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  1. pleasant

    Please fix VTOL power curve

    100% Agreed!
  2. pleasant

    Please fix VTOL power curve

    While I'm sure you meant no disrespect, to be honest I find this comment a bit patronizing. Posting a tutorial and telling someone who has been playing the game since Armed Assualt to "pay attention" is not why I started this thread. I am well versed on "how" to fly a VTOL aircraft in Arma. I created this thread as a result of my frustration following literally hundreds of hours of attempting to compensate for a broken throttle dynamic. None the less, thank you for taking the time to respond.
  3. pleasant

    Please fix VTOL power curve

    100% Agreed.
  4. pleasant

    Please fix VTOL power curve

    I too can land on a dime. But only after a considerable struggle with a broken throttle. Try this; land on that dime while taking small arms fire from several locations near the aircraft.
  5. pleasant

    Please fix VTOL power curve

    I have been aware of the flap settings controlling nacells since Hot Shot Mike released his port of the MV-22.
  6. Dear Devs, Please do this: 1. In the editor, place the USS Freedom anywhere in the ocean surrounding Altis. 2. Place a Y32 Xi'an aircraft from the Jets DLC at Altis international. 3. Using a Logitech Extreme 3d Pro joystick (the joystick used by roughly half of the community) with the analog throttle properly configured, attempt to fly the aircraft to the carrier and land. Hopefully this simple exercise will help you to realize, in it's current state, the power characteristics of not only the Y32, but all VTOL aircraft in ARMA are currently broken. I have now been practicing flying the VTOL aircraft for over a month. My joystick is properly configured and I have even incorporated my keyboard in an effort to control the throttle more accurately. It doesn't matter. When the difference between rapidly gaining altitude and dropping out the sky like a brick is 4% of the throttle the power settings for the VTOL aircraft in the game are not "challenging." They are broken.
  7. pleasant

    JBAD Release Thread

    I have been running my custom port of Liberation for Lythium for about a month on a virtual server. After updating to the latest version of Jbad I was unable to start the server with Lythium in the mod line. Guessing an update for Lythium is in order..? Dialed back for now. Works fine using old version.
  8. I second all of this. Especially some form of auto-pilot. Even if it is just a basic "attempt to hold current airspeed, heading and altitude." Also an additional level of zoom in the Black Wasp TGP. As it stands the aircraft is well within range of AA assets long before it is able to effectively target enemy infantry. While this may be contribute to "balanced" play in theory. In practice it means the aircraft will almost always take damage, or be destroyed outright. Having flown the Black Wasp in several missions now, I can say with confidence, an additional level of zoom is desperately needed.
  9. pleasant

    Dynamic Combat Generator

    What pool are static emplacements drawn from? I don't see any in the server config file.
  10. pleasant

    [COOP] Dynamic Combat Generator

    What pool are static emplacements drawn from? I don't see any in the server config file.
  12. pleasant

    Dynamic Combat Generator

    UPDATE 5/9/17 ----------- Latest Update to Lythium fixed this issue.
  13. pleasant

    Dynamic Combat Generator

    I can't get this working on the Lythium map. Any advice? Thinking it's a map thing? [UPDATE] This is the error I'm getting.
  14. I have been flying around this map all night. It is beautiful! Fantastic! Thank you for this map!
  15. Is this the RD variant? Pretty sure the Brits used these in Operation "Bath Time" back in '04.