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    American from California. Did graduate studies in Switzerland, got a PhD in cell biology, married to a Swiss woman, currently live in Geneva. Hobbies include or included archery, firearms (but I'm not a right-wing Republican!!!), and hanggliding.

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  1. Ok, so I got a UV mapped polygon working, and I see a PiP effect... The problem is that it is fixed forward instead of showing where the pilto camera is looking, has a lower render distance, and doesn't change vision modes according to the pilot camera. What I want is the same display that you can get in a mini-display (like the radar and GPS/map mini-window displays) to be shown by default in the cockpit, rather than just in a floating box on the screen. Is this possible?
  2. Ex3B

    Apex Protocol Respawn Disabled

    From the screenshot, it seems you were trying to respawn from a point that you couldn't, everything was greyed out except the insertion point
  3. Pacific reskin for Taru = win I could forgive the lack of a pacific skin for the kajman, as the Xian can fill its role fairly well (though in reality its hover endurance should be so bad that it would not be able to play the role of attack helicopter), but the Xian's transport capabilities are no substitute for the Taru (although I guess the black taru is ok... its not as bad as the sand color MRAPs and trucks that NATO still has). Would you be interested in doing a pacific reskin for AAF vehicles? I tried it for just the strider (just changed the sand colored patches to dark green, but I don't really know how to do it properly, and I was using the smart selection tool to manually select each sand colored patch)
  4. Was busy and didn't have time to follow up until now... what do I do to set up the UV mapping? In object builder, I added 4 vertices, made them into a face, and from face properties gave it the texture: #(argb,256,512,1)r2t(rendertarget0,1.0) I see there is a place to assign an rvmat... I tried a3\air_f_jets\plane_fighter_01\data\mfd\fighter_01_mfd_01.rvmat but it still doesn't work. I'll send the config and the model (the surface for the PIP is just a placeholder for now.. my plan was to get it working, then move it in position)
  5. I've done that You want me to share the model? Also, I don't recall doing anythingto set up the UV mapping, maybe that is the problem
  6. Just tried, commented those things out, and it doesn't work. I think I may be lacking a memory point. The wiki says: I don't have a "renderTarget" memory point... but I have no idea what that should be, as there are no sample models... does that memory point correspond to the camera viewpoint? Can I just make a new selection where the point for "PilotCamera_pos" is also a selection named "renderTarget", "renderTarget0" As I said, there's no example to look at, so I have no idea what this memory point should be
  7. Yes, PIP works on other vehicles, such as the ah-99, and the various mirrors on various cars
  8. I wanted to add a PIP window to the cockpit of my F-35 port from Arma 2, so that one can see what the "EOTS" camera sees. I looked here to start: https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/Arma_3_Cars_Config_Guidelines Relevant portions: I also looked in the .cfg of the Blackfoot. In the .cfg file of my port, I added: PilotCamera_Pos and PilotCamera_dir refer to memory points defined in the memory layer (right term?) of the .p3d model, but are also defined in the level 1 and 2 LODs... for "good measure" I put them in the pilot view layer as well (not sure which ones to get rid of) I added a facet/square polygon to the cockpit of my F-35, It has 4 vertices, each of which is also its own selection named: { "PIP_0_TL", "PIP_0_TR", "PIP_0_BL", "PIP_0_BR" }; The facet I assigned a texture of: #(argb,256,512,1)r2t(rendertarget0,1.0) It shows up as black in game. I can't find any sample model with working PIP to use as a guide, so I was hoping that someone here could tell me what I'm doing wrong, or what I am missing to make the PIP work, so that I can have a window in the cockpit view showing the targeting camera's view. Cheers
  9. I love standalones. Loading all of CUP for example takes far too long. Even for small addon packs, its often hard to know when an asset is vanilla, or when it has been modified.
  10. Ex3B

    Interior for USS Freedom

    Ummm... doesn't the USS liberty destroyer meet your criteria? Aside from its hangar, its got corridors, boat deployment decks (ladders and a second level there), stairs up to the bridge, corridors to the bow, etc... A significantly larger interior than the island on the USS liberty. Then there's also the LHD-9, which comes with cup, or can be standalone (but requires some text editing to place initially since it doesn't show up as placeable in the editor, but once added to a scenario via text, can be copied and pasted at will after that).
  11. The scouting missions are really only relevant for getting more gear/ammo for use in missions. As you lose all your gear at the end of the survive chapter, it doesn't matter one bit
  12. Ex3B

    What i expect from "Old Man"

    Actually, I think its reversed. Altis has a civilian population. With war and what not, who is to say that there aren't many civilians making campfires. You see some civy vehicles while scouting, in one case I found a civy pickup with a bunch of backpacks packed up as if the civy population was packing up to leave.... but no actual civies... still its implied that they are there (such as driving up to the checkpoints with people in Civy clothes, and at least one of the altis requiem missions you meet civilian hunters). So... distinguishing a guerilla camp from a refugee camp could be more difficult... also altis is bigger. Stratis is tiny. Take a quad bike from maxwell to the com station... super short. Gunfire there should be heard all over stratis. They also had campfires going at maxwell. All the other military bases were overrun... how would they not check out that older one right at the center of all the other skirmishes... not to mention you can see buzzards circling overhead in at least 1 of the scouting missions... The small size of stratis + lack of a civy population except for 2 towns, should make the base very very easy to discover. It took them a long time to discover it, and when they did, they just shelled it and didn't follow up, and instead allowed NATO to regroup and assault Agia Marina (although, I suppose you could argue that they were waiting for CSAT to arrive before assaulting the base... still it should have been LGB'd into oblivion after the first night.
  13. Hey @octop01, yes, I just put it in the "complete" forum instead of discussion. As a standalone port, I don't see all that much else to add... maybe some proxy pylons and PiP in the cockpit, but its definitely useable now. I think I've still got some hitpoint tweaks to make, but they are functional now anyway.
  14. What sort of limitation? Its just a coastal town... I don't see how its different from georegtown or any other urban setting?
  15. I'm curious, what is the size of the PKL terrain, and are the bridges destroy-able? As for your Caribbean/Jamaica/Trenchtown inspired terrain: So my mom is Jamaican, my uncle still lives there, and I've cumulatively spent months in and around Kingston... so I'm quite interested in this "trenchtown" inspired terrain. Is the airport connected to the main island by a long thin isthmus (basically following a reef line that is above the waves), as the real kingston airport is? Google maps will show it better than I can describe. I see some sort of causeway/isthmus in that last picture, but I can't tell if the airport is on the left. It would be awesome if off shore, you could add Lime cay and Maiden cay... :) Also if the road could be continued from the airport to a place like port royal where you could have old castle-like/fort ruins, that'd be pretty awesome. And to get even more optimistic... some canals like around the portmore area would be awesome. Then one could take a boat from the canals, past port royal and the airport, to lime or Maiden cay (like I've done many times with my uncle on his boat)... I'm not trying to have you portray Jamaica as some tropical paradise that is just sun, jungle and beaches. The main town of Kingston is a good place for violent slums... My family has experienced some of the violence found in Jamaica - my Jamaican grandfather was murdered in Jamaica (before I was born, so I'm not so emotional about it, but my mom is).