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  1. I also played OFP many years ago when I was still in school. I only dabbled in Arma 2 many years later (after arma 3 was already out), buying it at a cheap price during a sale. Then I very very very briedly dabbled in Arma1 after buying in on a sale for 2 bucks. A lot has changed since OFP, but I think the change from Arma 2 to current Arma 3 is greater than OFP to Arma 2, given all the updates that Arma 3 has had, the vase game is very different fro mwhat it was on release (not that I played Arma 3 on release). Changes with each game, off the top of my head (aside from just graphic improvements): Arma changes: procedural grass, multiple turret support for vehicles, VTOL aircraft support, new helo physics? Arma 2 changes: Drones, Thermal imaging, new inventory system with droppable backpacks, new driving physics? lean left/right (or was that arma 1?), swimming on the surface, artillery with an artillery computer for aiming (or was that Arma1?) Arma 3 changes: targeting pods on aircraft, improved drone system, improved inventory, stamina and fatigue system, a lot of new stances, weapon resting/bipod usage, weapon attachments, submunitions and penetrator submunitions from HEAT weapons and true shotguns, slingloading from helicopters, swimming under the surface and submersibles, improved driving physics, body armor and customizable clothing, new sensor system with data links, new fire control systems and aiming aids, vehicle in vehicle transport, catapult and arrestor wire functionality for aircraft, anti personel mines, top down attack modes for missiles, improved vehicle armor simulation + reactive armor and slat cages, 3d editor, various new scripting commands, etc. I'm probably forgetting some things Arma 3 is better than ever for combined arms warfare, with, of course, the largest map yet. In Arma 3 you can have an offshore carrier, operating air superiority jets and attack drones using catapults and arrestor wires (or VTOL fighters with mods), take submersibles to land troops on shore, and have VTOL transports drop APCs or the equivalent of a striker MGS on shore, while helicopters bring in armed MRAPs, lighter vehicles, supplies, etc to ground troops. It even supports a delocalized SAM netword with seperate radar and launcher units. Get it, and then get CUP terrains... the CUP vehicles mod is a bit bloated though IMO. Too much content packed into one mod, with variable quality.
  2. Ex3B

    Cartridges models?

    Hmmmm, very interesting, I think I will make it usable via a mod, I am thinking a radar guided, data-link/loal enabled missile with a long range... Might be OP though.
  3. https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/Arma_3:_DLC_Restrictions You may want to look at that to see what you can and cannot use if you don't have a particular DLC. Its also why I wouldn't recommend buying the helicopter DLC... the content of it overall was great, but the premium assets are heavy lift helicopters that I just don't care to fly in as anything other than a passenger (which is allowed). I suppose if you are a helo pilot for a unit, and find ferrying equipment and troops fun, then get it. I use those assets all the time in my missions though. Laws of war: good for the single player campaign, but doesn't really have premium assets that you will miss much, but it was a cool campaign, proceeds go to a charity that deals with landmines, and it has helped spawn all kinds of war crimes jokes on reddit....
  4. Can't answer questions about technical specs, but the dlc are all on sale right now and only a few bucks each. I got all the DLC in a bundle... But if you don't, I would skip carts and helicopters. Tanks yes, jets yes. Then the "expansions" - apex yes, tanoa is a great map, and lots of small arms plus cool vehicles. Contact is good for the single player experience, I like the map in general, but it no tanoa... If you are not part of a community, then king of the hill is popular for PvP, and apex or the "escape" scenarios are popular for coop vs ai. Note that all the dlc came with free platform updates, so free mods can have the same functionality as the premium assets. You get the files for the premium assets, you just can't use them yourself (but can play scenarios with ai or other players using them). So, look at the premium assets for each dlc/expansion, and decide if you want to use them. For the heli DLC, the heavy lift helis are nice for use in missions, but I am fine with ai piloting them. Not the expansion with their own maps do not give you the maps for free
  5. So, I guess that the answer is: no, not without scripting. So then do you know of any scripts readily available that can reveal the firing position of enemy artillery if the shell lands within X meters of unit types A,B, or C, for example. Like a script that just places a marker on the map if a shell lands close (a few kn) of a recon nyx with its radar on/ a tigris or cheetah with radar on/ a SAM radar... and so on? I cant see any balanced way to give artillery to a side if they can always fire without even a hint if where it comes from
  6. I downloaded Burnes' LCAC source files, and the LCAC needs some texture work. I would like to try to improve the textures. One thing I would like to change is that some parts just have a flat procedural texture applied to them (ie, just one uniform color), and seem to have no UV mapping. I'd like to at least have them use a stock texture (like the galvanized metal texture or something). I have watched some tutorials on youtube, but I must be missing something. I select the procedural textures, assign them a texture and .rvmat, then go to the UV editor and click selection to UV I click the undeform button or something like that (simple unwrap and planar mapping seem to do nothing), and then save. Testing it in game reveals just a uniform white texture on the polygons that I tried to retexture. What am I doing wrong? what do I need to do?
  7. I'm trying to make a single-player armed blackfish mission, using the loiter waypoint... basically just a fun deliver death from above against some various guerilla camps, maybe engage some MRAPs/APCs, repel an attack on friendly troops, etc. The problem is placing any waypoint after the loiter waypoint will screw up the loiter waypoint, so my solution was to just have 1 loiter maypoint, and to move it with triggers (once a camp is cleared/enemy vehicle destroyed, etc). However, it doesn't seem to be working. Can you not move a WP once it has been reached, am I doint something wrong? I'm using https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/setWPPos I named my group (alpha 1-1) "Grp_1", Its the first and only WP, so it should be number 0, I do something like this in the trigger activation line, but it doesn't seem to work: [Grp_1, 0] setWaypointPosition [[x,y,z], 0]; And yes the trigger fires (I include a hint "trigger fired", to make sure) Wat do?
  8. Ex3B

    Cartridges models?

