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  1. For me, I didn't buy PF because of reports that the map is not AI friendly (theyon't path well across the map), and all the content is for MP. I don't have time for MP. So I wonder, does the AI handle moving around on this map well? Do others agree that the campaign is relatively good? How much of the assets are direct arma2 ports? I see the lav-25 has an interior now, which is great... Are the other vehicles that appear to be Arma 2 ports enhanced in any way (proper interiors, higher poly model, etc)? If so, which ones? Balance wise, how do the vehicles play with vanilla A3 units, or GM units?
  2. Ex3B

    Prarie Fire discussion

    I was going to say, perhaps it may be a mig-17 instead, but the munition racks seem like a better fit for a Vietnam eta mig-21. Married with children....er child here, don't have the time needed for multiplayer communities beyond jumping in koth. I do a lot of playing around in the efiitor and single player missions ... seems like this DLC is not for me.
  3. Ex3B

    Prarie Fire discussion

    So what is the overall consensus on the map quality? If AI can't use it well, I think thats a deal breaker for me
  4. Ex3B

    Prarie Fire discussion

    https://armedassault.fandom.com/wiki/Cam_Lao_Nam Looks like its almost entirely jungle, with very little urban terrain. What are those holes(?) in the top left?
  5. Ex3B

    Prarie Fire discussion

    Yes, as I noted in the first post. I hope they manage to fit in the various areas without making the terrain feel unnatural. It is a game after all, and our computers have limited capabilities even if the devs had infinite time to create the map. Packing all that into 300km2 is a hard task, and at this point I don't know if they did the task well or not. Link to the old map, I am interested in it - also how do you know? is there a way to see the PF map in detail yet?
  6. I notice that it has been said the fc-37/f35e is open source. Could I have the relevant files? I would like to try to make a vtol version of it. Its better and looks much nicer than my a2 port.
  7. I ported and modified an MV-22 from Arma2. I added the ability to fold the rotors and wings, and I used the automatic wing folding code as found on the sentinel drone and black wasp, so that as soon as one starts moving, they unfold. What I would like to do, is add the ability to have the MV-22 start with its wings/rotors folded by checking a box in the eden editor, as you can do for the black wasp II. Can anyone tell me what needs to be done to enable this?
  8. Ex3B

    Prarie Fire discussion

    They have at least 1 missions from the side of the PAVN. Also, lets not be juvenile... "good guys" and "bad guys" oversimplifies things greatly. In a fictional setting, the "good guys" can be whoever you want. Arma 3: APEX/old Man: CSAT bad, clearly. Arma 3 East wind and laws of war: CSAT bad, maybe? but Miller is also probably bad? Arma 3: Contact: Russians good-ish, Livonians bad. So "for once" ignores that fictional conflicts in fictional countries have clearly had you playing as the good guy... unless you simply can't accept anything other than Americans = Bad. Now in the Vietnam war... that's real life, and real life is complicated. MACV-SOG operations in Laos and Cambodia = Illegal = bad? PAVN operations in Laos and Cambodia = Illegal = bad? MACV-SOG was responding to the illegal actions of the Ho Chi Minh trial, so... "they started it, they are more bad"? Or are you referring to the US being involved at all? It all started with a mess that the French made. The elections in both the north and the south after the french left were both rigged (98% and 99% wins... yea... right...) The North started a guerilla war in the south... bad The American's supported a corrupt and incompetent de facto dictator in the south.. bad Then they supported the removal of that dictator in a coup... bad? Then the war expanded, and got ugly, as wars do, particularly when one side hides among civilians. As long as the portrayal is not Americans = good, VC/PAVN = bad; as long as it portrays the complexity of the situation and fairly portrays the views/motivation of each side, I wouldn't have a problem with it. Well, I have concerns about inconsistency (they don't fit so well in terms of balance with other vanilla/DLC assets), and as I said, redundancy... How many independent versions of the AK/M-16 or Mi-2 do we need. It would be nice if they could share some assets across them for optimization. Instead, each CDLC seems to be stand-alone, which is a bit limiting if they don't mesh well with other content. That's not to say they are bad, just a cause for concern.
  9. Ex3B

