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  1. Do you like the agm-158 jassm? Whata great innovation of a munition! USAF have thousands of them in it's inventory, both normal and extended range. Do you like it? Do you have plan on it? Also do you have plan on mk81 and it's laser guided variant the gbu-58?
  2. Yes, not the specific features like targeting system and gps guidance. Yes, CUP, sabre, all of them. I think Joint Assault makes all community plane mods that use of vanilla weapon integration become accessible to your munitions, becuz i aware that those planes with their own system features and weapons stay the way it is, for example RHS jets (mig29, su-25, etc). Whatever the case I'm more than happy to have this 😆 i can still use your munitions on them except gps guided like JDAM(it understandably shot me with error), pls don't change this 😁
  3. Bukain

    Eurofighter Typhoon AWS

    The fuel tank should be at the second pylon count from the fuselage, not at the inner most one which is suppose to reserve for big air-to-ground weapons like gbu and storm shadows/SCALP. There's only one false to be honest, that is the fuel tank placement. Sorry i said like there's something wrong with pylon placements in previous comment becuz it is not, you have the same pylons points like on pookie's one which are right on with real-life eurofighter:) really really sorry for my mistake. So about the fuel tank, I mentioned that specific point on your armaholic eurofighter download page, in the comment section. I mentioned the same thing with fuel tank pylon point and also about the targeting pod placement on the tornado. Please go check out if you have spare time:). And about a reference, should check this site out. It has all thing typhoon-https://www.eurofighter.com/the-aircraft Oh and thank you for considering my suggestion:) Please do compare with pookie's jet with this in-game and you'll see what I'm referring to. Pookie please tell where exactly is your fuel tanks sticking out from the jet to Pinaz ,Thx
  4. Is the Joint Assault update the one that's responsible for making the Firewill weapons available all across the board, even in aircrafts of other mods (like CUP, and pookie's for example)? I just aware of that this morning. I thought the update was only supposed for vanilla ones but now things get more exciting! Is it true that the last update make it happens?
  5. Hi, First of all, i like where this mod is going and have much expectation for it. But why there's so many errors? Not a modder myself and don't have any knowledge on Arma modding and scripting, and that being said, can i ignore these errors and play with it? As of now there's two errors at the main menu (when starting the game for the first time), one when i place this apc cascavel in Eden, and one when i place the Jeep. I has jet dlc and tested with only Brazilian Armed Forces mod loaded. Errors, or should i say pop-ups? Thx
  6. Bukain

    Eurofighter Typhoon AWS

    Pinaz, why did you changed pookie's pylon placements? They're where they suppose to be in real life as of my knowledge (tell me if I'm wrong though). The fact that this jet let me use FirWeapons(especially meteor and asraam) make me come back everytime after using pookie's. Now I'm switching pookie's and yours again and again, ending up in the middle of nowhere! (Sorry pookie, yours great. I can't enough thx you for Soviet jets. But I've to choose firwill weapon in nato jet case:)) When i think about A.A i come yours (i just AA missiles all over the place without fuel tank), when i want to A-G went to pookie's. If you change the pylin placement like of pookie's, I'll definitely stick with your mod without a doubt. I mean why changed already right placement?! Is it something to do with making to compat with Firewill? If so, sorry for my lack of knowledge. But if possible, please do consider for me please... I don't understand why these mare visuals have effecting me so much, sorry. Maybe I'm just wanting realistic portrayal of military machines in Arma3? Just sick of meself! I want to just play pookie's, slap those vanilla asraam and aims, and call it Brit's! But just couldn't. As of my knowledge, DA1 through today's latest block of typhoon, all have pookie's placement. I also wish new Fir's gbu16 available on typhoon, for me to visualize German typhoon. also wanting pookie's Brit's cruise missile on yours. I'm wanting them all!!!
  7. Bukain


    Yes. Minus the cannon, it's on point with T-90sm. I mean at least definitely more alike to T-90sm than it is to T-100. Definitely! P.S you should compare the side skirt, armour placement, usage and placement of ERA blocks, the back end, and the most importantly the baseframe itself. Note though i just want the more realistic portraying of Iranian machines in game. Nothing against it. Imho the new T-90SM from RHS will be more (much much more imho) suitable in portraying of Karrar tank. Thanks
  8. Bukain

    Military Aviation

    Wow love the whole new looks on these aircrafts Thank for the work man! Love playing with new hawk! Will be waiting for new skins 😉 Oh also aware the exhaust become brighter with power output, new feature if I'm right, love it. Keep up the good work!
  9. Bukain


    I was referring to T-90sm, have you checked it out? I mean the last RHS update. If we think of purely visual, Karrar make everyone think of T-90ms(which btw is the most advanced model to date). The side armour, engine armour, the turret, the ERA blocks, the remotely controlled MG up the turret, just straight on man! Plz you must be misunderstood me. It is T-90ms/sm, not the old T-90/or A rhs has back then. I just want to urge you to check it out if you haven't, and also please do check out some Karrar photos and T-90SM/MS side by side too. Might be helpful i think 🙂 Oh btw they seem to swapped out that toy cannon when i check out the Karrar tank last time, which is a good thing as make it more like normal, and more alike to MS model of T-90. Anyway thx for the mod bud! It has many Iranian mil machines already
  10. Wow this one is great!! Thx me i found this!
  11. Bukain

    RHS Escalation (AFRF and USAF)

    Hmm maybe that's why i can't reproduce the issue now. It working again for now. When it wants to happen, it happen with only RHS mods loaded, in Stratis, only 5-6 soliders. But something it didn't happen even with shit loads of mods, in Xcam's Taurus map 😵 confuse!? Sometime i think it was becaz of 3cb faction mod, SVD sniper to be exact,as soon as i gave this ragtag this particular sniper rifle, the sound of mk17 gone in mission. But now two rifles are working well alongside smoothly without problem. Then i started blaming on JSRS, which i loaded beforehand, saved some rhs mission with it. But now, after deleting all me saves games the issue happen randomly with and without jsrs(with or without rhs compat). Now i think maybe it's my laptop's speaker which is the issue here 😕⁉️ Anyway I'm trying to find the real culprit right now, will tell you guys as soon as i find.
  12. Bukain

    RHS Escalation (AFRF and USAF)

    I'm having mk17 scar inaudibility issue. It sounded when i fire, but no sound come out when i look at ai firing it.
  13. Bukain

    RHS Escalation (AFRF and USAF)

    Same here 😄
  14. Bukain

    3CB Factions

    Thank you very much you guys for the customization module, and also for the SVD! You know what, i just started using other mods for M939 and MTVR for rhs HIDF just for couple of days, and this update come up with this! It's like you guys imagining what i was imagining for Horizon island Defense force xD(i also swap their fal out with m16a2+some Russ based weapons like rpg7 and stuffs:)) But why didn't you guys let the Afghan police and Army wear the BDU instead of combat uniform? I saw you done great at texturing rhs bdu for cold war usa. I thought you'll do this in this update. But thx you!