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  1. subroc

    Sub Aggressors

    Im retiring this project as there have been a number of releases of projects with the same agenda, bringing new "modern" opfor faction into A3.
  2. subroc

    Sub Aggressors

    deathwatch4: Yep that is the plan with regular factions, not sure if i will make regulars for all corresponding insurgentfactions, like Blu/Opf European factions are pretty much covered by RHS already. Run into a bit of snag tho, RHS have not yet made their armor units compatible with hiddenselectiontexture, so i cant make custom skins yet. The options i have is to: 1. Continue and release but with tanks still in RHS default green texture for all factions (will look a bit silly for ME factions which have a khaki basecolor for all their vehicles 2. Wait with the release until RHS adds hiddenselections to their armor units (Which they´ve said before will come...later) 3. Port own tanks from A2/OA (would be even more correct with old rusty T-55s for insurgents and shiny new T-72/80 for regulars, but this would require alot of work with models and physX which i have no experience of and could result in ugly nonmoving tanks that shoot sideways)
  3. subroc

    Sub Aggressors

    Making progress, yesterdays work with BMD-2s is ingame. Updated OP with new screenshot. http://www.mediafire.com/view/h745f1sikxkyh3z/sub_ag_veh_wip3.jpg (920KB)
  4. subroc

    Sub Aggressors

    Posted a new WIP screen in OP of todays work. I have also finished the PSD templates for Insurgent BMD:s, will probably find time tomorrow to push them ingame. http://www.mediafire.com/view/z1gop8ddatdxuan/sub_ag_veh_wip2.jpg
  5. A hint of whats in the pipeline: https://forums.bistudio.com/topic/183833-sub-aggressors/ But still i will try to get a Zeus fix for sub insurgents out to the weekend
  6. Announcement: The project have been retired. There have been a number of releases with the same agenda as this project i no longer feel the need to push forward with the development. Mods feel free to remove this thread from the forum
  7. hi and thanks I have though of civilians for sub_insurgents, i might make a simple reconfig of BIS civs to put the afr, eu and me civs in their own factions to be used with ALIVE. Right now im putting all effort to my next addon workname "sub_aggressors" it will include civs (first releases only reconfed BIS civs). The D/L size will increase from 72kb to ~800MB but this will include AF, EU and ME factions for all three sides with custom textures incl vehicles. It will also include AF EU and ME factions of "regular" troops. As i stated earlier that addon will not be backwardscompatible with missions made for sub_insurgents so i will probably keep releasing updates for this addon whenever BIS makes gamebraking patches.
  8. thx gQ for the headsup, i rarely surf the forum after the "improvement/upgrade" my eyes cant stand it ;) right now the units doesnt use any eventhandlers except inherited BIS default for random headgear, guess that could be the problem. Will look in to it and se if i can release a fix together with Zeus compatiability in a couple of days. Right now im working on a new version sorta like 2.0, with helluva lot more factions and some more "regular" units. This is already CBA compatible but have whole new classname convention and will not be backwards compatible with sub_insurgents V1.x missions. have you tried: "WORKAROUND: The latest CBA RC7 Hotfix 2, v1.1.23 has an optional PBO that you can activate to help resolve these situations. 1. Move the cba_enable_auto_xeh.pbo and its signature file from the CBA optional folder to the CBA Addons folder 2. Restart Arma." Edit: What is the problem you are experiencing? I have tested with @RHS, @RHSUSF, @CBA, @ACE3 and @sub_insurgents (v1.21) in the editor and for me the interactionmenues are working. Do you use any other addon that tries to add XEH to my units?
  9. Well the problem is that my addon isnt showing at all, just leights opfor units. Verified the problem here also. Will need to check this, was working before i uploaded the 1.2 *darnit-to-hell-with-insert-curseword-of-choice* :) ---------- Post added at 18:25 ---------- Previous post was at 18:14 ---------- Removed DL until i find the problem and release 1.21 Hotfix ---------- Post added at 18:55 ---------- Previous post was at 18:25 ---------- V1.21 Released - Was some problem with caching of files when packing 1.2 so it got old config. Fixed! First post updated V1.21 Download http://www.mediafire.com/download/5g9j741522l86ps/%40sub_insurgents.7z
  10. sure its not the other way round? There should be no of my units on the IND side now
  11. Updated to V1.2 Units should stop dropping their clothes like a stripper in a moneyrain when in MP now (i.e fixed uniform sides) First post updated.
  12. yeah, the effective area should be 8x8ish maybe slightly lower, the map is 10x10 but with some water around.
  13. subroc

    TRYK's Multi-Play Uniforms

    really nice update. I miss two variants of the "TRYK Winter JACKET HOOD [bK boot]" i would like to see a version "with black boots but no kneepad" and a version "with black boots no kneepad and hood down" otherwise this is my new fav "unit" addon keep it up
  14. true, this might be more suitable in an addon, ie have objects "raincoat" in inventory, no light will be produced...
  15. A feature request: Should be possible to add a small lightsource attached to the player when flashlight is used on map, this would make it possible for other units to detect him this could really be usefull in pvp to force people to conform to strict sound/light usage