    Prarie Fire discussion

    Its my understanding that they will have real places in there, but with the overall terrain being fictional, to pack all the relevant locations and types of terrain into just 300km
  10. Ah, previously I was working from a guide which basically said to use the sample models, and extract the textures from your A2 pbos... which I have done to port(and then modify to sometimes heavy extents) the AH-64, F-35, V-22, C-130, and Vodnik... yet this time it didn't work. Thanks for directing me to a better way... Unfortunately, those links don't seem to work for me, and I can't download them. Found the torrent for the files, from here: https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/Arma_Licensed_Data_Pack#ALDP_A2OA_PBOs_ADPL-SA_APL-SA.zip *edit* but no seeders...
  11. I'm surprised that there's no discussion thread for the Prarie Fire DLC yet. My thoughts: Generally speaking, looks awesome. The setting and the groups they follow seem like there could be some nice stories/missions. Multi/singleplayer balance: I'm (personally) a bit concerned about the MP focus, because I simply do not have sufficient time to set aside for large co-op missions or such. Apex protocol missions and KOTH are the limit for the time I can devote to multiplayer. OTOH, 14 player coop campaigns do sound awesome for those that actually can do them. The Map: I've only seen small screencaps of the overall layout, but it seems to be like Chernarus, with the north west border being land, and south and eastern borders being sea. Generally, I like this configuration much more than landlocked maps, and one does get more land area from this configuration (for the same grid size) than an island map. My concern is that it is a fictional terrain (as opposed to a terrain derived from real world data like altis, stratis, tanoa, chernarus, etc), and many fictional terrains simply do not look natural... the geopgraphy is... off. They are trying to pack in many different types of terrain to represent many different relevant areas from the Vietnam war, I hope that they manage to pack all that in without it looking un-natural - but it is a concern I have. The vehicles: The F-4 Phantom looks awesome, I never realized how much I wanted one... The light tanks are awesome, with Vehicle Interiors!!! (something Global Mobilization was lacking) I fear that some content that would complement its assets is lacking, and thus it will need to be compatible (ie balanced) with other Arma mods or DLCs. The F-4 should naturally have a Mig-21 or Mig-17 available to the opposing side - even if it never factors into the missions/campaign, it would be great for user created stuff in the editor The F-4 has the option of navy colors, and thus naturally I hope it comes with a hook and is carrier capable. Compatibility with the USS Freedom is, IMO, a must. A Kittyhawk or Forrestal class aircraft carrier would be great... simply because they'd open up a lot of possibilities in the editor, but using an ananchronistic USS freedom wouldn't be too big of a deal. Creator DLC musings: This CDLC is temporally close to the Global Mobilization CDLC. Many of the weapons and vehicles are simply redundant between them. I wish there were steps taken to reduce this redundancy. We don't need every CDLC to have its own version of an AK/M16, or in this case even more obscure vehicles like an Mi-2.
  12. I am trying to make a modified port of the A2 Dingo from the ACR expansion. I bought the expansion, and thus I should have the files, and indeed, the Wheeled_acr.pbo file is there. The problem is that I cannot open the .pbo file (is it encrypted?) unlike the other arma 2 PBOs. Is there any way to access these textures for an Arma 3 mod? I plan on modifying them anyway (A CSAT hexcam overlay), so I am really looking for the normal map texture and interior textures. IIRC, in arma 2, if you didn't have the DLC, you'd only be able to see the low res textures... how do I even get those?
  13. I was just wondering, projectile initSpeed can be specified in both the weapon config, and in the magazine config... such as the MXM with an initspeed on 920, and the 100rd 6.5mm mag that specifies 880 ms (which was fine before they allowed other MX pattern rifles to use it). When both weapon and magazine specify the initspeed, which one is used? I am guessing the weapon config, I just want to be sure.
  14. For some reason, the armor value of the gorgon turret is double that of the kamysh turret. I "fixed" this in my "offshore assualt" mod when I added a NATO variant of the gorgon in sand and olive green camo
  15. I'm really just looking for a way to make a ship look like it is sinking if a player takes to long to neutralize a threat, I'm not trying to make a moving ship. Doesn't need to be a smooth transistion... player takes off, if enemy aircraft get within X distance from the carrier group, when the player comes back to land, I'd like the USS liberty to be listing, low in the water, and smoking... that's all.