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  1. I could swear that I've replaced all the .tga extensions with .paa extensions. On my computer I hear the sounds all over, but at least one person using "my" mod (and update of @j0nes' mod) reports that they don't hear footsteps in many places: Yet, I clearly hear them: Is there any thing you can think of that would cause me to hear footsteps, but not someone else using the mod?
  2. Where can I get those MLODs/ the files to release a derivative? I would love to try and update it (or the mk10 landing craft) and bundle it with my update of @j0nes's LHD The LHD has a well deck and lots of space to fit tanks and such, and the LCAC/mk 10 landing craft fits into the welldeck, so it seems the two go well together. Is a texture update still planned, and if so would it be before or after Katie's other various projects?
  3. Ex3B

    Pook BOATS pack

    I 2nd this, I'd love to use a standalone LCAC combined with a standalone LHD, or a simple bundle of the two, rather than having to download entire packs to use just the units I want for a mission. But... on a related note, have you used the ViV functionality with some sort of offshore base? I fear if its not doing the old "attachTo" thing that allows vehicles to drive on, attach, detach and drive off, that it will result in vehicles spawning in the water when unloaded from the LCAC if there is no solid ground nearby. I already had this problem with the LHD and the blackfish (haven't checked if the new LHD standalone or BI carrier have this problem): land a blackfish on the LHD (the old ATLAS one, where planes and helos placed on the deck in the editor start flying), unload its vehicles, and watch as they spawn underparachute off the side of the vessel and fall in the water: Not a big problem for an amphibious vehicle like the marshall, a big problem for an MBT or a Rhino. With the blackfish+Rhino combination, this could be "solved" by hovering just above the deck, and then unloading the cargo so that it dropped onto the deck, not the water. I'd like to be able to not just deploy heavy armor from the well deck of a LHD, but also to recover heavy armor back to the LHD. So have you tested this with any of the LHD mods out there (The old atlas standalone, my recent update of the Atlas standalone, the CUP one), can you deliver tanks too an LHD... or any sort of offshore base (since you can construct various offshore platforms in the editor) for that matter?
  4. Have you tried re-installing the mod? I'm sorry, but I can't reproduce this problem, as you can see, when I test it, I hear footsteps:
  5. Hmmm, I'll try to find what is missing for the concrete surfaces (which are those?). *edit* just went through all the rvmats, and found many instances of stuff with a .tga extension instead of a .paa extension... re-uploaded again, I hope this fixes it. *edit* In the meantime, I fixed a problem with my "Offshore Assault" bundle, and decked out the no Flag variant of the LHD with CSAT flags and CSAT craft. I'm wondering if I should actually add a CSAT flag texture and make a CSAT flag variant... pasting a CSAT banner and a CSAT flag on it in the mission editor gives kind of small results 'cause you know, CSAT lacks any static ships
  6. Updated the LHD standalone (are the walking sounds fixed guys? for some reason I was always hearing them anyway, even with a file that should have been a .paa as a .tga... I think because I also had base .tga files) I also adjusted its deck lights and interior lighting Updated the F-35 standalone, (also the lighting here, it has a working nosewheel light to illuminate in front of it, and working anti-collision lights) The LHD+F35 combined link was updated. And I have a new bundle: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1744603050 Its meant to give you more stuff to use from the LHD. To use something from the LHD, it needs to be either: 1) Capable of being airlifted 2) Amphibious and can drive out of the well dock 3) Used in conjunction with a landing craft mod (like an LCAC) So, I added stuff for cases 1 and 2. That means: 1) NATO versions of the Nyx, Strider, and Gorgon (sand and olive skins, matching camo nets). The NATO Nyx AT and NATO Nyx Autocannon are "upgraded". The AT fires Firefirst mk2 missiles which can be manually guided. The Nato Nyx autocannon fires 20mm SLAP rounds (APDS) instead of AP rounds, so its more effective against armored targets. 2) An "Assault" Marid that can be slingloaded by the Taru, which also fires 12.7x108mm APDS rounds from its HMG. It can also choose 20mm saboted shells to fire from its GMG. These use the B_20mm ammo type, and are fired at a higher velocity than the 40mm grenades (still much lower velocity than when fired out of a 20mm cannon), to extend its range and reduce the time to target. While the APDS rounds of the Assault Marid aren't effective at destroying a Marshal or Rhino, the can quickly disable the turret and get a firepower kill. 3) An A2A variant of the Xian. It has a wide angle 16km range radar, can hold up to 12 AAMs of the R77 or R73 type (or up to 4 Anti radar missiles), and has a larger countermeasure magazine. Its top speed and handling have been marginally improved. It has no cargo capacity. S 4) Upgunned and uparmored variants of the UGV Stomped/Saif. The "Assault" variants are more durable (still easily dispatched by 30mm and especially 40mm autocannons), use the 20mm saboted shells from their GMGs, and use SLAP/APDS rounds from their HMGs. 5) NATO variants of the Truck Fuel and Truck Boxer to serve as fuel, ammo, and repair trucks. CSAT can already lift the zamak repair and zamak ammo with a Taru, and it doesn't look right having nato blackfish lift reskinned Zamaks, so I gave them variants of the Truck (which is an Italian design, and therefore from a NATO country). 2+3 mean that you can use the no flag variant with CSAT, and operate air superiority fighters, and deploy APCs that can stand up to NATO ones Images:
  7. I need to update that one, I think that one I slipped in some other small mods, and I've updated it since then to have working anti-collision and head-lights
  8. Ex3B

