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  1. Ok... Whatever. I'll not judging your work anymore here. Anyway, why didn't you buy the game? Don't tell me you don't have money, if you have money to buy a PC to play with, you must have money to buy a game (the game is on discount now. Last month it had more discount). So why?
  2. You must have to linked a image from a image hosting website(imgur for example). First upload a image you want to post here to there, then linked that image by it's link here. That way you can post image on BI forum.
  3. Hello 🐆 leopard, I'm new here. Would you suggest me to run this mod alone without any other addon, or can i run it with big mod like rhs, cup, bw, Spain mod, China mod? I read it work with Ace3 in comments earlier which is a very good news for me as i use ace no medical. I haven't play this add-on yet . I want to know does it make many improvements to the AI too? If so, is that means it will not work with Vcomai right? I've using vcom ai and PIR for some time, what should i do? Thank you very much.
  4. Bukain

    Scope Mod A3

    Does this work with weapons from other mod like rhs and cuo? Also how s the contents with the latest updates from BI? It is still working smoothly?
  5. I couldn't agree more. The dude has some serious skills at creating realistic surrounding. Whenever I put my character in the middle of a completed village in this terrain, I feel like I'm in some real world places. Nothing like that so far in game Arma.
  6. I wish someone to make this gun sight I've keep seeing on assault rifle these days It is kinda square in shape, about the size of eotech 553 and they're black. I also want what Israeli use in their latest Tavor. Not that one from RHacc or FHQacc. I mean the latest one.
  7. Yes he is pookie. Maybe he don't do them becuz they have no use in game Arma I guess I also think mod making is not a quick and easy job. I guess a complete new game plane may take good amount of real-lifetime. Maybe I'm very wrong here 😕
  8. Thank you very much
  9. Bukain

    3CB Factions

    Are you serious?! 213 mods? Just wow😲😮 ! Why not load 1k next time and tell us what happen. I'd honestly glad to see how your processor and RAM react to it 😆 I mean what is your imaginary scenario anyway to need that much mods 😄
  10. Do you even need to lock on GPS target? For me, i just designated a target in this pop up thing, fly facing towards the target location and drop the jdam. With alittle bit of calculations in height, speed and range the bomb will strike right onto enemy's head. It works well for me Didn't you designated your intended target beforehand?
  11. I like how you made river with sea level water! I wish other island makers do the same. What are you doing mr ice breaker? Any developments on new terrain atm?
  12. Ah ok, my bad 🙂 And have a good Arma journey! You'll love this community.