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  1. Another update! For release 0.7.0 we have as always tried to improve our mod but adding new content, this time it is the RG 32M model that been replaced with a new one. Our previous model was made when ArmA3 was just released by Tjockejocke but its now being replaced with a new model by Megadeth. Check the trailer made by Sango for it. It comes in three "main versions" but also with customization options. Additional versions are planned but will be released at a later stage. Changelog New model for Tgb 16 Screenshot Added support for flags on several models Support for callsigns on vehicles in editor Screenshot Added Skyddsvakt (military security guard) insignia on soldiers (Recommended to use the SFP module for applying) Fixed that it was hard to enter Hkp 9 SOG version on the benches Hkp 4 had no visible wreakage Aimpoint alpha bug corrected Some sniper weapons was in the wrong category in Eden ammo boxes Tp 84 (c130) several fixes related visibility of things P 226: Silencer wasn't aligned with gun Improved the texture on the Strf90C Improved physx on Strv 103
  2. Bo-105 Helicopter

    Version 1.3 Released Which is a mini fix to enable choosing the textures, but the main reason is that its now also released on Steam. http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1298165770
  3. Great work! So much support can't wait to pay for another DLC to keep it the development up, who needs arma4 with all great mods and constant improvments, this always been why I think BIS is the best developer. What i howccer wish for is proper SACLOS. Why? Because it offwr more gameplay fun than fire and forget and sadly the function today means you can't point on the target but have to steer the missile by sometimes point a head of the target. Making it almost impossible to use in RBS 70 (anti air missile). https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Semi-automatic_command_to_line_of_sight
  4. New patch! 0.6.9 New models for Ikv 91, PSG 90 (Artic Warfare), Kpist m45. New vest (Kroppskydd 94) Improved textures for the Strv 103. Fixed glitches in the Strb 90 Fixed bugs due to BIS patches (planes exploding on take-off, the Patgb 360 flying) Fixes with TFAR, hopefully should work with the current stable and the dev versions. More TFAR support will come after the dev becomes stable. Improvments on the RBS 55 (TOW-2) and RBS 56 (BILL) ATGM systems for better playablity and enjoyment. Combat Vehicle 90 series improved physx. Insignia module now shows the names correclty. Improved sensors and radar on the S102B. 7.5 cm m/57 Coastal Artillery geolod fixed. More vehicles visible in Zeus. Removed: J29 (Flying Barrel) and 1960 faction, will be released in a SFP: Congo 1960-1964 release instead. Wamako OPFOR removed, will not be replace. Recommend using RHS and other mods for OPFOR. As always, I recommend you get it on Steam (the changes is that you then already have the new update), Swedish Forces Pack on Steam! If not, traditional link and zip folder is here.. @sfp_069.zip (1.6 gb)
  5. So today I want to show you a scumbag that is trying to make a profit of our free addons by ripping and selling the models. https://3dexport.com/major21 This just sucks.. :(
  6. yes, due to quality.. We are on our way to transform SFP to more high quality models/textures and it will mean some will be removed, some new vehicles will be added and some will be reworked.
  7. New patch released with a lot of fixes and support for the new sensors, pylons but the king of the new patch is of course the new Strv 103. If you want to try with AI just place it, for players however the "gunner ai" needs to be removed and players should take either commander or driver slot. As always you find it on our Steam Workshop http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=826911897 Other fixes. JET Pylons and Ejection seat added to Gripen (sorry for delay) Added new sensors and datalinks to different units Fixed Bv206 on collision with object caused Crash to desktop Ksp 90 error on bones Tp 84 error fix caused by CUP Added inventory picture for the Lk 35 backpack Fixed smoke Pskott 86 Texture fixes on the Leopard 2A5 Strb 90 had reversed numbers on right side. Tweaks on iron sight for Ak 5 Added new variant on the winter soldiers Grkpbv 120, had a mismatch on turret direction in one of the lods Rbs 15, flame now coming from rear rather than middle of the missile. New hat (Bassäk) Droptank casued error when dropped.
  8. Yeah, "sorry" all, we were among the first to implement the new functions (as seen on screen above) but then we wanted to add some extra stuff, then came summer big break for the team.. and after summer attention been on several new vehicles.. So ups.. but we will try push something... before new year :p
  9. On first, its easy to add, not super realistic but we will consider (in other words, will talk with the others in the team). The MIM-23A Hawk and the SA-2 should be a stand alone addon, there was even someone that wanted to code and I was just supposed to upload the models but haven't done. Think we need more AA in ArmA3, esp now after jets...
  10. Finnish Forces Pack

    Copy, will take a look :) Yeah thats not so unlikely ;)
  11. Finnish Forces Pack

    I wasn't aware that Finland had any other versions than the Cv9030 IFV. Are there any others?
  12. Finnish Forces Pack

    Over the years I tried "ftp own hosting / armaholic / withSix / arma3sync" and my conclusion is that Steam workshop is so easy to use for everyone to download and keep up to date. Its also great as a publisher to keep things intact.. and with Swedish Forces Pack, Finnish Forces Pack, Wamako, SFP objects, SFP Bo 105 stand alone, etc it just too much work to maintain all on different platforms. So trust me, over 15 years of editing and playing.. it is time to finally make the switch. (also arma3 workshop stuff do support local folders)
  13. Finnish Forces Pack

    A new version of the RG 32M is planned for SFP and then we will probably make a HK 40 mm version aswell :)
  14. Finnish Forces Pack

    It is released! http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=917042703
  15. Finnish Forces Pack

    It could, would be very easy but also not so authentic mostly due to the turret. In Swedish Forces Pack we have released "half done" models or retextures, because sometimes gameplay > realism. Esp when doing a CTI or similar you need to cover all areas (Anti Air, tanks, recon vehicles etc). For FFP we aim to only release "quality" stuff, so even if we could throw in a lot of vehicles like the Bis Xa360 or the SFP xa203, it doesn't live up to our ambitions with FFP.