newly created class and inheritance magazines[] ={"FIR_GBU16_Navy_P_1rnd_M_Tornado_AWS"}; //changed to the newly created magazine }; The new classes are necessary to avoid problems with other aircraft dependent on fir aws Anyone a clue? and many thanks a head.
  10. Ghostworrior

    USP Gear & Uniforms

    Congrats the stuff is awesome! One question will you as a team allow reskins/retextures of you Gear?
  11. Ghostworrior

    United States Air Force( 2015)

    Murica... 5min after Takeoff Bingo well shit
  12. No effect the beam isn't simulated it checks where you look and spawns the laser target there
  13. Ghostworrior

    RHS Escalation (AFRF and USAF)

    Just out of curiosity, I remember to have seen an ANVIS-9 a while back, what happened to it? It looks like that the config is still there.
  14. First of al an f****ng ROVER I love it. If you want some Info on Laser Guidance Check out the Joint Fire Manual p. 95/83-98/86.
  15. Ghostworrior

    A-10 Warthog Series Standalone

    Take a look at rhs's a10a and the mav seeker they have made the slewing from cokpit possible.