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  1. @firewill Hey, thanks for this great work! I have a question: - - - v3.597a - - - I cant open the I - TGT System, i dont see it at the scroll panel, (look picture, I TGT didnt show up) https://ibb.co/DpyGmfV also i changed controll settings to open I - TGT, but this also dont work for me. Do you know why i cant Open I - TGT? i can change mod settings but still I - TGT dont show up. Thanks for your help and work! ( i try it in diffrent jets and target pods also ) I watched all the youtube videos to I Tgt also but didnt fix the problem i can open this here, (look Picture) but thats not I TGT. https://ibb.co/fHdw3TL ( i use the "ctab" mod, is this maybe a problem?) * Edit: i delete the ctab mod, still cant open I TGT. ** Edit2: i try all this in zeus mode, does this matter? ***Edit3; FORGET about all, i try it in eden Editor and all worked. Lol. sorry. I usually make a scenario and play then as zeus. But looks like I-TGT dont work with Zeus right?