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  1. Ex3B

    Arma 3 Creator DLC: Western Sahara

    I'm more enthusiastic about using the up armored off-roads with syndicate... That and further making a pseudo "Tanoan Defense Forces" faction based on Syndicate, with the zsu-23s for some air defense and fire support
  2. Ok, that's one piece of the puzzle, how to change the PiP effect. The second piece is to link these PiP effect changes with the player induces camera view-mode changes. If I go into the targeting camera, and switch to NV mode, I want the PiP to display in NV mode when I exit, for example.
  3. So I have a PIP in an aircraft cockpit, with the camera aligned with the pilots targeting camera. Right now it's always in thermal imaging with white = hot. Is there any way to have it change view modes ( night vision, black = hot, normal DTV) based on the virwmodes of the pilot camera? Bonus if the camera fov can also change accordingly. Can anyone provide a sample with something like this working?
  4. Ex3B

    Arma 3 Creator DLC: Western Sahara

    My bad, seems that the wiki is still unreliable: https://armedassault.fandom.com/wiki/AMV-7_Marshall_(Western_Sahara). "When outfitted with ATGMs, the Marshall can stand on an even footing with other ATGM-armed IFVs - albeit without the ability to ferry troops. It can double as an amphibious tank destroyer to complement the Rhino MGS, while still keeping the added benefit being air transportable with the help of Blackfish VTOLs." "Crew Capacity All variants support a crew of three consisting of the driver, a commander, and the gunner. Only the baseline IFV and CV variants are able to transport up to eight passengers at a time." "The main difference is that it has been retrofitted with Titan missile pods on both sides of the turret. Each pod contains two Titan AT missiles for a combined total of four missiles (neither pod has access to spare missiles). This variant specifically lacks the ability to carry troops in its rear compartment." The wiki said it 3 times, so I thought I had overlooked it... I'm glad this is a mistake, and I can directly replace the Marshall/"NATO Gorgon" with the Marshall ATGM in my missions
  5. Ex3B

    Arma 3 Creator DLC: Western Sahara

    I looked at the new values, they seem to be right to me. My only suggestion now is lowering the base XMS inertia from 0.5 like an MX to 0.4 like a mk20/trg-21/katiba. Although, I know it is inline with the SPAR-16 I think the apex's spar-16 and CAR-85 weren't so well balanced (800m/s muzzle velocity, 0.5 inertia vs 930m/s, 0.3 inertia with a 9% better ballistic coefficient) Also, I realized that the Marshall ATGM does not carry passengers... why? Its not like it's cargo space is all taken by extra ammo. With troop capacity, it can function like a less armored/durable version of the NATO skinned Gorgon with a bit more powerful autocannon. If that airmobile part matters much, and there's no troop capacity, it is more comparable to a Rhino, and I would take the Rhino over the marshall for an anti-armor role
  6. Ex3B

    Arma 3 Creator DLC: Western Sahara

    Which leaves me curious: in hindsight, a modified Marid (ATGM/autocannon variant) would be more interesting to me. Why choose the marshall over the Marid? In your view was the Marid not suitable for a PMC? Given that it's a PMC, Even with a HQ in a western county, I could imagine them operating a Turkish built apc/ ifv if it's competitive in price, and doesn't contain sensitive technology
  7. Well, I think some lessons can be drawn from the positive reception of the Western Sahara CDLC: -The armaverse 2035 setting is viable -BI may provide source files for modification of A3 assets -Remastered A2 assets are viable, as long as one is open about it (ZSU-23) -Many of the new assets work in earlier time periods/other settings (the up-armored pickups, but not marshall ATGMs or XMS). So, with that in mind, we could have: -up-armored and upgunned Ifrits that handle like pigs, but can function as small airmobile IFVs? -upgunned Marids? -variants if the Xian: *add a big radome on top, remove the cannon turret, put a datalink and 16km 360 degree radar, allow it to mount r-77s and arms * slim it down and remove the cargobay, put a couple wing hardpoints on it, remove gunner and add a fixed forward firing cannon and a nose radome to ito make a fighter/attack variant of the Xian? -Real EFAMS for the AH-99 (not that the DEGA AH-99 isn't pretty good). Throw in a new F-35B model (not an A2 X-35b remaster), a remastered Khe Sahn, remastered V-22 with variants, a new amphib/light carrier for CSAT, and landing craft for each side. Then *just* a new map. One would hope a series of moderately sized islands with a lot of separation would get decent frame rates. Coastal areas have the sea to cut down on objects in the vicinity. Separating each island by more distance would help as each island would normally be out of object render distance if any other island. This is a problem on Tanoa if you set object render distance moderately high. Of course *just* a new map downplays the level of work needed, but every cDLC has had a new map so far
  8. Ex3B

