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    My name is Bukain, born at 10th May of 1991. I have one older bother and many cousins (18 to be exact). I have father and mother, they though devoured when me at very young age (like 3).
    I started playing games at birth. Started with family console, then super Nintendo, leveling up to PS1, PS2, ..... all the way to PS3 and xbox360. Unfortunately when the time of PS4 and Xbox1, I'm broke from being a junkie for many years. At least every moment of my lifetime having left at least a PC or laptop to play with :) lucky me . I would definitely (i mean DEFINITELY!) go death without anything to game! I would never sell out my last resort of cuz. I'd go raw withdrew instead!
    I sobered now btw, hmm.., if you count "on methadone" as being sobered of cuz. Already 5-6 years on this stuff, making me more lazy, in turn making me more stuck into Eden editor :D(oh also making my poop hard as hell). Lifes fun btw if you know how to live a fun life!
    So back to talk about gaming, yes i play game. Have few friends, or how to say it, get rid off of them intentionally, as most of them are still druggies, so i can't meet up with any of them if i want stay clean.
    So playing game, as started from birth is my only job atm right now. And of cuz reading. It is also a big big hobby of my life.
    As for right now I'm surviving with my poor gtx950m laptop which use to scream so hard when i put graphic setting on high. Wanna swap that out later. Saving money in preparing of new PC, especially aiming for TES6 release. Until then I'll be using this old msi laptop. Trust me, I'll definitely go desktop this time! Been desktop guy from birth, don't know why i decided to buy laptop back then.

    So here you go.. these are the very few details about myself or my biography as of Im writing in the early morning rn, 30 May 2020. Sick of this corona thing rampaging all over the planet, damaging my species!

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  1. Will you consider adding it to your HAFM helicopter pack with generic texture(or maybe US army' ;)) when it's done like that of EC635? Maybe someone will retexture, will you let them do it? Thank you very much
  2. Bukain

    RHS Escalation (AFRF and USAF)

    Nah i read it thousands time of cuz I never meant to make request or force anything on the team. Mine was never meant to be "hey here is new idea, please put it!" Or " please.... can you make this and that..?" It was just a sort of heads-up/having fun sharing information i just got which i do most of the time on threads, and , nothing else. How come you read my attitude like that? I've been on here enough to know that we mare users(especially who know nothing modding/scripting, like me) shouldn't bombarded with requests on the team. More over that RHSUSAF already has the most fantastic contents and variety among all the Arma modding community afterall. It's users need nothing else except for what the team have to make in the future and wait, which btw is thanks to the team, is what everyone can do easily. So there is no feeling on my side about forcing team rhs to do anything except what they wanted to. I always have complete thanks for the mod makers. Cmom you know i didn't intended to be like that Fox 🦊 How would i man? :D
  3. Bukain

    RHS Escalation (AFRF and USAF)

    1st cavalry just received the all new M1A2 SEPV3 back in July! Now you guys can consider it 😉
  4. Do I need enhanced movement mod for AI to be utilize those moves, or is it bundled with new VCOM AI mod altogether? I already always use enhanced movement, so there's no issue whatsoever in any case. Just wanna make sure. Thanks
  5. Reminds me of the B1 bomber guy
  6. Huh Of cuz that is my personal taste, which btw is Niarms AR and HK being sounded like spanking lol. I know Lord created his mod to his likings, and it go along with mine, which is the reason i have been using it for long time and why I'm here on this thread afterall. And i completely aware that my taste might not be suitable with everyone else's too. I only mentioned my personal taste and my personal taste alone. And of cuz told Honeybadger to go play with spanking sounds himself ahaha I didn't go around blaming anyone for their tastes or people to change their likings to mine. I even tried as much as i can to recreate how my ears might perceive Niarms' HKs during scenario like "phan pahpahphan". Did i tried to change anyone taste, no!
  7. Go play Niarms' AR and HK sounds yourself. They sounded more like spanking to me lol like "phapahpah pahn!!!!"
  8. Beautiful plane.
  9. Bukain

    RHS Escalation (AFRF and USAF)

    You're saying like you were being serious with that post I thought you were being sarcastic or post it as a funny joke(inclusion of already existing contents like AH-1 Viper, M Blackhawk, and some making it more look like a joke). But now it seem like you were really wanting to know 😄 If so, why not try with abit shorter list next time? I'd suggest "one at a time way of asking" if you want to be seen as legit. Then there will be confirmation from devs for some of your stuffs maybe I really thought you were joking 😆
  10. Pilot survival vest color changed? Do you mean change from dark grey to abit darker grey? 😄 Cool updates bud. You're doing good!
  11. I want that sight
  12. Bukain

    [WIP] French Army Mod : ArmaModFrance

    I think the units aspects of the mod are still in development. So what you mentioned doesn't seem to be an issue i guess. You can find uniforms and body vest in arsenal though, so if you want to, you can at least change the wardrobe of NATO guys with French equipments and call it a day. For me personally, i load AMF with OFrenchp when i want to play with French Armed Force. As of my knowledge, both mods are still in early developmental stage, so be patient is kinda a good practice for us players i guess. My advice for the moment: load together with Operation Frenchpoint. AMF will give you vehicle aspect and OFrp will give you some more unit aspects. Afterall both to be join together in the future (am i right?) As of right now, making all around mission/scenario involving French platoon-battalion in full force for you and your friends to be play in is still lack of things though possible. I think the mod teams are releasing the ones that are already finished/near finished. Most mod teams do that instead of doing what's important for making a full-on battalion first. So like i said, wait 🙂
  13. I heard this mod makes changes to some core gameplay, feature and effects. Does it makes it conflict with ACe alike? Can some of you guys specific with me on that part? Thanks . I have never used the mod, but have been hearing good news about it lately (especially about one and only M224 in Arma 3 hehehe). So i want to know more about it, like the team's main focus, strong point compare to other similar kind, the compatiblity with other popular mods(namely ace3, rhs, cup), and last but not the least AI capability (i don't want the contents lacking AI access like with Red'). Edit: i tested it myself alone, and it felt bizarre... I had already read stuffs about compatiblity with ace doesn't exist. Also the reason of my testing out this mod, m224a1, turn out bad. It ain't even in turrets":( I seriously needing a simplified m224a1 atm. Very very in urgent need! Other than those things, the mod has some of the best quality contents. For example i love how the land cruiser turn out to be, and the insurgent' UAZ-469 are epic! I wish there's a lite version to the mod, with no core feature manipulation(like UI and so on), no eccentric medical system, in turn making it compat to anything in the world. I also wish there's standalone m224a1:)
  14. I have never experienced VTN mod, cuz most of my folks are already using RHS. Thanks for the info btw, i can go check it out on myself at least. I would imagine can it be like what 3BF has in their weapon mod, which is a 51mm mortar i guess (might be wrong). And i think there are already some small/one man pqrtable mortars on armaholic, like Czech 60mm and that particular ww2 mortar. But yeah, most of them don't have AI compatiblity. Even the 3bf one which is made by all around team (3bf guys) isn't AI capable i think, though I'm not sure about that info. So what i really want to simply put is a fully functional m224 in one of those mods in most of our top most list, with AI functionality of cuz. How about making it in the form of one bag disassemblable static instead of two bags like all the other static weapons? You know what i mean by that right? And at the end give it functionalities like every other mortars only with short maximum range? Can it be done that way in Arma modding? Edit: i had found one! Though it is alittle bit outdated the thing still work(kinda). I had needing a m224 for making scenario.
  15. You're so childlike 😆