    Yes, it is possible, if you make the model yourself. For some of the ammunition, you would not need to. I odn't think there is any model already for the autocannon rounds nor the 120mm tank gun rounds. For the titan missiles, there are models, and there are of course models for all the pylon weapons. For some of the other weapons, I could not find a 3d model that didn't include an exhaust flame. I was trying to do this to make new weapon pylons using the missiles from the Nyxs for example
  9. I've got a simple vanilla gamplay question: If there is an enemy artillery unit (sochor, Sandstorm, mk45 hammer) firing on a group of players, what is the best vanilla way to locate the firing unit? On a map like altis or Weferlingen, an artillery unit firing on you could be virtually anywhere on the map, that is a lot of area to try to identify it visually. Will it show up at 100% detection range on an IR sensor if the engine is off, just due to heat from firing? If so at least a CAS jet like the Wipeout/Neophron with an IR sensor range of 4km against ground target could detect it? Otherwise, would the Shikra and Blakc wasp be best suited to the task, trying to locate the artillery while using active radar? Is there anyway to determine at least the direction that should be searched?
  10. Ex3B

    Royal Navy Mods

    You could always take the Atlas LHD (Wasp class, LHD-9) Harriers and F-35s belong on that thing. Its not the Royal Navy, but I read that during the Falklands war, there was an agreement that the US navy would lend an LHD to the RN if a British carrier was lost. https://steamcommunity.com/workshop/filedetails/?id=1737598604 ^If you don't want to load all of the CUP assets just for the LHD. (I also have a pack with just an f-35 and the LHD)
  11. When you speak of increasing the height map resolution, do you mean that you have halved the cell size, and doubled the grid numbers? So instead of a 2048x2048 grid with a cell size of 7.5, its 4096x4096 with a cell size if 3.75m? Will the increased resolution come from interpolation? From a real topomap since chernarus is based on real terrain? Or artistic license when you want?
  12. I'd like to see landing craft (LCACs, standard flat bottom boats) to enable moving heavy armor across water. ... And somewhat larger pilotable vessels such as: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Type_22_missile_boat https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Type_037_corvette https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Flyvefisken-class_patrol_vessel https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Super_Dvora_Mk_II-class_patrol_boat ^I particularly like that last one^ or something in this class: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fast_attack_craft Large warships are still not practical to include as pilotable assets. It would be nice to have some ships that could threaten armor near the shore... or that could defeat a floating IFV/APC such as a gorgon/pandur, a marshal, Lav-25, bmp3, etc. Such assets could escort landing craft, or provide screening AA cover for large static ships used as floating bases.
  13. So according to the pmc editing site, the bi chernarus map has a grid size of 2048, and a cell size of 7.5m. Altis increases the grid size to 4096, with the same cell size (7.5m). https://pmc.editing.wiki/doku.php?id=arma3:terrain:grid-cell-size Would it not be possible to take chernarus, and increase the gridsize to 4096, and allow for a map 4x as big with the same detail? The old chernarus heightmap goes into the north west quadrant, and in the south east quadrant, you could put an entirely new island (sahrani, perhaps?), no?
  14. VivGetIn/ VivGetOut event handlers: like the GetIn and GetOut event handlers, but for vehicles getting in/out of / loading/unloading fromother vehicles ... such as when a Rhino gets in or out of a blackfish
  15. I decided to port and modify the MV-22 from Arma 2 as well. It gives NATO something closer to CSAT's Xian. Unlike Arma 2, this version is armed. Its still WIP 2x missile/rocket pylons on each side of the fusalage. Can mount 4x scalpels, DAGRs/DARs (uncluding a modded 19x DAR odel using the sykfire model), ASRAAMs/BIM-9s. 1x underbelly pylon that can mount a 20mm cannon pod 3x pylons for 6.5mm miniguns - but only 1 should be used at once: *one pylon follows the gunner's turret, standard turret mechanics *one pylon follows the gunner's targetting camera, enabling the gunner to aim the minigun using the targeting camera, as an interesting variation on aiming turreted weapons (I prefer it given the targetting camera's slew abilities focusing on an area, following a target, etc) *one pylon follows the pilot targetting camera, enabling the pilot to aim the minigun (mainly intended for single player) It can fold its wings, uses the jets DLC wing fold mechanics to prevent flying with the wings/rotors folded (speed of 1 or more unfolds the wing). Its configured as a ViV yet, and I've configured the VIV cargo area to be a bit bigger than it really should be, to allow transport of prowlers and the Nyx variants (IRL, the Wisel 1 may fit in a V-22, but the Wiesel 2 wouldn't) On another note, I had some morethoughts about what I'd want to do to change Arma 3, and what I could do by just porting+modifying arma 2 assets, or freely available assets: