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  1. Bukain

    RHS Escalation (AFRF and USAF)

    Ok, I'll take this as a advice, thx. I'm new to the forum.
  2. Those armored side walls are making the craft freakingly sexy! I can't just resist this plane lol. I'd choose this over at-6 anyday if I were to make a decision for USAF laar, just for these sexy side walls alone, and of cuz integrated machinegun! I'd let this plane fly straight up my a**! Very sexual indeed if I may say
  3. Bukain

    RHS Escalation (AFRF and USAF)

    https://defence-blog.com/army/u-s-army-demos-its-high-speed-mine-dispensing-system-during-exercises-in-poland.html/amp Just come across online. Would be a nice addition to armaverse. You guys also has several US army trucks, so it's also a plus
  4. Keep up the good work man! I have been wanting to have an propelled aircraft from laar program in Arma 3, and now you updated this. Thx Arma 3, as an infantry combat/close combat focused game, we needed this kinda aircraft more than any jets we have.
  5. Bukain

    French Army Mod : ArmaModFrance

    I can't wait for more. I've been begging for France force mod for years, now I think my suffering are about to end😄. Thank you for fulfilling some of my greatest my wishs(just ask my gf how much I've crying for France mod in Arma 3 lol), including Lerlerc and Rafale. To be honest though, the mod is still in early state. But no problem, great mod need time. I'm seeing big potentials in the team also. Good luck guys! Keep up the great work
  6. Bukain

    RHS Escalation (AFRF and USAF)

    Where do you get those green t-14?
  7. One thing I currently really really wanting/needing rn is, completed France Armed Force, yes simply that. And yes I know there are several France mods like r3f and armamodfrance to named a few, but non have complete(still kudos to every devs of those mods). ,What I want to mean by "complete"; I just want France force which has enough vehicles (land, sea, air) and equipment that can be compare to that of USAF and AFRF of RHS,or that of bw, ffaa, vme pla, etc. Just having several main vehicles and equipments currently in use by a certain nation can be great mod. No need to include all France mil machines and equipments in service. Just wanting it for so long, thx For example_ A France mod with all r3f infantry contents+leclerc, rafale, vbci or vab, and cuz vbl! And several heli; would be a blast for me!
  8. I'm completely with Phantom Hawk in this. We need one of the aircrafts from LAAR program more than anything else. And thank you for paying your attention to this great mod again.
  9. Bukain

    RHS Escalation (AFRF and USAF)

    By the way, why isn't there rpk74m, which is currently widely used by Armed Force of Russian Federation. I wish that'll come in next update. And thanks for this great mod.
  10. Bukain

    RHS Escalation (AFRF and USAF)

    Something I come across. I think might be useful https://www.battleorder.org/rus-bmp-platoon
  11. Bukain

    United States Air Force( 2015)

    Sigh...., so you're not going anywhere. This comment alone makes the waiting worthwhile. Please you guys should share the news with anyone you know, so that skilled people within the community can come help the USAF team. Geez just can't wait xD
  12. Bukain

    [WIP] =ARC= Farkhar Valley

    OKkk, whatever. I just annoyed easily by your last lines really(maybe my comprehensive skill kicks in?). All good here, no problem at all if you're responding like this afterall. Btw not a 13yrs old though,m 30. About that issue?, I don't really sure lol Cheers dude, just having a bad day and your comment just come out. note though; used to get high marks in essay back in the school, maybe that's the real problem here hahah . Peace
  13. Bukain