    Arma 3 Creator DLC: Western Sahara

    Doesn't explain the XMS, being a bit worse than expected I didn't mean to imply that it was "crazy" A muzzle velocity of 800 instead of mid-to-low 700s isn't "crazy", nor is 950 instead of low 900s is 800 instead of low 900's for the XMS It won't make much difference, but it's more of the OCD in me. The ballistic coefficient is generally more important, and A3 has quite a different BC for 7.62x51 and x54 vs x39 (an 800 m/s 7.62x39 round will not have nearly the range of an 800 m/s 7.62x51 round) I don't think you'll find real world 7.62x39 rounds getting 800m/s regardless of barrel length, unless it's some impractically light bullet with a poor BC. Another tiny suggestion: enable the gunshield by default for the up armored off-road+HMGs, and make the gunshield match the camo scheme. On another note, I'm loving the Marshall ATGM variant, love that it has color schemes for pacific/woodland forces. It seems unnecessary for the mod given NATO forces aren't really a focus, and with a few lines of text one can get NATO camo schemes for the Gorgon, which fit with NATO in the lore, and function as an 8 wheel amphibious IFV with an autocannon with ATGMs (ie nearly the same as the new marshall), doing a green reskin for the Gorgon is trivial (I have done it). I guess you had the marshall files for the down-gunned CV variant for Ion, and figured, why not? Why not indeed, the Gorgon doesn't fit in the blackfish, but the marshall ATGM does! No need to take a Rhino MGS along with the Marshals, the Marshals can defend themselves against enemy armor.
  9. Ex3B

    Arma 3 Creator DLC: Western Sahara

    Also a bit disappointed that the drone's weapons weren't modular, making use of dynamic loadouts. While the zafie or mk200 are good pairings for the drone, they are really powerful for such a small target. I'd like to be able to put nerfed variants, like one mounting just a Lim-85. Even better if the drone is viewed as OP/unrealistic (a LMG with full magazine would be quite heavy for such a hexacopter): An ADR-97: 50 rounds, not 200, significantly lower effective range. Right now that drone can engage from ranges where infantry don't stand much of a chance against the drones. Drones with SMGs instead of LMGs would be a great option for balancing scenarios.
  10. Ex3B