    Unused .50 cal ammo

    A script won't work unfortunately, you need to load it as a mod. Its a simple mod, but a mod none-the-less. Which means you can't make a multiplayer scenario with these without requiring other people to also load the mod. I could host such a mod on steam, then all that would be required is clicking subscribe on steam, and selecting the mod from the launcher
  9. Ex3B

    Unused .50 cal ammo

    Its easily modded in though. I've written some for my own use to give some airmobile units a bit more "teeth".... Ifrits firing SLAP ammo from their HMG still aren't really up for taking on Marshals and Rhinos. They do shred Nyx's pretty well though. But for the same of consistency, I also made HMGs firing 12.7x108mm APDS for CSAT, and made the NATO equivalents use the SLAP rounds. I think its not used though because the APDS/SLAP rounds were meant for antimaterial rifles, firing a few well aimed shots, and not to be spewed out of a heavy machinegun. Perhaps the SLAP went unused because NATO never got a .50 BMG rifle? https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Saboted_light_armor_penetrator They make such ammunition down to .308 caliber at least it seems. https://guns.fandom.com/wiki/Saboted_light_armor_penetrator So... I also plan to make a config adding .408 SLAP ammo to the M320 LRR.
  10. Well, last night I was trying to make a demo mission with F-35s launching from the LHD (not caring about the AI landing, as I'd just have the mission end when the player returns). I noticed the following behaviour: Even with disableAI "ALL"; or disableAI "MOVE"; in the init, planes will momentarily turn their nose gear to the direction of the nearest airport. AI doesn't seem to be able to takeoff from the USS Freedom with stock carrier capable jets (but I guess this is related to needing to use catapults). VTOL aircraft seem to ignore airports (aside from the nosewheel thing), and just takeoff vertically. STOVL aircraft do seem to taxi towards runways. So what I'm doing is scripting it: With a VTOL aircraft, I think the best chance of having them land on the LHD is to place an invisible helipad? I haven't tested STOVL or VTOL landing behavior yet, I suspect they will land vertically anywhere and ignore runways. On advantage for players though, is that the deck would have the HUD outline, as the USS Freedom does when flying the Black Wasp. I'm thinking maybe I can make a small, placable dynamic airport, that can be placed in the editor, so that the option is there if the player wants it, for the purposes of launching planes. It could be deleted by a script after launching if the AI don't play well with it, or a trigger/script could be added to stop planes once they touch down* * I used such triggers to make CSAT carrier missions, where the USS freedom had its flag covered with CSAT banners (to act as a CSAT carrier). Any plane can use the catapults, so launching Shikras/neophrons/A1-43's with CSAT color schemes was no problem. I placed a trigger near the arrestor wires that would fire if a plane entered it within a given speed and direction range, and would then use set velocity to (instantly) lower the velocity of the plane to something low enough that it could stop in time. I guess something like this should work with AI planes landing... Although a lot of the point of this updated LHD is to get rid of the need for all this hassle to use it (the old one needed text editing of mission files to place it, then scripts/triggers to move planes from a landed position on land to the deck, otherwise they'd spawn in flight on the deck, ASRAAMs were broken and didn't use pylon magazines, so one had to script the weapon loadout rather than using dynamic loadouts... etc) I think I'll add an optional and separate placeable dynamic airfield object for the LHD... it would be too problematic to incorporate it into the LHD as standard.
  11. They reject a landing because of the part here: The Freedom dynamic airport with the "isCarrier = true" means that only planes with "tailHook = true" will land there. If I don't put arrestor wires on it, then the Jets will try and land on it, but go flying off the end. If I don't have "isCarrier = true", then any plane will try and land on it... I wish there was a "onlySTOVL = true" option.... but there isn't
  12. So I think I know what to do with the walking sounds... but I was wondering, I could configure it to have a dynamic runway.... https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/Dynamic_Airport_Configuration Now, it has no catapults, it has no arrestor wires, but it might make it easier to get planes to launch from it for the start of missions. Do you think I should try and add one to this (otherwise when the AI tries to take off with me F-35Fs, it looks wonky), or would that cause more problems for people than they'd like? Or perhaps leave it as something that can be placed in the editor, like this: but resized to fit the LHD?
  13. Ahh, I have many of them defined as .tga, do you think that's it?
  14. I didn't plan on it, they are redundant with the Jets DLC weapons. The old Atlas LHD weapons broke some vanilla weapons by redefining which magazines they accepted (when dynamic loadouts were introduced that caused problems, since the pylon magazines didn't work). What I did instead was make CSAT versions of the Jets DLC weapons. I suppose I could add AAF versions as well... but you don't need an addon to do that (The CSAT ones are there for convenience) Plus its some work to update the old atlas weapons to use the new sensor model. Is there any reason you want the old weapons instead of using the Jets DLC weapons? (I don't think you need the DLC to use them) Meh, that's probably going to require opening each of the 14 models, and changing the material properties... Since it has no gameplay effect, and I assume the model will *mostly* be used as a staging area for vehicle operations, I consider it a low priority. Well, for #2, it seems to work fine for me and everyone else. If the option isn't coming up, try moving around a bit, you may just not be facing it quite right. For #1, I just tried running around the whole ship, and I could hear footsteps. I remember some old ships had some bug where going into the water and then back on to the ship messed up the footprint sounds... although I didn't reproduce this either. Can anyone reproduce? And FYI, updated again to get rid of seams and gaps. If you still notice some, please let me know. Just a follow up now, by including the bikey, the issue is now resolved, yes?
  15. As it was pointed out here: My attempt to update the LHD as a standalone has resulted in a ship that mostly lacks the sound of footsteps when walking over it. I imagine this could have some gameplay impacts if someone wants to make a CQB scenario using the ship. So how can I fix this?