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  1. I would like to add some cold war (and more modern) coops, but always lack of OPFOR if not using RHS or CUP. Personally I like both but wanted to avoid bundle missions that requires additional addons.. we see what happens.
  2. New patch! Includes a lot of fixes and general improvements, including magwells support. New vehicle is the Pbv 302 (APC). Pbv 302 The Pbv 302 has wide tracks and a high power-to-weight ratio, and has exceptionally good off-road mobility, and the low ground pressure enables it to operate over summer bog and winter snow. It is powered by a Volvo 10-liter, 270 hp diesel engine. The vehicle is fully amphibious with little preparation by the crew. It is fitted with a 20 mm Hispano-Suiza type 804 cannon. The vehicle, which weighs 14 tonnes, has a crew of three (commander, driver and a gunner) and carries a squad of eight troops. The infantry squad is able to fight through two large roof hatches.
  3. granQ

    HAFM NH90 Helicopter

    Hi, Will you upload this on steam workshop? That way we can make our own textures for our mods and put it as a requirement. EDIT: Nevermind, searched for NH90 and didn't see it, but it is uploaded: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=909320014
  4. A little teaser from Rosö, the island we been working on. Also, it been very quiet from us but we have decided to shortly (2-3 weeks perhaps) to release a patch. Main focus is to fix some errors as always, but also add more support for magazine wells (In short, you can put a magazine from RHS/CUP into a SFP weapon and it will be visible!) and also release the Pbv302. Stay tuned 😛
  5. Yeah, that's a cool project but we got around 5000 subscribers on our Finnish pack, doubt Norway will get as many, probably not even half. Still feels like we can put together a pretty decent Norwegian add-on with not so much time. So that's what I plan to do.
  6. Hi, I am the project leader for the Swedish Forces Pack and Finnish Forces Pack. Now we are looking towards Norway and to bring out some content for that. We are looking for mostly texture artist (modellers, coders are always welcome) and also people with no editing skills but that have know-how regarding Norway's armed forces. Things we need help with is example writing down a correct group with their loadout, and whats the designation of weapons/vehicles etc. Write down visible differences between a Swedish Combatboat 90 and a Norwegian version, is it just camo or extra antennas? Please, if you can contribute, let me know and be part of bringing Norway into ArmA3 :)
  7. Minor patch 0.7.4 Due to a specific game involving the Hkp16 and Tgb 16 we wanted to address some bugs and decided to release a new patch a head of that. Added: More insignias for "marines", (Amf 1, 2. Amfbat Anselm) Fordonsmina 13 (Like a very very large claymore) Fixed: Hkp 16 (Blackhawk) rotors artifact. JAS 39, fixed collision lights Tgb 16 Ksp 58 (Fixed sound for gunner) Tgb 16, AI are now more trigger happy and will shoot at it.
  8. Yes we haven't gotten around to put much attention on the submarines, I kinda hope that RHS or CUP will make something on the Russian side thats worthy a torpedo. Right now to use it to fight rubber boats doesn't make sense.. Anyway, today I can present another update by the team. A lot of details on the code aspect and realism for this one. Version 0.7.3 Vehicles Improved driving and handling of Bv 206, it no longer crashes the game Adjusted Tgb 16 ACE interaction point, up from the ground Improved the targeting software for VS01 on Patgb 360 Weapons Added missing inventory attachment icons Added IR-DIM tracer magazines for 5.56mm and 7.62mm weapons Added AP magazines for 7.62mm weapons Added fire mode to change rate of fire on Ksp 58 Added side attachment proxy to Ak 4D, you can now use lasers and flashlights Adjusted iron sight zeroing distances to correspond with Swedish military manuals Adjusted iron sight zoom levels to current BIS default Adjusted GRG m86 scope and ammo for better accuracy Adjusted weapon handling on several weapons Adjusted hiddenSelections to show rail on Ksp 90B Adjusted TOP proxy of weapons to look better Adjusted underbarrel bipod proxy, hand position now looks better Fixed: Black Ak 5C became green on switch between steel/plastic mag Randomized magazine at spawn for Ak5C / Ak5D Mk2 Fixed: Most weapons for our JAS 39 went broken after a BIS patch, it has now been addressed. Weapons ACE compat Added ACE_ironSightBaseAngle to Ak 4 and Ak 5C to adjust iron sight zeroing Added ACE_railHeightAboveBore to weapons for more accurate ACE ballistics Added AtragMX preset based on Psg 90+Kikarsikte 90B+Prick ammo combo Tweaked ACE_overHeating_MRBS on some weapons based on military tests Scopes Added tritium illumination modes to Kikarsikte 90B Added opticsMode that lets you look along the side of Kikarsikte 90B Added opticsMode that lets you look above Hensold 4x Adjusted ACE Scopes values Adjusted zeroing distances according to Swedish military manuals on SUSAT Adjusted eye point of SUSAT backup sights opticsMode Adjusted eye point of Aimpoint T1 farther back to same position as Aimpoint CS Adjusted eye point of Aimpoint CS backup sights for better aim Equipment Removed ace_hearing from helmets without hearing protection Hid backpack variants with different content only used for units Ksp 88 tripod backpack had wrong displayName As always you find it on Steam, https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=826911897
  9. granQ

    Ruha terrain

    very nice, impressed esp with the roads and the mask.
  10. New patch finally released New content: Leopard 2A6 RG 32M 23 IkK 61 (Zu-23) Finnish Handgrenade UAV Orbiter, 2 man deployable (Launching ramp + UAV) Winter soldiers Finnish Insignia (Look in modules, Swedish Forces Pack to ease on applying) Fixed: Improved textures all uniforms. RK 95 textures updated. RK 95, sound on full auto corrected. Subscribe on Steam https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=917042703&tscn=1524776943
  11. coming.. https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/getPlateNumber
  12. I will keep in mind and let our modeller know, hopefully soon we have a new version of the cv90, including the "not Charlie" versions.
  13. Another update! For release 0.7.0 we have as always tried to improve our mod but adding new content, this time it is the RG 32M model that been replaced with a new one. Our previous model was made when ArmA3 was just released by Tjockejocke but its now being replaced with a new model by Megadeth. Check the trailer made by Sango for it. It comes in three "main versions" but also with customization options. Additional versions are planned but will be released at a later stage. Changelog New model for Tgb 16 Screenshot Added support for flags on several models Support for callsigns on vehicles in editor Screenshot Added Skyddsvakt (military security guard) insignia on soldiers (Recommended to use the SFP module for applying) Fixed that it was hard to enter Hkp 9 SOG version on the benches Hkp 4 had no visible wreakage Aimpoint alpha bug corrected Some sniper weapons was in the wrong category in Eden ammo boxes Tp 84 (c130) several fixes related visibility of things P 226: Silencer wasn't aligned with gun Improved the texture on the Strf90C Improved physx on Strv 103
  14. granQ

    Bo-105 Helicopter

    Version 1.3 Released Which is a mini fix to enable choosing the textures, but the main reason is that its now also released on Steam. http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1298165770
  15. Great work! So much support can't wait to pay for another DLC to keep it the development up, who needs arma4 with all great mods and constant improvments, this always been why I think BIS is the best developer. What i howccer wish for is proper SACLOS. Why? Because it offwr more gameplay fun than fire and forget and sadly the function today means you can't point on the target but have to steer the missile by sometimes point a head of the target. Making it almost impossible to use in RBS 70 (anti air missile). https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Semi-automatic_command_to_line_of_sight