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  1. Ghostworrior

    United States Air Force( 2015)

    Murica... 5min after Takeoff Bingo well shit
  2. No effect the beam isn't simulated it checks where you look and spawns the laser target there
  3. Ghostworrior

    RHS Escalation (AFRF and USAF)

    Just out of curiosity, I remember to have seen an ANVIS-9 a while back, what happened to it? It looks like that the config is still there.
  4. First of al an f****ng ROVER I love it. If you want some Info on Laser Guidance Check out the Joint Fire Manual p. 95/83-98/86.
  5. Ghostworrior

    A-10 Warthog Series Standalone

    Take a look at rhs's a10a and the mav seeker they have made the slewing from cokpit possible.
  6. Ghostworrior

    Redd'n'Tank Vehicles

    Got an bugg on the Fuchs, when the Driver is alone the smoke dispensers work fine but if another person gets in the vehicle the smoke dispensers will not function.
  7. Ghostworrior

    Veteran mod (VTN) - announcement and WIP

    Guy's is it an issue on my end or is your Arma3Sync not working?
  8. Ghostworrior

    United States Air Force( 2015)

    Guys all please calm down. Anybody needs to respect modders and their pride. It's like you go to KFC and are argumenting with the personal that MC' Donalds is better, it is something that is inpolite and not realy acceptable(even if some of your arguments are right). So one big call for the hole community as something for 2018! Please be nice and don't piss off the modders they are working hard on their free time, from their own motivation. So beaware modders are only humans with real life mostly with family's and every single one of them has feelings too so don't come around every 5-10days and ask for updates or argue with them(exception if they ask you for your own opinion)! #moddersareonlyhumanstoo
  9. Ghostworrior

    Lowlands Warrior

    Could there be an german version with an mg3 on top or is this out of scope for you guys? Any way I love it!
  10. We fixed this through moving the mod in the arma 3 root lokation and you need to run the 32bit exe non the less on my system it sill doesn't connect or import the map
  11. I'm runing Windows 10 since I googled what Hyper-V is it said that win 10 has some funcionality of it.
  12. I loaded the latest version today and when I try to import an map(I place my player unit in the editor and play, then I press the start button in the Athena App but nothing happens. Could some body do an step by step introduction for stupid people like me :D ?
  13. Ghostworrior

    United States Air Force( 2015)

    What are you smoking 2019 Arma 4 It will be as early as 2020+?
  14. Ghostworrior

    RHS Escalation (AFRF and USAF)

    Am I just to dumb or are the Guided Weapons on the SU25 not working I tested LG and TV guided munitions can't get them to work.
  15. Ghostworrior

    POOK SAM PACK v6.0 (Oct 2018)

    I stumbled upon a bug it seems. When you kill the Main Radar of the Sam Site the hole Site despawns will upload an video to night or tomorrow. Also if you place AAA/Shorad's alone their fired munition explodes roght above them at about 100-200m of height.