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    Not the board games. Also not sport games. Only video games, TV games, PC games, and rarely mobile games though very rare.

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I play video games, TV games, PC games and rarely mobile games. I don't play board games though, also no sporty games like football and bicycle alike. I love cats. I mean I'd give me life for a cat's well being any day, anytime any where. It's really a easy decision in fact. I love cat mummies too! Once a lady in AC Origin said "your cat mummies are false!" , I love it!

I also love reading.,i mean "reading", not nip picking topics, i just read anything. Most importantly, i love reading Miliary and defense technology topics, also about science stuffs though not that understand them. I don't have a job for right now, period, maybe will into one in near future. Currently i spend most of my time in front of my computer, in Eden editor or in fallout's alternate universe Boston. I love TES too, currently waiting for the elder scrolls 6 to come. Honestly, I'm not that into online multiplayer, i rarely play multi even in games like Arma. In fact Arma 3 is the only fps shooter I've into this much (i mean >1 year). I'm a rpg guy from the start myself. My inner military interest alone is the only thing that hooking up me to this, not multiplayer or unit feature or me cousin's server. I can't get enough of this Eden editor(the sandbox feature is top of the line quality! I have never seen sandbox like this. Though this wouldn't be this way without the modders here) and the frequent new updates the BI has making, also the modders those of who are among the top contributors to my entertainment needs of my life, thanks you all. I gave BI money for the game, not these modders, they're like extra bonuses that bundled with when you buy Arma? lol which maybe make up 75% or more fun of the game itself imho. This is how i see this game personally, as a military geek. So thank you all the mod makers for doing stuffs. I didn't felt this way even to Fallout modding community or neither the TES which are the games I've been playing from the start, from my very young age (i was like 8? when the first fallout come out?). The community here is top-notch! Very mature one. I think i will never get out of here from now on ? maybe i should also try scripting, modding, config and stuffs for myself, maybe one day. First though i must get rid of this one hell of a laziness that rooted up in my head from birth loll

Very very happy to found out this game, though abit late (i didn't know Arma until Arma 3), but never a regret. Great stuffs are really going on here, especially the community. But honestly the BI are also a good bunch of guys too. Only river and lake