    [WIP] =ARC= Farkhar Valley

    PLEASE DON'T READ THIS REPLY PEOPLES! IT WAS WROTE BY A DUDE WHO IS HAVING A PERIOD I MEAN vvv THIS COMMENT BELOW vvv Yeah, maybe each for their own. I just said what I think, nothing more. But why did you mentioned my opinion like a wrong one? No one opinion is wrong. In fact, same human in the whole world would be a fucking boring place to live in. And you also seems really happy about my expectations breaking, why? I mean why are you passively so aggressive? The devs himself didn't even care to say anything bad about my opinion really. Guess he knows it was just an opinion, not a criticism or an insult (I don't have anything to do that on the modders, as they are giving us all these for free). Afterall it's all up to the maker. Then you come out of nowhere and suggestion the dev to do more expectations breakers? Don't you see I didn't even angry for breaking my expectation!!!? Wow! Cmom, give me a break. Just tell me you don't like me like a true male. But I mean, WHY???!! That's what I'm surprising for now, *WHY... Why in stranger you never know (will never be know/seen in whole life till death)!? I rarely say anything to people online as I don't know anything about them, and they don't know anything about me. Not even a twist talk like you did (cmom..., you're a true male, right? Tell me you direct at me). I'll never ever comment about how wrong someone's opinion *just after* they expressed. Where the freedom of expression I mean!? If you did your comment after couple comments from mine, then I'll ignore what you said. But just after I made my comment??! Comm, just answer YOURSELF why. Do I even deserve this? What had I done to deserve my expectations to be break again and again? Aren't we all fellow human beings, living on this same tiny planet in the middle of nowhere? You just making my surprise! I don't care when did people started playing a certain game! I just love the Arma and it's mod (and the makers of cuz), That's all the reason I'm on here and that's what having in my head all the time while on this forum. Never ever directed to anyone with my comment in the past! Not even a once! So I think I also don't deserve to be on the receiving side,... is it reasonable? I just don't understand why was my opinion on mountainside temple triggered you to indirectly teased me (you born male right? So I guess you'll come out guilty of indirect insult. If you're a female, its ok, I'll pass all this conversation, and just call me a loser). I have thinking all my life male talk in the face, and even then, they definitely have solid backup reason behind it. But now you just got into an argument with random stranger you never know if exist. Yes I can just ignored a mare stranger's comment. Direct at me or not. But as for me, I feel like I didn't deserve to be in the receiving side as i haven't done the same to anyone. I have always been rational. Never done something that'll result a bad environment(like you just did). You're the one who direct at me in your last paragraph, when I haven't say anything bad (not even a twist one like a weak unmale do) to anyone. I love arma3 . As a partly Buddhist, I learned from my young age how to be thxful for those who make contributions to a community I'm in/at. That reason alone can solidified the fact that I'll never ever talk bad about the Arma modders. If you're a Dev, I'll be currently being sorry for my comment(if what I said was felt in a bad way by the contributor of what I have using, for free). But you're not a maker or contributed anything that if my possession. That's why I'm clearly feel like you're in the good side with me, after you expressed of wanting more and more of my expectations to be break. Simply what's up with you huh? I just couldn't understand why people these days just couldn't ignore someone opinion they see online (yes, on the internet where shit loads of people say all things random). And I'm also not a person who has done something stupid on anywhere (no reason to insult me). Just made a couple comments on what I see/think/want on here and there. So why all that grunge against me huh? Cmom, say like a true male if your mum born a real true male. Where's all the grunge against me come from huh? White Knight Pfft! Btw mind my English, not a native speaker myself. You can ignore my comment if my English are bad to the point of not understandable. Also keep in mind though, I clearly didn't started this bad environment, at all. For me, my comment(simply an expression) also doesn't seem like a bad thing for the modders. In utmost fact, if this dude didn't wrote his last couple lines, I'll still be forget about what I had wrote/expressed here, this day would be like everyday I've lived. But I just couldn't ignore the notification, and the feeling that I haven't done/said/referred/directed anything bad to anyone. I have nothing to be sorry here for my contributor as I never said bad things on them. Just this stranger.... where does this stranger come from!? and wanting more of my expectations to be break? Never remember we've been in a fight., or been a enemy. I only see someone just come out of nowhere and bash on me. As simple as that. You'll think I'm over reacting, but think again! I haven't say anything bad to anyone here, or anywhere! Feel it and you'll see how justified my reaction really is. Sorry if this makes a bad environment, not me really Thx you for the contributions Dev, I still using your map even though I'm not I'm that temple (still I wouldn't deny the fact that someone love it, also wouldn't blame about it (nothing to blame about it) cuz I know I'm not living alone in this planet. And as the most intelligent species on the planet if not I'm whole of the milky way, it's the must that we definitely have different opinions with each other). Ill no problem with you still keep that thing up there if majority like that feature. Afterall modders are to prioritized the majority. I completely understand that (never said/act like I'm angry about it really. I just still couldn't understand how did I make someone interested in me/my opinion)
  14. Bukain

    [WIP] =ARC= Farkhar Valley

    I have in love of playing with this map until you built this huge mountainside mosque or temple. For me, it alone ruined my expectations in this project. I never played MoH or CoD, so maybe this thing is a inspiration from there, I don't know. But to be utmost honest, I feel sad for having this thinge in here. These are all just be feelings/opinions, I'm not blaming/or bashing on devs or anyone. I thxful for all the works and investments you put in this. Just expressed what I felt, thx again
  15. Want to see a massive overhaul with whole new gameplay similar to TotalWar game(pc). Like you commend from your ground troops, ships, aircrafts (must be in airbase), building FOBs etc from birdseye view, make strategic placement throughout huge map like that of Civilization andTotalWar. And..., when the two opponent meet each other on the map, the battle is to enfold, like an ordinary Arma 3 mission except battleground, terrain, weather, time, circumstances are all up to your placement of unit in the map (where they meet). Just imagine Civilization 5/6, but with Arma 3 battle when the two troops of different side meet(but I would minus politic, government, huge tech tree, etc). I think that is impossible, as of my guess even though I don't know anything about modding or scripting. Thx😂😂