    Arma 3 Creator DLC: Western Sahara

    A few balance suggestions: The 7.62x39mm Galat has a muzzle velocity higher than any other A3 weapon in that caliber, even the much longer barreled RPK-12. I suggest taking it down from 800n/s to something more like 715-750 m/s to be more in line with other A3 weapons. Similarly, the Velko 556 has a higher muzzle velocity than any other A3 556, but not by so much 30m/s higher) Conversely, the 556 XMS has a really low muzzle velocity (800), lower than the carbine bullpups like the trg20 and mk20c. The xms SW should have a muzzle velocity approximately equal or better than the velko, and the standard versions should have muzzle velocities of 880-920 to fit in with other A3 rifles of similar barrel lengths. I also have my doubts that the FAL rifle grenade is well balanced against A3 vanilla UGLs. Higher blast radius and greater muzzle velocity? Seems unrealistic to me, but maybe I am mistaken and rifle grenades can fire larger grenades at higher velocity than UGLs
  11. An unfortunate side effect of CSLA, which I feel got a much worse reaction than deserved. Those were not just simple A2 ports equivalent to CUP
  12. https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1839481841 Sorry if this is a Necro of a Necro, but that version is more recent and claims to be completed. Personally, I would love a map like this without the post apocalyptic stuff
  13. Ok, how about this for a setting: 1991-1992 - the end of the cold war, as the USSR is fragmenting, Japan decides to take advantage of the moment to reclaim some disputed islands. These would be a fictional island chain near the Kuril Islands, but not part of them (according to the Japanese claim). Said island chain consists of 3 major islands, each about 50 km^2. The southernmost one being japanese controlled prior to the invasion, the northern 2 being Soviet. Russia responds with a Kiev/Ulyanovsk class carrier and yak-38s/yak-41s (its the armaverse, which has a track record for having military equipment operational a few years too early (or equipment that gets cancelled in the real world)- m1a1 Abrams in ofp, su-34s in Arma, f-35s in Arma 2 - xm-8s, AK-107s, scars, etc in Arma 2). Russians then proceed to mount a counter invasion to retake the islands. A us amphibious ready group stands by, unhappy that their ally started this stuff: They can't abandon an ally, but attacking Russia as the USSR is collapsing would be a bad idea given that it could cause reintegration as the US could be perceived as a common predatory enemy that will prey on weakness, causing them them to unite to fight. Or it could lead to the Russian government becoming even more unstable, with a lot of nukes to account for. Thus the US is there as a deterrent against pushing back too far (ie taking the island that the Japanese held before this all went down)- the campaign is mainly the Russian fleet and marines retaking "their" 2 islands. Integration with one of the cold war CDLC mods would be great- I don't like the CDLC concept if each cold war CDLC is going to have it's own M16, it's own AK and it's own bmp... Etc. Plus by using preexisting CDLC assets, the scale of work is kept more reasonable. If one went with stuff that could have been new in the early 1990s (Ulyanovsk and yak-41s, harriers and wasp class LHDs), '90s era air cushion landing craft craft, ch-53 sea stallions, etc... Many (not all) of those assets could still be usable in the 2035 setting (replace the harriers with a f-35b mod- I'm working on converting the open source "fc-37 thunder" model of an f-35c into something closer to a f-35b - hopefully it will end up close to arma 3 quality, unlike a port of the A2 "F-35B"/X-35).
  14. But the driver protection? 7.62 can still kill the driver from the front? That marshall in the pic I linked in a previous post, are those ATGMs? SAMs? An option for both? All versions of the marshall remain amphibious and air transportable? ----- Anyway, I am not really excited about the location/ a desert setting, and yet another square map. However, I am liking the 2035 setting... or rather that these assets have stats meant to fit in with the official BI assets, and thus expands the base game rather than being more standalone. I am excited about the marshall variants, the up-armored pickups, the armed modular drone, the zsu-23s and the zamaks carrying them*. That all seems very interesting to me, and the price isn't too high, so I can excuse uniforms that look like are just a color swap of the syndicate fatigues. *I hope those AA guns can be slingloaded, can they also be transported by flatbed trucks?
  15. I'm guessing this holds true for the pickups and the old style hmg with a ballistic shield. Bi being willing to share the source files opens up so many possibilities, but they will all be behind paywalls for a while, and this makes it less likely they will release the files anytime soon I guess. I would love to be able to mod the A3 models. Anyway, since you have the marshall source files, any chance you could increase the armor thickness for the driver? It always bugged me that the driver could be killed by even 7.62 (and 6.5mm? I forget) from the front. I can accept the gunner and commander being vulnerable to 50 cal HMGs from the turret sides+although I think they are also vulnerable to 7.62 and maybe 6.5mm from the sides), but 7.62 from the front? Come on. Any chance of a Marid with an auto cannon? A panther? An upgunned ifrit with the 20mm cannon of the nyx, etc... These are things I would really like to make if I had access to the source files.